Julia gets hammered by the joiner

Julia gets hammered by the joiner

Like most other men in the village Willis the joiner fancied Julia and knew from Hank the builder, who had shagged her reguarly when he lived opposite the Calders, what a hot little fuck she was. From the way she teased and flirted with him when they met she seemed willing enough to let him stick his cock in her and all he needed was the opportunity. Willis was a quiet stocky man in his early 40's with strong brawny arms that always turned Julia on. He was not talkative or handsome but Julia could see lust for her in his eyes and his tanned outdoor face. She knew when they talked that she gave him an erection and she imagined him having a short thick cock that spat thick gobs of white goo and stayed hard afterwards.

Willis finally got his opportunity when Julia phoned him one day to ask him to fit safety catches on the windows. She wanted him to come first thing in the morning, and he knew she wanted fucked when she said slyly and sweetly "You won't have to bring the boy for this, will you, Willis?" She knew he normally came with his apprentice, a slow-witted boy of 17 or so whom Julia had often thought of wanking off for fun, but this time she clearly wanted to be alone with him. "I don't reckon so, Mrs. Calder. I think I can do everything you want on my own."

Henry was still at breakfast when he rang the bell at 8.30. Julia was dressed as usual in her loose silk flowered housecoat over her underwear, on this occasion a thin lacy bra and short black nylon hip slip which she liked to see covered in white spunk when she played with boys on the sofa and excited them into ejaculating on her.

"Who the hell is that?" growled the jealous Henry. "Not that paper boy again?" For a while the boy had rung the bell every morning to give Julia the paper personally so he could ogle at her in her half-open housecoat. One morning he had exposed himself behind the paper and when she took it she saw his stiff young cock jerking at her. She had bent and given him a quick kiss on the lips. "It's lovely, darling!" she whispered, "but put it away now – my husband's still here." She stroked it briefly before he tucked it back in his trousers. "Bring it back after 10 o'clock and I'll give it a nice kiss too…" He did and she had spent two hours kissing and abusing him on the sofa, He had come four times, once inside her mouth, and covered her slip and stockings in spunk. Henry knew nothing of this but his eternal suspicion made him distrust the boy and he stopped him ringing the bell. Now he got his paper through the letterbox.

"Oh that'll be Willis," Julia said offhandedly. "He's come to put the catches on the windows." He heard her high heels click on the tiles of the hall as she went to open the door. A minute later they entered the living-room. "Would you like some coffee, Willis". "Don't mind if I do," he responded.

"What the hell's this all about?" Henry fumed. "I told you I would fix them myself." Julia stayed cool and imperturbable. "Darling, I've been waiting more than a year for you to do it and now it has to happen."

Willis dipped a biscuit in his coffee. "You wouldn't someone breaking in and raping your pretty little wife, would you now?" Willis commented drily, noticing a sparkle in Julia's eye as he glanced briefly at her. Henry glowered at him. He didn't like men in the house when he was away. "Well get on with it then for God's sake!" Willis set to work and the front living-room window was nearly finished when Henry gathered his things and went with Julia into the hall. In a few more minutes they heard the car drive away and Julia returned. The window was finished and he stood looking at her appreciatively. She smiled softly. "Shall we go upstairs now… to the bedroom?" she suggested, her voice a little husky. He followed her upstairs watching her hips sway, his eyes crawling over her slim legs sheathed in flesh-cloured stockings so thin that they were barely visible. His cock became hard and stiff as he imagined them slithering round his neck as he fucked her.

In the bedroom were two single beds. Henry's, already made up, was littered with stockings in all shades from transparent black to palest sunshine as if she had been undecided what to wear. She saw him looking at them and sitting down the bed, she crossed her sleek legs letting her silk housecoat fall apart to reveal her black half slip. He put down his tools and moved between the beds beside her. She looked up at him mischievously. "I shouldn't leave these lying around, should I? If someone broke in they might use them to tie me to Henry's bed and do awful things to me."

”I reckon he might just do that," said Willis thoughtfully. "But I think if I were him I'd make you suck my cock first," he said pulling down the zipper of his jeans. Julia gave a little squeak of mock horror. "You'd mean I'd have to take his dirty penis in my mouth? Awwh how awful! Will it be big, Willis, and hot and stiff and…. oooer…and all slimy?" He extracted his cock and stroked it to full erection so that it jerked and throbbed at her face. "Oh I reckon it will be something like this."

He slipped his hand into her soft dark hair and gently pulled her head into his crotch. She closed her eyes as his hot slippery knob slid over her face. Her mouth slack now with lust hunted for the jerking throbbing muscle. She was too hot now to joke any more. "Talk dirty to me!" she panted urgently as she stuffed his erection eagerly between her teeth. He grunted with pleasure as she began to suck industriously on his penis. "Done a lot of cock-sucking, haven't you, hot little whore?" "Mmmpphhff…" she snorted in agreement and approval. She gripped the root of his cock as she licked the underside then ran it through her soft hair.

"Oooooh I like it!" she murmured. "Will he fuck me with it now?"

"Well, I reckon he'll like you sucking him so much he'll want to squirt his first load of come all over your pretty face."

"Ughhh… filthy beast!" Julia gurgled and attacked his cock again with renewed excitement, inching her teeth along the thick muscle as she fed it to the back of her throat, her nose pressed against his belt buckle. He caught her head and held his cock in her gullet till she snorted and whimpered for air. Then she gulped, her throat muscles clenching his knob. "Jeesus!" he gasped as she pulled her mouth back along his meat. "Fugg 'm… fugg m'moudh" she mumbled. "Hot fucking slut!" he panted as he grasped her hair with both hands and began to jerk his hips at her face sliding his cock to and fro in the tight funnel of her warm buttery mouth. She gave a muffled moan of approval feeling his throbbing muscle swell and begin to jerk and twitch at the back of her throat. She rolled her eyes up at him to watch his face as he approached his climax. Judging it to perfection her expert fingers encirled him tightly and began to jerk him urgently back and forth in her mouth, her tongue licking and flickering round the rim of his glans. "Ohhh fuck… going to come on you!" he panted hoarsely. "… Going to cover your pretty face with spunk!" She wailed. "Do it… dirty bastard! Do it to me! Squirt your filthy slime on my face… uhhh… in my hair!!"

He groaned and stiffened while Julia, quivering in excitement pumped her tight fist frantically on his twitching meat to make him come. Suddenly the cock convulsed in her hand and spat a thick stream of white come over her cheek and one eye. She squealed and continued to masturbate squirt after squirt of thick warm slime from his penis into her hair and all over her face.

"Ohhhh-hhh Goddd!" she sobbed, falling back on the bed, silky legs scissoring. "Like that, eh?" Willis panted stroking his cock. "Let's see you get yourself off, dirty little whore!" She writhed in lewd abandon on the bed clutching and rubbing at her crotch through her slip till whimpering she arched her body in a taut quivering bow. Suddenly she was seized with a violent shuddering and finally collapsed gasping on the bed again. "Uggghh! So filthy!" she moaned. She picked up a stocking to wipe her face, but Willis caught her by the wrist. "Just leave that be. It turns me on seeing all that fuck goo on your pretty face." He pulled the hand with stocking to his groin. "Wipe my cock instead with that, then wank me a bit with it. Reckon the feel of it will soon get my pecker up. She squinted up at him and pulling back his foreskin she rubbed her fragile mist of the stocking over his slippery knob. He closed his eyes. "Uhhh… yes! Always wanted to fuck those sexy legs of yours and feel those pretty stockings rubbing round my cock!"

Julia slipped her hand inside the stocking and began to masturbate him slowly watching his face with parted lips. "I like that, Willis," she whispered huskily, "feeling a big hot dick between my legs, squeezing it and rubbing my stockings on the knob till it squirts and all the slime runs down my legs… oooer… so sexy!"

"Hot bitch! That what you do to those little boys I always see you with, uh?" he queried. "Mmmmm," she agreed. "They love me to wank them off like this into my stocking. Sometimes I give them stockings so they can do it to themselves and make spunk for me in them…" Her own words excited her and her breath was quickening. "Are you making another big load of thick sexy spunk for me, Willis?" she whispered huskily fingering his tight balls.

"I am that!" he confirmed. "And in a minute I'm going to ram my cock up your hot little hole and fuck you out of your mind, adulterous little slut that you are!" She moaned. "Tie me up Willis and do it to me – on Henry's bed."

"Turns you on, eh, kinky bitch? Why don't you put his shirt on while you're getting a good fuck from someone else?" Julia gave a whimper of excitement – the idea appealed to her. She released him and getting up crossed unsteadily on her high heels to the wardobe letting her housecoat slip to the ground as she opened the door. She returned with one of Henry's shirts on and lay down on his bed. "Bit big but it'll do," said Willis, tying her wrists with stockings to the bed. She was still hot with excitement and twisted voluptuously as she watched with hooded eyes as he undressed.

When he was naked he leant over her running his hands slowly over her slim stockinged legs. She murmured approval. "Think I'll give these a little fuck first," he said, kneeling on the bed and scooping her knees up he was straddling her sleek shins. She parted her legs slightly to allow him to slide his rigid cock between her calves, then closed them round the throbbing fuckmeat. "Oooohh-hh… sexy!" she purred, one knee rubbing up and down against the other as her silky legs slithered, massaging his cock. His erection hardened and as her stockings grated sandily against his hot swollen glans and along the rippling fuck muscle. "Oooohhh I love that…SO much!" Julia crooned. "Awhhh… big thick hot slimy dick rubbing on my stockings!"

But Willis had had enough. He pushed her silky knees apart and reached up under her hip slip. Julia gasped as his thick fingers probed at her soft gaping cunt under her warm wet silky knickers. "Ah yesss…" she gasped, twisting in her bonds. "Grope me… stick your fingers in my cunt!" Instead he gripped the flimsy silk of her little knickers. She squealed as he ripped them away jerking her buttocks up off the bed briefly as he did so. She gasped as his weight fell on her. The bulging head of hs cock was nudging the swollen lips of her gaping cunt. She wriggled with excitment then squealed as he ran it up into her. Her hole clutched his meat and sucked as he drew back briefly and then rammed it still deeper into her soft slippery love tunnel. "Ohhh,,, Fuckkkk me!" Julia wailed hooking one slim smooth leg up round his neck. The bed began to creak as Willis thrust at her. She tugged at the stockings which held her wrists, wanting to cling round his neck and feel his thick tongue in her mouth. "Hot little fuck you are!" he panted, pumping his cock to and fro in her, knocking the breath from her. "Oh yesss…. talk… talk dirty… make me… cummmm…"

"Does your husband shag you like this, uh?" he panted hoarsely. She gurgled incoherently. "Like him to watch you getting fucked with his shirt on, wouldn't you?" She sobbed in the affirmative. "Dirty little cock-sucking whore… do it with anyone. won't you? Little boys, big hot niggers… dustmen, milkmen, paper-boys. Can't get enough cock can you??" Julia wailed at his recital, gasping each time he thrust his thick cock into her. The bed was groaning and grinding now and Julia was uttering an endless series of high-pitched squeaks. Willis could feel her cunt begin to spasm violently as it sucked on his cock. Realising she was going to come he lifted her other leg up over his shoulder and shagged her as fast as he could. Her face contorted as her whole body quivered and her cunt gaped hungrily. Suddenly she convulsed with a gasp. "Oooorgghh" she gurgled as her cunt clenched violently squirting slippery come juice round his cock.

"Hot slut!" Willis hissed continuing to pump his fuck meat to and fro in her now squelching cunt: he knew this type of cock-craving woman would keep coming as long as he kept her hot. He reached under her slip and pushed his finger against her puckered asshole. She stiffened at once and began whimpering again, trying to push herself onto his hand. "Like it in your arse as well, eh?!" he panted, pushing the finger into her, making her squeal. "Ohhh…. yess…. buggger meee!" she wailed.

Her cunt was now a squelching swamp of fuck slime in which his cock slid too easily. Taking his finger out of her bum, he picked up her torn little knickers. She guessed he was going to withdraw his cock and whimpered "Ohh don't stop!… Fuck me more… in all my holes!" Ignoring her sobbing he pulled out of her and swabbed her cunt with the knickers then stretched up and stuffed them in her mouth. Her eyes widened with shock and surprise at this new obscenity. "How d'you like the taste your own fuck juice then?"

He had seen on the beside table a short thick unused candle. Taking it in one hand he scooped up some of the slime that still coated her face with other. When he began smearing it over her arsehole she began to realise, with a muffled moan of protest, what he was going to do. He folded her legs over her head then holding them tight to control her struggles he slowly began to bugger her with the candle, "Mmmhhmmphhffhh!" she snorted while she kicked and wriggled, half in protest and half in sheer wantonness.

Willis left the candle embedded deep in her arse and, picking up a stocking, he wrapped it roud his cock. Then lifting her legs again he shoved stocking and cock into her hungry hole, feeling the sandy grain grate on his knob. As he fucked her Julia felt it grate as well over her swollen clit. The bed began to groan and squeak rhythmically as Willis stimulated by the prickling titillation on his cock began to fuck her furiously to reach his climax, twisting the candle round in her arse as he did so. Julia in turn was in the helpless throes of yet another impending orgasm. Her muffled squeaking became a long gurgling as she lost control of her muscles and surrendered to shuddering shock waves of ecstasy.

Watching her contorted face ,Willis continued to shag her vigorously, his penis swelling in the stocking inside her flooded hole, as his spunk curdled in his loins. Suddenly he gasped and pulled out of her, jerking frenziedly on his twitching throbbing fuck meat. Julia lay suddenly still watching him with hot expectant eyes. Suddenly he groaned and his sperm squirted in a long stream which spattered over her bra and the buttons of Henry's shirt. Spurt after spurt followed leaving puddles of grey-white slime on the black silk of her slip. Julia squirmed wantonly tugging at the stockings which bound her. Willis stood up and freed her. She tugged the knickers from her mouth and and standing up slid her arms round his neck, bringing her mouth to his and rubbing her silky slime-spattered body wantonly against his nakedness. As he expected she was still in heat. "Will you piss on me, Willis?" she whispered breathlessly. The thought had crossed his mind but not even he had expected her to suggest it…


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