my mom"boyfriend 8

my mom"boyfriend 8

The next day my mom and DeJuan left early to go to work, so I slept in till about noon. Getting up I walked downstairs to the kitchen and fixed myself something to eat. As I ate i thought back to everything that had happen to me over the last month and could not believe it. At 13 I was becoming a major slut and enjoying it.

After breakfast/lunch I went back up to my room and put on my yellow bikini and went out to the pool, Floating around for a bout a half hour or so trying to keep up my tan I heard something coming from the gate to the back yard. Looking over at the gate I saw two of DeJuan's friends coming into the yard and heading up the steps to the pool deck. At the top the taller one said to me," Hi April remeber us from a few days ago?"

Sliding off the raft I was tanning on I waded over to the edge of the pool. "Yeah I remember you guys and what you done to me." I said while looking up at them smiling. Watching them intently as they got undressed down to thier swim suits. They both took off a little bit and dived over my head and into the pool. When they came up for air i did my best to be inbetween them. Seeing me standing next to them both they pushed me so my back was against one and my front was against the other. "Heya Matt I think we have ourselves a April oreo." the one behind me said as he rubbed his crotch against me.

"No way James. A oreo dont have on clothes."With that Matt reached down and untied my bottoms while James undid my top. As they stripped me I wrapped my arms around Matt's neck and started to kiss and suck on his neck. "Have you been fuck in you ass and pussy at the same time April?" Matt asked me.

When I said I had not, him and James took me to the edge of the pool and had me get out. While I was still kneeling James told me to be a good white girl and pull down thier trunks. When I did I saw that thier black cocks were semi hard. Looking up at them I asked them if i could suck thier cocks. Smiling they both said yes. Stroking each one I would suck a few times on one the go to the other. It did not take them long to get nice and hard for me. When they were nice and hard Matt forced me to swallow all 8 inches of him and James did the same with his 7 inches.

Matt then layed down on the deck and had me lay on top. Guiding his cock into my pussy he had me rock back and forth till he was deep in side of me. Holding still James came up behind me and entered my ass. James started to pound into me hard. Each thrust sent waves of pain and pleasure threw me. As they both used me Matt kept on saying I was a great piece of ass and I should stay with him one night.

After bit I tried to time the thrust to meet thier cocks. As James fucked my ass he pulled my hair back and forced me to look up. When I did he was able to kiss me. With my back arched so Matt was able to suck and play with my nipples. Whimpering and moaning as they used my young body for thier enjoyment was the best thing so far that day.

James pulled out of me and told me to ride Matt and to sit up. Sitting up James put his cock nto my mouth. I was bouncing up and down as I sucked the cock from my ass. Humming onto James as I ground my pussy onto Matt I was doing my best to please both these men. All if the sudden James pulled my head as close to his belly as he could and shot his cumm down my throat. Swallowing the cumm Matt pulled me down and shot his load into my unprotective pussy.

James sat down besides us and we just stayed there for a few minutes before getting up, "How did you like the double fuck April?" Matt asked me.

"It was fun." I told him as layed on his chest. James started to caress my ass some whiched made me purr, I decided to do something nice for Matt. sliding down kissing the whole way I reached his cock. Takign his cum covered cock into my mouth I cleaned it for him. Hearing him moan made me humm and suck harder on him. He in return pushed my barley teenage head down farther onto his cock.

"That's right be a good little white slut April, and suck my black cock." Matt told me as I was sucking hard and fast on him. James got up so he was kneeling besides my face and guided my mouth to his cock. Not breaking stride I started to suck him just as hard. Doing my best to get them hard again but it seemed like forever.

"Do you like being a nasty little girl April?" James asked me. When I nodded between sucking them they both smiled. They both sttod up and told me to crawl inside the house. As I was crawling inside Matt and James both said how good my ass looked, I wiggled it for them to show I liked what they said. Once inside they had me go to my room where my hands were cuffed behind me and my slut choker was put on.

James then put me on the bed kneeling and in a postion so my pussy was showing while Matt went down stairs. Matt came back into the room with DeJuan's video camera and some magic markers. Setting up the camera so it would film me Matt told james to leave. He did not look all that happy, but when Matt gave him a dirty look he did leave.

Matt then sat down beisdes me and started to rub my inner thigh. When I started to purr and moan from the treatment he stopped and wrote "slut" and "whore" on each inner thigh.
"Tell me what I wrote April." Matt commaned me.

Looking down I read it,"It says slut and whore."

"Louder April. says Matt

In a louder voice i cried out "SLUT AND WHORE."

"Are you that April?" he asked

"Yes I am." I responded. When I said that he leaned in and started to suck on my nipples. Going from one to the other as he rubbed my slit. grinding my pussy against his hand trying to get him to finger fuck me. After sucking for a little bit on my big tits he wrote something on them.

"What does that say little whore?" he asked

Looking down I say what it read them cried out kinda loud "SEX SLAVE!"

Scooting behind me matt wrapped his hands around me and started to pull and twist my nipples. When they got all hard he asked me if I would like it if he gave a copy of the movie to all my friends at school. when I said I don't want him to he laughed and asked if I was lieing when I told him I was a whore and a slut. Feeling humilated I started to get tears in my eyes knowing I was trapped.

As he was telling me all the dirty things he was gonna film of us together and show my friends, He picked me up and lowered me onto his cock. It went up my all ready fucked asshole with ease. With my hands cuffed behind me it was hard for me to ride him. So he layed me face down and started to ream me hard and fast. In and out he went not caring if he hurt me. Whimpering at each thrust just made him ramm harder.

Matt did not last that much this time and came kinda weakly into my ass. After he whipped his cock on my face he got the tape out of the camera and went out. Ten or so minutes later he came back in dressed and carried me to the front room. Useing some jump rope he tied me so i was kneeling in front of the front door. he wrote somethign on my ass which I found out later said "FREE ASS FUCKS". He then left me there.

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