Me and Lucy

Me and Lucy

Lucy and I had been together for about 3 months now, and shared a pretty full and exciting sex life. We had experimented a few times, and satisfied each others fantasies, but there was one thing I had not shared with Lucy, something that turned me on, but I wasn’t sure why, or how to explain it, without feeling embarrassed. Something that really turned me on about Lucy, was her smell, and I don’t mean the perfume she wore, although she did have good taste when it came to that! No, what I mean is that I often find myself picking yesterdays panties out of the laundry basket, and smelling the crotch of them, while masturbating. I guess this was my little secret, and it would have to stay that way.

I woke up beside Lucy. She looked so beautiful. Her long, silky brown hair surrounding her pretty face. She lay on her front, still sleeping, and I lay just watching her sleep, as I often did if I woke before her. It was just gone 7am, which would normally be time to get up, but not today, today was Sunday. I loved waking up early on a Sunday, and knowing I didn’t have to get up to go to work. As I lay watching Lucy sleep, I started to feel a little horny. I thought about waking her, but I didn’t think it fair as she deserved a little extra sleep today. As I lay there, I suddenly noticed Lucy’s little pink cotton panties laying on the bedroom floor, right where she’d dropped them before we got into bed last night. She was like me in the way that she couldn’t sleep properly unless she was completely naked. I looked at them screwed up on the floor for a minute, until I couldn’t resist the urge any longer. I slowly crept out of bed and picked up her panties, creeping back under the covers with them in my hand. I looked at Lucy, she was still fast asleep. I carefully opened up her panties and held them to my nose… mmm the smell was incredible, so fresh, like she’d only just taken them off. My heart started racing, I think it was a combination of the smell, and the fact that I was laying right beside Lucy, smelling her dirty panties.

I was really turned on now, and I suddenly found myself doing something I have never done before, but I couldn’t help myself, the opportunity was laying right beside me. Lucy was still fast asleep, and lay on her front. I slowly and carefully, so as not to wake her, got under the covers, and made my way down the bed a little. I positioned my body astride her legs, with my face above her thighs. Very gently, I rested my face onto her, with my nose pushed slightly between her ass cheeks, and started to sniff a little. The smell was amazing, and I could feel my cock already starting to harden. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, what if she woke up? but I didn’t care, I couldn’t stop now, this was too good. While I was down there under the duvet, and enjoying the smell, suddenly and without warning, Lucy farted… PPhhhrrrrr… and I felt the silent puff of air start to fill my nose. The smell almost made me cum. This moment was something I’d dreamed about asking her to do since we met, but I was too embarrassed, and now it was happening, and I didn’t even have to ask! I pushed my nose, further between her ass cheeks until I felt it start to rub against her asshole, and started to sniff a little more. Lucy farted again… PPPPHHHRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… long and silent, and this time my nose was touching her hole. I sniffed hard, inhaling all of her fart. The smell was so strong, but I couldn’t get enough! I couldn’t resist it any longer. I used my hands to slowly and gently spread her ass cheeks, and started to lick her asshole. I licked over her hole a few times, before pushing the tip of my tongue inside her ass. Just as I did, she farted again… PPHHHHRRRRRRrrrr… I felt the air flow over my tongue as I sniffed, inhaling as much as I could. It seemed the more I sniffed and licked her ass, the more she farted. This was heaven! I stayed down there for what seemed like forever, rubbing my nose against her asshole as she farted over and over, sliding my tongue in and out of her hole as she farted in my mouth. I was under the duvet and the only air I had to breathe now was her fresh farts. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, and with my nose pressed tightly against her asshole, she let out a huge, and noisy fart PPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT, and as I desperately sniffed up, I finally came, and shot my load at the bottom of the bed.

I creeped out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower, leaving Lucy still sleeping in bed. When I came out of the bathroom, Lucy was up and making breakfast in the kitchen. “Good morning honey, have you been up long?” she asked, “Not really” I replied “I just woke up and jumped in the shower”. As we sat and enjoyed breakfast together, I noticed Lucy keep smiling at me, and as we finished up, she said “I’ll wash up these pots honey, I think you need to go change the bedding”, she smiled again and made her way to the kitchen.

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