my birthday gift_(0)

my birthday gift_(0)

WARNING: The following story is intended for entertainment of mature adults 21 years of older. The characters and story-line are fictional. While the characters may not practice safe sex – YOU SHOULD! The story contains descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults. If you are offended by sexual activity in general, wild sex, bondage and discipline, go no further! It is your choice from this point on.

My Birthday Present part 1.

Like every other morning I got up to an empty apartment. My Boyfriend leaves a few hours before me for work so he's gone when I get up. Here it was my 22nd birthday and he didn't even leave me a card the bum. Off to work I went in a bad mood, this was the first time he forgot my birthday. When I got to the office their was a large bouquet of roses at my desk and a card. "Guess he didn't forget after all". Before I could open the card my boss came over to tell me happy birthday and that I would get off early today so I could go have a good time with my Boyfriend over the weekend, what a nice gift that was.

I opened the card and read the note: This Birthday will be a very special one for you and for me, Happy Birthday Honey.
Love Mike
ps. Go straight home from work, for your next gift.

Finally it was noon, I left work and went straight home to find a second card on the kitchen table. This one was sitting between a drink mike had made me and two gift boxes. Open me first was written on the card, so I did. I read the card it said: Inside box 1 is a nice gift for you; box 2 will fulfill your darkest desires. You can have only one box the choice is yours. Once you decide you can't change your mind. Relax have this drink and think it over carefully before you choose. Love Mike

My darkest desires, what could he be thinking I wondered. Both boxes were the same size so that didn't help. I have tons of fantasies but did Mike know how dark some of mine are I didn't think he would.
I took the drink to the bedroom and sat down on the bed to think which box I would open. Mike and I had been playing Master/Slave the past few months, if I opened both boxes Mike would make me pay for not following his orders. So I better decide on one box.

I had many fantasies; the only question was which one he had picked for me. I knew I would go through with it no matter what it was, once I opened the box. I could feel a warm glow in the pit of my stomach that moved down to my pussy, tonight would be fun. I finished the drink it made me feel a little sleepy so I laid down to think.

Once I felt more awake I opened box number 2. Inside was another box with an envelope on top of it. I opened the envelope a note said, Now that you have gone this far there is no turning back. Take a hot bath, relax and get ready for a fun time. There is a video I know you'll like in the bedroom machine turn it on at four when its over open the box.

I took the box to the bedroom put it on the bed and went into the bathroom. There I shaved my legs and my pussy, Mike always wanted it clean and smooth for him. I enjoyed the extra feeling it gave me with no hair to mat his hard body from mine. After a nice long bath, it was four o'clock and time to watch the video.

Not surprising it was a XXX rated tape. Getting on the bed I watched as a young nude white woman sitting on a bed was playing with herself. She was pinching her nipples with one hand as she slid three fingers into her pussy. She fucked her pussy hard and fast till she climaxed. She then called out saying she was ready and three black men walked in to view. The girl opened her legs to show her wet and ready pussy. The first man got on the bed and told her to hop on his long hard dick. As she slid his dick into her pussy the second man grabbed her head and pulled her mouth down to his hot rod, she closed her lips around his dick as he began to fuck her face. This put her ass up and ready as the third man shoved his dick deep into her ass. The man using her mouth was the first to cum filling her mouth with hot loads of his juices; she continued to suck on him till he got hard again. He switched places with the man using her ass. Each man used her till they all had emptied a load of cum deep into each of her holes. She sucked each hard after they had cum and let them use her till they were to limp to use her any more. As the movie ended I climaxed, I had been playing with myself all during the movie.

Maybe Mike did know something about my dark fantasies after all.

I opened the box to see yet another note, this one read, now that the movie got you hot and wet you don't have time to get cleaned up. Wear only the items in this box and meet me at The Royal Arms Hotel; be there by 5:45pm. If I'm not there, check with the desk clerk use the name Miss D. Chambers. I dried my pussy as best I could and looked at my watch it was 5:20, I called a cab then pulled my outfit out of the box.

A pair of black high heel shoes, black fishnet nylons, a black garter belt, a black knee length skirt, a white see-through blouse, and a fur wrap, nothing else to wear.

I had less then a half hour to get there so I put on the outfit and checked myself out in the mirror. I saw a blue-eyed blonde with a nice body that looked like a hooker staring back at me. The skirt had only the top two buttons, this let it open just below my crotch, sitting down would expose my clean shaven pussy to the world, my breasts aren't huge but a nice size with large nipples which were pushing out against the see-through blouse. It left nothing to the imagination when it came to my tits, but it did make me feel very hot and sexy. Waiting for the cab I applied some makeup I did my eyes and mouth like normal I also darkened my nipples so they would show through easier.

The cab arrived leaving me only ten minutes to get to the Hotel. During the ride to the hotel the driver kept staring in the read view mirror. As I sat with my legs spread open, giving him a great view of my pussy. By the time we arrived the driver had a big hard on and my pussy was still wet and ready. But it was his tuff luck; I didn't have the time to tip him with some action so he only got money and a free look.

The Royal Arms Hotel is a top rated hotel, I was hoping they would let me in, looking like a streetwalker but they didn't seam to mind. The doorman got a great look as I got out of the cab. Then he looked at my pert nipples as the evening was cool and I had the fur wrap open. I saw a tent form in his pants also. I didn't see my Boyfriend so I went over to the desk clerk asking if he had any messages for Miss D. Chambers.

He looked up from his seat and his eyes were level with my nipples, after he got around to closing his mouth and putting his eyes back in his head, he handed me a card. This one read: Right time wrong place, take a cab to the Hunter Hotel, the desk clerk excepts you before 6:15 don't be late. He has your special gift. All you have to do there is follow his directions to get it.

Leaving the Royal Arms the same cab was still sitting out front so I got in. I told the driver to take me to the Hunter Hotel and off we went. He got on the freeway heading towards the Southside of town. I didn't know this area, as it was not the better part of the city. From the freeway he drove down some dark streets and turned into an ally, here he stopped. I asked are we there? And he replied no but this is a good place for a blowjob. I was about to tell him to go to hell when He said, Miss I know you're a hooker, the way your dressed you have to be. So I won't charge you for the ride in exchange for the blowjob.

Looking at my watch it was only 6:00 I had fifteen minute before I had to be at the hunter so I got in the front seat with him. When I pulled down his zipper, his tool sprang out, fully erect and ready to go, I licked around the head before I sucked it inside my mouth. Inside my mouth I sucked him in deep letting my tongue licking all around the head and shaft. The driver stroked my hair as I slowly took him all the way down to his balls. He held my head pulling it up and pushing it down, building up a rhythm, as he fucked my face.

I was really enjoying it, as it seemed so dirty and depraved in a cab in a dark ally. It actually aroused me enough that I reached down to run a finger against my clit. My body jerked as my finger slid inside me with ease I was so wet. I was so hot and wanted to cum I slide his dick out of my mouth and asked him to fuck me.

"You slut," the man hissed as he thrust his dick against my lips. You keep sucking my cock, and suck it dry" that's what I want from you. I felt a shiver of excitement run down my body, as I liked being called a slut and told what to do.

With my finger still playing inside me, I was getting ready to cum, when I heard the man groan and the first spurt of his spunk hit the back of my throat. He held my head in his hands and kept pumping my mouth. He exploded with a climax as I sucked him hard trying to get every drop of his hot juices swallowed.

When he had run dry he released my head, I licked his shaft and his balls getting every drop I could find. As he zipped himself up he told me I was the best he ever had. I knew I was good at sucking, I enjoyed the taste of hot cum and all through high school I would gladly suck any guy that asked. After having so many dicks in my mouth I consisted myself an expert at sucking and really enjoyed doing it. I still wanted him to fuck me. My finger just didn't do it, fuck me please, I asked him. He told me to get in the back and off we went to the Hunter Hotel.

He pulled up to a run down Hotel and told me goodbye. He pulled away in a hurry not wanting to stay in this part of town to long. I looked around, the Hotel was old and run down, on one side was a bar it was in worst shape then the hotel, the other side also had a bar. That one looked a little better then the Hotel. The whole neighborhood looked run down as I walked into the lobby and a chill ran down my back, this place looked worst inside then it did outside. It looked as if only vagrants and bums would stay here. It was a very low class hotel in the worst part of town but here I was standing in the lobby looking like a hooker. I checked my watch it was only 6:14, so I was on time. A large Black man was at the desk and I went over and asked if he had a message for Miss D. Chambers. Looking up I saw a sign that read rooms $100 per hour, per person. I almost laughed but looking at the big guy behind the desk stopped me. He looked very big, very black and very mean so I didn't dare laugh at his sign. He was looking at my nipples, which were still hard, and pushing to get out of my blouse from the blowjob I gave the cab driver. He looked me up and down, and then he said, nice body you show it off real well. Turn around I want to check out your ass.

I just stared at him, not moving at all. He reached out and grabbed my nipples with his large hands and squeezed them hard and said, you're supposed to follow my directions, remember you Boyfriends note. When he released my now hurting nipples I followed his direction and slowly turned around showing him my ass. Your dress is wet what you been doing? He asked.

Nothing I just tipped the cab driver that all. I replied

Come around the desk I need to check you out some more. Willingly I complied with his order, He had a deep voice that was very commanding. I went around the desk and stood in front of him. His next command was for me to lift up my skirt and spread my legs. I pulled up my skirt and opening my legs showing him my bare wet pussy. He reached over and shoved a thick finger in my pussy. I was so wet it slid in with no effort at all. Feels like you fucked the cab driver! He said as he pressed a second finger inside me filling my pussy up completely. I told him I didn't fuck the driver only gave him a blowjob.

He pulled his fingers out and snuffed them, smells like your telling the truth, he licked them, you taste good, you listen good, you'll do OK here as long as you keep doing as your told. I'm Todd and in case you didn't know this is a whorehouse and you're about to become one of my whores. My ladies get to keep their tips plus a percent of what I charge the customers for using them. Your Boyfriend said you liked sex so much you give it away, so I'll keep your percent you can still kept your tips.

He again reached out and grabbed my nipples; squeezing them even harder then the first time, before he released my nipples he twisted them hard sending a hot jolt through my body, I almost came on the spot.

I have some simple rules for my girls, Treat every customer as if he's the best, do what ever they ask with a smile, and make sure they enjoy themselves. You have room number eight, second floor at the end of the hall. Your boyfriend will pick you up first thing in the morning.

The room wasn't as bad as I expected, it was clean, well lit with two lamps and lots of mirrors. Mirrors on the walls and ceiling, it didn't matter were I was I could see myself in at least three mirrors. There were no windows and no wall switch to turn off the lights. For furniture it had a chair, a small nightstand, a dresser and a big bed. There was a small bathroom with a shower and a large variety of douches, soap, towels and mouthwash. The bathroom had a door the room didn't.

I sat on the bed waiting for Todd, I desperately wanted to be fucked; my pussy was wet and hot. Between the cab drivers blowjob and Todd's fingers I was burning up and ready to get laid.

Todd walked into my room, give me your wrap, blouse and skirt you won't need them anymore tonight. Also give me all your jewelry I'll keep it locked in the safe downstairs for you. Once done all I could do was stand there in my garter belt black nylons and my black high heels. You look real good, now sit on the bed facing the doorway and keep your legs open you don't want to spoil the view.

I did as he said, sitting on the bed I spread my legs and saw a large bulge appear in his pants. I hadn't realized how big he was. He filled the whole doorway. His 6'4 frame made me at 5'8 feel very small. He also looked very black in this lighting. I was staring at his crouch, as I licked my lips and ask aren't you going to sample the merchandise?

He laughed and came over to the bed he ran his hand up my leg, when he reached my pussy it was wet and ready to go. His finger slide inside me with no trouble, then a second finger joined the first. He slowly fingered me bring me up to a point were I was ready to explode then he stopped. Withdrawn his finger making me feel very empty, He said, that tight little pussy of yours isn't ready for me yet. You couldn't take all of me, I'll wait till its good and used then I'll fill you like nobody ever has.

I thought he was just bragging about his size, so I called him on it.

With that he undid his pants and pulled them down to expose his massive tool. It was the largest thickest and blackest cock I had ever seen in my life. It was incredible not only in size and thickness but the head looked like a doorknob. Hanging at its base were two huge hairless balls the size of tennis balls. I reached out to touch it and slowly begin to gently stroke it. To my disbelief it started to raise and thicken I realized it would actually be bigger once it got hard. My rubbing caused it to spring to life as it lifted like a massive missile at attention. It was nearly twelve inches long and as thick as my wrist; the doorknob head was deep purple and looked deadly. Standing at attention it begged to be used, but Todd pulled up his pants saying you're not ready, yet.

Once I start I go till he goes soft, that can be a long time, you're here to please the customers not me. Besides once I use you it will take you sometime to get back to normal size. That would be bad for business. Speaking of business, you should get busy pretty soon.

I sent old Jess off to tell all his friends about you. There are a lot of guys at the local bar that want a white slut, and old Jess knows them all. One thing they what more then just a white slut is a white slut that loves black cock, know what I mean?

Todd looked at my box and told me I had a nice pussy but most guys wanted a nice tight pussy. They want a tight virgin pussy the tighter the better. Do you want to please them? He asked. Yes I want each one to think they are screwing a virgin, I replied. There is some special powder that will help you keep a tight pussy. I'll go get it and with that remark he left the room. Todd returned holding a wine bottle filled with white powder. You put this in your pussy and it will stay dry and tight, He told me.

Will you put it in for me I asked?

He had me spread my legs then he put two fingers into my pussy to open it. He pushed the whole neck of the bottle into me then tilted it up and hit the bottom like you would a ketchup bottle. Pulling it out till only the tip was still in he hit it again. Removing the bottle I could see that about a fourth of the powder was gone from the bottle. There that will keep you nice and dry and tight for about 10 to 12 guys, He said then he left the room.

My pussy has always been wet and ready but now it felt dry. I reached down and felt my pussy it was dry and when I pushed a finger in it felt very tight. I don't know what the powder was but I felt the need to be fucked even more now then before. My pussy was burning up with need.

I heard a noise and looked up to see a large man at the doorway. He was staring at my pussy. I asked him if he saw anything he liked.

With lust in his eyes he replied Yea, I want to fill that wet hole of yours with my big black cock. He dropped his pants and got on the bed, positioning over me he rammed his dick deep in me in one quick move. I could tell he was smaller then my Boyfriend but I wasn't wet enough for him to slide in with no trouble and felt some pain my tight pussy was being filled.

He pushed down harder to ensure he was at his max depth before starting to really fuck me. His style was to pull nearly out then ram as hard as he could back in me. His balls banged into me with each fast thrust. He fucked me with no hesitation driving in deep each time as far and as hard as he could, I gasped with pleasure it felt great finally getting fucked.

He rode me like a pro and lasted longer then I expected but soon I could feel pressure building up as he increased his speed. Then with one mighty thrust he came with tremendous force filling me with his hot sticky cum. I wanted to explode with an orgasm but couldn't. When he got up to put his pants on he turned to me with a big smirk and said "Your hot I've not had better in a long time" He gave me a tip and walked out of the room.

I had my eyes closed when I heard someone walk in the room.
Looking up I saw my next customer I opened my legs even more then they were and said I'm here to give you pleasure please fill this pussy with your big hard tool. Pump your hot cum deep into this little white pussy.

He looked at me with a big smile and said sure I'll fill that pussy of yours. He dropped his shorts to show me his rock hard dick standing at attention. It was nice looking and a good size. A thrill ran through me as I saw his cock, Oh it's so big and my pussy is so small and tight Please be gentle with me, I moaned and opened my legs hoping his guy would give me my badly needed orgasm.

He didn't waste any time getting on me, he pushed the head passed my open lips, I was so dry that it hurt as he forced his way deep inside me. I moaned out "oh it's so big and so hard" Please fuck me with that big tool make me take it all, bury it deep inside me, fill my womb with your hot cum.

He did, as he slammed in and out of my dry pussy, harder each time. The powder was keeping me dry and tight. Each time he slammed in I felt a short burst of pain. I felt like a true virgin being fucked for the first time. After a long time he stopped and said he wanted to watch his dick slide into my nice white pussy. Get on top and ride it while I watch, he ordered.

I sat over him and guided him to my open pussy. My pussy lips stayed open but for the first time in a long time it wasn't wet from being fucked. Once the head had found my open lips I released it so he could watch as I lowered myself down on to him. He pushed up as I came down sending him as deep in me as possible. Now ride it make it go as deep as you can he told me. I started moving up and down slowly being sure I hit bottom each time. I asked him if this was how he wanted me to do it. No I want you to do it hard and fast make me come deep inside. I picked up my tempo moving faster each time till the bed was bouncing for all it was worth. Each time I came down he push up forcing his cock in as deep as possible. I could feel a climax building but for some reason it just never reached a peak. I felt him stiffen and slammed down even harder as he began to fill my womb with his hot cum. I used my pussy muscles to milk his dick as he sprayed inside me. I wanted him to keep going so I could reach my climax but that didn't happen. He was done and lifted me off him not a drop of his cum came out of my pussy as he slid out. The look on his face told me he had had a great time using me. On his way out he gave me a wad of money for my tip.

My next customer was in the hall waiting and walked in as soon as I was alone. He dropped his pants to show to a half erect penis. Let me suck on that fine looking cock of yours, I can make it hard for you, I told him.

My request to suck him brought a big smile to his face as he told me sure, go ahead and suck it. I smiled back at him and said when it gets hard will you Please fuck me I want it deep in my pussy. He nodded and I went down on him. I loved the taste of pre-cum and sucked him in deep. I played with his balls as I suck hard on his cock. He started to harden and expand every quickly. He almost came right there in my mouth but I squeezed the head of his tool to stop him, it worked with my Boyfriend and also worked with him, he stayed hard and didn't shoot his load. Looking up over his stomach I asked if he wanted to fuck me now.

He was ready and I got on the bed with my legs wide open for him.
He pushed a finger into my pussy as far as he could. Nice and tight, it's going to be fun fucking you he said. I wanted him inside me so bad, my body and mind still needed to complete that orgasm that the last guy started but didn't complete. Take me take me now, I cried

With out another word he got on top and rammed his cock into my pussy.
Pain shot from my pussy and came out my mouth as a loud scream. I had expected some pain but was surprised at my reaction. As soon as he went in my orgasm sprung back and began to build up again.

The sensation of his hard cock deep inside me was very pleasurable as he started to pump in and out of me. Small waves of pain followed each stroke. He reached up and grabbed my nipples, pulling them hard each time he rammed forward. He speeded up his movements pounding my pussy harder each time while twisting and yanking on my nipples. This sent lighting bolts of pain through my body. He lasted a long time before he shot his hot load into me. The pain he inflected on my nipples and pussy had made me want to cum so badly but it didn't happen. He shot off three times before he finished filling me. When he pulled out I was wasted but craved for more, I needed to climax. He rolled off me and I smiled up at him and asked if he enjoyed it.

The look on his face and the money he gave me told me he had had a great time using me.

I decided the powder was not only keeping me tight but also keeping me from climaxing. Todd had said it would work for 10 to 12 guy so I needed more men before I could finally reach my climax.

Two men were at the doorway both big men both ready to use me from the looks of the big bulges in their pants. With no door for the room I realized everyone in the hall could watch me perform, as I guess these two just had.

Hope your ass is as nice as that pussy one of them said as they walked in. I like a nice tight ass, but my friend likes a nice pussy. We want you at the same time OK?

"Yes, I'd love to have your cock up my ass and your friends in my pussy, I want you to fill me with your hard cocks" I replied.

This was incredible this place had brought me to a level of excitement and lust that I could only have imagined. I would actually beg these two to fuck me, I wanted that elusive climax I wanted them to fuck me.

They pulled their dicks out and when I told them how big and nice their cocks looked I wasn't joking. Both of them had big dicks, big, hard, fat dicks.

As bad as I wanted them my pussy wasn't wet and ready, but my mind was. These guys were pretty big one hopped on the bed with his large cock sticking straight up like a flagpole, Hop on he said. I did as he said and got on top of him, sitting over his raised pole, he put two finger from each hands inside my pussy and pulled it open wide. I slowly lower myself on to the head of his cock; once the head was inside my lips he removed his fingers. Slid down all the way I want it buried till it can't go no more, he told me. Slowly I let it enter me as his friend got behind me. His friend in one quick move pushed me down with all his might. The large cock shot into me as deep as it could go, I let out a cry, from the pain and the shock of being so quickly impaled by his tool. Both men laughed thinking it was fun to cause me cry out. God you're so big you filled me more then anyone else ever has I told him. This was not true but he sure liked it. The one behind me pushed my head down so he could get to my ass and use it while his friend was inside my pussy. Both at once would fill me of that I was sure. I felt the big head pressing against my anus and knew he wouldn't be gentle with me. He forced the big head inside me then as my ass accepted the head he rammed it in to the hilt. I cried out again from pain, you're both so big it feels like giants are fucking me I cried. They enjoyed thinking that they were really big and giving me more pain then I ever had before, so I played along. The one behind me held my hips and controlled my speed and the force that sent each one deep inside at the same time. Each time he slammed me down both cocks shot deep inside me. I would cry or moan out loud giving them the fun of thinking how bad it hurt me. The pain wasn't as strong as the pleasure this was giving me. I enjoyed having both my ass and pussy filled at the same time, all that was missing was having a nice hard cock in my mouth. Maybe they had one more friend that would come back with them.

The feelings were so intense I wanted more but I begged and pleaded for them to stop hoping they wouldn't. They laughed and said they were going to fill me with buckets of cum.

They lasted for about ten minutes before I felt them getting ready to finish. Longer then I thought they would but shorter then I needed them to, that damm climax still wouldn't come. The pounding my pussy and ass was taking was sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. But my climax was just staying out of reach; I never wanted to climax so bad but just couldn't get there.

The guy pounding my pussy was the first to let lose "I'm Cumming", he yelled. "I'm going to fill your fucking pussy with cum". With help from his friend he rammed his cock deep into me and erupted with spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum. He kept his word as he filled my pussy with loads of hot sperm until his balls were totally empty. Just as he ended his friend's cock exploded in my ass with a solid load of cum deep inside me. I milked the cock in my pussy till I had the last of his hot cream inside me.

The one in my ass pulled out and I rolled over on to my back, seeing myself in the ceil mirror, I looked, wasted, but still sexy and very eager to be fucked some more. Both men began to get dressed I moaned and told them how great they were. You two filled me with so much cum I can even taste it I told them. This got me a big tip as they left with smiles a mile wide.

Lying there I could feel cum leaking out of my ass, but none from my pussy. I got up to get cleaned up after they left and cum poured out my ass but still not a drop came out of my pussy. I wanted a quick shower and to use a douches before my next customer. I was stopped before I reached the bathroom, as a man walked into the room.

I went back to the bed laid down with my legs wide apart and began to beg him to come and take me, Fuck me, I'm yours. My pussy was aching for another hard cock in it, The more my climax was holding off the more I wanted to be fucked.

Slowly he walked over to me, looked down on me and removed his pants. His cock was standing up hard and proud. It was big, well bigger then the old man that was here earlier. Smaller then either of the two rough necks I had last. It was a good size, and pretty thick, and like the others hard as a rock.

He didn't waste a lot of time, climbing on me his cock found my pussy with ease. He pushed the head in slowly, inch-by-inch he pushed his pole into me, bringing cries of "yes, yes" with each inch. Once he was in he paused. I looked up in the mirror and saw he black butt raise as he pulled out, he gave me a moment then pushed back in. I cried out how good he felt inside me Please fuck me, fuck me, I want you. He used my body, pulling out slowly then gliding back inside me, he kept up a slow even rhythm. Using this slow method he lasted a very long time and certainly he got more pleasure then I did. I enjoyed it when someone was ramming me hard not this easy in and out stuff. It didn't feel bad but it didn't help me reach that peak I wanted. He started to stiffen but didn't change his pace even now. "I'm ready to cum", he said. "I'm going to pull out and fill your mouth with my cum". He did as he said and pulled out before he came I opened my mouth and let him squirt his cream into my mouth. Like his fucking he came slowly and not very much.
I thanked him as he gave my a small tip.

Todd came in and told me I was doing very good. All the men liked me, if I wanted a job I could work weekends here for him.

Thanks I said, would I get to climax before the night is over I asked.

Sure and when you do it's going to be the best you ever had, and it will be with me. I'm going to be your last customer.

It seamed like he hadn't gotten out the doorway before a tall man walked in, he was so tall he had to bend over to get in the doorway. He was tall but also very thin. Basketball player I guessed. He had a small lump in his pants as I asked him to use me. He told me to get up turn around and put my hands on the bed. As soon as I was in that position he was behind me, rubbing her cock in the folds of my pussy. I was so hot I wanted him inside me; I clamped down on his pencil thin dick and let him pump me for all he was worth. I moaned as if it felt wonderful and he pumped faster. I did feel his hot sperm shot in me but the whole thing was over to quick.

Sounded like you liked it he said, it was wonderful, I told him.
He gave me a tip before leaving. Passing my next customer in the hall.

My next two customers simply walked in fucked me as I lay in bed and left. Both had been just a quick Wham Bam thank you deals. Each had added they're cum to what was still inside me, not a drop had leaked out. They left with a smile and both left a tip.

Looking up from the bed I saw three young men walk in the room. Can I service you fine young men I asked.

Sure baby its time for you to ride my bone. Said the oldest of the three. He pulled his hard cock out and was stroking it as he walked over to me. Oh yes sir what ever you want I'm happy to give you.

I laid down for him but he said, not like that, you get to ride it like I said. Get up your on top for now. I got up he dropped his pants and laid on the bed, waiting for me to get on him. As I forced my pussy down on his hard tool I felt a rubbing dick against my ass. He didn't waste any time, thrusting into me. The third guy stuck his in my face and told me to suck it. I looked up at him then the cock, which was uncircumcised, and I opened my mouth for him. Between the dick in my cunt the one in my ass and the one in my mouth I did feel full. I was rocking back and forth moving one cock in and out of my pussy while the other one was smoothly moving in and out of my ass. I was sucking the youngest and we reached a rhythm all of us were enjoying.

Being young guys they do tend to cum quickly but they do have large loads to delivery when they cum. I drank down the hot load that filled my mouth. I could tell his friends had gotten close to unloading into me. Both had gotten harder and exploded together filling my womb and ass with more hot sperm. I hadn't reached that climax and really wanted one more and more each time I was fucked.

I asked them if I could suck them some more and told them if I could get them hard again we could do it all over again. All three thought that was a great idea. Taking them in turn I sucked each one for a few minutes then swapped, while I suck one I gave the other two hand jobs to get them up. Youth is wonderful all three got hard again in a short time. We got in the same positions and started all over again. This time the two using pussy and ass came before the one I was sucking. I asked him if he wanted to finish off by using my pussy I wanted that damm climax. He beamed with joy and had me hop on him. He lasted a good three minutes before he was adding his sperm to the stuff still in my pussy.

Now their dick's hung limp and dead. I thanked them for filling me with their nice hot juices as they turned to leave again money went into the tip box.

After the kids left I could feel all the hot sperm in my womb. I rubbed my tummy and it felt full of nice hot juice.

A big black man walked in my pussy was getting hot and both my nipples got hard. He laughed as he walked over to me, he grabbed both my nipples twisted super hard and forced me on my back. He released them when his hard pole pushed into me, it was big and it hurt as he forced it in till his balls slapped my butt.

Ramming me with a hard fast motion he fucked me for about twenty minutes before I felt his rod stiffen some more. Just before he was ready to shot his load he grabbed my nipples in a vise tight grip twisting and pulling them harder then before. The more he twisted and pulled the more I bucked. This forced him as deep inside as he could possible get before he came. My body wanted even more, I felt pain, pleasure and the heat of a great climax building in me. When he came he emptied buckets of sperm into me, my nipples stayed hard as rocks when he released them.

When he pulled out he told me I was ready for Todd.

Todd was standing there his cock looked bigger then it did before, Oh how badly I wanted it. I opened my legs as wide as possibly as he walked over to the bed.

Please, Please, make me climax I cried.

Then I heard Mike call me.

Wake up sweetie, its time to wake up now he was saying.

I opened my eyes and saw Mike and another man standing over me. I looked around. I was on my bed in my own bedroom still in my work clothes. I was also sitting in a pool of my own cum. I looked at Mike and asked what was going on.

Here's what he told me.

He wanted me to enjoy my birthday by giving me my darkest fantasy but didn't know what it was. He had put a drug in my drink and he and Al were hiding in the den when I got home. Once I passed out Al hypnotized me. Then all that Al did was make me believe that I was really living out my very own fantasy. They didn't make any suggestions on what was coming or what I should be doing they let my mind run the whole show.

Looking at them I asked, you mean there wasn't any movie, cab ride, hotel or Todd? I didn't work as a whore?

No you've been right here on the bed all this time, it was only in your mind. Al promised it would feel real and you would remember all of it when you woke up, hope you liked your birthday present.

I told Mike he and Al had given me a great present. I pulled my skirt up and opened my legs wide, now lets all enjoy it I said.

I spent the next half hour letting Al and Mike fill me any way they wanted and both of them made me climax twice each. It was a great birthday.

As Al was leaving I asked for his card just in case I ever wanted to be hypnotized again. He was more then happy to give it to me.
After he was gone Mike said we had the whole weekend to celebrate my birthday what would I like to do?

Do you think they have a whorehouse over on the Southside of town I asked him?

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