My Best Friend's Wife

My Best Friend's Wife

Well, it was another Saturday night and Shay was at her friend, Greg’s house…..playing cards and drinking chardonnay. This was getting to be the normal thing for her every Saturday… was pathetic!!! She was young and beautiful and she should be out having some serious fun and nasty, intense sex with some hot stud…or a hot little vixen, depending on her mood. Instead she has been coming over to Greg’s house for the past four Saturdays to eat dinner, play cards, and drink with Greg and his wife Laura. She and Greg had been best friends since middle school, and luckily his wife was completely cool about him having a totally plutonic relationship with a woman. Shay and Laura got along pretty well, but Shay was not the girly girl type….she enjoyed doing girl stuff, but she also liked being one of the guys sometimes….Laura on the other hand was the epitome of what a woman is all about. Laura was a very attractive blonde that was tall and slim and perfect breasts that just beg to be touched. Shay knew they enjoyed a very healthy sex life….as any true woman, Laura did like to brag about her man’s prowess in bed and often enough gave Shay an earful.
Tonight, as so many others in the past month, the three of them sat around the dining table playing gin and enjoying a glass of wine….or two. “You know Shay, I could probably set you up with a friend of mine,” Laura offered. “Ooohh no,” Shay laughed, “No blind dates for me….tried that already.” “Yeah, but not with me as your matchmaker,” Laura winked and smiled at Shay. “Well…..anybody need a refill,” Greg said, getting up from the table and giving the two of them a look that said ‘could we please not talk about this’. Laura and Shay couldn’t help but laugh at him. “No thanks Greg,” Shay said “I gotta get home.” She stood up from the table to get ready to leave and ended up stumbling and bumping into the table. “Whoa, there girly,” Laura said and rushed over to help her, “I don’t think you’re going anywhere tonight.” “Yeah…you can stay in the guest bedroom for the tonight,” Greg said. Shay was a little embarrassed that Laura and Greg had to walk her to the bedroom, but was still thankful for their help.
Greg and Laura got her to the room, got her into the bed, and covered her up. She was asleep before they had a chance to leave the room. Shay woke up some time later….it was very late and very dark. She still had all her clothes on, so she decided to make herself more comfortable….she took off her jeans and bra, leaving her in pink lace boy short panty and a t-shirt that just covered her stomach. She crawled back into bed, but couldn’t get back to sleep. She finally decided to get up and get herself a drink. She crept through the dark house to the kitchen and got a glass of water. She carried the glass outside onto the back deck and was enjoying the cool, dark night. There was a slight wind blowing….just enough to chill her skin and make her nipples poke out against her shirt. She heard laughing from off to side and went to see what it was. She walked very quietly up to the glass double doors at the far end of the deck. There was no covering on the doors, so Shay could easily see into the room….which happened to be Greg and Laura’s bedroom!! Shay wanted to look away but she couldn’t….she stood there and watched everything.
Greg was on the bed looking back across the room….at what Shay didn’t know because her line of vision didn’t extend that far. Then she watched as Laura stepped into the picture….wearing a red negligee that stopped mid-thigh and was cut very low between her beautifully full breasts. Laura crawled onto the bed with all the grace and beauty of a cat…..she crawled on top of Greg….her golden tresses hanging down. He wrapped both arms around her waist….holding her body close to his…..his mouth seeking out hers….they embraced in a passionate kiss. Shay was becoming breathless just watching them, but still she could not look away. Laura finally broke off the intense kiss and began to lick and kiss a trail from Greg’s chest down his stomach and on down to the top of his boxer shorts. She brushed her lips across the front of his boxers….he gently ran his hands through her hair and she nipped at the bulge steadily growing in his boxers. Laura grabbed the top of the boxers and pulled them down his legs as he lifted his hips. Laura’s lips were moving…obviously saying something to Greg…..but Shay couldn’t hear her. Laura slid her silk covered breasts over his fully erect cock and bare chest to engage his mouth in another passionate kiss. Greg’s arm was about her shoulders pulling her closer…his other hand sliding down her back, over her ass to grab the hem of her lingerie and pulled it up revealing Laura’s smooth, round, bare ass….milky white in the soft light from the lamp beside the bed….then his hand slipped down to her ass…gently caressing the soft flesh, then his finger traced along the seam of her ass and disappeared between her thighs to tease her pussy lips. Shay was breathing heavily now and was only dimly aware that she was clutching the glass of water against her chest in a fierce, passionate grip….afraid that she might break the glass in her hand she sets it on the railing she was leaning against and returns her full attention to the erotic scene before her.

Oh God….this is sooo wrong, Shay was thinking to herself, but even as she scolded herself, she still could not look away. She was totally entranced by the erotic scene involving her best friend and his wife groping, sucking, licking, and kissing each other into a frenzied heat of passion. Greg had slid out from beneath Laura and pressed her face down onto the mattress and climbed on top of her….nuzzling her neck and shoulders….grinding his hips into soft ass….his hands roaming her body not covered by his. He thrust his leg between her supple thighs….forcing them apart….and placing the rest of his body behind her….pulling her ass up and towards his proud, erect cock. Laura kept her head and shoulders flat on the bed, so that her ass was high up in the air. All the while, Shay stood there in the shadows just outside…..gasping and moaning….feeling a pleasant heat originating deep in her pussy and spreading outward to the tips of her fingers and toes…..her hands moving of their own volition….caressing her breasts and gently pinching the nipples…..her body trembling from a sexual intensity building inside her… her hands continuing down her firm body to her pink panties, her finger tracing the valley between the mounds of her pussy lips. Greg was now holding his engorged prick in one hand and rubbing his cock head against Laura’s wet cunt opening….then he was pushing it into her….Laura’s pussy spreading to accommodate his huge fucking cock….although her head was turned away from Shay, she was imagining Laura gasping and grunting as Greg’s dick penetrated deep into her. Shay continued to watch as Greg thrust and pumped her pussy from behind….his hands tightly squeezing her ass….his face contorted into a grimace of sexual concentration. By now, Shay’s hands had made it into her panties, her finger sliding against her clit and dipping into the warm, velvety wetness of her cunt….oh it felt so wonderful….she finger fucked herself faster, bringing herself closer and closer to an orgasm as she continued to watch Greg pound into Laura hard and fast. Suddenly Shay’s heart was in her throat as she watched Laura turn her head toward the double doors…..Shay was frozen to the spot…she couldn’t move, she couldn’t breath….Shay watched as Laura’s eyes focused on her as she stood outside her bedroom door. Shay was mortified….she ran from the deck…back into the house and toward the guest room.

Maybe….just maybe she didn’t see me Shay thought, begged, prayed….please don’t let her have seen me. Shay lay very still…trying to feign sleep….trying to quiet her pounding heart so she could hear if someone was coming. How much time had passed….she couldn’t tell, but it felt like it had been awhile, maybe an hour. She was beginning to think that maybe….just maybe….Laura hadn’t seen her. She had just breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the soft footfalls just outside the bedroom door and the quiet snick as the door was opened slowly and carefully. Still….be very still…..breathe normal…pretend to be asleep Shay thought fiercely to herself. She felt the mattress dip as someone sat down on it and slid under the covers with her, but still she didn’t move….or maybe it was more like she couldn’t move. Then very softly Laura’s voice came to her ears, “Shay….Shay…come on, I know you’re not sleeping.” Laura slid over some more and made contact with Shay’s body. Shay could feel the satiny smoothness of her negligee, the press of Laura’s firm breasts against her back, and her long silky soft legs wrap about her own. Now her sexy voice was right in Shay’s ear and Shay couldn’t help but tremble a little as Laura spoke, “Oh Shay… I’m not mad….I liked that you were there….watching us…..touching yourself.” Shay couldn’t help it…she rolled over to look into those beautiful clear blue eyes…astonished at what she was hearing, “What!! You did….how long did you know I was there,” Shay said. Laura giggled as Shay stared in disbelief at her. “Shay…I’ve been attracted to you for a long time. It’s always been my fantasy to be with another woman….but I was afraid,” she said. Shay couldn’t believe what was happening…was she for real? Shay was still very aroused from watching Laura and Greg that she gently wrapped her arms around Laura’s smooth body and pulled her close in a tender embrace. “Afraid of what?” Shay asked, as she gently stroked Laura’s silky blond tresses. “Of how you would feel about it,” she replied, leaning very close to Shay and tentatively kissing her soft lips. Shay pursued Laura’s lips and engaged them in a gentle, passionate kiss…..Shay expertly slipped her tongue into Laura’s hungry mouth….swirling their tongues all over each others….nibbling and tasting the sweetness.

Whatever else might have been said was lost in the moment. Shay’s hands played over Laura’s body as expertly as any musician playing a fine instrument. Their movements became more frenzied and desperate. Shay gently rolled Laura onto her back and softly caressed her cheek and neck…sliding her hand down the satiny smoothness of Laura’s negligee…..grabbing the hem and pulling it upward over her breasts, completely exposing Laura’s milky white skin. Shay licked and sucked each beautiful, perfect nipple in turn until the pink, hard little peaks stood proudly from the mounds of milk white flesh. Shay caressed Laura’s body…..kneading her soft breasts and running her hands over Laura’s smooth, flat stomach right down to the furry covered mound of her pussy. Shay played in the hair for just a moment and caressed the rest of pussy…..feeling just a bit of wetness from between the folds of her pussy lips….causing Laura to moan with pleasure. Shay slid her way down Laura’s body tasting every inch of her in the process and nuzzled her face against Laura’s soft, furry snatch…..inhaling her intoxicating scent and pressing her nose against the hood covering Laura’s clit. Shay slowly traced her tongue along her pussy lips….not penetrating yet, just teasing it….which drove Laura insane and she tried to force Shay’s face harder against her pussy, but Shay just withdrew her tongue, causing Laura to sigh and groan. “Ohhh Shay, please…please eat my pussy….my god I’m so fuckin’ horny right now,” Laura said, bucking her hips up toward Shay’s teasing tongue. Shay wrapped her arms around Laura’s thighs so that her fingers could hold Laura’s pussy lips open, then Shay slowly traced circles around Laura’s clit with just the tip of her tongue….Laura’s little clit swelled with each circling of Shay’s tongue until it was big enough for Shay to actually suck into her mouth. Shay sucked and sucked on her little clit and Laura was moaning and calling Shay’s name out loud…… “Stop,” Shay smiled and thought to herself, “I have just begun.” Shay moved her tongue from her clit along crease of her pussy lips and then plunged her tongue deep into Laura’s dripping wet cunt….fucking with her tongue…sliding it in and out of Laura’s pussy…..slurping and sucking up all Laura’s sweet juices that had now started flowing. Laura bucked and thrashed her hips, but Shay held tight and had her face and tongue buried deep into her. Shay nibbled at the engorged clit, which had swollen to the size of a small cherry, and took a hand from around her thigh and slowly penetrated Laura’s pussy with her long, slender finger. Laura’s pussy was so hot and wet that it seemed to suck on Shay’s finger as she slid it in and out. While still nibbling on Laura’s clit, Shay slid another finger into her….fucking her with two fingers now….Laura had become increasingly vocal as the intensity increased…..Shay hooked her fingers when she was pulling out of Laura….touching that deep, soft spongy place in Laura’s pussy, as Shay hit that special spot Laura would buck and cry out with ecstasy. After hitting it a couple more times, Shay knew that Laura was about to have an orgasm of a lifetime….her body was trembling almost nonstop and Shay could feel a throbbing in her pussy when her fingers were deep inside her. Shay lifted her head to watch Laura’s face but kept her two fingers driving in and out of Laura’s cunt…..her eyes were closed and both her hands were knotted into the sheets at either side of her…..she was breathing very fast and grunting like an animal…..her face was twisted into such deep concentration, then suddenly it happened….wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her….her cunt squeezing and pulling Shay’s finger deeper into her, the sudden flood of her juices drenching Shay’s hand and soaking her thighs, and the guttural cry coming forth from her lips. Shay slowly withdrew her fingers and sucked them clean, then went to licking up the juices left in Laura’s pussy as she lay there, breathing heavily and giggling every now and again as Shay tickled her. It was then that they both heard a sudden gasping breath and heard Greg shout, “What the fuck is goin’ here!!” Shay and Laura both turned simultaneously toward the door where Greg stood dressed in his boxers. Shay was too speechless for words and Laura tried to mumble something, but Greg just cut her off, “Damnit, my wife and my best friend……how long has this shit been goin’ on, huh?” “Shut up Greg,” Laura replied, “it’s not how it looks, ok….this is the first time, besides you always knew I was attracted to Shay and how I wanted to be with a woman.” “Yeah, but I thought it’d be something we’d do together Laura,” Greg said. He started to move toward the bed where the two women were still entangled with each other, his excitement obvious from the growing erection. Laura quickly sat up and assumed a position in front of Shay. “No way Greg,” she said, “this is my fantasy….you’ll just have to sit this one out.” Laura directed Greg to a chair over in the corner of the room. “Come on Laura!” Greg pleaded. Laura just pointed and said, “Sorry babe, you’ll just have to watch and jack yourself off this time.” Shay listened intently to the conversation playing out.

Greg resigned himself and pulled the chair closer to the bed so that he would have a better view of the activities. Laura then turned toward Shay and kissed her intensely before purring in her ear, “Well sweetie, ready to do this?” Shay just nodded her head as Laura pulled her t-shirt up and over her head, leaving her only in her pink panties. As fair and light as Laura was, Shay was the complete opposite….with straight black shoulder length hair, and dark almost black eyes, skin that was deeply tanned with an olive undertone to it, freckles covered her face, and of course there were her tattoos that covered her upper arms, back of her neck, lower back, and above her right breast. Laura took just a second to devour Shay with her eyes before moving down to her breasts…..gently fondling them…then sucking each nipple into her mouth…biting gently, causing Shay to inhale sharply and moan with pleasure. Laura was completely entranced with Shay’s nipples which were large and dark brown in color…Laura sucked each nipple until it came to a beautiful point. Laura’s hands slid down the sides of Shay’s luscious curves….her fingers sliding across her tight belly, tickling lightly….then tracing her way down to the smooth mound of flesh above her pussy…..her hand diving down between Shay’s soft thighs, spreading them apart as her fingered traced along her juicy slit. Laura took up a position between Shay’s legs so she could see every part of her glistening wet cunt….spreading the lips apart to reveal pink succulent flesh that seemed to run with honey. Laura leaned closer….inhaling Shay’s scent…..licking at clit, which throbbed beneath her tongue….and dipping two fingers into her wet opening….Shay purred and whimpered as Laura played with her. Laura watched her face as she licked and sucked with her mouth….then she sat up so she could see Shay better….using her thumb to circle and apply pressure to her enlarged clit and two fingers plunging deeply and rapidly into her pussy. Shay was worked into a frenzy now….Laura could read the signs of the coming orgasm….Shay was bucking her hips in time to Laura’s fingering, she was breathing harder, her hands knotted into the sheets at her sides, her face contorted into a grimace of utmost concentration…..Laura purred encouragement to her, “Yeah, baby…cum on,, I wanna taste you.”…..and suddenly Shay’s body went rigid and trembled from head to toe, her pussy clamping around Laura’s fingers, and a flood of cum covered Laura’s hand and soaked the sheets beneath her. Laura immediately bent down and licked at juices pouring forth from Shay’s still quivering pussy lips. In the background was the sound of Greg’s grunting as he furiously stroke himself to an orgasm….shooting his sticky cum onto the bed and the floor, some even landing on his stomach. There was a huge sigh of relief as the sexual tensions were finally satisfied. After some cleaning up and the shedding of all clothes, they all crawled into bed together….Shay in the middle with Laura to her left and Greg to her right…..with various body parts all entangled together.

Well, another Saturday night…and once again Shay was at Greg and Laura’s house…but this time it didn’t seem so disappointing. Shay actually enjoyed these regular weekend visits….sometimes she even made visits during the week, when either one couldn’t wait for the weekend. The sex was intense and she got to have it with both a man and a woman…satisfying both her cravings. Sometimes Greg just watched….sometimes Laura just watched…..other times Shay watched, but most of the time it was the three of them together.

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