My Life as a Slave 2

My Life as a Slave 2

My Life as a Slave 2

I stayed roped on my tiptoes by the cock ring for about an hour I think. I couldn’t do much to turn from facing the window, and even then I don’t think there was a clock that I could check. The silence was interrupted by the sound of the door being keyed and opened. I heard at least two distinct voices talking. Frantically, I tried to turn around but failed. Ross entered the room with a friend, whose name I later found out was Bill.

He saw me immediately, and I can only assume smiled. “Nice, what have you got there?” he asked, walking up to me. He got close enough so that I could feel his erection through his pants. He firmly grabbed a hold of my ass. “What are you doing here boy?” Be it from nervousness, or instinct, I answered, “I’m his slave.”

“Is that so,” Ross said as he undid my leash and pulled me over in front of the couch.

“Yes,” I answered him.

Bill and Ross sat down to view my naked body, while I stood, wrists bound in front of the couch. I was both embarrassed and aroused at showing off my naked body for a stranger. Ross invited him to tough as he pleased, and at that he immediately grabbed and started stroking my cock. I moaned and thrusted my hips forward to give him easier access. He kept at it for a few minutes, then stopped.

“Can’t let you get too excited now, can we?”

Ross and Bill talked for a few hours, while I stood as entertainment. Occasionally one of them would reach over to fondle or play with me, but I was not allowed to cum. Ross decided that I was to entertain for a party he was having in a couple hours, though he wasn’t specific with the details.

“How well does he suck cock?” Bill asked.

“Find out for yourself,” Ross answered him.

Bill unbuckled his belt and slid it out of his pants. He stood and looped it around behind my ass, pulling me closer. I obliged, stepping forward. Then the belt slid down to the back of my knees. He yanked forward suddenly, bringing me crashing down in front of him. I fell forward, my head hitting his leg right next to his crotch. They both laughed as I struggled back to an erect kneeling position.

Bill undid his pants and slid his cock out through his boxers while Ross watched. It was about three inches and soft. I leaned over and started licking it. Bill lifted it so I could slide it into my mouth. I went all the way down on it, feeling it grow inside my mouth. I licked my tongue around as he got harder and harder. Finally, he was about six inches long, and I covered four of that.

I bobbed up and down while Ross watched me work. Bill let out a low moan. Evidently I was learning quickly. I looked up at him as I sucked him, making sure to keep eye contact. Bill watched me work, smiling.

“He does do a good job,” he told Ross. Ross only nodded, his own cock now out and in his hand. I rolled my tongue around Bill’s head, and he moaned in ecstasy. I tasted a few droplets of precum. Not the best taste, but the fact that it meant that Bill was enjoying my work drove me wild. I pulled off for a moment and went down to lick his balls, sucking one after the other into my mouth. His wet cock bounced against my nose, begging for more attention.

I licked all the way up the shaft before swallowing it again. I dove as deep as I could making it maybe a half inch further than before. That was enough for Bill to decide he wanted to cum. He grabbed a hold of my head and began guiding me up and down. I did what I could with my limited blowjob experience, trying to pleasure him with my tongue. After several moments, he pushed my head down hard. I could feel his dick swell, and sure enough, cum dribbled into my mouth.

With the loss of control, I swallowed what I could, but some dribbled out of my mouth and onto Bill. He took what pleasure he wanted before finally letting me go. I gasped for air for a few seconds, before feeling the sting of a crop on my ass.

“Clean that up,” Ross ordered, pointing to the cum that had eluded me. I bent over and licked the mess off Bill’s cock and balls and legs. “Good boy,” he commended when I was done. I got to my feet and stood at attention for them once more. My cock was as hard as ever now. Bill zipped back up and grabbed a hold of my cock.

He started stroking me once more, and it felt amazing. I tried to hold back as best I could, but I was no match for his practiced hand. I squealed as Ross gently massaged my balls.

“Oh God,” I breathed.

“You close to cumming slave?”

“Yes master, please may I cum?”

“What do I get if I let you?”

“I don’t know,” I breathed, my pants becoming more ragged. I only half heard him. I felt like I should have cum hours ago, but the cockring prolonged my torture.

“Well if I let you cum, I have to get something out of it.”

“Anything,” I gasped, it was only a matter of time.

“Anything slave?”

“Yes Master, please let me cum.”

“You going to do it the way I want?”

“Yes master.”

“Good boy.” Bill slowed a bit stroking me while Ross looped a rope around my ankles. Before I knew what was happening, I was knocked harshly onto my ass. I felt a tug at my legs. Slowly, they were raised, until I was suspended upside down from the ceiling. Only my head and neck touched the floor. I was aimed directly into my own face, and Bill wasn’t stopping.

“Mouth open slave,” Ross commanded. I obeyed quickly, my orgasm seconds away. I swelled against the cockring and shut my eyes. I jerked with surprise as the first splash hit my tongue. Salty and bitter, it was the worst of the cum I’d tasted, but I enjoyed it just the same. My prolonged state of arousal brought rope after rope of cum which either found its way into my mouth or splashed against my face. Hungrily, greedily I took it all. Finally I’d finished, and Bill removed his hand. My eyes stayed shut, but I felt a finger helping the drops from my face into my mouth. I licked it clean every time.

Ross suddenly released my ankles, and I fell to the ground with a thud. Bill excused himself and left. Ross said I’d have to start getting ready for the party. He put a few things into the oven, and started setting bowls of food along his kitchen counter. He also pulled a serving tray and some alcohol and put it into an open iced cooler. His kitchen bordered the dining/living room, separated by the counter that held the food. There was a circular table with four chairs ringed around it in the dining room, and the couch separated the dining area from the living room.

I was unbound at last, and helped as best I could while he busied himself setting things up. Every once in a while he would smack my ass, or feel me up, causing my cock to twitch with excitement. After a few hours, he had everything either set out, or made up.

“Half hour to go, time to get you ready,” he told me. “Follow me into the bedroom. On your knees.” I dropped down and crawled behind him, excited at what was to happen later tonight, what sort of entertainment I was to provide. I knelt before him while he spread things out on his bed.

He cuffed my wrists together in front of me, connected by about a foot of chain links. A separate chain was linked to the center link of the cuffs and run to my collar, keeping my hands at belly button height or higher. Next, cuffs slightly longer were added to my ankles, restricting me to small, cautious steps.

My cock was getting hard again. He replaced the ring he’d removed earlier. “Don’t want you going soft now.” He walked me back out into the kitchen, and handed me a tray. My hands were at the perfect height to hold it. He placed drinks of several types on it.

A few minutes after the last was down, there was a knock at the door. He went over to answer it, and I stood nearby, bracing myself for yet another person seeing me naked. I was surprised when he opened the door to reveal a couple, a thin, shorthaired brunette and her Italian looking boyfriend. He greeted them and let them in.

“Who’s this?” She asked, eying certain parts of me. She walked over to me, eyes sweeping across me.

“My slave,” Ross answered.

“Nice,” she said with a coy little smile. All of a sudden her tiny hand was wrapped around my cock. I nearly dropped the drinks, stealing a quick look at her boyfriend, who seemed amused by the spectacle.

“Is it okay if I do this?” she asked, looking back at Ross.

“It’s encouraged,” he told her. “Just make sure he doesn’t enjoy it too much.”

She smiled back at me and let go.

One by one, more guests arrived, and I served the drinks. Everyone had been encouraged to touch me as they pleased, and most took full advantage of that. I thought I was going to die of orgasm denial. Beth, the first girl that arrived seemed to take special pleasure in tormenting me. She had a spaghetti strapped top on that showed ample amounts of her c-cup breasts. She had a habit of pulling my dick nice and close to them every time she stroked it.

Even the male guests delighted in taking advantage of me. Beth’s date liked to grab me by the cock, and lead me across the room. Or Ross would pull me back into the kitchen and refill my tray. When I was bending over to give someone a drink, I’d often find my ass pinched or swatted.

Overall there were about 15 people in attendance besides me and Ross. Pretty much every one of them enjoyed one or several parts of my body at one time or another. It was arousing, and humiliating being the only one naked in the room, but at the same time oddly comforting.

After a while, I got to put down my tray and mingle. I spent a lot of time on Beth’s and her date’s laps alternately being tugged by one or the other.

“Who’s ready for the entertainment?” Ross called. There were an appropriate amount of whoops and hollers, and I felt like I was on display, at least more so than I already was. Beth led me to the front of the living room, where Ross stood. He unzipped his fly ,and slid himself out through his jeans. My face grew red, with everyone watching, and me on my knees. Beth pushed my head closer, and I opened my mouth, taking Ross as far as I could. Everyone cheered as I slid it in and started sucking. All eyes were on me as I blew him.

Gradually, I worked into a rhythm, lightly gripping his balls with both hands, like I was praying. I concentrated on my task, well aware, or perhaps bolstered by the fact that everyone was watching. I was able to get another half inch of Ross in my mouth, which I’m sure he appreciated. I saw a few camera flashes go off out of the corner of my eyes, but stayed riveted on Ross’s cock.

I slid him out and stroked him for a little while. “Where are you going to cum master?”

He grinned, “where do you want?”

“My face?”

“Sounds good.”

I sucked him again for several more minutes, practicing a good rhythm with my tongue, focusing on his reactions to see what worked and what didn’t. After a few minutes, he pulled it out and started stroking. I massaged his balls, and shut my eyes, opening my mouth wide. He positioned my head under his cock and started to moan. The crowd cheered again as the first stream hit my face. Ross’s load was far more gratifying and a bit smaller than mine had been earlier.

I opened my eyes and turned so the crowd could get a better look. More pictures were taken, and Ross zipped himself back up. “Now for our raffle,” he said, grabbing a bowl full of crumpled up papers. He shut his eyes and drew out a name. “Beth,” he said to my surprise and delight. “You get to make him cum.”

She pulled me to my feet. “Everyone get a good feel in first.” Hands rushed to my dick, stroking and pulling and squeezing. I thought that was going to finish me off right there. Finally she brought me over to the wall and stood me up against it, cock pointing out towards the party goers. She kept the cuffs on, but undid the chain that connected them to my neck. Before I could react, she raised them above my head, and fastened them to a hook on the wall, making me completely exposed and helpless.

She kissed me on the lips and dropped to her knees. The straps on her top fell, and she did nothing to fix them. Her date joined her, and pulled the top to her waist, exposing her amazing breasts. She sucked me for a few minutes, then let her date have a turn. They alternated this way for a minute, maybe less. I was so wound up, it didn’t take very long.

“Oh god,” I moaned, rolling my eyes back. Beth stroked me brutally efficiently to orgasm. Her hands were so good, they felt nearly as good as her mouth. She kept stroking me lightly after I came, causing a sort of blissful agony. I jumped and twitched and she grinned. I could do nothing about it. She raised a glass to my lips and poured it in. It was my cum. I refused at first, but she grabbed my head and poured it down to the crowds delight. I hungrily ate it all.

When she finished, most of the crowd started piling out, some saying their goodbyes to Ross, some taking more pictures, and some copping their last feels of the night.

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