My Friend Jamespart 3

My Friend Jamespart 3

Two weeks later*

RIIIING!!!, the sound of my alarm clock woke me up. I looked at the clock to see that i was already late for school. I quickly jumped out of bed, went to the bathroom to freshen up and got dressed. I quickly ran downstairs to the kitchen.

"Why are you in a hurry, hon.? My mom asked.
"I'm already late for school!" I replied.
"Aren't you forgeting something?" my mom asked and said 'Keith, todays Brooklyn Day! Schools are closed!' 'WTF!!' i said to myself
"Oh, i'm going to James' today." I said and kissed my mom g'bye.
"Say hi to Zandra for me, thanks!" my mom shouted.
"Okay," I'll be home later" i replied instantly before closing the door.

I jogged my way down to James' house. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice calling me. I turned to see my old friend Sarah. Its been a long time since Sarah's family moved to Denmark. Sarah was my best friend when i'm in junior high. Other guys often get jealous because she was my closest friend. She was the most popular girl in school. Tall, blonde, Blue Sparkling eyes, Sexy, and her boobs are quite big. They're probably like 36c or something like that. I stood there waving my arms as she ran towards me. She jumped on me and hugged me.

"It's been a long time Keith. God, you're all grown up." Sarah started not letting go of me.
"Uh-Sarah, you can let go now." I said. She laughed and kissed my right cheeck before letting go. "Gosh Sarah, you didn't change. You're still the hottest!" I said and we both laughed. I invited her for a walk and we walked down the street over to James' house. I stopped when i got to James' driveway. "uhm, why are we stopping?" she asked. "This is my stop, oh, come with me. I''ll introduce you to my, uhm, just follow me." I said and i grabbed her in the arm and we both walked over to James' door. I pushed the doorbell and James opened the door. He hugged me and kissed me. James stopped when he noticed Sarah. Sarah's face was full of confusion. We stood there in silence for about 5 minutes. "Let's get inside before somebody sees us" I said breaking the silence. They both agreed and Sarah and I sat on the sofa while James went to the kitchen to fix us some snacks.

"Keith? What happened to you? I dont understand this. Why are you,," Sarah's words were lost as tears flowed down her cheecks. I admit it, Sarah and I are special friends. People often told us that we will make a good couple. "Sarah, I can explain. Since you left, I've been alone and foung my true identity when i met James." I said while i wiped her tears. Sarah stopped crying when James came back. I introduced them to each other and it seems like they're gonna be friends. "uhm, James can i talk to you privately?" Sarah asked. James looked at me and i said 'Sure, i'll be in the kitchen if you need me.' James and Sarah started talking as soon as i left. I can hear their serious voices. After a few minutes that seemed like an hour, I heard Sarah called my name. When i got there, Sarah said 'I only wish your and James' happiness.See ya later' she smiled at me before she left. I went over to James and put my arms around his waist. "What happened?" I asked. James' only reply was 'she is happy for us'. I smiled and fell on the sofa. James looked at me for a while and said 'We can have a party later, you know, a welcome party for Sarah. My parents are away on a trip.' I jumped to my feet and gave James a long and passionate kiss. I stopped to say 'that would be a great idea' and kissed him again. Before the sun went down, the party was all settled. I invited our old friends and James bought 15 boxes of pizza, some chips, and beer. Then, i called Sarah and she accepted the invitation. I told her that we're gonna have a dinner so that she will be surprised. When we heard the doorbell ring, i turned the lights off and James opened the door. "why is it so dark in here?" Sarah asked. That was my cue and i turned the lights on. We all said surprise and Sarah's mouth dropped open. 'Thanks guys!!' Sarah said and we started tp PARTAY!! When we were busy dancing i saw Sarah went up the stairs with a guy. I sent James the signal and he stopped the music. James said that the party was over. All of my old friends left except for two people, Sarah and Ben. I silently went upstairs. It was obvious that Sarah and Ben were doing something in the upstairs bathroom. I can hear Ben's ohhs and ahhs.

I moved closer and closer. I silently listened to the moans of pleasure. Ben's moans gave me a boner. Then, i decided to check what they're doing. When i opened the door, i saw Ben fucking Sarah's hole, doggy style. Sarah looked like a bitch fucked by a german shepherd. Sarah's big boobs bounced up and down as Ben moved in and out of her. James came over and grabbed me in the arm. Then, James whispered 'Let's not disturb them' and led me into his room. I immediately got myself naked and James followed. I layed down on the bed and James layed on top of me. James kissed me and i opened my mouthletting his tongue explore my mouth. Sarah and Ben's moans got louder. James started to go deeper. I grab our dicks and started to stroke it. Pre cum was already oozong out of our dicks and into our stomachs. James stopped kissing me and stood up. I already knew what he wanted to do, so i positioned myself. I layed on my back and raised my legs. I rested them on James' shoulders as the tip of James' hard member pressed on my hole. Then, without warning and lube, he pushed harder and dug deeper into my hole. I moaned in agony and James didn't care. He started to pound my hole really hard. The pain subsided and pleasure came. We both started moaning and gasping for air. James grab my waist and pounded deeper. I can feels his cock massaging my prostate. I arched my back and James leaned over to kiss me and trying to stop me from shouting. I felt my stomach tightened. Without warning, i shot my hot load all over James' chest. James stopped kissing me and started to fuck me faster. James moaned as he shot load after load of his manly juices into my hole. He leaned over again to kiss me. His cock started to deflate and it popped out of my hole. His cum was leaking out of my hole so i cupped it in my hands and rubbed it all over James' back. James rolled over and layed next to me.

"Did you have fun?" Sarah's voice came from nowhere and we immeadiately covered our naked body. "Don't worry, i've already seen it." Sarah teased. "How long have you been watching us and where's Ben?" James asked. "uhm, i got here when, uhm, youshot your load. Don't worry i left Ben in the bathroom. He's taking a shower." Sarah replied and left closing the door behind her. James and i got up, put our clothes back and followed Sarah. When we got downstairs, Sarah already left and she left a note: Tell Ben that I liked what he did to me..Sarah E., tnx. When Ben got out of the shower i handed him the note and he smiled. "Did you guys know what we did?" Ben asked. "oh yeah, you fucked her like a bitch." I said. James laughed and Ben blushed. Ben bade goodbye and left. I called my mom that i was sleeping over. When James heard that i was sleeping over, he winked at me and said 'round two is coming up!'………..

*****************************************The End********************************************

[/i]Cory, I can't think of anything so i made this fictional story!! Hoped you liked it,,,,,,(n_n)

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