Lauren is drowned by her boyfriend

Lauren is drowned by her boyfriend

It had seemed like she had been waiting forever. She didn't understand what was going on. It had started out like most other afternoons. She had followed Scott home from school. Scott was a senior and Lauren was a junior at Fremont High-School. They had been seeing each other for over a year now, and she really loved him.
Lauren had moved with her parents to Ocascola in February last year. Starting at a new school had been hard. She was not good at making friends, she knew that. She was a very private person and she thought a lot more about life then the other kids seemed to do. They only cared about action movies, hamburgers and beer. Lauren loved poetry, philosophy and religion. She wanted to know more about life then the superficial crap that the American youth seemed so wrapped up in. And so did Scott. Scott had understood her right away and loved her. They had become like one soul.
But why had he tied her to a steel chair in the pool? When they had gotten to Scott's house, she had wanted to take a swim like they used to do. But the pool had been drained. When she had asked why, he had pusher her into it and tied her to the chair. She hadn't resisted, thinking that it was just some kind of game, but when she had asked him why, he had simply shook his head. And when he was done, he had left the room. Left her all alone. How long had it been? An hour? Maybe more.
"Scott, Scott! Where are you!", she yelled again. Still no answer. Suddenly she heard the sound of water splashing onto the tiles of the pool. She looked down and saw the water spreading over the floor. What was going on? Again she yelled for Scott. Still no answer. She looked around in the room while she felt the water slowly rise up her legs.

The water just kept rising. She looked at the edge of the pool. She couldn't see the floor of the room. That meant her head was under the edge of the pool. If the water kept rising, she would drown!
"Scott!", she screamed. Surely he didn't mean to kill her. Maybe he wanted to scare her. But why? She didn't like it one bit.
"I'm right here, Lauren!", she head Scott yell as the door swung open.
"Scott?", she yelled again, this time with joy in her voice. He had just wanted to tease her. The feint!
"Scott, get me out of here. I'm getting totally soaked!", she said and looked back at Scott. He was standing just behind her. Besides him stood Barry Raymond, Scott's best friend. They were both wearing black. Scott sat down at the edge of the pool, resting his feet against the chair.

"What is Barry doing here? What is going on?", Lauren demanded. She looked from Scott to Barry and back at Scott again. They were both smiling at her. "Get me out!"
"No Lauren", Scott said and stroked her hair, "I'm afraid you're going to sit there for the rest of your life, love"
"What?", she yelled, as his words sank in. For the rest of her life? Was he joking?
"Yes, Lauren. I know how much you love this pool and how much you love water. This time I didn't even turn on the heater or put chlorine in it", Scott explained and leaned his head to one side, "Knowing how you love cool, clean water."
"But why? Why have you put me here? Take me up now, Scott. Please?", she begged. Her stomach froze when she saw both Scott and Barry laughing at her.

"Oh yea. I forgot to tell you, Lauren", Scott said and rose to his feet. "You do remember how you told me that we are all just manifestations of a supreme being, the great spirit? How that when we die, we cast off our earthly form and are reunited with his love?"
"Yes Scott, I remember. But I don't think this is the time for discussing philosophy. Can't you get me out of here first?", she stammered, uncertain of herself and of what Scott and Barry was up to.
"No, Lauren, we are not going to get you out. And this is indeed a perfect time for a small philosophical discussion", Scott laughed and prodded Barry in the ribs. "If there is a life after death, then you are soon going to find out, Lauren!"
"What are you talking about Scott?", she yelled, chilling panic now filling every inch of her body.

"You are going to die, Lauren. That's what he's talking about", Barry said.
"Nooo!", Lauren screamed. She trashed all she could against the ropes that held her to the chair, but she didn't move an inch! She couldn't get free! And the water just kept rising! "You can't just let me drown here! Scott, please, this is not fun any more!"
"Don't be so scared, Lauren. When you start breathing water, you'll die in only a few minutes. Sure, it'll be painful, but it won't last for long. Knowing how much you love water, I really think this was the best way to end it", Scott said and sat down in a chair, "and besides, we'll be right here with you"
"Scott, stop it! This is not funny", she screamed, but her voice broke with tears, the last words becoming frightened sobs, "I love you Scott. Don't do this to me. Please don't"

"Don't be such a wet blanket, Lauren", Scott said. Barry laughed. "It's only going to be a few minutes, then the pain is over. And then you'll be one with the great spirit. Don't you want that?"
"Scott, please! I don't want to die!", she screamed.
"But you don't die, Lauren. You just transform into a being of pure spirit. That's what you always told me. Why are you so scared of this?", Scott said and put his legs on a footstool. Barry just stood and looked at her. How could they do this?
"You are not god, Scott. You can't just decide that I have to die. I'm only 18! I'm not supposed to die!", Lauren screamed.
"And a car is god? A scalpel is god? A stroke is god? People die every day, Lauren. They die for no reason what so ever. Where is god in that, love?", Scott said, "At least you will die for a reason"

"What? Why?", Lauren screamed. The water was covering her face. She could barely breath through her nose. It was hard for her to understand what they said, as her ears were under water, but she had to make them stop. If they didn't stop this terrible game, she'd die!
"It's a guy thing, Lauren. You see, good old Barry here has fallen in love with you, haven't you Barry?", Scott asked. Barry nodded. "I'm not going to let a girl ruin our friendship. So if Barry can't have you, it would be more fair if none of us had you."
Scott looked down at Lauren. Water was washing over her nose and she coughed and spat as she struggled to breathe.
"Do you think she got that?", Scott asked and looked at Barry.
"Who cares? I don't think it would have made it easier for her, anyway", he said and walked to the edge of the pool, looking down at Lauren.
"No. I Guess not"

Her face was under water! Scott! What are you doing?, she thought as she desperately tried not to breath. She knew that drowning was a terrible way to die. When she had watched Titanic, she had felt sorry for those who drowned. She could still remember their screams. She had been so happy that is was not her, dying in the cold water like that. And now it was her! She was so young! It was so unfair!
Her lungs burned after air. It was only a matter of time before she had to let go. And then what? She had always feared pain and death. She had told herself that everything happened for a reason, and that no one ever truly died. But how could she be sure?
Her lungs were about to explode. She knew that it would kill her, but she just couldn't help it! She opened her mouth and breathed in, desperate for air. Cold water filled her lungs. She coughed, only swallowing more water. What could se do? Nothing! She was so angry and so scared.

In one last desperate attempt to live, she pulled at the ropes. But it didn't help. She was lost. Her tears mixed with the cold water as she felt the pain fill her while she slowly died.
"That was it. She's dead", Scott said. He felt a bit sad, but her death had been beautiful. He loved her so much, but seeing all that pain and fear in her otherwise confident eyes had been quite a turn on. He was hard.
"Wow. That was wild", Barry said, "We just saw her die, Scott"
Scott got up and fetched their bathing trunks, while Barry just stood and looked at the dead girl. When Scott returned, he had already slipped into his trunks. He threw Barrys trunks at him, and jumped into the water.
"What are you doing? You want to take a swim?", Barry asked and looked down at Scott, a bit confused.
"Well Barry, I guess her astral body has already left the house. But fortunately her earthly remains are still quite warm. And still very beautiful", Scott said while he untied Lauren's dead body.
"I bet you wondered how it would be like to fuck her, Barry", Scott said in a teasing voice.
"Yes, of cause I did, you fuck", Barry yelled and laughed.
"Well, here's your chance", Scott grinned and started unbuttoning Lauren's dress. She had such lovely breasts, he thought. He could understand why Barry wanted her. Now they would both have her one last time, before they really had to let her go.

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