Misty 1

Misty 1

Misty 1

I can’t believe it, the pain just goes on and on, even when nothing is happening I remain in pain, I don’t know how much more I can take. They have left me alone for a while, but I still hurt all over, I don’t thing I could find one square inch that I could touch without it hurting. How did this all happen?

I have always been something of a spoiled daughter. My mother died when I was quite young and I was the only child my father had to heap his love on and I learned how to take advantage of that. Oh, I do love my father, he is the most wonderful man I know and I would never do anything to hurt him, but I enjoy the special life he has given me. When I graduated from college I returned home and started out in one of my father’s companies at a much higher pay than any of the other law clerks, in fact I made more than most of the lawyers. I lived well and had no desire to get married, sex was not a big thing for me and the thought of a man trying to run my life just didn’t work for me, nor could I see myself as a dutiful wife. My father had different ideas, he wanted grand children and I was the only way he would ever have any.

I became friends with one of the lawyers in the firm and soon discovered he was gay. This suited me just fine, no pressure for sex. We went to dinner together and soon had my father convinced we were working toward taking the road to wedded bliss. Randy and I talked about it and he was alright with the idea of us getting married and setting up housekeeping; he would continue with his sexual games as long as he was discreet and we would worry about the child thing later on. There was a fly in the ointment though, Billy, Randy’s boyfriend, he didn’t like the setup and would glare at me when he came to visit Randy. I don’t know why he was that way, I was always friendly to him, perhaps he didn’t care for my sense of humor when I told him he could have Randy for the night but I wanted him back. I guess he felt threatened by this, thinking his lover might be turning toward the straight life. I am almost certain that is what has brought me here.

I received a call that there was a break-in at my apartment so I rushed from the office without even saying anything to anyone. When I got to my car a van pulled up and two men dragged me into it an immediately put a black canvas sack over my head and were trying to put plastic ties on my wrists. I kept struggling, thinking I could still find a way to get away; I connected with a solid kick to one of them and suddenly felt a fist driven into my stomach, my lunch threatened to return and I rolled over onto my stomach. The fist came down again, hard, into my right kidney, then my left, the pain in my body tripled and I almost blacked out. “Put your hands behind your back. If you fight me again I am going to hurt you so bad you will pray to die,” a gruff voice whispered in my ear. I did as I was told and felt the zip tie pull tight around my wrists. He also wrapped a rope around my wrists then passed the rope around my neck and secured my feet with the other end and pulled the rope taught. “Now, move all you want but try not to choke yourself, we want you alive for some fun.” I started screaming again but was quickly quieted by someone jerking on the rope and choking me until I began getting dizzy. “Look bitch, we have a long fucking ride ahead of us and that trip can be very boring. If you don’t behave like a good little cunt I am going to entertain myself by causing you as much pain as I can,” the voice came.

I decided that laying there quietly was my best bet right now so I quieted down. “Hey man, who won the bet?” asked the driver. The hem of my dress was lifted and the voice said, “I did, they are red.” “Bullshit, I don’t believe you, let me see.” Hands reached beneath my dress and my panties were pulled to my knees and cut from my body. “Damn, they are red. Let me have them, as long as I paid twenty dollars I might as well get to keep them,” said the driver. “Damn, man these panties smell sweet, I bet her cunt is sweeter than candy, is her pussy shaved?” They could not see my face turning red, but I could feel it, then rough hands reached past my thigh and pushed roughly between my legs, “Nah, she ain’t shaved, course we could fix that.” Pain ripped through my crotch as he grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled it out. I screamed again, this time he kicked me in the stomach, taking away my ability to breathe; as I jerked, the rope cut into my throat again, “I told you to keep your mouth shut, you will have plenty to scream about later. I am going to take great pleasure in seeing you fucked and beaten by the boys, I just wish I could take the first crack at you myself.” Once again he pulled the hair from my pussy; he pushed my dress up to my hips and began systematically pulling out the hair that once protected my near virgin pussy. When he was through pulling out the hair he slapped me right on my clit, “Now you look like a whore ready for fuckin’, that hair would have just gotten in the way, now the boys can get to that little cunt of yours much easier,” he and the driver laughed.

It seemed like hours before we made a turn so sharp and fast that I found myself rolling across the floor of the van forcing the rope to cut painfully into my throat. The road was rough and full of potholes causing me to be tossed around on the floor. We finally came to a stop and the doors were opened and I was carried out of the van, “Be careful boys, she is a fighter; I had to rough her up a bit to get her settled down.” “I hope you didn’t fuck her, Snake will be really pissed if he ain’t the first one to get his cock up her ass, and you don’t want him pissed at you…again.” I heard laughter from a bunch of men and I could hear women laughing as well. “I didn’t touch her, except to pull some hair off her cunt, I got a little bored on the trip.” A woman’s voice came next, “You better not have touched her, Snake will have the guys fucking that dirty asshole of yours again, only this time he may tell them to use their fists,” more laughter, “Besides, we get her first, Snake promised that we could have this one first. Look at that milky white skin, bet she shows marks real well.” With that I heard something whistle through the air and a strap of leather landed across the back of my legs, I screamed. “Come on, Snake is in the warehouse, let’s get her in there so we can get started.”

The rope was released from my feet and, with much effort and some help, I was able to stand. The rope was passed between my legs and jerked hard forcing the rough surface of the rope between my pussy lips, scraping painfully on my clit. Someone jerked the rope, “Come on cunt, we are about to teach you all you need to know about how to please the whole club.” She jerked the rope again and I followed. I could feel the summer sun beating down on me and I was starting to sweat profusely, when we stepped into the warehouse the temperature seemed to go up twenty degrees. “Why does she still have her clothes on, get them fucking clothes off of her and get her ass over here,” came a voice as cruel as any I have ever heard. Immediately hands were all over my body, ripping my dress and bra off, “Leave those stockings on, and her garter belt, they look sexy.” I was completely naked except for my hose and garter, “Ok, take off the rope and cuffs, leave the bag on her head, she is probably so fucking ugly my dick wouldn’t get hard.” The rope was untied and dropped and someone cut the plastic ties; as soon as I was certain the blood was circulating again I reached up and pulled off the hood. “Look you son of a bitch, I don’t know who you think,” was all I got out before one of the girls hit me in the stomach three times, I dropped to my knees.

“Look, bitch, you better just learn to keep your mouth shut unless someone asks you a question. Do you understand me?” he asked in a voice that told me there was only one answer. Before I could say anything he was on his feet, his huge hands grabbing my throat and squeezing my throat, “You better learn to answer more quickly. You don’t need to think, in fact thinking will do nothing but get you hurt. Now, if you understand I want you to reach down, unzip my pants and gently squeeze my cock.” I didn’t hesitate, I scrambled for his zipped, trying to get my hands on his cock before I passed out, but I didn’t make it, the world turned dark. When the lights turned back on my arms were spread over my head, attached to two different ropes and I was being lifted, it felt like my arms would be pulled from their sockets. I was only a few inches from the floor when ropes were attached to my feet and my legs were pulled painfully apart.

“Misty, you have a right to know what is happening to you. We have been paid a lot of money to make you disappear, it seems you have made someone very angry. We were also instructed to make your last few days on earth as painful as we possibly can and we intend to earn that money. First, I will turn you over to our ladies…well, they may not be classified as ladies from where you come from…as a matter of fact the only person who would call them ladies, and mean it, is Satan himself. They have been instructed to have all the fun with you they want before I come back to take over. Next you will have me to deal with; you will have my cock shoved down your throat, up your ass and in your pussy. I will spend half a day fucking you every way possible. After I am through with you I will turn you over to the boys and, for as long as you live, they will have their fun with you. They too will fuck you, beat you, cut you and eventually kill you by shoving a steel spike up your ass; this will be painful and will cause you a very slow death, it may take two or three days of extreme pain before you finally see the end of your life. There is no reprieve, no mercy and no way for you to escape or end your own life. In the end you will die like a whore with your guts falling out your asshole. Then you will be taken into the desert and provide dinner for some of our friends. There is no escape, even if you got out of the building there is forty miles of dessert between here and the nearest town, you would be dead, even if we didn’t find you, long before you get there.”

I was crying, “Look, my father is very wealthy and will pay more to get me back than anyone could pay you to hurt me. I won’t say anything about what has happened so far. Call him at 555-9875, tell him you have me and he will pay you.” He started laughing, “He warned us you might try something like that. Sorry cunt, that story won’t hold water. Ok, girls, she is all yours.” The men began leaving the warehouse and I began to scream. One of the women picked up something that looked like a cop’s night stick and brought it up hard between my legs; pain burst through my body like an electrical shock. “Shut up long enough to hear me, bitch. We can’t fuck you and Snake will not let us kill you, but you are about to find out what it is like to snack on about fifteen cunts after we have a little more fun.” She looked to one of the other women, “Bring that belt over here,: she was brought a long leather belt which she doubled over and slapped me across my lower belly, then my tits and then began beating my entire body until I was red and bruised. I can’t even describe the level of pain I was feeling. “Bring her down a little,” said the ugly cow to the other cows.

When my tits were about even with her face she ordered one of the other women to bring something to her. On a tray was a pair of pliers and something that looked like thick ear studs. She picked up the pliers, grabbed my left nipple and squeezed hard and pulled it toward her, I let out a screech that could be heard for miles. She took one of the posts and began forcing the sharp point into my nipple; my nipple burned as blood began oozing from the wound. I thought the worst was over until the point began pushing through the other side of the nipple, all I could do was scream as she attached a ball to the other end. Then she grabbed my right nipple and did the same thing, I was certain I would pass out but darkness would not come. “If that hurt you are going to love this. Lift her up a bit.” I was raised so that my pussy was now aligned with her face, she grabbed my clit with the pliers and I thrashed about, trying to escape the pain, “Hold her still,” demanded the woman. Five pair of hands gripped my body and held it in place and she began forcing the last post up through my clit. I just knew pain could not get any worse but then she took a knife and began removing the hood from around my clit, leaving it completely exposed. The last thing I remembered was someone pouring alcohol on my wounds and I passed out.

When I woke up it took me awhile to get my bearings. “Good, the bitch is awake. Hey, cunt, are you ready to eat some pussy?” came a not too feminine raspy voice. A hard kick to my crotch from a work boot clad foot caused me to scream and grab for the damaged area, “I asked you a question bitch, you better start answering more quickly or your pussy will be a bloody pulp before Snake gets his dick in there. Are you ready to eat some pussy?” I was laying on the floor on my back trying to catch my breath from the kick, still in severe pain but I was not about to give in to this bunch of hags, “If you want someone to eat your pussy why not get one of the dogs I saw running around outside,” I screamed. “Somehow I knew that was the kind of answer I was going to get. You will eat my pussy, and every other cunt that is put in your face. You will be eating so much pussy you will think you were born to do it.” I didn’t see the fist coming but it landed hard on the left side of my face, “Snake said we couldn’t stick anything in your cunt or asshole but he didn’t say anything about you needing any teeth.” Through the tears I saw a distorted view of the next fist before it landed on my lips, splitting then and sending blood into my mouth. My father said my mouth would get me in trouble one day but I never imagined this. Someone grabbed the studs in my nipples and pulled me to the sitting position screaming, then twisted my tortured nipples sending pain through my chest the two hard punches landed on my breasts. “I better get a different answer from you this time or I am going to spend the next two hours causing you so much pain you will wish you were dead, then I will still have you lapping our cunts. Are you ready to eat some pussy now?” I considered my options, of which there were few and looked at this fat, ugly bitch, “Go fuck yourself.”

I knew I had just invited this bitch to beat me near death, but I figured I was as good as dead anyway and I was not going to give them the pleasure of defeating me. I was hauled to my feet and, once again secure to the ropes that had held me earlier; my arms and legs spread wide. “I think I will enjoy this even more, you would probably do a lousy job anyway,” she said just before her fist landed on my right kidney. I saw four women walking toward me with long thin rods in their hands, “In Taiwan when someone breaks the law they have a number of punishments that they employ. One of them is caining, you are about to discover why it is so effective.” The first blow landed on the backs of my thighs, then one across my lower abdomen right at my pelvis. Then they began striking in random order all over my body, even the souls of my feel. I don’t know how long this went on, at some point I passed out from the pain.

When I came back around the women were standing around; there were buckets of a white substance that looked like sand in front of me. “One of the ways leather was treated was to rub salt into it, I am not sure why but that was a method. Of course the animal never had the pleasure of feeling the salt being applied because they were dead. You, on the other hand, will get to feel every grain,” with that she reached a gloved hand into the bucket and brought a hand full of salt to my face, then began rubbing it into my wounds. The salt seemed to sear my skin, burning as though hot coals were being pressed to my body. After covering my skin with salt the beating began again, each blow driving the salt into my skin. They stopped before I passed out then began again, stopping just before I went out and then began again when I was alert. Fists then began pounding my body, striking me everywhere. With my head hanging down I could see the welts all over the front of my body and blood on the floor beneath me. Punches rained on my kidneys and stomach, driven into my crotch and stomach. At one point I felt my bladder let go and a stream of bloody piss shot from my body, then I passed out again.

When I cam too I found myself tied to a filthy bed in the middle of a small room. The temperature in the room had to be well over a hundred degrees and the sweat from my body caused the wounds to sting even more. I lay there for what seemed like an eternity, my throat parched, my tongue and lips swollen and my mouth as dry as the dessert outside. Snake came into the room, “You gave the girls quite a bit of trouble, I hope you fight me that hard when I get my turn with you; the more you fight the tighter your asshole will get while I rip it in two with my cock. If you happen to live through that, and the boys having their fun your pain will be even greater when we rip your gut open from inside your asshole.” He poured a cup of warm water into my mouth and I quickly fount it was piss, I tried to spit it out but he quickly held my mouth shut making me swallow “I am going to untie you. You will remain here until I am ready for you. There is one thing I want to make sure you understand; you are going to die here but before you do I think you should know why you are here. Your husband has paid us a lot of money to kill you and to leave you in the dessert to die painfully. He also wants us to make sure you suffer as much humiliation as possible before that happens. I didn’t ask why, and really don’t care; fifty thousand dollars is enough reason for me.” I almost choked, “Is that all:” I managed to say through my damaged lips, “my father would have paid ten times that, even more to bring me back home. Before you go through with this you better find out who my father is; he isn’t like the cops who will give up after a while, he will hunt you down and you will suffer more than you can imagine. As a lawyer he has represented some of the biggest names in crime and there is no end to what he will do to find out what happened to me and who was responsible. I may die here, but there is nothing you can do to keep yourself alive; there is no place in the world you can hide so you better enjoy that paltry amount you are being paid, you will be dead before the money is gone.” “Yeah, right, he told me you would make up any story to make us stop. Nice try but I am not buying it,” he said then cut my bonds and left.

Time passed slowly as I lay in that room. The temperature seemed to climb by the minute; it was so hot I could hardly breathe and my tongue was swollen so much that it didn’t seem to belong in my mouth. I heard the lock on the door being removed and Snake came into the room, “Ok, cunt, lets go. My dick is so hard I could poke a hole in a tree and fuck that, but your ass will do much better.” He dragged me from the room by my hair into the hot sun and into the old shack. The shack may have been old but it was cool and fairly clean. He pointed toward a chair and told me to sit down then brought me some cool water. I almost choked on the cool liquid but soon had that glass and two more downed in a matter of minutes; it caused my stomach to cramp but that was a small price to pay. “Ok, get your ass in the shower and get back out here sparkling clean and ready to fuck.”

The water hitting my body was almost as bad as the salt had been but the stinging soon stopped and I was beginning to feel better, I was even hungry. When I stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror I was shocked; my face was bruised, there was a cut under one eye, my lips were puffy and split in three different places and my whole body was covered with bruises and welts. I don’t remember my hair being pulled out but there were bare spots where large clumps had been ripped from my head. I have never been a beautiful woman, not ugly but not a runway model either, now I looked like an add for “Beaten Women Weekly” magazine. I would have laughed if the thought of what was yet to come hadn’t flashed through my mind. “Get your fucking ass in here,” Snake yelled so I returned to the room.

Snake was standing there naked and a new fear ran through me. His cock, only half hard, was over twelve inches long and the head was as big as my fist. I no longer had to fear what anyone else would do, that thing was going to rip my guts and I would die bleeding to death on the end of his cock. “Get on the bed, I want to have a good look at your pussy.” In a flash I ran for the door and almost made it before he grabbed me by the hair and jerked me backward, flinging me on the bed, “You are going to make this much worse than it has to be,” he said as he jerked my legs apart, “Damn, the girls did a nice job on your clit,” then twisted the stud passing through my clit. I screamed as loud as I could then he grabbed the stud in his teeth and the studs in my nipples and pulled until they were ripped from my body. Before I could begin to scream he moved and jammed the head of his cock against my dry pussy, then, using the blood from my torn clit as lubricant he forced the head of his cock into my pussy. I thought I was being ripped in two.

The head of his cock pushed deeper into my dry pussy; I could feel every inch of progress as it traveled deeper than any cock had ever been. “How does it feel to have a real man’s cock in your cunt, you are so tight you must have been fucking piss ants,” he laughed then jammed most of his cock deep into my pussy. The pain was beyond anything I had imagined it to be, it hurt more than having my cherry taken in college. It felt like my insides were being rearranged and when he once again rammed at my hole I could feel something rip and almost passed out. He pulled his monster out then hammered it back into my torn hole, it felt like a punch in the stomach. I was screaming, begging him to stop but that just seemed to spur him on all the more. He scooped my ass in his hands and pulled me tight against his cock then began slamming in and out of my battered pussy, “Come on, bitch, you gotta love this. Every cunt enjoys having a real cock in their holes. Fuck me, bitch, push that pussy at me.” He just kept hammering into me, ripping my insides like so much hamburger.

I thought it was over when he ripped his cock from my battered pussy but when he rolled me face down I knew I was in real trouble. “Hold this slut down so I can get in her ass. You hear that cunt, I am about to rip your asshole apart, when I am through with you there will never be a man who can satisfy you.” Someone grabbed the back of my head and forced it into the smelly mattress forcing me to breathe in the stench and dust. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and spit on my hole, “That won’t help you much but I can at least get it in,” he laughed. He jammed a finger in my virgin asshole sending pain screaming through my butt, “Damn, honey, you are really going to gave trouble getting me in there.” He pressed the head of his cock against my exposed anus then leaned against it, spreading the tiny opening.

I wailed like a banshee but it seemed to cause him to work harder to destroy my asshole. There was a searing pain as the head of his filthy pole tore into the opening. It felt like someone had pushed a burning match into my hole; I kicked and screamed as the walls of my ass were being spread further apart and destroyed. “You may be the luckiest bitch in the world, you just may have the honor of dieing with my cock in your ass. I am going to fuck you so long and so hard your guts will be bleeding, then I am going to used that blood to coat my cock so it will move easier in you.” Just as he pushed deeper into my ass someone burst through the door, “Snake, you better stop, you gotta hear about her old man.”

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