My Daughter Lauren

My Daughter Lauren

“ Lauren its time for dinner come downstairs”
I said this after cooking a dinner for my wife who is actually my daughter but that was before our relationship started and became the greatest thing to ever happen to my life
How It All Began:

“ Now Lauren, please don’t cry, she was my wife and your mother and will always be missed, and we both know she wouldn’t want us to be crying, she would want us to be doing something special since its now just me and you”
I then took my dick out and she began to suck it without me even asking

“ARE YOU JERKING OFF” I heard my wife Linda say as I was jerking off to my daughter Lauren, imagining that Linda was out of the picture and I could get my hands on my daughter Lauren. Linda usually gets back from work at 3, and I am an accountant that works out of my house and I start work at 5 in the morning and end at 2 in the afternoon. This always leaves me an hour to fantasize about my daughter and me having an actual great relationship, unlike the one I have with my bitch of a wife Linda.
Anyways it was 230 and I knew it was safe to jerk off in our bed for a good 15 minutes because I knew I had time before my wife came home. NOT TODAY. She started yelling at me saying “Just because I don’t want to fuck your sorry ass anymore, doesn’t mean you have to masturbate, your just lucky Lauren wasn’t the one walking in on her excuse of a father. She then stormed out of the house and left to go to her best friend Marla’s house to complain like the immature bitch she is.

Me and my wife Linda were married when we were both 27. I saw her at the bar of the MGM GRAND LAS VEGAS’s casino bar a year before we tied the knot and I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of meeting such a voluptuous women. Linda was and still is 5’6, long blonde hair, blue eyes and had the most beautiful looking legs ive ever seen. I was at the other end of the bar when I saw her smoking a cigarette and sipping on a cosmo in her Red shimmery dress. I was staring at her for a good minute when she looked over at me and smiled. She then turned to the side of her chair and opened her legs wide for me.

I then saw this beautiful pink clit with shaved blonde pubes around and above her pussy lips. She then closed them back up so no one else could sneak a peak of her pink gorgeous pussy. She then gave me a hand motion for me to come over to her. She was three empty seats down from me so I moved down and sat next to her. She said wants your name. I said “ Dave” she then said “pleasure to meet you im Linda, so did you like what you saw.” I modestly answered “ I loved what I saw, and I would like to see even more of that gorgeous body as I placed my hand on her thigh. She then said “ lets go up to my room” I followed her with a huge erection in my pants. We then took the elevator up to the 15th floor. We went to her room and when we got there we decided to take shots of the tequila she had in her room. We just kept taking shots until I was passed out.

I woke up the next morning completely naked. My 6’2, 150 pound, brown hair covered body out in the open with my long 8 inch cock out in the open as well. I then looked around and wondered “ WHERE THE FUCK AM I” not remembering the past night at all. I then said “ Hello” and then I heard a female voice say “Well hello there my brand new hubby.” I then saw this blonde women naked in front of the bed I was in. I looked at her beautiful legs, flat stomach and pretty face and I said “ who are you”?. And I think you can figure out the rest

It was 315 and that means 15 minutes until Lauren comes home from school. Lauren is my 14 year old daughter. She has the cutest face in the world. Shes got the looks like her mom, but not the attitude. She also doesn’t have blonde hair. She has light brunette hair and has no relationship with Linda. She barely talks to her because Linda is always out with her friends and I have always been the one staying home with her since she was a very little girl. Now she is 14 and has 24c breasts formed from the puberty I have been dying to see since she turned 12. Her ass is so cute, and she always wears spandex pants and shorts to show off her cute little ass. Lauren is also about 5’4 and weighs about 100 pounds id say.
Anyways every day during my pleasure hour after work I jerk off and always take one of Laurens panties from her underwear drawer and cum in them, and today im leaving them on her bed because after 2 years of falling for my little daughter and she is now old enough I consider to fuck I finally want to make the move.
I first started having sexual feelings for my daughter when she was 12 years old. One night when Linda was out till about 3 in the morning with her bitch friends, I said to myself at midnight, let me go see how my daughter is sleeping. I walked down the hallway of the third floor of my house and made my way down to Laurens door. I opened the door and saw her naked on the bed, asleep. I didn’t wake her when I crept in her room and stood over her while she slept. I looked at her young 12 year old body. Those bronze tan legs, those small little tits and that bare pussy oh my god my dick got so hard. And at that moment I realized I want to have a relationship with my daughter and swore that I would do it on her 14th birthday.

I looked through Laurens room window as I saw her coming off the bus and into the house. I was sitting on her bed with the soaked panties in my hand, just waiting for her to come up the stairs. As I heard Lauren coming up the steps I became fearful and dashed into the closet of her room. I then looked through the blinds of the closet and saw that I left the cum soaked panties on her bed. I then saw her room door fly open. She then put her backpack down and went to her computer, still not realizing I had my juicy cum on her blue cotton panties sitting on her bed. I then saw her take her short sleeve juicy tee shirt off while sitting on the computer chair still. She then threw off her black bra to the ground. Then She stood up from the computer chair and removed her sexy tight black spandex pants. Then I saw my beautiful daughter in nothing but a black thong leaving her room.

At this point I could have left the closet, but I stayed in anticipation to see what she was going to do. I then saw my daughter come back with a picture frame and a pair of MY BOXERS! I then looked as hard as I could to see who was in the picture frame. AND IT WAS ME! It was a picture of me wearing my bathing suit hugging Lauren who was in a yellow two piece bikini. This was a picture taken from our family trip to Aruba. I then saw her place the picture on her desk. She then stood up from the chair and removed her black clinging thong. I then saw her sit back down and take her hand and move it to her pussy. From my view it looked as if she had 2 fingers in her gorgeous pussy lips. She began fingering herself slowly moaning “Oh daddy fuck me…I want your dick inside me.” I was in ecstasy, she was fantasizing about me.

It was now perfect time for me to break out of the closet.
I opened the closet doors as Lauren turned around in shock and I then said “ Daddy’s here my little baby.” Lauren then said “ Oh daddy I hope you don’t think im a creep, its just I have always dreamt about being with you sexually. I don’t go out with any of the school boys because ive always wanted to make love to no one else but you.” Oh Lauren baby, my little cute daughter, I haven’t fucked your mother or had a good relationship with her in ages, I have been jerking off to me and you making love for months.” After I said that she stood up from her chair and came to me. I then lifted her up to my face, with my two hands grasping her beautiful ass cheeks. I then stuck my tongue inside her mouth and began passionately kissing my daughter. She kept sucking on my tongue and feeling around my mouth, as if she wanted to save her best kiss ever for me. I then still carrying her by her ass cheeks brought her to her bed and layed her down. She then got up for a second because she felt something wet under her back.
She then layed back down with my cum soaked in her blue panties. She then said “ oh daddy I knew my soaked panties wasn’t any accident, it has always been you.” I then stood up as she was laying down and undressed. I then stood naked looking down at my precious daughter. I went to the end of the bed and started to crawl up with my hands on her knees as I began sucking on her right thumb toe. She then said daddy don’t suck on me just yet, I want to suck you first. She then told me to sit on the side of the bed. She knelt down on the ground and placed my 8 inch throbbing cock in her soft hand. She began moving her hand up and down on my cock saying oh daddy, you have such a huge juicy cock, I want it all in me. I then took my hands, put them on the top of her brunette covered head and pushed her mouth onto my cock. She first took 3 inches in and was sucking nicely on my cock. She then took her mouth off and said daddy let me do this on my own you can take your hands off of my head. I agreed as she spit on my cock and started
some very wet cock sucking. She sucked a good 4 inches for about a minute straight.

She then said “ daddy im going for it all” at least that is what I understood from what she was saying when my cock was 4 inches into her mouth. She then arched her head back and moved her mouth almost all the way down on my cock gagging herself with my juicy 6 out of 8 inches in her mouth. She then took her mouth off, spit all over my cock and sucked long and hard for another 2 minutes. I then knew that my cum was on its way so I said “baby girl I’m gonna cum. She then said “daddy Im gonna drink it all in. I then put 5 inches in her mouth and shot my sweet white cum in her mouth. When I took my cock out she was basically gagging and spitting out some of my cum. I really gave her it all. She then said “daddy I want you to eat out my pussy you sexy mother fucker” I then said “ Oh you dirty girl, im about to make you scream. I then layed her down on the bed, got between her legs, clutching on to those cute ass cheeks of hers and began to lick her cute pink pussy lips. I did laps around her gorgeous clit for a good minute. She began to moan hard. I then got my tongue deep inside her lips and did laps with my tongue inside of her very fast. She was screaming so loud. Yelling out “ oh my god daddy, oh fuck im gonna cum oh god you sexy mother fucker. She then spurt out her juices into my mouth. I drank them all up. I had made my little Lauren cum after just 5 minutes of eating out her delicious pussy. She then sat me up and licked up my face which was covered in her 14 year old delicious juices. She then stuck her tongue back in my mouth and kissed me passionately until we both heard the front door close. Linda was home

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