Mad Adventures pt 3 : Hooked some kind of way

Mad Adventures pt 3 : Hooked some kind of way

Bellini , italian name nathan was an Italian stallion he was well built had the best face out of everyone in school and he was my fuck buddy , i dreaded school before but i looked forward to it we had gotten a A+ on the project, Nathan had completely stopped bothering me when no one was looking he would smile at me and wink we would occasionally sneak together in the boys bathroom , made sure there was no one in there and make out in a bathroom stall . i was falling in love with Nathan something i hadn’t anticipated on and i know he wouldn’t feel the same way and i only set myself up for heartache the bully became my secret lover ,, fall came to close and winter was full on we were in our last week of school because of winter vacation i got in my car and sat there warming up the car and the pipes then my passenger door opened it was Nathan "hi " he kissed me "so we are going to the mountains for four days you want to come " "do you think that is a good idea " "yeah i have it all mapped out , me ,Karina Todd Jennifer will share a cabin and i will pay for you to have your own private suite so when i can get away we can be together " " no deal Nate , im sorry im starting to .." i wanted to tell him but i didn’t know how he was going to react to me and i didn’t want to ruin what we had going on so i kept it at that "can you come over to my place then " he said , "sure " i said with a smile " "okay follow me in your car then " he got out and got in his car i followed him to main st where all the bigger houses where .he stopped in front of this stone gate the gates opened . and he went through and so did i we went driving up a long road passing houses leading to another big gate the security guards opened it up for him and again I followed there were these big ivory columns like something out of Greece connected to his house he stopped and got out and so did i "wow " i said he grabbed my hand we walked hand and hand to his house we went inside and he unzipped my jacket and kissed me wet and passionately then i pushed him away "what?" he said aggravated "what if someone see us " he smiled "my parents gave the staff the holiday off the only people on the grounds are guards and they change in shifts and they never come into the house they have their own quarters and my parents are in Aspen for the holidays " he said almost looking sad "what about christmas , will they be home " he frown "they probably wont be back until march " he said with the saddest voice i ever heard i took his hand and looked in his eyes then kissed him on the forehead he fell into me and i hugged him for the first time he needed me .
For the first time he just needed a hug.


i never showed anyone that i was weak or remotely weak , i always had to be the strong jock that geek’s feared , the girls loved and the guys wanted to be like me but with matty i can just be myself it feels good i never knew i would get into homo activities but i love every second i am with him , i fell into him and he hugged me , for the first time i needed him , right then and there he was my family he cared about me and wanted the best for me , my cell called and it was amber waves of guilt was stricken on my face , i was having this affair with a guy , a guy that i use to bother every day , he had giving me something that amber hadn’t , sex , he was there for me when my girlfriend should have been , as long as i was buying her bracelets and earring she was all ears but with Matthew he wanted nothing from me he asked nothing from me but my mine and body “how about I make some lasagna” I said to matt “ you know how to cook “ he looked at me curiously “ ”yeah I do, learned from the chefs : I guided him to the family room and handed him the remote to plasma “ make yourself at home I will get started “
Aroma of fresh basil and onion, tomato sauce filled the kitchen and part of the house , my mouth started to water damn I was hungry and since it was us guys I decided to make a meaty lasagna with lots of cheese about a hour later is was done i went in to matt he was sitting on the couch watching supernatural I snuck up behind him and grabbed him he jumped i laughed my ass off "very funny Nate " "the food is ready " matt stood up and walked around the couch i really need to get off " he said I grabbed his hand and we started to go up to my room but i stopped him in the middle of the winding staircase and i kissed him and started massaging his now growing cock "lets do it right here " i said he looked over the banister "some one can come in and see us " "no one is coming i reminded him . i undid his belt and unbutton his jeans and he took off his shirt i kissed his flat muscular stomach he shivered , this was my first time sucking cock and i didn’t know what to expect then i pulled his boxers down and his dick sprung out i was face to face with it matt b had a nice size cock it was longer then mine by a half an inch and making his dick 7.5 inches and the head looked like a mushroom i grabbed it and started to masturbate him he moaned , i couldn’t believe i had let him suck me off or that i fucked him or im about to suck him it was straight guys guilt , but guilt would have to just be because i wanted to do this I got between his legs and took his cock in my mouth, it slide past my lips until it hit the back of my throat, i gaged and pulled him out of my mouth i couldn’t deep throat like he could but i saw his expression i was pleasing him , that’s what i do Aim to please, I sucked on him until my jaw got tired. i moved down to his balls entrancing them with my tongue , held his dick in my hand and jacked him , i then started to suck him off again and jack him at the same time he was moaning " im going to cuuummmmmmmmmm" he came all over my face and my hair streams and streams of cum flowed out of him i undid my belt and took off my jeans i was going commando today my dick was hard as fuck and i rubbed the cum from my face and his body and lathered my dick up i pulled him on the floor his back resting on the carpet steps and i lifted his legs up over my shoulders his feet resting on my back i starting rimming him and fingering him at the same time "yeah finger that ass nate it feels good " "i was sucking and finger fucking like it was a pussy and it felt like one too nice and warm and wet this boy was turning me on . i spit on my hand and started stroking my dick making the cum wet again i then moved up i was face to face with matt i guiding my condom free dick to his butt and it went in without struggle "oh myyyy goddd" matt said i was thinking the same thing , this time it was not uncomfortably tight but tight and great and wet "oh yeah give me that fucking ass " i said "yeah take it Nathan take it " he said this was more then fucking to me i stopped then pulled out "what are you doing " he said i stood up and grabbed his hand he stood up we walked hand and hand to my room i took him to my bed and pulled the covers we got in and i pulled the covers over us and we assumed the same position we were doing on the stair case this time i took it slow we were just staring at each other as i was plowing his ass i was touching his face he was caressing my back i thought to myself "this must be what making love feels like " i kissed him he engulfed me with his tongue this felt too magical then it happened i came inside of him
I stayed there until my dick was soft then i rolled over on my side facing the window that engulfed my room with sunlight matt was shaking I turned over and took him in my arms he calmed down “I have an idea “ I said , I left out and five minutes later I came back with two plates of lasagna “dinner in bed “ matt smiled at me , we ate and tossed the plates to the side and we feel asleep

I had awaken in nathans arm I sliped from under him and got dressed I saw it was getting late outside I left out his room andwalkeddown the long hall way ihadent notice this before but it seem as if he had the only room in this hall it was brightly lite and the marble on the floor shined I was sort of ashamed that he had gone to myhouse and the most luxary things we had was a plasma and cherry wood floors he had a mansion a ten star kitchen a living room the size of a library and his room was three times the size of mine I was falling for this boy

It had been two weeks since i had been with Nathan he had gone up to the mountains to ski with his friends and amber and I was here with my boring family I decided to go to Joe’s for there buffalo wingsand maybe a beer if my fake I.D permitted me one I had gotten there and parked my car then I saw his car I thought Nathan was in the mountains ,I went in and ordered my wings and beer the bartender couldn’t tell if it was fake so he had no choice I sat there for almost fifteen minutes and my wings came and beer I ate and was drinking until I heard a familiar laugh it was Nathan I got up and turned the corner he was with Karina a Russian import who knew some English she’s been in our school for three years and he understand , she understand that Nathan wants to get in her pants , why was I feeling like this as if he was mine ,

"hay queer you see Nathan he knows how to bagg the ladies " I felt Robby arm around my neck he put me in a headlock and he and Todd laughed causing Nathan to look , I pushed Robby “you ass hole” they laughed I payed the bartender and left

Matt wait “ I heard Nathan call out to me he ran and was out of breath
"so " he said "so what ? " i said back "im seeing Karina now " "why are you telling me this " "because now that she putts out alot " he stopped "what your trying to say is now that she put out you don’t need me , just say it " "you said it " i felt hurt and crushed , i knew i was gambling with my heart and i rolled the dice . We were the only ones outside i walked up to him and kissed him "it was fun while it lasted " i said and i walked to my car a tear rolled down my eye i was in love with him and it felt like he used me, he did use me but It was my fault I started this and I guess he ended it .caught


damn it he wasn’t suppose to see me and karina , why did he show up a joe’s why do any of us decide to do anything at joe’s we always get caught , but we aren’t together me and matt we just get together to have a good time I think , damn it its just suppose to be sex , he is playing mind games with me , he kissed ,e and says it was fun while it lasted what is that , he’s got me hooked some kind of way

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