Maddie in a bad mood

Maddie in a bad mood

Maddie was in a bad mood again. She needed something to help her relax, something to cheer her up. What she needed was a nice cock to play with, and a nice owner of the cock to torment – not in a nasty way – just someone she could have fun with, someone she could tease and embarrass someone she could strip naked and humiliate! That was what she liked to do with men; she knew she could exert power over certain men; she liked to exert power over them, to make them do something that would embarrass them and humiliate them. She just loved it.

She went into the little coffee shop on the corner of the street where she lived. Joe gulped when he saw her come in, and then blushed scarlet. The memory of the last time she had found him there came flooding back to him. She had somehow got him to take off his clothes, all his clothes, and then with her friend had spent an hour teasing his cock before getting him to fire unerringly out the window. The memory of it still made him shake with shame and embarrassment. And here she was again, coming towards him and sitting beside him. It had been so embarrassing, so shameful, but the pleasure at the end had been so intense that his cock started to tingle at the memories that her reappearance brought back.

Maddie sat down beside him, she knew from the way his face blushed when he saw her that she had him in the palm of her hand. He just needed that little extra stimulus, and she knew how to give it to him.

“Hi Sweetie”, she said, “fancy meeting you here! and as she started on the small talk her hand crept surreptitiously under the table and felt for the zip in Joe’s pants. She did it so carefully, and Joe was so distracted by her reappearance, that he never noticed her pulling the zipper gently down, never even noticed as she insinuated her hand carefully into his underpants, never noticed until that is she grabbed hold of his cock and balls and pulled them out. Joe felt her hand then, he could hardly help it, she was squeezing his balls rather tightly.

“Coming back to my place?” she asked.

Joe could only stare at her speechless.

“I think you are”, she said, and letting go of Joe’s balls she stood up quickly making sure she knocked the table over as she did so. Joe stood up in alarm as the table went over. Everybody turned round at the noise as Joes pants descended rapidly to the ground, leaving him standing with his cock and balls on display. Hastily he grabbed his pants, pulled them up and rushed after Maddie. He had only one thought, to get off the street, to get into a place of safety, to get into Maddie’s flat. Maddie knew he’d come, after that little humiliation he’d be putty in her hands.

She was standing at her open door as he rushed in.

“Want some fun today Sweetie?” she enquired disingenuously.

Joe had been both embarrassed and excited by the display of his cock. He found himself nodding, he found himself craving the excitement of being bossed about by Maddie again.

“Well, in that case Sweetie you must do exactly as I tell you”

Joe nodded again.

“You have to prove to me that you will do anything, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating”

Joe nodded, “Yes”, he croaked, his mouth dry with the excitement.

“Okay”, said Maddie, “I want you to throw away your clothes. All of them”

“Throw them away?” what did she mean by that

“I want you to throw them away. You see once they are thrown away you are at my mercy. You won’t even have clothes to get home in without me giving you some. You might have to go home in a dress!”

“All right”, said Joe, even more excited by the control it would give Maddie over him. He started taking his shirt off.

“No, no”, said Maddie, “not here. There’s no point in throwing your clothes away here. You have to throw your clothes away in the skip down the end of the street”

“But I’ll have nothing to wear to take my clothes down there” said Joe

“Exactly”, replied Maddie, “you have to go down to the skip. Take off all your clothes, throw them in the skip and walk back down the street in the nude. And I mean completely in the nude. And I mean walk back; I’ll be watching you from the window. No running, no sneaking back under cover. And definitely no hiding your cock. Anybody and everybody has to see you, and anybody and everybody has to see your cock”

“But I can’t so that”, expostulated Joe, “I might get arrested”

“On the other hand you might not”, said Maddie, “that’s all part of the risk Sweetie. That’s where the fun is!”

Joe couldn’t bring himself to do it. Not walk down the street completely in the nude in broad daylight. Not even to prove himself to Maddie. He didn’t like to say so though.

“Right”, he said

Maddie clapped her hands, “brilliant “, she said, “You’re really, really not going to regret it”.

Joe left the flat and walked down the street. His intention was to get past the skip, turn the corner of the street and run for it. But as he got nearer the skip his heart started beating and his cock started tingling. Could he really dare do it? No, of course not, it would be just too embarrassing. Then he reached the skip, his heart thumping, he looked round, there was nobody there. His cock was tingling and tingling. Suddenly without even knowing how or why he found himself taking his shoes and socks off, and before he knew it, they were in the skip, followed by his shirt, then his trousers, then his underpants. And resisting one last urge to leap into the skip and rescue his clothes he started to walk back down the street to the building where he would gain the sanctuary of Maddie’s flat. He walked as quickly as he dared, holding back the urge to run and terrified that Maddie would not let him back in if he didn’t follow her instructions. He had about two hundred yards to go

He suddenly realised what he had done he was there walking down the street, stark naked, in broad daylight. If only he could reach the sanctuary of Maddie’s flat before anybody appeared, it would take him only about two minutes before he got back, if only his luck would hold. But if course it didn’t fifty yards from the entrance to Maddie’s flat round the corner at the far end of the road came two girls. Joe just ran. He ran and ran and ran. Just to get under cover before he had to come face to face with them. He ran into the building, ran up the stairs and banged on the door of Maddie’s flat. She opened the door, tears of laughter running down her face.

“Oh dear, oh dear”, she said, “I told you not to run, and you disobeyed. What did you do?”

“I ran”

“You disobeyed me”, said Maddie

“I disobeyed”, muttered Joe, wondering what was to happen as a result

“And what do you deserve”

“I deserve, I don’t know what I deserve er..”, said Joe

“You deserve to be punished”, said Maddie, “and I have just the punishment. For a start you must be shaved”

“But I shaved this morning” said Joe rubbing his face

“Not shaved there”, said Maddie, “shaved down there. For this punishment your balls must be shaved. That is the symbol of your submission to my will – your balls as soft and as smooth and as round as ripe peaches.”

She fetched her razor and some shaving soap and carefully shaved his balls until they were smooth and pink. He felt strangely naked without his pubic hair, as if by doing so he exposed his total vulnerability to her gaze.

“Now for your punishment”, pronounced Maddie. Joe gulped, there was more to the punishment than just being shaved.

“You failed in your task last time so you must repeat it until you do it properly. You will walk twice as far as last time. You will walk naked to the end of the street and naked back with your new smooth balls on display. You will not run and you will not hide your cock and you will not hide your balls. Do you understand?

“Yes”, gulped Joe.

“And if you disobey me again you do not get back in. You will have to get yourself back home naked. And if you do as I have instructed you will get a special treat on your return.”

“Yes gulped Joe”

Trembling with shame and embarrassment he crept back out the door and into the road. With his smooth and shaven balls he felt totally humiliated as he tried to make his shaking legs carry him along the street. He had been ordered to let anybody and everybody see the shame of his nakedness and the shame of having had his balls shaved. But to his enormous relief the road seemed deserted. He reached the skip. Touched it as ordered and set off back. He hoped to get back without being seen again but there was a girl standing outside Maddie’s flat watching his progress down the road, hands on hips. Oh no the shame of it! She could see his bare balls. She was waiting for him. She was going to speak to him. The urge to run was overwhelming, but with an effort of will he kept on going. He had been ordered to show his balls to anyone and everyone and he was going to have to do it. He walked up to her. She had a big smile on her face and to his enormous relief he saw it was Maddie’s friend Sandy.

“Hello Big Boy”, she said, “out for a stroll?

He walked as steadily up the stairs as he could and regained the sanctuary of the flat.

Maddie clapped her hands with delight. She had just ordered him to submit himself to total naked humiliation and he had obeyed her. Her nipples stood erect and she felt damp with excitement.

“He deserves a special treat for that”, said Maddie, “Sandy, you and I are going to play with his cock and see if we can get him to hit the ceiling this time!”

Joe was still trembling from his ordeal, but as the girls spoke they could see his cock start to respond to the suggestion and Joe could feel his cock tingling again as under the gaze of the two girls it rose until the tip was pointing straight at the ceiling.

“Legs apart sweetie”, said Maddie to Joe and then, “you know what to do Sandy”.

And Maddie stood behind Joe and with her hand between his legs started to massage his smooth bare balls, while Sandy knelt in front of him and taking his cock in her mouth began to stroke the tip with her tongue. As before as soon as the girls felt his balls and his cock begin to twitch they held off, holding Joe in suspense as long as possible until his balls felt like bursting. Maddie loved this control of a man’s release, loved holding him back until he could bear it no longer, and loved finally pulling the trigger and watching his engorged balls shoot the maximum distance.

Finally she felt the rhythmical contraction surge and she knew that the moment had come. She signalled to Sandy to stand back and with one last squeeze of Joes smooth ripe plums stood back to watch the show. It was as spectacular as she had hoped. The goal of the vertically aimed cock hitting the ceiling was attained with ease..

Maddie clapped her hands again.

“Brilliant, brilliant”, she said, “now we can let you go back home”

“But how am I to get back”, said Joe, “I’ve got no clothes on”

“No problem”, said Maddie, “we’ll take you in the car”

Fifteen minutes later Joe, still stark naked, was running up the drive to his front door. It was only when he reached his front door and felt instinctively for the pocket in which he kept his car keys that he realised that his keys were in his pocket, his pocket was in his trousers and his trousers were in a skip two miles away.

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