Last Summers End

Last Summers End

Last Summers End
Chapter One

June is our family vacation time, we love spending it in Spain; on an Island Called, "Ibiza." If you have never been there before you don't know what you're missing. The beaches, filled with women from all over the world that come to baste in the Ibiza sun. Don't forget the night clubs that stay open well into the early morning hours. What ever you like to do in life, you can find it there.

Our parents purchased a villa right outside of the city of Ibiza, just a step or two from the Talamanca beach. You can look down from our place on the hill, that over looks the beach and part of the city. My sister Hannah loves the city, where she could shop and party twenty-four-seven if she wanted too. My parents love the history of Ibiza, and spend a lot of time writing about it, and spending time with the mayor. But me, I love the beaches, even the nudist beach when my friends and I could sneak over there without our parents finding out.

The girls wear all the latest fashion swim wear, Thongs, tiny thongs, bikini's, and one piece swimming suits. Even they are sexy today, So that's were I spend most of my time is on the beach checking out girls.

On the day that I noticed her walking along the waters edge, her hair blowing back from the wind. She wore a black hot tiny thong making her hot as hell. She has a beautiful tan covering her body evenly from head to toe.
Long blonde hair down to the tip of her small bubble ass. She walked passed me her back arched back that almost cause me to cum. Jumping up I followed her for a while just to see where she was going. She met up with a group of girls all four were just as beautiful as she is. I knew that she is the one for me, but being shy as I am, "Okay a coward,” I had to find a way to meet her but, "how?" Then it hit me, "My sister, why not?" I knew things about her that only a few knew about. I could blackmail her if she didn't want to help me. When Hannah was fifteen and I was fourteen, I just happened to walk in on her and her friend Karen, making out in the tub, when my parents were off for the weekend. She tried telling me theirs wasn't anything going on between them. I knew better then that and I told them so, "I saw what you both were doing, kissing and touching each other." I did get blowjobs that day from Karen. If she didn't want our parents finding out she'll help me. Hannah just happened to be on the beach sunning and reading poems by Truman Capote, just one of her many favorite authors. "Hannah, I need your help?" I asked, sitting down beside her.

She looks up pushing back her sunglasses with her index finger saying, "Can you see I'm busy reading?" “
“I know that, but I really, really need your help."
Laying her book down in her lap she said, "What do you need my help with?"
Pointing out the girl down from us with her friends "I like for you to get to know her then introduce her to me."
She started laughing aloud, "You gotta be kidding me, her and you dating oh please?"
"Come on sis, I'll never ask you for anything again."
"No, go away; find someone your own age to fuck."
Looking at her telling her "I don't want to have to resort to this, but if you don't I'll tell mom and dad, about Karen and yourself in the tub with each other."
"FUCK YOU ASS-HOLE, you always bring that up when you don't get your way with me."

"I'll tell you what; you do this for me get her to go out with me, then I'll never say anything else about that day! What do you say sis?"
"Maybe," she said, looking over toward her. “What if she doesn't want to fuck a virgin, then what?"
"I’m not a virgin," I said.
She laughs again, Cody a blowjob doesn't count, as being laid, you're a virgin you didn't fuck anyone that day."
“What ever," I said to her begging her
to do this one last thing for me. Giving in saying she would, but not to rush her.

A few days later Hannah was on the beach walking along while reading another book, "Under the Tuscan Sun," by: Frances Mayes, another author of hers. When she tripped falling over someone sunning on the beach. Looking up she glances seeing a young girl sitting up; "Bonjour, vous bien?" (Hello, are you okay)? Then realizing she didn't understand what she had said, she spoke in English, "Hello, are you okay?" Hannah realizing who she was that she tripped over saying, "I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going, please forgive me?"
"What's that you’re reading?"
"Under The Tuscan Sun." By:” they both said "Frances Mayes,” They both busted out laughing. "I just loved that book, read it five times already." She said lying back down.
"Hi, I'm Hannah Barnsworthy," she said reaching out to her,
"I'm Alexis Bouvier," she said as they shake hands.

"You’re from France; where in France are you from?"
"Toulon, but it's not as pretty as Ibiza, we mostly live here now. What about you, where do you live?"
"I'm from L.A California; we come here on vacation here each June."
"You're going to college in California?"
"No, I just graduated this year; I'm thinking I'll wait a year before I go."
Alexis sits up saying the same thing, that she wanted to wait a year, before going on to College.

They were hitting it off so well Alexis asked her to have dinner with her that night. "I'll pick you up in the limo, about eightesh, if that's okay with you?"
Hannah agreed as Alexis leans over kissing Hannah saying, "au revoir." (Goodbye-).
Hannah was a little stun but quickly realized "that's must be how things are done in France, she thought touching her lips.

Hannah introduce Alexis to our parents, who actually knew Alexis father, from being close friends with the Mayor of Ibiza. When she introduces Alexis to me, I almost had a heart attack, not believing that my sister was going on a date with my dream girl. I pulled Hannah to the side, telling her that I wanted to know all the details of their date when you return home. Hannah just smiles sweetly saying, "We'll see Cody, we'll see." as the two girls left the Villa.

Alexis sat close to Hannah offering her a glass of red wine, they sipped on it while talking along the way to the La Plaza restaurant. Walking in with Hannah holding Alexis arm, people stared, waiters hurrying to be the first to seat them. Both girls were dressed beautifully Alexis had a long black gown low cut to show just a teas of Cleavage, with gold and diamond necklace. Hannah dressed in a dark blue gown with a gold chain around her neck, also showing more Cleavage then Alexis. Both girls were vegetarian ordered the vegetarian plate. Alexis toasted Hannah, by saying "May our friendship blossom." Hannah complemented, Alexis on her choice of restaurant. "This one is the best, Father and I, come here occasionally to dine."
"It's a very nice place; I like it,” Hannah said.
"Good, we'll come here more often if you like too." Alexis said smiling at Hannah.

Hannah, felt that Alexis really liked her more then what she has been letting on, and so did Hannah. They sat there drinking wine and picking at there food. "Hannah, when will you be leaving to go back to L.A?"
"At summers end, around Sept sometimes." When they were ready to leave they were about the only ones there.

In the limo, Hannah looks at Alexis smiling saying, "This was a great evening thank you for a lovely time."
Alexis smiles back saying, "votre bienvenue, it was my pleasure." as they both stared into each others eyes. Before they knew it, they were kissing. Alexis pushes Hannah back as she feels her breast, sliding her hand down to her legs, pulling her gown up to her knee-cap sliding her hand up under her gown grabbing her now moist crotch, Hannah gives a low moan as they tongue each other. Sliding down onto the floor-board, she grabs and pulls Hannah ass closer to her, putting her legs over her shoulder spreading her panties to one side exposing her hot wet shaven pussy, "est beau." (It's beautiful) she said. Her lips wide open she licks the opening up to her clit driving Hannah crazy w
ith excitement Hannah Grabs the back of Alexis head pushing it hard toward her pussy, feeling Alexis wet tongue going inside of her, she screams aloud with pleasure.

Léon, Alexi’s body guard and chuffer could hear every moan Hannah made, causing his cock to harden. If only he wasn't working for Mr. Bouvier he would have fucked the hell out of both of them. It wasn't the first time he's heard moaning coming from the back seat when Alexis is with another woman. Léon wanted to mount a pin camera with audio some where in the back so he could watch Alexis making it with other women. Pulling into the driveway of the mansion on the hill, he wondered if he would catch them in the act of eating each other when he opens the car door. But to his dismay they stepped out fully clothed like nothing has been going on.

Hannah follows behind Alexis, walking into the house, Hannah was amazed how big the entry is. "Wow, Wow, Wow, her voice echoed in the entry as they giggled like little school girls, would have. "That's so cool," she said as she followed Alexis up the stairs to her bedroom. Walking in Hannah had never seend a bedroom as big as Alexis is. "You can put all our bedrooms in yours and still have enough room left over."
Alexis laughs, "I like it, cause I have enough room to entertain my friends without having to go in other rooms to entertain them."

Sitting on her bed she bounces up and down, telling Alexis how soft it feels. Alexis just smiles saying, "I haven't had any complains yet."
"Hannah, I'd would just love for you to stay the night."
"Really… but. I have that thing with my brother tomorrow?" Telling Hannah that she would invite Cody over for lunch and a swim in the pool, they then could still spend time together with her. It had taken some talking and promises to her mother but she gave her permission to sleep over.

Hannah wanted to shower before bed, she started the shower stepping in she felt Alexis behind her, turning she glanced at the most beautiful body she's ever seen. Her tan body is so sexy and soft looking. Her breast stood out ready to be caressed, her nipples were hard, she has a little pubic hair at the tip of her slit her clit perturbing out between her slit and the rest of her pussy was shaven. She steps into the shower with Hannah as they kissed, and held each other.

"Je suis si chaud " she said in French "What does that mean Alexis," Hannah said. "I'm so hot." She said kneeling down and licking her between her slit up to her clit ,"Je suis si chaud," Hannah said back to Alexis. Hannah pulls Alexis up, rubbing and squeezing her nipples she started licking them and sucking as she squeezed her breast causing Alexis to moan, "Oh oui, oui, l'OH oui.," (Oh yes, yes, oh yes), as she started to get weak in her legs. She kissed her breasts and with her tongue barely touching her skin she licks down toward her pussy stopping at the tip of her clit, spreading her slit exposing her clit more, she started licking it driving Alexis crazy as she yells and moans. "aimez-toi bébé," (I love you baby), she said pulling Hannah's head toward her pussy more.

They went from the shower to the bed as Alexis opens her dresser and pulls out a big dildo saying "Like le grand caoutchouc cocks, Hannah?" (Large rubber cocks Hannah?). If that is what I think you said, "Oui, oui je les aim," (yes, yes, I love them). Surprising Alexis with a little French. "I do know just a little French," she said giggling. Alexis walks over with the Dildo and lies down beside Hannah as they started kissing again. She takes the dildo rubs her nipples as they continue kissing then slowly moves it down her body rubbing it between Hannah’s slit, making her moan with excitement, "Oh, Yes, yes, fucking yes oh Alexis fuck me, push it inside of me PLEASE!"
"Vous l'aimez bébé ?" (You like it baby). Alexis asked. "Oh, oui. Oui, I do." Hannah said, feeling Alexis pushing the dildo inside of her pushing in and out slowly as she licks and sucks her clit.

Suddenly the door opens up Léon runs in with his gun
drawn yelling,"intrus, bruit d'alarme," intruder, alarm sounding. Alexis reacts by covering Hannah so Léon wouldn't see her naked body, and yelled, "Sortez l'abruti sortent d'ici !" Get out ass-hole get out of here!

"Alexis, what's going on here, I'm just a little frighten?"
"Don't be dear, Léon just wanted to catch us in the act of fucking each other." she said as she pulls Hannah up to her holding her saying, "Ne soyez pas effrayé, il est tout correct !" Don't be scared, it's all okay. They just laid there holding each other and from time to time they would kiss.
"Alexis," Hannah said laying beside her, "OUI," Alexis said. "My brother wants to fuck you, and wanted me to set you up with him, but I don't want you too."
"Non, non, I'm with you now." Alexis said, explaining that no man would ever put his cock inside of her again, that she didn't like men fucking her, and that she only loves women. "But being it's your brother I'll ask one of my friends to fuck him. I'll call Gina tomorrow and have her come over before Cody arrives."
"What about that man who came into your room earlier will he be here?"
"I'm going to speak with my father tomorrow and let him know what he did, maybe my father will fire him." Alexis said giving Hannah a comfortable kiss.

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