Justin and Me in the School Bathroom 14 yrs.

Justin and Me in the School Bathroom 14 yrs.

Justin has just a great personality. I was just completely drawn to it. He is as gay as it gets, but nobody knows but me.

This happened in tenth grade, on the verge of turning fifteen.

I sat in the back of Ms. Johnson’s American Literature class. Being one of the brightest kids in the class, I could pretty much just sit there and stare at the back of Justin’s head. I could draw his entire rear structure without even looking at him. He was always extremely happy, very flamboyant, but he had the hottest girlfriend in the school. That did not throw me off one bit. He had the smile—the smile that only a gay guy wears all the time—yes, the stereotypical, happy, show-all-teeth smile.

The perfect tan didn’t stop with his neck; his face was a great shade of light brown, the very sexy color that a well-tanned Caucasian boy gets. His clothes were top of the line fashion.

I remember on the day of our Christmas party in English (The smart kids get to do all of this fun stuff like breakfast and parties and whatnot) He was wearing mesh jogging pants with a figure hugging top. The mesh seemed to be floating on top of his hot, gorgeous, sweet ass. I thought out the whole situation where I would screw him senseless as he moaned in pleasure. I wanted to do things to him that I never wanted to do to anyone. I wanted to throw him around in a very forceful, sexy way; I wanted to slam him into walls as I kissed and bit his lips. I wanted him to tell me no and not mean it.

Justin always seems to know when I am fanticizing about him, because he turns around and looks at me. This particular day, he turns around and looks at my eyes so intense that I hated to break the gaze. I saw desperation in his eyes. I saw an animal that I have missed. Well, my cock was rock solid, and I wanted to oblige him.

His eyes were green and solid as if they were two emeralds burning me with an unquenchable desire. He wanted me. He wanted me then and there. He then, asked Ms. Johnson to go to the bathroom. He got up; coat in hand to cover his raging boner. I then, asked a minute later. I got up, extremely excited and scared that I might be having sex in a school bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and into the corner.

I was excited, en route, I decided that as soon as I got in there I was going to throw him against the wall in a desperate embrace and kiss him as I would run my hands anywhere I pleased including his medium cut hair. Then I would make him beg for me.

As I walked around the corner, Justin caught me from behind and flipped me. He slammed me against the wall behind me and started kissing me fiercely. He pulled me so closely that our bodies were touching. Keeping control he backed me into a stall. The handicapped stall with the extra large space. He let me go to shut and lock the door. Then, he gave me the same look he did earlier, and again took my body for himself and kept kissing me. He then started kissing my chin, He was sucking my chin, and he continued to go down. He reached the top of my shirt line, and unexpectedly ripped the buttons down my shirt in one swift pull to expose my flat, stomach and pecks.
I now have hickeys all over my neck, and he moves down taking his time on my nipples. There is nothing I can to, but make little moans of pleasure. He then reaches my waist and unbuttons my pants thankfully. He keeps advancing on my body. He kept sucking my thighs, coming close to my cock, but he never takes it. At this point, I am begging him.

“For God sake Justin, Please Suck it”

He doesn’t respond just keeps sucking the area around it.

My turn. All at once I flipped around to where his back was against the wall. Gave him the look that I was about to punish him, but this is what he wanted.
I lifted his shirt up in one swift motion, then slid his pants down and without warning drove my raging hard on deep into his hole. He was more prepared than I thought. He winced but I began to slam him into the wall as I ripped in and out of his ass. He was enjoying every second, I think. All I could see was the fantastic shape of his body curving to mine, and I pumped and pumped. He started breathing deeper in response to my quick and quickening pace. Then I pushed all the way inside him, he gasped and I released my load into him, at the same time I bit his neck; it hurt him and he loved it at the same time. This took my strength and I kneeled on the floor for a minute.

I, however, wasn’t ready for his long, hard cock. I was on the ground catching my breath, when he kneels behind me and takes control back. In response, and retribution to my biting his neck, He drove into my unprepared ass and I bit my tongue to hold back the pain. His thrusts were long and deep, and I was having trouble with his size so he reached around my head and covered my mouth to muffle the sounds of my grunting. Starting to like to feel of him all the way up inside me, I started sucking his finger which was already at my mouth. He was building his pressure and quickening his pace, and finally the hardest and fullest thrust spilled his seed into me. He then fell back onto his sweater. He was lying on his sweater on the bathroom floor, and that’s when I got on top of his and strattled his stomach. I was extremely satisfied and was he. I leaned down to kiss his nipples then sucked and worked my way up to his mouth. We stayed there lip-locked and naked on the bathroom floor.

Next problem, my shirt was torn. I had hickies all over my neck, and all over my stomach which is revealed by my open shirt. My hair is messed up where he ran his hands all through it while kissing.

His neck had a bite mark on it. His hair was messed up for the same reason, and his jacket was soaked.

And we were gone for twenty minutes.

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