Mega Bowl

Mega Bowl

This is my first story guys so let me know what this is like.

I'm Alex and i'm 22 years old and I work at Mega Bowl which is a bowling alley in the town where i live in England, and working there is a beautiful godess called Louise. I went in to work and the owner wasn't there which is good because he is a total dickhead. I was taking my usual bowling parties when i went into the kitchen and i saw her. Lousie is a chef down there and she was wearing these baggy grey chef costumes which looked terrible but they somewhat looked oh so sexy on her. She has black hair which she has tied up, she is around 5"9 and i would say 120lbs. She has also a fairly tanned body, her skin was smooth to touch and her tits were to die for, they were only a C cup but looked amazing. I said "can i have 4 sausage and chips and a pizza please". She smiled and replied "Can i have you in the staff room at 10pm. I looked at her somewhat suprised but very excited and just about managed to say "Ok". She winked at me and ran her toungue across her top lip in a sexual manner this alone was enough to start getting me excited as i felt my dick coming to life. To avoid embarassment i walked out the kitchen covering the bulge in my trousers with my party rota.

After a few minutes recovery time i started my first party. The first party was 10, adults. Much to my suprise they were all women. I nearly fainted, they were all ever so sexy. The girl who's birthday it was, was called Amanda came up to me to give me her food order. I wasn't really listening to what she was saying, all i was concentrating on was her amazing breasts. She had a white shirt on and a white mini-skirt which both left very little for the imagination. She seemed to talk more sexually to me than the other girls that were there. So anyway i asked them all to take there shoes off as they would be going to change their shoes. Now because i have a foot fetish this was my favourite part. All of the girls had skin coloured tights on which made their legs look more smooth and sexier. Also i could see their cute little toes very easily which was a bonus.
So after i explained what to do and put their names in i had to take them to the top floor. So i took them to the top floor where i would show them their lanes. When we got to the top we all sat down while i explained a few more things to them. I asked them if there was any questions they might have. Amanda asked me "My feet hurt would you give me a foot massage"?
Time stood still as she said that, of course i jumped at the chance and kneeled down in front of her. I looked down at her feet which looked amazing and picked up the right one, the second i touched her foot she let out a moan. I rubbed her arches then worked up to her cute little toes and took the time to massage each one. After about five minutes of heaven she said the most unbelievable thing. "Oh that feels so good, can i see if they feel any better in your mouth". I looked at her really excited and said "They will believe me". So i took the foot i was holding and brought it ever closer to my mouth then eventually i just took the whole of the big toe in my mouth and sucked on it licking all around it and tasting the sweet flavour of her feet. Then i thought 'fuck it' and crammed all five toes into my mouth and engulfed her foot. I wrapped my tounge around each of her toes savouring the taste which was amazing. She let out a loud moan as she felt a moment of intense pleasure rippling through her body. I swallowed more of her foot and was nearly up to the heel but not quite. My throat muscels were massaging her soft feet which gave Amanda the most pleasurable feeling she had ever experienced. The feeling in my mouth as her toes wiggled down in my throat was incredible. As i was taking her foot all the way down my throat i managed to look down and noticed she wasn't wearing any panties.

Beneath that skirt was nothing but a very sexy hairless pussy that was glistening as she was very horny and wet from me sucking her teenage feet. She saw me looking and smiled. She then took my hand and guided it to her very damp pussy. The second my finger touched Amanda's pussy we both let out a loud moan. However not to loud that the rest of the group could hear us. As i moaned the vibrations were sent down her foot lodged in my throat and into her body which sent her over the edge. She started cumming, and she was a squirter so her juices went all over my body and onto her leg. Her cum felt warm and smelt better than her feet. After she just lay there panting heavily and i watched as her tits were rising which nearly ripped the shirt she had got on it was so tight. Then slowly i started to take her foot out of my mouth. When i took her foot out her toes were covered in my saliva which made them look ever so sexy as my spit slowly drooled inbetween her toes and all the way down her foot.

Just sitting there looking at her sweaty, half naked, 21 year old body was driving me wild so i grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly raised it up eventually freeing those breasts. Her nipples were standing to attention as was my cock. She saw the bulge in my trousers and reached over and unbuttoned my fly and my 7 inch cock just flew out. Her eyes widened as she saw the size of it. She quickly got to her knees and took a hold of my aching dick and slowly starting jacking it off. While she was jacking me off I started fondeling her tits. I carressed her smooth milky breasts and pinched her nipples which made her moan and started sqeezing my cock harder. Then she bent down and slowly put the whole of my pulsating dick inside her hot mouth. Her tongue circled around my head which felt amazing, she was definately not a beginner. With her chin now resting on my ball sack I could feel the walls of her throat massaging my entire cock, the warmth was incredible. When I looked down I could see her face was bright red as my cock was cutting off her air and she started gagging . This sight suprisingly was very erotic which nearly sent me over the edge.

After a quick breather to get her breath back she again begun blowing me this time sucking a lot harder. I knew this was it so i said i wanted to cum all over her feet. With that she immediately brought her georgeous 21 year old feet level with my cock and i started beating my cock as hard as i could. Soon i let out a loud moan and loads of thick spurts of cum shot out my cock and went all over her feet. As i looked at her soft feet they were covered in my semen. As i brought one foot up to my mouth i could see my sperm drooling inbetween her toes. So i licked all of my sperm up from her feet and swallowed it all. This actually turned me on swallowing my own creamy sperm.
When the party was over Amanda comes over to me a gives me her phone number and said "Hey you absolutely blew me away in there we should get together another time and do it again, what do yuo think." I said something along the lines of "Fuck Yes".
So as she was about to leave she gave me a quick kiss and walked away. While she walked away i look totally enthralled at her smooth, round sexy ass sway beautifully side to side throughthat incredibly tight mini skirt.

Toward the end of my shift i begin to look forward to meeting Louise in the staff room. When the end of my shift came i literally ran to the staff room and knocked on the door. After a few seconds i heard Louise's voice say "come in, it's unlocked". So i went in and there waas louise sitting on a chair looking at me with her baggy grey clothes still on. She said "lock the door". As I did she got up, came over and grabbed me by the right shoulder spun me round facing her and violently pushed me against the door and started kissing me violently on the lips.

End of part 1

If you like it I'll continue with the story.

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