She heard his key in the door, swiftly followed by his footsteps coming up the stairs. She raised her head from the dick she was sucking – “Bastard” she thought. He knew she was “entertaining” tonight. The body beneath her grew rigid as the dick she’d been sucking shrivelled. She was astride him, her knees underneath his shoulders so he could finger her arse while she sucked his dick and she could also pull his arse apart and slip a finger wet from her cunt into his arsehole at the same time. The room was mirrored so every fucking movement was reflected and she watched the mirror in front of her waiting for him to appear.

“Well, well, well” he smirked as he wandered in, his eyes roving all over them. “Don’t mind me mate, I just fancied getting my rocks off watching you fuck my woman.”

“Great arse” he commented, giving her a stinging slap in passing that left his livid palm print on her right cheek . “You’ve done well mate opening her arsehole up like that. I hope to see you fucking it later.”

“Stop it” she said. “You can see the poor bastard doesn’t know whether to shit or piss himself in fear.”

He sat on the bed looking down at them and she took her lover’s hand and guided it to her left nipple to yank on as he talked. “Don’t tell me you don’t get turned on by a bit of voyeurism mate – Paul, isn’t it? All I want to do is sit here and watch you two fuck around. I want to see her sucking your dick, your balls, licking your arse, folding her tits round your dick, letting you suck her tits, you fucking her cunt, her arse, her mouth – whatever. I’d like to see you cum all over her. I just fancy having a wank and a watch.”

“I don’t know if I can” he muttered.

“Perhaps it would help if you watched us first”, she said.

She got off him and helped her lover undress as Paul scuttled off the bed to the other side of the room. Her man was pulling on her nipples as he kissed her while she wanked him, both of them making sure Paul had a good view. “I need to snog your fucking arse” she said, bending him over. He watched in the mirrors as she prised his arse apart and her mouth roved up and down his crack as she grunted lustily. It was his turn to grunt as her tongue wiggled its way deeper into his arsehole while her bottom lip slurped his crack. She came up for air and licked her finger tip and just wiggled it into the opening of his arsehole as she continued to suck and lick his crack, working down to his balls and back up again. She pulled him backwards towards her so he could grind his arse into her face while he wanked his dick, both of them grunting and swearing in pleasure. She came up for air and pushed him onto his back so she could suck his dick, taking it deep into her throat, drooling and gagging over him while he held her head down.

She rolled away from her lover and over to where Paul sat and was pleased to see his dick was hard and standing away from his belly without any assistance. “Now you’ve got the idea” she grinned, dragging him back to the bed while her lover made himself comfortable.

She pushed Paul onto his back and resumed their former position. She bent her head to his dick and ran her tongue up and down his shaft, round his balls, up to the tip, never quite taking it into her mouth. He prised her arse apart and slid his thumbs inside, pulling her arsehole apart, gripping her cheeks hard with his fingers as his thumbs stroked in and out. She slid her mouth over his dick, pushing it into her cheek so her lover could see the bulge as he wanked himself. He enjoyed watching her suck cock. This one was much smaller than his, although quite wide and she could really go to town on it without gagging. He saw her swallow and he felt an accompanying pull on his dick as he recalled his dick sliding down her throat with every swallow.

He opened a drawer in the bed and pulled out a butt plug. “Give your thumbs a rest mate – she likes this.” As Paul continued to pull her arse apart, her lover pushed her further forward and rammed the butt plug home, pulling it out and shoving it back in again. She was wiggling her arse and moaning in pleasure although her arse was burning with pain as the plug wasn’t lubricated. She gave her attention back to Paul’s dick as her lover continued to ram the plug in and out of her arse. After a while he stopped “She’s still tight enough to give your dick a good seeing to mate”.

Her man continued to watch while Paul kneaded her tits, squeezing them together, bunching them up in his fists. He dropped his head to her nipples, greedily sucking on one, then the other, then forcing both of them into his gob. He watched her face as she looked at him. He was obviously enjoying it and she arched her back to push them further into his mouth, but it wasn’t until his teeth chewed at one and his nails dug into the other that he saw real pleasure on face. She held his head in place “Again” she demanded.

Paul worked his way down her body, stroking and pinching her by turn, until he reached her shorn cunt. He pushed her legs up so he could tongue her clit but he couldn’t hold her legs up and use his fingers too. “Tie her up” her lover suggested from his corner of room as he sat wanking himself and threw him a rope. “Try the spreader too” and threw the keeper at him. Paul looked a little bemused so he took pity on him and helped him tie her legs to the bed post, turning himself on at the same time and managing to dip his dick into her gob in the process. “May as well cuff her too” he suggested and they manacled an arm each. Her man pulled his chair up to the edge of the bed so he got a good view of Paul’s tongue worming its way deep into her sticky cunt. It really turned him on to see another man with his woman. Paul came up for his air and her cream was smeared around his mouth. His tongue circled her clit, flicking over it, sucking it. He tried pinching it up to make it stick out more. “Try this” her lover suggested, passing him a clit sucker. He pumped her up and her man loved the sight of her clit bulging into the tube, getting bigger. She loved it, wriggling her arse and moaning. Her lover took over pumping her while Paul shoved his tongue into her cunt again, licking it out. He pumped harder and more often and her clit was sucked further into the tube. He could see the pain on her face when the tube was digging into her skin around her clit. It made him very horny and when he took it off he wanted to hang pegs off it rather than watch Paul sucking it. He pinched her nipple and twisted her tit up as Paul grazed his teeth over her enlarged clit and she came with a shudder, her eyes locked on her lover.

They untied her and he watched them wanking each other. Paul’s fingers were coated with her sticky cream and he wiped them on her tits. She lifted them to her mouth and sucked them off, holding her nipples between her teeth for a few seconds.

He watched as Paul turned her over and spread her arse and plunged his dick into her arsehole. She clutched the bedposts as he reamed her out with his cock. His own dick was throbbing as he watched her arse quiver with each slap of Paul’s belly against her as his dick drove deeper into her arse. She crawled further up the bed to increase the depth of penetration and her eyes were filmed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Paul was grunting and slapping her arse as he plunged in and out of her. “I’ve dreamed of doing this” he grunted “of forcing you over my desk, ripping down your knickers and shoving my dick in your tight little arse”. He inched closer to her so his dick didn’t come out of her arse very far and he pistoned his cock in and out very fast until he whipped it out and it exploded over her arse, his cum splattering all over it.

“I want your piss” she demanded of her lover “and I want you to watch” and she herded them both to the bathroom. She slid into the bath and looked up at him expectantly. “Come on big boy, piss on me. You’ve had a good time wanking and watching, now it’s your turn to deliver. Piss on your slut. Give it to me. I’m a filthy dirty bitch and all I’m good for is pissing on and cuming on.” His dick erupted with a torrent of piss, cascading over her face and eyes and hair. She opened her gob and he flooded her mouth with his hot, strong piss. She gulped and swallowed and gulped again, her eyes pleading with him not to stop. He watched her drowning in his piss, so much that she couldn’t swallow all of it fast enough. She moved so that she could hold her tits under the flow, glowing with pleasure, and then lapping it up again until he was drained and she sucked him clean.

“I need to piss now” she declared. She held a cup to her cunt and he saw her piss filling it. She choked off the stream and held the cup up and tipped some over her tits as he got on his knees and watched her piss start streaming out of her hole again. He looked up as she lifted the cup to her lips and drank it while he held another glass to her cunt and captured some more. His dick got bigger and harder as he wanked himself as he watched her drinking her own piss down on top of his.

They went back to the bedroom while she showered herself clean. He wanked himself, the memory of her mouth flooded with his piss and then her own really turning him on.

She came back in and immediately got on her knees and crawled across the room to him. Her man forced her head back and shoved his dick down her throat, watching the other guy as he fucked her mouth hard. One hand stroked his crack, while the other squeezed his balls. He removed his dick and replaced it with his balls and her cheeks bulged as she sucked him, squeezing his arse at the same time. He shoved his dick back in and made her gag as he held her head and fucked her mouth. His dick was huge and red and hard and he couldn’t decide where he wanted to cum most – all over her face, or her eyes – he really liked to see them gummed up with his cum dripping off her lashes, and he liked to see her hair matted with his spunk – but he most liked to bury his dick in her throat and cum there. She was sucking him hard and he swore like a savage as he wrenched her head back and leaning over her forced his dick as far down her throat as he could. She braced herself against the floor, her arms trembling with the force of his thrusts, his body looming over her. His dick was solid in her throat and she was choking and gagging and it turned him on so much. He fucked her until he couldn’t hold back and longer and spunk spurted out of his dick and down her throat again and again and again. He sighed as she released his dick and licked him clean. Then she gagged and his cum spewed back into her mouth and there was so much some of it dribbled out of her mouth and she scooped it up and smeared it over her lips and licked it off.

She crawled across the room towards Paul who stood with his dick rearing away from his belly wanking furiously. He gripped her by the hair and held his dick to her eyes. Her lover stood watching – “Let my bitch have it full in the eyes. Go on you bastard, cum all over her”. Paul bellowed “Fucking Cunt” as cum shot out of his dick into her eyes. Another load went into her hair and she just managed to capture the last jet in her mouth as the rest matted her hair and stuck to her eyelashes. She stared up at both of them – “must do this again, soon” she murmured.

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