My Ex Boyfriend

My Ex Boyfriend

It was Friday night, and I was alone in my hotel room. I was trying to pick out the perfect outfit, as i was going over to my friend Chris' house. We had dated for a little while, but we lived far away, so we ended it. Chris had another girlfriend, so i was planning on trying to steal him back. I slipped off my house coat, and stood nude in the hotel. I slipped on a black thong, that had cherries on it. I then put on the match 36B bra. I slowly slid a short red and green skirt on (it was almost Christmas). I found a tight black tanktop, and put it on. I left my hair down, but teased it a bit. For my makeup, I just put on some eyeliner, mascara, sparkley eyeshadow, and cherry lipgloss. I grabbed my purse, and slipped on my ballet flatts. I was already 10 minutes late, so I ran to Chris' house. It didnt help that I had never been to Texas before, so I got lost a bit.

When I found his house, I knocked on the door. A few moments later, Anthony, Chris' younger brother answered the door.
"What do you want?!" He said in his snotty 14 year old voice.
"Wheres Chris?" I replied.
"With his girlfriend, why?"..
"Oh… we're supposed to hangout tonight." I was confused.. Chris hadn't mentioned his girlfriend coming over, too.

Anthony let me in, and led me to the living room, where I saw Chris and Olivia, his girlfriend making out. I could feel the tears filling up my eyes. I quickly looked away, trying not to cry.

"CHRIS! Charlene's here" Anthony yelled from the kitchen. Chris broke off the kiss, and looked up at me.
"Hey, Chris.. why'd you stop?" Olivia said. I noticed Chris' hand up her leg.
"I… I didnt think you were coming" Chris said to me.
"Well, you didnt give me any directions.. so I got lost." I replied.
"Oh, I invited Olivia to come over.. I didnt know you got lost. I thought you just forgot" Chris told me.
"I'll.. uh, just leave then. Sorry." I turned my head and i could feel the tears running down my cheeks. I felt Chris' arms on my shoulder. I pulled away, not wanting him to see me cry.
"Whats her problem?!" Olivia said, in a rude tone.
"Im in love with your boyfriend, that's my problem.." Olivia just laughed at what I said.
"Well, you better leave, he doesn't love you. He loves me. Sorry. Hahaha" She began to laugh again.
Chris had put his arms an my shoulders again, and whispered to me, "Im sorry, please don't cry baby".
"Dont fucking call me 'baby' " I yelled at Chris, and I pulled away.
"Your not his baby, I am. Sorry chicky" She rolled her eyes and laughed once more.
I went to move to hit her, when Chris grabbed me. "Charlene, I love you.".
"WHAT!?" Olivia screamed. She ran up the Chris and slapped him across the face.
He just stood there, and finally said "Olivia, look. Your were just someone for me to hang with until Charlene could come to Texas. I love her."

I began to cry again. Olivia put on her shoes, and ran out of Chris' house. Chris sat me down on the couch, and apologized to me. I felt his hand on the side of my face. He tilted my head to the side. He moved his other hand around my waist. I could feel my body tremble. I had waited over a year to feel his lips on mine. He began to lean in towards me. His tender lips pressed up against mine. Chris began to kiss me, and i reluctantly kissed him back. The kiss was broken when Anthony came in and pulled us away from each other. We both looked up at him, kinda mad. "Get a room, GOD!" Anthony had liked me for sometime now, so I could tell he was mad that Chris and I were… getting along. Chris grabbed my hand, and led me up to his bedroom. We sat down on his bed, and Chris began to kiss me again. He had one arm around my waist, and the other was on my leg. I had one hand behind his head, brushing my fingers threw his soft dark brown hair. My other arm was running up and down his back. I pressed my tongue up against his lips. Chris opened his lips, letting my tongue slide into his mouth. Our tongues moved around together, swapping spit. Chris pulled away, and looked me in the eyes. "Mmm, cherry lip gloss. Yummy!" I giggled, and started to kiss him again. This time, he put his tongue into my mouth. He slid his hand up and down my thigh. His hand slipping under my skirt. He continued to caress my thigh while we kissed. His cool hand moved in between my thighs. He rubbed my pussy through the silky material of my thong. Chris could feel my wetness seeping through my thong. I moaned softly into his mouth. I leaned forward, pushing Chris down backwards onto his bed. I spread my legs over top of him. I continued to moan. Chris pushed my thong out of the way, and was about to push his fingers into my tight wet pussy, when his phone rang. He grabbed his phone, and realized it was him mom. He broke off the kiss, and we sat up. I was on him lap, grinding him.

"Hi, mom, whats up?"
"Hey, dear. What are you doing?"
"Sitting with my girl- uh, my friend"
"Was that your friend, or girlfriend?"
"She's just a friend mom. Olivia dumped me"
"I thought you didnt like her anyways?"
"I don't, the friend whose here, id like her to be my girlfriend. I love her"
"Oh, does she like you?"
"Yeah, she does…. We dated for a few weeks, but we didnt want a long distance relashionship"
"I see, if shes there, why don't you ask her out?"
"I might.."
"Okay, well.. is Anthony home?"
"He's going to Jake's house.. like now."
"Haha, okay.. Now, i dont want you and this girl having sex, okay sweety?"
"Aww, why not, mom?"
"I.. well, uhh"
"Exactly, so why cant we?"
"Okay, fine…. make sure you use a condom."
"Hahaha, okay mom"
"Ill talk to you later"
*hangs up"

I looked Chris in the eye, and asked "You don't really want to have sex, do you?"
"I just wanna make you happy, and if that's having sex, than yes. I wanna do everything and anything you wanna do. Okay, sweety?" Chris replied.
"Okay, (:"
"I was thinking though, I could take you out to dinner tonight, and maybe we could watch a movie after..?" Chris offered.
"Ooh, Id like that" I reluctantly accepted his offer, and smiled.
"Baby, you wanna go now, then?" Still smiling, I replied "Id love you" I went into the bathroom to freshen up, and Chris called someone. Chris and I went down stairs to the living room.
"What are we waiting for?" I asked him.
"You'll see" Chris winked at me.

We heard a knock at the door. When he opened the door, I saw a limo driver. A white stretch limo sat outside the house. Chris saw how shocked I was. He just smiled and grabbed my hand. The driver opened the back door for us, and we got in.

"Wow. Chris, this is amazing!" I looked around the limo, checking out all the features.
"I thought you'd like it baby." Chris kissed me on the cheek, making me blush slightly.

The limo came to an abrupt halt. There had been a five car crash. I looked out the window, and saw a body lying on the ground. I jumped back, realizing that it was dead. Chris wrapped his arms around me. He could feel me shaking.

"Its okay, Baby". He kept his arms around me, trying to calm me down.
The limo began to drive away. We stopped in front of the fanciest, most expensive restraunt in town. I looked over at Chris and said,

"Are we at the right place?"
He reply was, "Of course we are hun, where did you think we were going?"

We stepped out of the limo, and went inside the restaurant. We took our seat, and ordered our food. The waiter came back with our drinks, a bottle of champagne & two glasses. 15 minutes later, our food came. When the bill came, I reached for my wallet.

"What do you think your doing?!" Chris asked me.
"Getting money to pay, duh!" I replied.
"Uh, im not letting you pay for jack all!" Chris grabbed his wallet.
"Bu-Bu-But?" Chris put a finger to my lip.
"Sssh, i got it, babe."

With that, I let Chris pay. As we walked outside, I saw the limo waiting for us. When we arrived at the movies, we decided we'd watch a romantic movie. Again, Chris payed for the movie, so I told him I was buying the snacks and drinks. We got and iced tea to share, and popcorn. We walked into the theatre, hand in hand. We chose the perfect seat, and I sat on Chris' lap. He kept his arms wrapped around my tiny fifteen year old body. For only fifteen (turning 16) I was very small, I only weighted 103lbs, and I was only 5'3. Chris was 6ft tall, and weighted 138lbs, so he was considerably bigger than me (height, and weight wise). We were both extremely skinny, though. I could feel Chris running his fingers through my long dark brown hair, while he kept his other arm wrapped around my waist. I layed back, and placed my head on Chris' shoulder. I could feel him looking at me, so i looked up at him. He smiled at me. "Your such a cutie" I giggled, and began to watch the movie again. When the movie finished, we walked out of the theatre, and again, the limo was waiting for us outside. It was 10pm by time we got back to his house. I sat on the couch, while Chris got us some wine. He sat down beside me, and handed me my glass.

"Its been a long day for you, sweetie. Why don't you have a bath?"
"Uh.. because im here to be with you. Not to take a bath" I giggled.
"Well, I can watch you.. and wash you" Chris winked, and then laughed.
"Pssh, you lil perv!" I started to giggle again.
"Ha, that's right. I am a lil perv. Im also your lil boy toy"
"Oh, is that right?"
"Ya, it is. Why don't you finish your wine, and ill start your bath" He smiled.
"Hehe, okay then" I turned on the tv, and waited until Chris came back.

When he got back, he handed me a bath robe. "Here, put this on." So I went into the bathroom, and put on the bath robe. When I came out, Chris led me into the bathroom, where he had turned off the lights. There was soft, romantic music playing, and he had lit a bunch of scented candles. I slid the robe down my back, and stepped into the tub, not letting Chris see anything.

"This is perfect, Chris"
"Hehe, I thought you'd like it"
"So, were you just gonna sit there, or-" Chris cut me off.
"No, I planned to-" So I cut him off.
"Or were you gonna join me in here?" I winked playfully, and giggled.
"You.. you, really want me to?"
"Yeah, sure" I smiled, and motioned for him to come in.
"Dont look now." I turned away, and heard his shirt drop to the floor. "Hey, im.. im having trouble with the zipper, wanna help me?" He winked.
"Oh, I suppose I could help…"

I leaned over the edge of the tub, keeping my boobs out of sight. I slid his zipper down, and undid the button of his jeans. Remembering Chris didnt wear anything under his jeans, I stopped for a moment. A few short moments later, I grabbed a hold of his jeans, and began to slid his jeans down. I stopped again, mesmerized by his hard-on.

"Hehe, sorry 'bout that. Your just so… so, perfect."
"Awwe." I grabbed his cock with my right hand, and started to stroke him.
"Hey, I still need help with my pants!"

I finished pulling his pants off. He stepped in the tub, and sat down beside me. I looked over at him, and smiled. I noticed he was jacking off. Chris stopped when he saw I was watching him. I reached down, and grabbed his throbbing cock in my hand, and began sliding my hand up and down. With my other hand, and fondled his balls. A quiet moan escaped his mouth. I looked up at him, and smiled. I continued to pleasure him. & he continued to moan. I knew he was about to cum. I had never tasted it before, so I began sucking his cock, only taking in a few inches. His warm sticky cum shot into my mouth. I tried to swallow all of it, but some seeped out the corners of my mouth. Chris licked the cum off of my face. I started to laugh. "Mmm, baby, I think you deserve a back rub" Chris said to me. "Oooh, Id like that" I winked. Chris spread his legs so I could sit in between them. I could feel his cock up against me. He gave me an amazing massage. I moaned softly. Chris moved his arms around in front of me. He moved one arm up to my breasts, and began massaging them. His other arm moved down my torso, and he began rubbing my clit. I closed my eyes, and tilted my head back. I let out a moan of pleasure. He played with my clit with one finger, and pushed two other deep inside my pussy. His fingers slid in and out of me. "Mmm, oh.. Chris. Oh God." With his other hand, he started to roll my nipple around between his finger and thumb. I could feel Chris getting hard, again. My moans filled the room. I knew I was about to orgasm. My back arched, I tilted my head backwards. I screamed out in pleasure. I began to orgasm. My juices escaping my pussy, running into the water. Chris started sucking my neck, giving me a hickey. My head was on Chris' chest. That intense orgasm had tired me out. I closed my eyes, and just layed there. Chris wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight. He whispered in my ear, things like "I love you", "Your amazing", "Be mine?". I was getting super tired. I had had an orgasm 15 minutes ago, and it was now 11:20. I had usually went to bed at 11:00, out of boredom. Chris knew that, so he whispered;

"Baby, are you tired?"
"Uh, yeah.. a little" I yawned.
"Did you want me to walk you home.. or, would you rather just sleep over here tonite?"
"Hehe. Id rather just sleep here, babe"
"Okay, hun"

Chris stepped out of the bath, and dried himself off. He grabbed the bathrobe i had used, & put it on me. Once I had dried off, we went up to Chris' room. I put on a pair of his boxers, and one of his t-shirts. Chris put on boxers & a t-shirt, too. I layed down on his bed, and got under the blanket. Chris had went downstairs to lock the doors. He returned back upstairs about 8 minutes later. He turned off the lights, and got under the covers with me. Chris layed on his back, while I layed on my side. I had one arm around his neck, and the other across his torso. My head lay on his chest. I fell asleep very quickly. Chris, on the other hand, didnt fall asleep for another 45minutes. But he enjoyed watching me sleep. The next morning, at 9:45 i woke up. I saw Chris staring down at me. He smiled and said "Morning Sunshine". I just looked up at him. I smiled back at him, and giggled a little bit. I yawned.

"Still tired, baby?"
"Yeah.. I am."
"Go back to sleep then."
"But your so much more comfy than the pillows."
"Go back to sleep. I dont mind you laying on me."
"Hehe, okay(:"

I layed my head back down on him, but I couldnt get back to sleep. So, Chris and I headed downstairs. We ate a delicious breakfast of tofu, and cherrie tomatoes. After we ate, we heading to the basement to play some video games.

"Wanna play Guitar Hero?" Chris asked.
"Hell yeah!" I laughed.
"Strip Guitar Hero?" He winked.
"Hehe, sure"

Chris let me beat him on the first song. So I pulled off his shirt, and threw it on the floor. We started to play the next song. Chris beat me, so I was mad at him. He grabbed my shirt and pulled it off of me. He beat me on the third song, too. This time he slowly slid off the boxers I was wearing. I was already completely naked. Feeling exposed, I ran over to Chris and pulled down his boxers. He 8in cock jumped out at me. I wrapped my hand around his warm shaft, and began stroking him. I kept eye contact with Chris, and I licked the head of his cock. Sucking, and licking the head, I could hear quiet gasps and moans escape his lips. I sucked on his cock, catching all the precum. I knew he was about to cum, so I jacked him off. His warm, sticky cum shot all over my face. Chris knelt down beside me. I closed my eyes. His tongue moved across my face, as he licked all the cum off of my face. I began to giggle. Chris pushed me down backwards, onto the floor. His soft lips locked with mine. Our kiss became very passionate. I could feel his finger rubbing up against my clit. I snuck my tongue into his mouth. Our kiss seemed to last an hour. I didnt want our kiss to end, but my phone rang.

"Hey, Princess" It was my dad.
"Hi, daddy"
"Whatcha up to?"
"Uh.. hanging with my friend"
"Oh, well.. you gotta come back to the hotel"
"We gotta leave today!"
"You said we werent leaving for another 3 days"
"Sorry, princess. But we gotta leave!"
"Okay, daddy"

I looked over at Chris. "We're going home"
"What? Why?"
"I dunno.. he didnt tell me"
"Im gonna miss you, babe"
"I'll miss you, too"
"Well, Im coming up to see you in a few months"
"Really?! Okay!"

Chris and I both got dressed. & He walked me to my hotel. Chris went home, while I packed up my stuff. Then we left.


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