kellks lil tease

kellks lil tease

She was only 13 years old, her name was Kelly; she had dark hair, she was pretty for her age, she wore glasses and had a nice body for her age She live alone with only her mother. Three months ago her mom started seeing a guy. He was 35 years old, kinda tall with green eyes and dark hair. He had a good body with big arms and a big chest. He was funny and really nice to Kelly. Sometimes he would tell her how pretty she was and that the guy she fell for was going to be a very lucky guy. He was fun to around, sometimes he would tickle her and they would end up wrestling around. Sometimes he would let her win and she would end up on top of him sittin on his chest, leaning over pinning his arms down. He didn't live with them, but she could tell that he and her mother were getting serious because he was always around the house. Sometimes after school she would have her best friend, Brittany over. They were the same age, Brittany was a ittle jealous of Kelly because her boobs were bigger. But they were still best friends and they told each other everything; no secrets held.

Kelly could remember the first time Brittany saw him. It was after school one day when they got to Kelly's house and he was there. The girls were thirsty and when they went into the kitchen he was there, in front of the fridge drinking a cool drink. He had just got back from running, he didn't have a shirt on and he was still breathing hard and had a light sweat on his chest and arms. When he saw the girls he smiled and asked Kelly who her friend was. When she answered he said that they must drive the boys crazy at school! Then smiled again, moved aside and said the fridge is all yours ladies and went to sit in the TV room. After thd rink the girls ran to Kelly's room, Brittany couldn't wait to get into the room and close the door. Right away she told Kelly to tell her all about him, Brittany thought he was hot. Kelly had never told anybody, but she thought he was hot too and had a crush on him. When Brittany asked her what she intended to do about her crush, Kelly didn't know what to say. She asked Brittany what she would do; Brittany told her that if she had a hot guy like him around all the time, she would have to try and get his attention. Kelly and Brittany were both a little boy crazy, they liked teasing the boys at school and even some of the teachers. They thought i was fun and made them feel sexy. They liked the way older guys would look at them when they wore their shortest skirts.

Kelly and Brittany thought it would be fun if Kelly started to tease him. So that day they thought up a plan and Brittany made Kelly promise she wouldn't back out. The timing was just right with kelly's mother leaving for the weekend for business and him staying over Saturday night to keep an eye on Kelly. When Saturday came, Kelly woke up about 8am. She woke up with a smile on her face because she had been looking forward to teasing him all week. Now that Kelly's mother had left earlier that morning, there would be no stopping Kelly. Kelly was very wett just thinking about it, she couldn't help but to slowly move her hands down over her big firm breast. She noticed how hard her nipples were, she closed her eyes and pulled up her nighty past her boobs. She layed there with her soft hands squeezing her tits, using her thumb and forefinger to pinch and pull her stiff nipples. It felt so good to her, slowly she moved her hand lower. Lower till she was tracing the waistband of her panties. Then with the thought of how hard and long his member must be, she slide her hand between her legs. She couldn't remember when she felt so wett. Her pussy was on fire, slowly she moved her middle finger from the bottom of her pussy up lightly tracing, almost tickling, the slit of her outter pussy. She arched her back still squeezing her breast with one hand, and with the other rubbed her clit. Softly at first, then applying more and more pressure. Softly under her breath she was moaning his name, Nicholas, over and over again. Then when she was about to cum she opened her legs wide and slide two fingers into her hot wett young pussy. Faster and faster the little girl finger fucked her pussy. When she came she couldn't bleieve how hard it hit her, her whole body went limp. She just layed there totally relatxed, she couldn't wait to see him.

Rising from her bed she went to the mirror, she thought to herself the matching pajama pants set she always wore to bed just wouldn't do. So searching through her dresser she found just what she was looking for, a pink little t-shirt she used to wear for a nightgown when she was younger. But in years past, her mother told her she had out grown it and for her to move on to something else to wear to bed at night. When she undressed she slid the shirt down over her body it was little tight and it barely came down to cover the bottom of her butt. She turned her back ot the mirror and thought perfect and giggled to herself. Next she brushed her hair into two pigtails on both sides of her head. She wanted to look as innocent as possible. She had heard older guys liked that. Now it was time, she left her room. She left her room, walking down the hallway she almost backed out, she came to her moms room. Slowly she peeked in, he saw him laying in the middle of her moms bed shirtless and still sleeping. She walked to the side of the bed, waking him, slowly he opened his eyes. He saw her; her shirt pressed tightly against her boobs, her nipples clearly hard, her panties peeking out from the bottom of her night. Instantly his dick got semi-hard, then she spoke and asked him if her mother already left. When he said yes she stood there looking disappointed. She told him she just woke from a bad dream and innocently asked if it would be ok if she layed with him for awhile. He said of course it would be ok, so she slowly climbed onto the bed on her knees. When she reached to straighten the blankets at the foot of the bed, she stretched arching her back. He couldn't help but notice how her shirt slid up over her backside and he could see the pair of hot pink panties she was wearing. So many times before he had thought of her sometimes, he even pictured it was her he was driving his long, thick member into when he was in bed with her mother. The little girl was just so damn sexy. Innocently she looked over her shoulder to make sure he was looking at her ass. Smiling to herself she came back to where he was, when she pulled the covers back so she could climb in she saw his body. He was only wearing his tight blue boxers and the outline of his thick member was clearly visible.

He was laying there with his eyes closed thinking about what he just saw, wondering what's going to happen next. He lay on his back very still, she's only inches from his body. So close they can both feel the heat rising. He has his arms stretched out and she is using his left arm to rest her head on like a pillow. Finally she speaks, she asks him if he misses her mom and he says yes. He tells Kelly how he likes to lay in bed with her and hold her tight against him. She says to him Ok you big baby you can put your arms around me if it will make you feel any better. He smiles because he knows she is trying to funny, but inside she really is hoping she will get to feel his body against hers. Slowly he turns on his side facing her back. He slides his big hand slowly along her side resting the palm of his hand on her belly. The shirt has risen so high that her belly is bare, so his hand is against her skin. Just inches above the waistband of her panties. He pulls her in close, tight against him. SO tight she can feel the buldge in his boxers. She smiles and innocently snuggles back to him, moving her butt back and side to side. After a couple of minutes of laying ilke that he starts to move his hand on her skin of her belly. He starts to do little circles so that his hand is now coming less than an inch from under her breasts. It feels so good to her that she lays her hand on top of his and is doing the circles with him while moving her butt in rythm against his member. Then suddenly just before the last circle that would bring his hand in contact with her boob, he stops and rests his hand back where he started. She doesn't know what happened but she wants his big strong hands on her breast squeezing them, pulling on her nipples. Quickly she is thinking to herself, what can she do to start something. She says she wants to watch TV, she gets up on her knees leavning over his body so her boobs are just barely above his face. Her nipple hard, she reaches for the remote on the nightstand next to the bed. He says he doesn't want to watch TV and they start to wrestle for the remote. Their wrestling kicks the covers to the foot of the bed, when they stop wrestling they are positioned so she is on top of him. With her legs spread wide on both sides of his body. Her butt is on top of his dick and she can feel that his dick is now hard. She slides her ass back a little, leaning forward, resintg the palms of her hands flat on his chest. Her latest movement has now made it so Kelly's pussy is laying flat on his hard dick. They sit there quietly, neither wanting to move. Then he speaks, saying its getting late and they better get up, shower and get dressed. Before she gets off him she asks in her best little girl voice if Brittany can stay the nightif its ok with Brittany's mom. He says yes if its ok with her mother. She yells YAY and starts to climb off of him, but while she was climbing off with her butt in the air, he playfully slaps her on her butt. She screams not fair and he says sorry, he couldn't resist slapping it. It was just too cute and she says she owes him one, then skips off to her room.

When she gets to her room she calls Brittany to ask if she can stay the night and to tell her about her morning. Brittany says she can stay the night but she was going to go shopping at the mall that afternoon. Kelly says she can use some new things too so she will meet Brittany at the mall. All morning Kelly continues to tease him. When she was in the shower she asked him to bring her a towel because she forgot to get one. Then finding any excuse to rub up on him at breakfast. Later in the day when the girls get back from shopping they say hi to him. Then suddenly grab their bags and run to Kelly's room. He thinks to himself that he really should have checked on what Kelly wore shopping before she left for the mall. He noticed when she got home that her skirt was way way too short and that she didn't even wear a bra with her tanktop. He thought oh well, no biggie, because Brittany was almost wearing the same thing. He didn't see them again until dinner time when he ordered pizzas. The girls were really giggly during dinner, when he asked what they were up to they told him they had a surprise for him. After dinner he was to go into the TV room and wait for his surprise. A little while later Brittany came out and said they wanted to show him the clothes they bought at the mall earlier that day. Then she ran into Kelly's room and Nicholas thought oh great, now I got to sit here while these two little girls play dress up. He thought to himself what a dumb surprise. Then he heard Kelly's door open and then the girls came out in robes . They both stood in front of him, he noticed they were wearing a lot of makeup and had their hair done.

When they dropped the robes, he was really surprised to see they were both wearing school girl outfits. Complete with white blouses and short plaid skirts. They had their shirts tied in a sknot at the belly, but he though to himself what really made the outfits hot was the thigh high stockings they were wearing. After a minute, Nicholas said they look very cute and that he wishes he were 20 years younger. The girls laughed, then they got quiet and looked at each other. Then Brittany said to Kelly, well ? and Kelly said back to her-you first. Then they both said same time ok? They all laughed and Nicholas said what? Tell me, Brittany said its not " tell" you it's show you. Kelly said shyly that it was the rest of the outift. But he didn't understand. That's when both teen girls slowly started to pull up their skirts. WOW. He couldn't believe it, right in front of him were two hot little 13 year old girls showing him their matching plaid thong panties. He was in heaven, then the girls said we have more outfits to show you and ran out of the room to change. Nicholas thought ot himself this i going to be a very fun night and went to change into shorts and tanktop.

When the girls came back out this time, they were dressed in little cheerleading looking outfits. They were really giggly and Nicholas said he always wanted to date a cheerleader. He asked if they would be his girlfriend for the night. Thats when the girls jumped on the couch beside him and said helly ya, your hot. The girls both leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then Brittany got up off the couch and said look Nick I can do a flip. When she did her flip, Nick could see the young girl was wearing a g string under her skirt. ON her next flip she lost balance and landed in Nicks lap. Nick used this as an excuse to run his hands over Brittany's body. She used this as an excuse to feel NIcks thick buldge in his shorts. When she found it, she looked directly into Nicks eyes and smiled. She sat up in his lap, moving her arm around his neck. Kelly wanted Nick to look at her too so she got up and started doing twirsl round and round, until her skirt was in the air. She saw Nick looking at her panites. She knew it was wrong but it made her feel sexy. She liked showing the older man her body, it made her feel naughty. She stopped twirling and stood there, legs slightly apart, hand on her hips. She told Nick shame on you, I saw you looking my underwear. She smiled and said damn Nick if you like them so much, why don't you just keep them? then Smiling the whole time, she reached under her skirt, bending slightly, the little girl slid them down her legs slowly.

When she had them off ,she stood up straight and extended them in her hand at the tip of her finger and asked, do you want them. When Nick said ya! kelly playfuly asked, what do i get? Laughing Nick said anything you want. That's when the teen girl asked, anything . He said yes and Kelly said Ok I want you to put you hand under my skirt and touch me. Nick looked at her face to see if she was serious and the girl stepped closer, as if she was daring him. She stood there legs apart, eyes closed smiling. Then she felt Nicks hand on the inside of her knee. Slowly he started to slide his hand up the inside of her thigh. Nick could feel the girl was shaking, he stopped at the hem of her skirt. Kelly opened her eyes and looked him, he started moving up under her skirt again. Then he was there, he ran his finger up between her legs, softly touching the outside of Kelly's pussy. He could feel her young pussy was wett, Nick was looking at her face. He wanted to see the look on her face, she moaned, she liked the feel and thought of her mothers boyfriend touching her seoft young, bald pussy. Nick's finger slid inside her, she stood very still letting the older man finger fuck her 13 year old pussy. She was breathing hard, Kelly was enjoying it very much and Nick laughed. He stopped suddenly and asked Kelly, do I get the panties now? She had forgotten all about the panties, all she could think about is how bad she didn't want him to stop what he was doing. She said fine, here then, and tossed them to him. Then Brittany got up and told Kelly, lets go changed. On the way to the room Nick heard Brittany tell Kelly, you're so bad, and the girls giggled and the door shut.

This time the girls came out wearing half top t-shirt, cut so high on the belly Nick could see the bottoms of their braless boobs. They also had on tight booty shorts, so tight Nick could see the crease of their pussy lips. Kelly asked Nick if he liked the outfits. Nick said, I don't know turn around so I can get a good look. The girls turned, showing Nick every curve. Nick said those shorts look reall tight and Brittany stepped to him and said feel them. She turned her back to Nick and was looking over her shoulder, smiling at him. She bent forward with her butt out, waiting, wanting to feel his hand. He tried to pinch the material but could not. so he ran the palm of his hand on her big ass, then he ran his finger up tight along the material between her legs. She was very wett, he pulled back onto his lap. He reached around and put his hand up her shirt and squeezed her breasts. She didn't fight it, she sat there and let him have his way. He was pulling her nipples and kissing softly on the back of her neck. Then he stopped and asked if there were anymore outifts? Kelly said only one more and the young girls ran into kelly's room. Nicks dick was so hard by this time

when the girls came out they were both dressed in loose fitting skirts with cute tube tops. They both stood there for Nick to see, turning so he could get a look at every curve. When Nick asked if there were matching panties they lifted up the skirts and held them up high to their bellies. Nick couldn't believe his eyes, the girls stood there holding up their skirts, looking down then looking to Nick for his reaction. They both said they couldn't find panties to match so they were always going to wear thses outfits with no panties. Nick looked at their smiles, then down to their bald little pussys. Then Brittany said to Nick, you can touch mine if you want to. He reached out to feel her smooth skin, that's when Kelly sat on his lap and simply said, Nick we were wandering if you would teach us about sex? Nick said he didn't know, he could get into a lot of trouble for this if anybody ever found out. The girls both said we won't tell anybody we promise. Nick asked if they ever kissed a guy. Brittany said, you mean like I kiss my dad? Nick said I don't know, show me and she kissed his lips while Kelly watched. Nick said that was nice but there are different ways to kiss boys.

He put his hand on the back of Kellys neck and looked at her. The young girl was really very pretty, with dark hair and beautiful eyes. Nick really liked the fact she looked so innocent when she wore her glasses. nick pulled her close, he kissed her lips softly for awhile. Then he put his tounge in her mouth. This was new to Kelly, but she liked it. It was new and exciting to her. She reached down while he kissed her and found the lump in his pants. She squeezed it and ran her hand up and won the length of his dick. Nick's dick was so hard from the little girl touching it that he almost came. He pulled back from the kiss, then he told Kelly to show Brittany what they did. She looked at Nick, but Nick said if they wanted him to teach them, they both have to do what he said. She agreed, she thought to herself, it's a secret and Brittany's my best friend. The girls kissed, the kiss went on for awhile. When they broke from the kiss, Nick told them both to lay on the rug, they did what he said with no question. He was on his knees between them, looking down, he saw Kelly had her eyes closed and was massaging her breast. Then he looked to Brittany, she was looking back at him with a nervous smile on her face. He asked the girls if they ever masterbated, they both said yes and Nick asked the girls to show him how the played with themselves. The girls couldn't wait, while Kelly was playing with her clit, Brittany went right to fingering herself. Nick knew he had two horny little girls infront of him and tonight they would do anything he told them to do. Then Nick moved down between Kelly's legs and licked her pussy. Her young pussy tasted so good to him, slowly he licked her pussy while she layed there moaning loudly. He set his tongue flat on the bottom of her pussy, and slowly dragged his tongue flat u palong her pussy. Over and over, until the girl was screaming his name and she orgasmed. Then he got up and leaned over to Brittany and kissed with Kelly's pussy juice still on his face.

Then Nick got up and sat on the big green chair with both girls in fron to fhim on their knees. The two young girls could tell this is what they had been waiting for. Then he pulled it out, 8 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches thick. The girls just looked at it for a second, then Nick said touch it and they did. It was hard and soft at the same time. He asked Kelly if she wanted to kiss it and Kelly was unable to take her eyes off it, but nodded yes. When she did he told her to lick up and down the length of it, to take it into her mouth and suck it like a lollipop. Whie Kelly did this he took Brittany's hand and put it on his dick, he told her to grip it and she did. He told her to grip it tighter and start to move her hand up and down on it. When she did, he layed back in the chair with the two girls enjoying what they had been after and thiking about all day. He layed back thiking to himself what a good dick sucked Kelly was. It was looking like she was really enjoying it. He thought it was great now he could have the little girl suck his dick when she got home from school or maybe late at night when her mothers asleep and they were up watching TV. Nick had so many plans for him and Kelly, now the girls were taking turns sucking his dick while fingering themselves. He couldn't take it anymore, he had to have Kelly. He had to feel how tight the young girl was, he told her to lay on her back. Nick got on his knees, he put his hands on each of her knees and pulled Kelly's legs apart. She looked at him and said, fuck me Nick, fuck me hard, take this pussy and make it yours. He put his dick to her pussy, but the little girl was so tight he had to force it in a little at a time. Until she was comfortable with the pain, when she was ok with it, he pulled his dick all the way out and lid it in slowly. So eh could feel every inch slidding into her, she wasin pain but it was good pain. All kelly could think about was how good it felt to have this man, old enough to be her dad, fucking her. How much trouble she would be in if her mom new her boyfriend was home playing with her daughter and her friend. He fucked Kelly hard for about 20 minutes, then he looked over to Brittany. She was moaning beside them, sticking two fingers in and out of her pussy.

He then pulled out of Kelly and told Brittany to get in front of him on her hands and knees. When Brittany did what he said, Nick came in close right behind her, then he put his dick to Brittany's pussy. He thought it would take time, but he slid right into the young girl. He noticed Brittany was no where as tight as Kelly. So while he was fucking Brittany hard, holding onto her hips, he slammed his dick into her hard. He asked Brittany if he was really the first guy to fuck her tight pussy. Brittany had her shoulders down to the rug with her back arched, legs spread and her ass in the air, really enjoying the fucking she was getting. But Brittany didn't answer Nick, so he slammed into her hard again and told her to tell the truth. He asked if another guy ever fucked her pussy, and to tell him about it. It was then that Brittany moaned yes while he fucked her, he said tell us who it was. She said she couldn't and Nick fucked her harder, Kelly said to tell them and it was then she told them. Feeling like a little slut she told them about the teacher at school. She told them how the teacher she had a crush on dared her to kiss him and how he made her wett. How the teacher dared her to show him her thong underwear , how he dared her to touch is dick. How he put her on his dick and ripped her thong out from under her skirt. How he made her want it, how he gave it to her so good over and over. How she liked the older man fucking her like a slut! WOW. Kelly was surprised she thought she knew all Brittany's secrets, then Nicholas…

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