Just Because

It wasn’t my birthday, or any special day at all really, and I was just waking up when Jack burst into my bedroom with a very large box. He set it down on the bed and I looked at him quizzically.  

“What’s this for?” I asked. 

“Just because,” He said.  

“Just because, huh?” I smiled up at him and undid the ribbon on the box. Inside were 3 smaller boxes, numbered 1,2,3. I opened the first box and found a bottle of my favorite perfume. The second held a box of chocolate covered cherries. This was getting good. I looked up at Jack and I could see he was itching for me to open the 3rd box, so I quickly tore off the wrapping paper.  

A dildo! He bought me a dildo! I couldn’t believe it. We had talked about it before, but not very seriously, and now here I was lying in bed with a dildo. “Don’t we need some lube or something with this?” I asked.  

“No baby,” said Jack, “we can do that ourselves.” And he pulled the comforter off me, looked down at my naked body, slid between my legs and began to lick my pussy. I could feel myself getting wet as my body gave in to his talented tongue. He told me to get the toy wet so I ran my tongue all over it and sucked it into my mouth, while jack looked up with his tongue still playing with my clit.  

“All wet baby,” I said as I nudged the huge latex dick into my hole. Jack left my pussy and sucked on my toes while I fucked my pussy with the dildo. It was driving me crazy. Jack watched as the toy got wetter and wetter each time I pushed it deep into my pussy. He took off his pants and boxers and his cock was standing straight up, glistening with pre cum. 

“I can’t take it anymore baby, I have to fuck you.” With that, he through me down on the bed and rammed his rock hard cock into me. It felt great. The dildo was fun, but nothing beats the real thing. Nothing feels as good as a cock when it’s getting ready to cum. I love to feel Jack’s whole body get still, except for his cock. I can feel it throbbing, pulsing and then exploding. I squeezed my pussy tight around him and milked him.  

I still wanted more, so I gently took Jacks dick in my mouth, while I fucked myself with the dildo. It didn’t take long at all for Jack to get hard again. He laid me back down on the bed and straddled me across the chest. Looking down and smiling, he slid his cock between my tits. I squeezed them around his cock as he tit fucked me. I could see the pre cum forming and licked it on every upstroke.  

“Baby, I’m gonna cum.” He groaned, and I squeezed tighter. He exploded and shot his load all over my face. I took some on my finger and licked it off. “Oh God baby, that was great,” he said. “But, you never let me cum on your face before. Why did you let me this time?” 

I looked up at him and smiled. “Just because.”

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