My good friend

My good friend

This is a story of my best friend, Dalton and our pleasures.

Me and my friend Dalton have been friends since we were like 10. We had many fun times together. We would play on the playground, play video games, and other boy things. Over they years we never talked about sex. Until we both turned 15. That was the main thing we talked about on the phone. We would talk about each others dicks and jacking off.

One day my parents were out and he wanted to come over to play some games. I siad okay. I also said we can look up some porno on my computer. He sounded very excited. He said he would be over in about ten minutes. When he came over I already had my computer on and with the porn. He looked at it and gave me a a look and said he was very horny. He said I am going to the bathroom to masturbate. I said no. He looked dissapointed. I said lets have one together and watch each other. I looked down and I could see his penis was very hard.

He said okay. I had never seen him this excited. So I sat on my bed. He sat next to me. I unbutton my pants. He did the same. I pulled my boxers down and my erect 4.5 inch uncut penis whipped out. He pulled his briefs down and I got very excited. His penis was looked like mine and was the exact same size. He said we got matching dicks. I could see the pubic hair at the base of his penis. We both had pubic hair. I loved his balls also. He said he had a great idea. He then said let me jack you off and you jack me off. I loved that idea! So I quicky reached over and began to stroke his cute penis. I jacked it slow at first. Then he did the same to me. I removed my hand. HE said why did you do that? I reached over and put my tongue in his mouth. We lasted in a long sloppy wet kiss.

I broke the kiss and bent down and put his whole penis inside my mouth. I bobbed really fast. He started moaning and said fuck yes. I sucked really hard and bobbed faster soaked his dick with my saliva. I felt a jerk and he moaned really load. I felt his cock tense up and he came in my mouth. He came alot. I felt that salty, warm sperm in my mouth. I swalloed ever bit of it. I loved the taste.

I got my mouth out if dick. I went up to his chest and started to play with his nipples. I sat back up and I sid lets get butt naked. I kissed him on the lips then he whipped his pants and briefs off of his anckles. I did the same as he did. i loved his naked body. He then bent down and began to suck my dick. He sucked very hard and bobbed his head even faster than I did. I felt his warm saliva on my dick. He played with my hairy balls. I rubbed his hair. I said you are doing a real good job babe! I jerked my hips up really hard and I came a huge load into his mouth. He swalload it all and that really made me even hornier. There was still a little bit of sperm on my penis so he licked it up.

I pulled out my penis out of his wonderful mouth. I said I want you to fuck me really hard and really fast. I got on my knees and I said now fuck me babe. He lined his uncut penis up to my ass. I felt it go through my ass cheeks then he was inside my butthole. He put every single inch of it in. It hurt and I felt a sharp sting. He started tp fuck me really fast. After a while the pain went away. I said me your fucking slut. He said your my whore and I am going to fuck you straight up your ass. After a while I came all over my bed. I came alot and my cum came out like a racehorce. Then after five mintues he shot his load in my asshole. I felt the warm cum in my asshole. It was warm and I loved the feeling so much. I stood up and the cum fel out of my asshole. I kissed him. He got on his knees on my large bed. I put my tongue on his asshole. I licked it up and down. I put two of my fingers in his asshole. I got them out. I got up and put my penis in his anus. I moved back and forth as hard and as fast as I could. He said it hurt but keep going. He said oh yea fuck me hard! You are my fuck buddy now fuck me dammit! I did as he said. I smacked his left butt cheek. I was still working on him. He said he just came. I was taller than him so looked over his head and he bent down and he licked up all of his cum and said mmmmmm. That turned me on even more and made me even hornier. So I fucked him harder. After a while of fucking his sweet cute asshole I came in him. He said he loved that feeling. I went down and licked some of the cum running down his baeutiful asshole.

I went over to my table and got some tissues and handed him some and we both got cleaned up. He started to put his briefs on but I stopped him. I said let me wear your underwear and I will let you wear my underwear. So I put on his tights briefs. I handed him my boxers and he pu them on. I said we will give them back when we fuck each other again. He went over to me and put his tongue im my mouth and grabbed my dick He grabbed my hand put it on his dick. He said this is yours and that is mine. I put my pants and my shirt on. After that we played video games then he headed out.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my story. Leave comments and tell me what you think. Tell me what I could do better

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