love your neighbour

love your neighbour

Charlie adjusted his outside microphones. Their main purpose was to pick up bird song from his back yard but they were sensitive enough to hear whatever was going on in his young neighbour’s bedroom.

Not much recently he’d noted. If only he was forty odd years younger he’d teach Jenny a thing or two. Ian the husband seemed a bit of a wimp he was an accountant and as dull as dishwater.

Jenny on the other hand was stunning, tall blonde a great figure if a little slim for his liking. He figured she had the prettiest face he had ever seen.

Unfortunately she appeared to be very demure, prim and proper well except for that night when he’d caught her definitely the worse for drink. Mostly she seemed inhibited in fact a prude. He was an ex-plumber and was handy round the house so he had done the odd job for them.

They had a friendly relationship but she would blush at the slightest innuendo. He noted that she might blush but her nipples responded whenever sex was mentioned.

He figured she needed his knowledge and experience to release the nympho that was obviously lurking under the surface. A man can dream can’t he?

Jenny was out in the backyard talking to a friend. Margaret was stunning tall with a voluptuous figure she was the antithesis of Jenny.

Charlie was used to foul language on the building sites but in his generation women didn’t swear and he had never heard Jenny use even a mild swear word but Margaret had no such inhibitions.

Fuck it’s hot. I think I’ll sunbathe before we shop.”
Margaret stripped down to her skirt. She undid her blouse before taking it off completely.
“You can’t do that. Charlie’s in next door and he’d have stroke if he saw you topless.”
“I bet he would and a suck. Don’t be so fucking daft. He’s a dirty old man I’ve seen the way he looks at me trying to stare down my top or up my skirt. He’d like nothing better. And don’t kid yourself he doesn’t look at you that way. I’ve seen him staring at your nipples.”
“Margaret honestly he’s nearly seventy and very sweet.”

Jenny blushed bright red at the memory of last New Year. There had been a party in the street and she had drunk way too much. Everyone had been giving each other a kiss. Charlie had cornered her in the kitchen and snogged her.

Despite his age he had been a very good kisser. His hands had been everywhere. What was worse when he fondled her bum she had not removed his hands.

A little later Jenny had been alone in a room when Charlie grabbed her from behind his hands on her breasts. She recalled a large bump pressed hard against her bum. She had responded slowly in her state. In fact she enjoyed the feeling.

He had demanded another kiss. She had not stopped him as he played with her breasts his hands reaching inside her top. Expertly he had undone her bra. She remembered just how well he had played with her breasts.

He had made her nipples hard and erect he had been so much better than Ian with his touch. The sexy things he had said to her with the praise for her body had made her feel randy.

She had not really objected either as he stroked her thighs under her skirt. His hand had slipped under her thongs. She had been wet down there excited.

He continued thrilling her his touch on her clitoris gently but firm a slow circular movement had her almost creaming her pants.

She recalled horrified that he had put her hand onto the front of his trousers. She had felt his very firm cock underneath. She remembered the shame as she had unzipped him and stroked its length.

It had only stopped when another neighbour came into the room. She had been drunk and her defences were down was her explanation.

She had been powerless to stop him. In truth he was so good and she so drunk that she didn’t want too. She had nearly come in her pants. No not nearly she had.

He had apologised for his behaviour the next day as so had she. He explained that he had been a bit drunk and since his last wife left him a bit bereft of female company.

Margaret was right. He was a randy old man. Ian had mentioned that Charlie had pictures of his ex-wife and other women in very compromising poses. He had only said this when she had complained about Ian not being very handy round the house.

Margaret had stripped down to her panties. They were tiny and practically transparent. Jenny was wearing shorts and a bikini top. They drank a whole bottle of wine and then dressed and left.

Charlie looked at his pictures. He was delighted with them. Margaret rubbing suntan cream into her body provocatively was the best one. Had she seen him?

An hour or so later they arrived back. They opened a second bottle of wine. They put their shopping bags down. Jenny had changed into a brief bikini and in Charlie’s eyes she looked a picture his hidden cameras snapping away.

Margaret once more stripped down to her thongs and slowly sensuously rubbed cream all over her body. She looked up Charlie ducked down. Had she seen him?

Margaret decided it was time for a bit of fun.

“You could try on some of the clothes you bought.”
“I only bought them because well you know why.”
“No why?”
“I told you earlier. We haven’t made love for ages and I just wanted to spice up our love life.”
“Look I’m a good judge of what men like. I could tell you what turns him on.”

Jenny thought for a while. The sun and the drink were making her feel very sexy. Margaret rubbed suntan cream onto her back undoing her bikini top as she did. Ten minutes later she turned over refastening her top.

“Go on try these on.” Margaret held up some sexy red and black knickers and bra.

Jenny went inside and returned wearing them. Charlie had never seen anything sexier. He could make out her nipples and on her knickers the outline of her pubes. He stroked his cock slowly enjoying its hardness as his camera took picture after picture.

Jenny paraded out several more time wearing first a Basque and then a corset. Charlie’s eyes were on stalks. The corset pushed up her breasts. Charlie could see her nipples lovely long pink nipples. How he’d like to give those a good suck.

So how bad is it between you and Ian?”
“We haven’t made love in ages since before we broke up for the hols. Longer than that about ten weeks.”

Pop next-door Charlie thought to himself I’d remedy that situation in about ten seconds flat.

“Well if these clothes don’t get him going I don’t know what will.
Have you ever thought of taking a lover?”
“No I couldn’t. It’s not right for me.”
“Not even to make him jealous a little flirting perhaps.”
“I don’t know anyone. We never seem to go out. He’s always tired. Except we’re going out tonight.”
“Strange you should say that but do you remember Andy, Dean and Wayne?”
“Of course.” She replied.

Not for the reason that was obvious that they were the only black boys in the school. Not for the fact that they were extremely good-looking even when they were young. Not for the reason that they were her favourites. There was another reason that even now caused her shame.

“Well they’re going out to celebrate their GCSE results tonight, in fact to some of the pubs down the road. I bumped into them yesterday.”

Jenny was barely hearing the words that Margaret was saying. It had been a school trip to France. Shed had been the only woman on the trip and the three boys had been there too.

The place where they had been staying had a small swimming pool that needed adult supervision. One night she had agreed to look after them at the swimming pool. She knew that a man should have supervised them but the other teachers weren’t interested.

She dived into the pool and her new white bikini became practically transparent. She was only too aware of her nipples standing out. The shape of her pubes was all too apparent through the flimsy white material.

There was a lot of horseplay as she tried to hide her embarrassment at the transparency of her costume. Despite their youth they were strong and had no difficulty in lifting her clear of the water and throwing her around the pool.

She was shocked as she felt hands encircling her waist travelling upwards and finding her breasts. Was it an accident? She hoped it was.

They play fought with Jenny riding on the shoulders of Wayne and Dean on Andy’s shoulders. They wrestled and pushed at each other.

It was harmless fun. As she struggled to stay on top of Wayne he turned round and Dean tried to grab her. He only succeeded in snapping her bikini top. It flew off.

She was aghast. Wayne was struggling to keep his feet and she held on to his shoulders. She told them to stop and quickly reclaimed her top but not before all three boys had got sight of her naked breasts.

On another occasion she was doing the rounds checking on everyone’s bedrooms. There was a tremendous row coming from their bedroom. She banged on the door but they did not reply.

So she opened the door and was met by the sight of all three of them standing stark naked. What was worse was that they all sported enormous erections. They were twelve or thirteen at the time. She fled from the room telling them to get dressed quickly.

It was funny she was ashamed of the incident but also it had provided her with a few erotic thoughts. Her life had not been jam packed with wild uninhibited sex.

Charlie had decided he needed to get a closer look. He knocked on the front door.

“Listen I wonder if you’d like to help me celebrate. I’ve just won a four-figure sum on the horses and I’ve got a couple of bottles of champagne. I heard you out in the yard and thought you might like to join me in a celebratory drink.”

Jenny was back in her bikini with a wrap around on top. She felt sorry for him. He had recently been divorced and he had told her how upset he was and lonely.

He put one of the bottles in her fridge and opened the second.
“Just the thing for such a hot day.” Charlie replied to Margaret.
She was still wearing only her thong. She watched his eyes feasting on her breasts. She couldn’t help being a tease rubbing cream into her breasts slowly. She watched his discomfort as a surprisingly large bump appeared in the front of his shorts.
“Jenny and Ian haven’t been getting on too well recently.”
Jenny shot Margaret a look of annoyance.

“Nothing serious only their sex life is a bit dead at the moment.”
Jenny went bright red.
“Shut up.” Jenny mouthed to her friend.
“It happens in all relationships. I bet when you were married you had a few dry patches so to speak.”

Charlie had no idea where the conversation was leading.
“Yes it happens all the time.” Though he couldn’t recall a time where he had not wanted sex. He looked at Jenny and she was positively squirming. She was blushing but that made her look even more attractive in his eyes.

“Jenny has just bought some sexy underwear. You know to get Ian’s juices going again. I’d be interested in your opinion. Which one do you think is the sexiest?”

“Margaret.” Jenny said indignantly.
“Come on I’m sure Charlie has seen that sort thing before.”
“I’d be delighted to give you my opinion.”
“See it’s settled then. Anyway he’s been good enough to bring round this excellent champagne.”

“I couldn’t I’m practically naked in some of them.”
“Look if I strip down then we’ll both be the same OK.”

With that Margaret stood up and eased down her thongs. A natural redhead she had a neatly trimmed but thick triangle of ginger pubes. Charlie thought his cock was going to explode. She looked fantastic.

“Go on go get changed while I get an all over tan.”

It seemed impossible to refuse her friend so she went indoors coming back in the red knickers and bra. To complete the look she had on red suspenders and black nylons. Close up Charlie decided it was even sexier in fact it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

“If he doesn’t fancy you in those then he must be blind.” Charlie said enthusiastically. He was pleased he’d left his DVD recorder running.

His enthusiasm gave her the confidence to come back wearing first the Basque and then the corsets. Margaret whispered in her ear. Jenny shook her head but eventually agreed.

Ten minutes later she came back wearing a white short see through silk nightie. Underneath she was wearing white stockings and a white suspender belt. She had on a lacy white bra and knickers.

She slipped off her nightie and stood facing Charlie.
“You look fucking fantastic. Like a million dollars.”

Margaret nodded at her. Jenny shook her head but swallowed her glass of champagne. She was definitely feeling tipsy. Go on her friend urged her.

Jenny undid her bra letting it fall to the ground. Charlie marvelled at her firm young breasts they did not sag at all as she removed her bra. He could have kissed those lovely long pink nipples that pointed upwards.

Margaret filled up Jenny’s glass and she took another big swig. She wanted to how she wanted to. It still seemed wrong. Margaret whispered in her ear and persuaded her.

The lovely young blonde wanted to show off her figure wanted someone to say you look fantastic you look sexy. She wanted a man to say how much he’d like to fuck her. God I must be drunk I never use that word she thought.

The urge was strong. She could see Charlie looking at her licking his lips. Well at least one man found me attractive. She sipped a little more champagne. She would do it. She would stand naked in front of another man.

She stepped out of her knickers. She stood trembling in front of Charlie. She was completely naked apart from her stockings and suspenders.

They merely emphasised her nudity. Charlie was only the third man to have seen her like this. She knew she was blushing madly. Her embarrassment only made her sexier in Charlie’s eyes.

Jenny felt self-conscious in her suspenders and went to change.
Margaret told her to lie down and get an all over tan. Jenny slipped off her stockings and suspenders.

Jenny lay on the sun bed on her stomach with her legs firmly clamped together. Margaret on the other hand lay on her back her legs slightly akimbo. She invited Charlie to rub some cream onto her front.

Charlie needed no second invitation paying particular attention to the redhead’s large firm breasts. He rubbed cream into her legs working his way slowly up to her crotch.

Jenny could not believe her eyes as Charlie’s fingers stroked Margaret’s vulva. Jenny was fascinated her best friend her mentor at school was allowing an old man to touch her there.

“Yes don’t stop.” Margaret urged Charlie.

A superfluous request as wild horses would not have dragged Charlie away. As his fingers worked their magic he kissed her breasts. He was sucking on her large nipples.

“Oh god. YEEEEEESSSSSSS.” Margaret shouted as she came.
“Thank you.”
“No thank you. I haven’t touched a woman in ages.”

Jenny was confused. She should have been appalled. Normally she would have run a mile from something like this. To see her best friend come in front of her eyes she couldn’t believe that she had just witnessed that.

Jenny did not feel ashamed or appalled. Far from it she was excited. She half wished that it had been her she didn’t like to use that word that rude word her cunt that had been the object of Charlie’s fingers.

Jenny wished that it had been her breasts that Charlie had kissed. She wanted him to have sucked her nipples. What was she thinking about? She was a happily married woman not a free spirit like Margaret.

“Perhaps there’s something we could do for you?”

Margaret asked Charlie. She did not wait for an answer but got Charlie to lie down on one of the sunloungers. She eased him out of his shorts.

Jenny knew she should not look it was private between two people. She looked. Charlie had kept his body in good condition. He was muscular she knew how strong he was from the jobs he’d done round her house. He had a golden tan and he looked as good as someone half his age.

“We don’t want him getting sun burnt do we?”

Margaret was rubbing factor twenty into Charlie’s cock. He was big Jenny decided, much bigger than Ian. His cock looked to be well over eight inches and so thick.

Margaret moved her hand up and down slowly cupping his balls with her other hand. She kissed the end of his cock and sucked gently on it.

“This looks like a two man job to me.”

With those words Margaret pulled Jenny over to Charlie. She placed Jenny’s hand on Charlie’s erection. Jenny was reluctant she was a happily married woman. Weak willed she allowed Margaret to lead her on.

Close up it was even bigger than she had thought. It seemed to come alive in her hand, throbbing and if anything getting stiffer and longer. She was excited amazed at her debauched behaviour.

Charlie was in seventh heaven. There were only two ways in which the situation could get better and Margaret was about to make one of them happen.

She pushed Jenny’s head towards Charlie’s purple bell end.
“Go on suck it. It won’t bite.”

Jenny should have said no I don’t do that even for Ian. She didn’t she allowed her friend to push her mouth onto his cock. Charlie gripped her head. He did not want to lose this opportunity. Jenny bobbed up and down on his cock. She was enthusiastic but not very good.

Margaret replaced her and brought him to the verge of his climax. She stopped sucking and resumed wanking. Charlie was to far gone now and shot his spunk onto their hands.

“Well there’s one of us who hasn’t had all the fun she should have.”
“No I couldn’t.” Jenny squealed.

Charlie and Margaret began to rub suntan cream into her body. Oh it was glorious. Margaret teased her breasts using her tongue and the suntan cream she was bringing her to a peak of excitement. Charlie was working on her legs.

His hands reached the tops of her thighs. She was wet down there. Ian had never seen her masturbate nor had he ever made her come with his fingers. She wanted to say no it’s dirty stop.

Her body was telling her mind something totally different. This was delicious. She was writhing with pleasure. Pleasure in being fondled pleasure that was almost more intense than her rapidly approaching orgasm would be.

She opened her legs wide. As if in a dream she looked down on her body how could she behave so lewdly with so little shame or modesty?

She looked down. Charlie had his head between her legs. No it was his tongue that was pleasuring her now.

“No.” She started to protest.

The words that’s dirty never escaped from her lips instead the no became a loud groan followed by her shrieking.

“Yes oh fuck. Yes. Oh fuck. Oh fuck me.”

Her whole body was convulsed by an orgasm. It spread from her groin up through her stomach up through her breast. Her legs had turned to jelly her stomach quivering.

Charlie’s tongue was incredible finding her rosebud in perfect rhythm to the muscular contractions of her orgasm. An orgasm that just seemed to last forever.

Charlie smiled she was a squirter his mouth full of her juices tasting as sweet as honey. She was perfect her slim body, her lovely bronzed legs, her perfect breasts a little small but firm with long pink nipples but most of all her cunt framed by a triangle of fair almost golden hair its pink lips so soft and inviting.

They sunbathed for the next hour in the mid afternoon sun. It was hot with no wind. Margaret smiled at him a wicked sexy knowing smile.

“Looks like you need some more suntan cream down there.”

Charlie was erect once more. Even now he knew his sexual stamina was nearer that of someone half his age. Unlike the two women he had drank very little.

“I guess it does. Or it might need to go in the shade be covered by something.”

“You are a naughty boy. Don’t you think Jenny?”

Margaret knelt on the lounger between his legs stroking his cock. She straddled him and lowered her cunt onto his cock. Charlie let her fuck him. She was good moving slowly seductively then quicker then slower again. He was determined not to come in her.

Her pace quickened her large breasts bouncing up and down in front of his eyes. She slowed and he could feel her cunt walls contract trying to squeeze his spunk from him. He resisted and at last she was spent falling forward onto him.

Charlie wanted to come all right but in Jenny’s tight little pussy. He eased his still rock hard cock out of Margaret. She sensed what he wanted.

He strode over to Jenny she had watched the whole scene unfold. She hadn’t been able to help it her hand had worked its way down to between her legs.

She had masturbated publicly finger fucking her cunt pulling on her nipples. She had come twice while they made love. Far from being satiated she wanted more.

Charlie buried his head between her legs.
“Yes please. Oh yes.”

She ground her cunt hard against his mouth coming quickly. Charlie moved his mouth upwards licking her navel. It felt so good.

His mouth on her tits sucking them licking them his hands massaging her breasts oh he knew how to please a girl. He bit her nipples hard hurting them a delicious bittersweet pain. He opened his mouth as wide as he could taking nearly of her breast into his mouth.

He was kissing her on her mouth she could taste her own juices. He could kiss all right. Jenny took control straddling him. Once more she took his cock into her mouth tasting Margaret’s juices and his pre cum.

The young blonde slid her body down his body her cunt moist and open wanting to feel Charlie’s large cock penetrate her. No she wanted him to fuck her and to fuck her hard
She could feel his cock press against her vulva. She wanted to say no. Don’t I’m a married woman, this is wrong. It was difficult as his mouth was clamped firmly over hers stopping any protest.

She tried to wriggle free but as she did the motion allowed his cock to slip into her not far but definitely inside her. It was only the second cock she had ever experienced. It felt huge much larger than Ian.

Charlie was patient he knew she was tight against him. He knew he was big and that one or two women had complained about his size. Most got used to it and loved its girth but one or two said it hurt at first.

He was not going to risk this with Jenny besides he could feel her resistance. He moved in circular movements his cock gradually stretching her tight pussy.

She knew she should resist but now the sensation was intense the pleasure immense. Her body was opening up to him rhythmically her cunt muscles were pulling him deeper and deeper into her vagina, filling her stretching her.

She rode up and down on his monstrous dick as he played with her breasts and her small arse. She came and eased back down onto him.

He mounted her now. He was going to give her the shagging of her life. He fucked her slowly long deep strokes. Slowly he increased his pace. He had never felt such a tight vagina on his cock. He could not last long against such friction.

“Deeper deeper. Fuck me deeper. I want all of you inside of me.”
She gripped his bottom pulling him deeper into her body. She wanted all of it inside her. She wanted to be stretched like she never had before.

Jenny was lost in wanton lust her body ruling her mind. She did not care about her principles her desire to be faithful. The only need she had now was to be fucked. To be fucked roughly violently. To be taken used and tossed aside.

He had to he had to make her come. He need not have worried.

“Fuck.” She shouted.
“Yeeeeeeeeessssss. Oh shit. Oh my god.”

Her climax was immense her cunt gripping milking his cock dry as he shot jet after jet of his hot sticky spunk deep inside her.

He lay on top of her for what seemed like hours.
Shit Ian will be home soon. Quick you’ve got to go. Please don’t say anything to him.”

Charlie checked his DVD perfect it had captured everything useful he thought.

Margaret was on her mobile texting as soon as she arrived home. Jenny was in the shower washing carefully between her legs getting rid of the evidence of her infidelity but as the hot water played upon her sex she was aroused once more. The merest touch on her clitoris was enough to make her come.

The afternoon’s events played through her mind in glorious technicolour detail. Sober now well relatively she was ashamed how could she have behaved like that. Yet as she recalled it another emotion was there one of excitement. Lust too she still felt like sex.

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