Movie Stars

It had been almost six months since Maggie's last fuck and she was about to start climbing the walls if she didn't get some cock in a hurry!!! "Will you sit your ass down, girl," Jada said while looking up over the top of her book, "you're driving me nuts with all your pacing!!!" "Jesus christ I can't stand it for another minute," Maggie replied to her cell mate, "if I don't get some pecker quick I'm gonna loose my mind!!!" "You and me both, honey," Jada shot back with a crooked grin, "but unless you've got a magic lamp with a genie I guess you're just gonna have to be satisfied with my tongue!!!" Maggie made a face at the sweet twenty six year old black girl, and then with a shrug of her shoulders she plopped down on her cot and replied with resignation, "You're right, but I'm gonna try to figure out some way to get some dick, you just mark my words," as she took Jada into her arms and kissed her full on the lips, "you just mark my words!!!" The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, and still there was no opportunity for Maggie to find a suitable male to service her sexually, but then as it so often happens, when you're least expecting it, lightning strikes!!! "Anderson, get over here," the burly guard called to Maggie, "the captain wants to see you in her office, pronto, so let's move it!!!" "What does she want," Maggie asked nervously as they made their way through the cell block to the captain's office!?! "How the fuck should I know," the ugly bull dyke retorted, "she don't tell me nothing, now shut your mouth and walk, got it!?!" Maggie merely nodded her head, and with the feeling of impending doom coming in over the horizon, she walked the rest of the way in silence!!! "Wait here and I'll see if she's busy," Officer Booth ordered gruffly!!! "Okay, the captain will see you now," Booth said evenly while showing Maggie into Captain Flo Evans private office, "I'll be right out side if you need me, captain, just holler if the bitch gets out of line!!!" Captain Evans waited until Officer Booth had gone and closed the door behind her, leaving the two of them alone before offering, "She's not exactly the most tactful person I've ever ran into!!!" Still not sure of why she was there, Maggie sat tight, not commenting either way at the captain's last remark!!! "Okay, let's get down to business," Flo Evans said evenly, "How'd you like to make some money, Anderson, and I mean a lot of money!?!"

30 "Who wouldn't," Maggie replied quickly, "but ya see all the thousand dollar a week jobs are all taken!!!" "Don't crack wise with me, bitch," Flo Evans replied harshly, "I can make your life a living hell so if I were you I'd shut my fucking mouth and listen to what I have to say!!!" "All right," Maggie answered contritely, "I'm all ears, go ahead!!!" "First of all," Flo Evans replied, "I want you to watch this," while she shoved a VCR tape into a video recorder and hit the play button, "I think that you'll find it interesting to say the least!!!" It took a few moments for the picture to come on the screen, but when it did Maggie's jaw almost his the floor, because there on the television was her in the shower with several other inmates sucking each others tits and pussies!!! In a state of total shock, Maggie stared at the images dancing in front of her before stammering, "When, how……………???" "The when's obvious," Flo answered, "the how is a hidden camera in the heat vent at the far end of the shower room, but that's not the important thing, the thing is what am I going to do with the tape!!!"

Maggie's brain was spinning while she tried to figure out exactly what was going on, but her thoughts were interupted when Flo Evans continued on, "Now I could use this tape for my personal use, or I could sell it, which would you prefer!?!" "Sell it to who," Maggie asked slowly!?! "I"ve got some contacts in the porno business who tell me that we can get thousands for a tape like this one," Flo replied, "they specialize in amateur stuff mostly, but this female prison stuff could really be a gold mind!!!" "Maggie sat there for a few moments collecting her thought before asking, "And how much would the "actresses" get!?!" "Two hundred a piece per video," Flo Evan answered quickly, "we can do the stuff in the shower and around the rest of the prison if we like!!!" "Why not just make the videos and sell them without telling us," Maggie asked!?! "Because if anyone ever found out, I want your signature on a piece of paper saying that you were a willing participant," Flo replied, "and I won't lie to you, I'm gonna make a whole lot more than you do on the deal if everything works out, so it's better for all concerned if I put my cards on the table!!!" Maggie thought it over for a minute or two, and then offered, "Okay, ya got a deal, but there are two conditions, number one, you don't make us do anyone we don't wanna do, and number two, I wanna get a good hard fuck by a real man and for Jada too!!!" A broad smile broke out over Captain Evans' face and she replied, "You got yourself a deal, and you are about to become a fucking movie star, in more ways than one!!!"

Later that night in their cell, Maggie slid into bed with Jada and whispered, "You'e not gonna believe what I have to tell ya, girl, but before we get to that I'm so fucking hot I can't help myself, so if you would……………….." Jada knew enough about her friend that what she really needed was a good cunt lapping, so after kissing her softly on the mouth, Jada slid down the between her lover's legs and began gently tonguing her over heated slit!!! "Oh god, baby," Maggie sighed soflty, "you know just how to do my clit, mmmmm, suck it, baby, make Maggie cum a ton!!!" The lithe ebony entrantress urgently probed Maggie's pussy with her insistent tongue until she finally came to rest on her cell mate's over sized clit, where upon she flicked over it's tiny head until Maggie was shuddering with a brutal orgasm that left her gasping for breath!!!" "God," she panted, "one of these days you're gona kill when you do that!!!" "Yeah," Jada whipered with a giggle while kissing her way up over Maggie's belly and breasts to her again kiss her warm mouth, "but what a nice way to go!!!" As usual, after she had gotten Maggie off with her mouth, Jada reached under the matress and produced a long dildo she had fashioned in the wood shop, but as she handed it to Maggie, her cell mate replied, "Put it away, baby, we're gonna have company!!!"

Maggie cradled Jada in her arm while feeding her one of her big nipples, but the young black girl pulled away and asked, "What did you mean by were going to have visitors!?!" "Oh, just that a nice big handsome black stud is due to arrive any minute now and give both of us the fucking of our lives, that's all!!!" "Bull," Jada replied incredulously, "we're in prison, honey, stuff like that just doesn't happen, now I took care of you, so you do me," while handing her back the slick pussy juice covered dildo!!! Maggie was just about to explain the situation when a soft male voice wafted through the cell, "Okay ladies, come and get it, Freddy's ready to go!!! "But how," Jada hissed as the two of them scrambled over to the cell door, "I'll explain later," Maggie shot back, "for now just enjoy it, okay!?!" There was a slight click of the latch in the iron door, and seconds later one of the biggest man either of them had ever seen slipped silently into the dark cell, and said softly, "Who's first!?!"

"You go first," Maggie whisperd hoarsely to her friend, "I'll just watch and get myself even more worked up, okay!?!" With the only light coming from the soft glow of the hallway, Freddy's dark skin blended in with his surroundings, but as he silently removed his clothing, both women stood there with their mouths hanging open at the incredible muscular build the black giant posessed!!! "I ain't got all night, girls," he said gently while scooping Jada up in his arms like she was baby and lifted her up high in the air until her pussy was directly in front of his mouth where he quickly devoured her as she hung helplessly before him!!!" "Oh my, Mags," Jada gasped, "h-he's eating me alive, oh, oh, oh, he's sucking my fucking clit!!!" Maggie was so stunned at the raw display of power that Freddy was displaying, for the first minute or so she merely slumped against the wall and stared at her best friend getting the sucking of her life, but as her senses slowly returned, she gasped herself when her gaze fell upon the incredbile cock that stood proudly at attention sticking out from Freddy's groin!!!

With her hand shaking like a leaf, Maggie gingerly reached out and caressed the tennis ball size head head as tiny moans softly escaped her trembling lips!!! Jada was still just hanging there while Freddy tongued her to several hard orgasms, but the poor girl wasn't in the least bit prepared for what happened to her next, as the giant black man slowly lowered the rag doll like figure onto his massive member, impaling the unsuspecting woman with his monster pecker!!! Maggie recoiled at the sight of the slightly built woman being ravaged by such a organ, and it crossed her mind that it might be too much even for her, but as her fingers made their way into her steaming snatch, and the image of Freddy's cock driving inside of her, her pussy lurched as a powerful orgasm swept through her, leaving her shaken and trembling even before she knew what was to come!!!

As for Jada, her little cunt strained to allow the massive invader entry, and even though she was being stretched beyond her litmits, the young black woman's pussy convulsed over and over again as blinding orgasm after orgasm ripped through her like a hurricane until she was literally hanging on his cock like a side of beef a hook, drained and devastated!!! After surveying the carnage he had just wrought, Freddy gently lifted Jada off of his hard dick and lay her softly onto the bed, before turning around to face a now cowering Maggie and said softly, "So you're the one who wants to get fucked by a big cock, huh, well now you're gonna get your chance bitch, so tell me, how do ya want it!?!" After looking over a the lifeless form of her softly groaning cell mate, Maggie tried speaking, but with her mouth dry from all the excitement, nothing would come out, and forturnately or unfortunately, Freddy made the decision for her as he grabbed her by the hair and leaned her over a small dresser, taking her from the rear!!! "No, no," she begged in a weak voice, "p-please no, I'm not ready, please noooooooooooooooo, god is that fucking huge, oh god you'e fucking me with your big mother fucking pecker!!!" The pain was at first searing, but almost instantly Maggie's pussy spasmed hard as the first of many orgasms twisted her pussy into knots, but the if she thought that was the end of it she was sorely mistaken as Freddy reared back and began fucking her with a ferocity that threatened to tear her pussy to ribbons!!!

If there is one thing that Freddy loved, it was scaring a woman to death with the size of his cock, and then after making sure that they were good and terrified, taking them with such brutality and viciousness that the fucking he was giving would be indelibly pressed in their memory forever, and while Maggie had talked a good game, here she was bent over with her legs spread wide apart submitting to Freddy's incredible erection!!! "So, bitch," he spat while pounding away at her pussy, how do you like it now, getting enough, or do you want some more!?!" Maggie was close to passing out, but with her last ounce of strength she moaned, "Come on stud man, show this bitch what you've got," and as if by magic, his pecker stiffened sending a load of cum blasting into her helpless pussy, sending her over the edge in one last mind bending orgasm as unconsciousness thankfully overtook her!!!

An hour or maybe two later, Maggie woke up in a groggy haze with the dull ache in her loins reminding her of the night before!!! She went over to the sink and splashed some water onto her face before climbing into be with Jada and cuddling up close to her!!! "Are you awake, baby," Maggie whispered softly into her ear!?! "Oh god, my pussy is sore," Jada whispered back, "how did you find him!?!" "Don't you worry about it, baby," she replied while nibbling the black girl's bare shoulder and peering up at the red light glowing from the infrared video camera hanging from the ceiling, "you just made two hundred dollars!!!"


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