Landlord's Visit, Part 2

Landlord's Visit, Part 2

I locked the door to my apartment after a hard day of work and sighed, gratefuly that I didn't have to go into work for a whole week. I had a week of paid vacation coming and I was estatic. I heard some footsteps outside of my door and tensed, but relaxed when they went by. For the last month I had have been repeatedly raped by my older landlord and his son. While the father was very much endowed, his son wasn't but he made up for it with brutality and stamina.

Since no one seemed to be stopping by tonight I stripped down and walked to my bathroom naked. I filled my bathtub with hot walter and smelling salts and climbed in. I just rested my head on the back of the tub and closed my eyes. Then I heard the knocking, it was insistant and annoying. And I knew who it was. My landlord's wife-she was usually nice but sometimes, like now, she wasn't in a good mood.

I stood up and called that I was coming and pulled on my terrycloth robe and answered the door. She pushed her way in and started to pace, a common occurence as she usually came to talk to me about things. She was the landlord's second wife, and a good deal younger. She was only twenty-five and he was around forty but I knew why she had married him, the same reason I didn't go to the police about him raping me.

Anyway, she started pouring out her heart and soul to me. She wept about how she knew that her darling Clarence was seeing another woman, and how he didn't love her anymore. I tried not to let the fact that I already knew all of this show and I led her over to my couch. Sitting beside her I tried to comfort her the best that I could. I put an arm around her and she sighed, resting her head on my shoulder. She mentioned something about how I was such a great friend, and I wished that I could tell her the truth but then that would ruin everything for me.

The door to my apartment opened and my landlord walked in and shut the door. Looking at the two of us he leered and I pulled my robe closer together. She looked at him confusedly and asked why he had come in unannounced and shut the door. He looked from her to me, and I could see the perverted wheels turning. He stalked over and pulled me up by my arm and then back handed me, sending me sprawling to the floor. She started to scream and he backhanded her, and looked at me.

"Suck my cock you damn whore!" He bellowed and I rose to my knees and started to unzip his pants. As soon as his cock was free he was trying to shove the whole length down my throat, but it wouldn't all go. He tried hard, but he eneded up cumming in my mouth, and his sticky cum overflowed my mouth and ran down my chin and neck.

"How could the two of you do this to me?" His wife asked and he laughed and pulled her off of the couch and held her close to him. I was still on my knees, his cock next to my face.

"We aren't doing this to you. She's my little whore and so are you. And don't forget that I'm the lord and master, and you will do as I say." He shoved her down and made her take his cock in her mouth. Soon he had cum again and as he pulled out he grabbed the two of us by the hair and led us to the bathroom. Once there he pulled my robe off and ordered me to get into the luke warm water. He then ripped the clothes off of his wife and told her to get in with me. She did and huddled far away from me. He left the room, then my apartment, but he came back soon with a camera and a tripod.

"We're going to have fun, got that?" He asked and stripped down and joined up in the tub. The water overflowed but he didn't pay any mind to it and grabbed me close and shoved his tongue down my throat and started to pinch and maul my breasts with his hands. His wife watched horrified as the record button on the camera flashed brightly. He released me and grabbed her and soon she was mewing in anticipation. He pulled away from her and dragged me closer. He shifted so that he was behind me and I was facing her.

"Start making out." He ordered and I hesitantly kissed her on the lips and then just went for it. As my tongue coaxed hers into playing with mine, he was busy opening my wet pussy to his eager hands and fingers. As he put his first finger into me I shivered and it made his wife back away from me.

"I don't want to do this anymore." She said and tried to get out of the tub but he pulled her back in and slapped her. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled out of the tub and made her lean over it so that her ass and pussy was to him and her face was near mine. In front of the camera he started to ass rape his own wife saying,

"You'll do as I say and if you don't this tape will get around to everyone member of your church as well as your little community college classes." She moaned as he rammed hard into her small asshole. "Now kiss my other little whore. Kiss her damn it!"

His wife started to kiss me and I wrapped my hands in her semi-wet hair. I started to French-kiss her and then I started to play with her breasts. As she moaned against my mouth her husband came in her ass and she also reached her climax. He shoved her head first into the tub and she surfaced next to me and then he climbed in behind us. He pulled me to him and started to suck and bite on my breasts. He told her to start playing with my pussy. As her fingers slid in and out of my slit I lifted my hips and lowered them, making small waves in the tub.

Suddenly he shoved me backwards and stood up. His cock was hard and swollen, the veins popping out like they were about to explode. He pulled the two of us close and told us to suck his cock together. As we did this he grabbed one of my tits and one of her's and squeezed painfully hard. As our tongues and lips met over his cock he smiled and squeezed harder. He then pushed us away and got out of the water and took the camera into the other room. He came back and pulled us out and dragged us into my bedroom. His son was waiting, naked on my bed and rose to his knees when we entered. Beside me, the landlord's wife trembled, but I couldn't tell of it was from fear or desire. I knew that I was horny as hell and wanted to be fucked. Not just fucked but a raped fuck. And I knew that tonight that I wouldn't be disappointed.

I was pulled by my breasts onto the bed by the son, and within seconds he had his small cock pounding into my pussy. His hands slapped my breasts as they bounced around, and whenever I moaned he smacked my face. His father and stepmother were close by. He was fucking her ass again, and she was clinging to the blanket on the bed like a lifeline. He pulled her hair back making her scream from the pain and he laughed, as did his son who was watching. Suddenly the son stiffened and he started to cum into me. The sticky heat was welcoming and I moaned as he thrusted into me again, just once more and slapped me hard.

He rolled off and sat before his stepmother and jerked her head down, making her husband pull out several strands of hair. As she screamed he shoved his limp dick into her mouth and shouted,

"Clean my cock like a good little mother—fucker!" Tears rolled down her face, but I just laid where I had been left and played with myself. Her husband stopped fucking her, he hadn't cummed but he stopped and came over to me. He dragged me off of the bed and put my face next to her pussy.

"Lick her off, make her cum all over your pretty little whore face." He told me so I happily started to lap at her already dripping pussy lips. She rocked, unused to a woman licking her, but she didn't move for long as her stepson held her head tightly on his thickening dick. My landlord came around me and twisted so my ass was in the air. He shoved his dick into me and I bit her pussy lip in reaction. Sure enough she screamed around the cock in her mouth.

Both men laughed and continuted to rape us. Granted I was eagerly working towards the same goal as them. I climaxed three times before the landlord filled me with his seed. His son had squirted his cum all over his stepmothers face and had made her wipe if off with her hands and lick it off of her own fingers. And everytime she moaned because of what I was doing he slapped her, either across the face or across her breasts. As she climaxed I was pulled out from under her and tossed onto the bed. I sighed and waited for what was next.

The son started to lick my recently fucked pussy and bite me just hard enough to make me shriek. The landlord told his wife to suck my breasts and play with his cock. She did so, and I saw the fear in her eyes. As he closed his eyes and leaned back against the headboard I thought that he was enjoying himself an awful lot. But, if I was in his place I probably would be too.

When he had gotten as hard as he wanted to be he told her to stop and told his son to stop too. He then told me and her to get into the 69 position and get to work on each other. I moved faster and was soon licking on her for everything that i was worth while she hesitantly licked me from asshole to my throbbing button. He came up behind my ass and placed his cock at the entrance of my hole and waited. His son got behind his stepmother and shoved hard, making her head and tongue go a little farther into my pussy. Then his father rammed my ass and I went farther into her pussy. They fucked us like that for hours. They would change us girls out after every fuck, and while they took the time to recover their stamina that made us keep 69ing.

Around three in the morning they left, leaving the two of us alone. We were so tired that we didn't see that the camera was still on. I rolled away and opened the dresser beside my bed. I pulled out a small dildo and turned it on. I placed it at the entrance of her pussy and heard her moan. I smiled and shoved it into her, and then pulled it out slowly. She arched her back and spread her legs more and more. Soon I had her climaxing and I pulled the dildo out just in time to catch most of her cum in my mouth.

She took the dildo from me and held onto it, as she kissed me on the mouth. She trailed kisses down my neck to my breasts where she rubbed them and kissed them. I sighed and let her trail her kisses down lower. When she reached my pussy she licked me for a while before having me turn over. She shoved that dildo so far up my ass I was afraid that she wasn't going to be able to pull it out, but she did. She did that to me repeatedly and I enjoyed it the entire time. As I came she laid down beside me and closed her eyes. I rolled over on my back and closed my eyes as well. When we heard someone come up to the bed we didn't bother to open our eyes. At least not until we heard the laughter. It was from several men. Opening out eyes, there was every man that living in the building as well as the landlord and his son.

They smiled coldly as they told the other men that we would do whatever they wanted us to. One man crawled up to me and shoved his tongue down my throat, and when I didn't struggle back a lot he pulled back and laughed.

"This one really is a whore!" He cried and shoved be on my back and mounted me like a horny stallion. He was probably five or six inches long and pretty fat. He rode me hard and fast. Beside me two guys were fucking the landlord's wife, one in her ass and the other in her mouth. Her stepson was egging the guy in her ass to take her harder and he listened. The landlord was standing behind the camera, moving it from one group to the other. Then he settled it to pointing at the middle and stood next to the bed. As the guy in me came, he pulled out and squirted me all over with his cum. The landlord got on the bed and made me mount him so that my knees were on either side of his waist, then another guy came up from behind and shoved his cock in my ass, and to make matters more interesting a third guy came up and made me take his cock in my mouth.

As the three men fucked me every which way that they could, the stepson was busy fucking his stepmother with a vengence. As he pulled out of her pussy he made her take his cock in her mouth and suck on him. Another man started to fuck her pussy again and a third man rubbed his member and squirted her already coated stomach with more cum.

Hours later every man in the building had had their fill of us, at least for the night and had left. My landlord was kneeling beside me, I was draped over my small kitchen table, my legs tied to the legs of the table. He slapped my ass and whispered in my ear,

"You're a dirty little whore, and you like it when I rape you. You like it when my son rapes you, and when my wife has sex with you. Well guess what. This isn't going to be the last time for this."

And it wasn't. That was nearly three years ago, and we've been doing that often ever since. But I had to stop getting fucked as hard and as often because I got pregnant during one of the 'rape' sessions with all of the men in the building. I'm almost due and every man has already given me samples for DNA testing. The doctors said that I was going to have a little girl….and my landlord said that I had to raise her as a sluttly little whore so he could fuck her as soon as she grew some tits. And you know something, I'm actually considering doing just that. Becuase it would be interesting…I think to see how it feels to watch my little girl get fucked by a bunch of men.

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