my mom's boyfriend 3

my mom's boyfriend 3

The next morning i was awaken by DeJuan playing with my tits. My hands were still handcuffed above my head to the headboard. I was about to say something when he hushed me by putting his finger across my mouth. He was tweakign my nipples and pulling them genetly. After they were nice and hard he leaned over and started to suck on each one. His mouth felts so good i let out a soft moan.

"April I need you to be a good little slut and don't make a sound. Otherwise I will hve to punish you for being a naughty girl. Do you understand me?" He asked me. Nodding my head he went back to sucking my nipples. As he did, his hand slide down my belly to my pussy. Spreading my legs for him, he started to rub my slit and my clit. It felt so good I was doing my best to be quiet. I could not last long and a lustful moan escaped my lips.

DeJuan stopped sucking my nipple and looked up at me. "what did i say about noise April?"

"You told me not to make a sound or you would punish me." I told him.

When I told him that he just smiled and rolled my onto my side. My arms were twisted together when he rolled me. Carressing my ass in small circles before he let me have it with a few hard blows from his open hand. Stinging my ass he spanked me for a minute or two. All the while I was promising to be quiet and be a good girl for him if he stopped.

Rolling me back onto my back he said he was sorry for spanking me but I deserved it for not listening. Then he kissed me full on the lips and said we needed to get a shower and then for me to fix breakfast. I watched him get up and leave his bedroom and return a couple miutes later with some of my clothes. Uncuffing me he had me stand up then cuffed my ahnds behind my back. Leading me to the master bath room we both climbed into the tub and the hot water felt like heaven.

DeJuan Used a soft wash cloth all over my body and made sure i was clean everywhere. When he was done he pushed on m y shoulders to have me kneel. Opening my mouth I leaned in and took his cock in it. Reaching down he took a hold of the sides of my head using my hair and started to face fuck me.Holding my head still he forced his cock down my throat.

"That is it April swallow this black cock." he was telling me as I deep throated him. He would pull out every so often to let me catch my breath and then back down my throat. The water was rudding down off his body and inot my face making it even harder to concentrate. His black balls were bouncing off my chin as he used my mouth like a slut hole. The water started to turn cold when he pulled my head so close a good part of his cock was down my throat and started to cumm. Having no choice I swallowed his load.

DeJuan was out of the tub first and commaned me to get out but to stay on my knees. As I was kneeling on the bathroom floor he uncuffed me and handed me a towell and told me to dry him off. When he was dried. After he was dried he had me stand up and he dried me off. I watched as he got dressed then he lead em down stairs to the kitchen naked. My clothes he picked out were in his hands.

"Go and fix me soem breakfast for us April and then you can dress." He told me> So i went and cooked some eggs and bacon for us. Giving him his plate I was about to sit down when he told me to stand up and eat my food. I ate my food fast so I could get dressed. grabbing for my clothes "Not so fast litle girl as soon as I am done you may dress." DeJuan said. While he ate he had me pose and crawl on all fours on the table.

The first thing he game me was a white pair of thongs. Putting them on he told me to pull them tight against me. The nest thing was a white halter top. I guess he must fo trimmed it because it just went below my tits. The last thing was a white mini skirt. It was my shortest one and my ass would peek out the bottoms.

"Damn girl don't you look hot dressed like that." He told me.

Blushing alot I responded "Do you really like it?" I then turned around for him.

"Yes I do baby girl. Now bend over and show me that ass." Bending over I parted my feet to give DeJuan a good view. "Yummy view but but you hands on the floor." He commanded me. Doing as I was told I did everything he told me to do. "Lets go down stairs to the basement and you can do some modeling for me."

"What do you want me to do?" I asked

"Dance as sexy as you can and I will film you. Maybe even sell a couple to my Buddies if you are sexy enough. Would you like it if my friends saw you dancing?"

"It might be fun but I don't want them to give movie to any of my friends it would be too embaressing."

With that he turned on a cd and started to film me danceing. The whole time giving me pointers on hwat to do. Like pull up my shirt and show off my titties or grind my ass at the camera. On my own I pulled off my thongs. After that i would moon the camera or give quick flashes of my pussy.

After the song ended we went to the living room and watched the video. When it was over he said it was ok but need something else to it.

"What does it need DeJuan?" I asked him.

"It needs you with some black cock in you." he told me as his hand went to my tit . "i think you need to do some fuck flicks. Would you do that for me and my buddies."

"I don't know about that. I don't want to have me having sex on flim . Is that ok?"

"Yeah maybe when your ready we might make one." he told me and got up and left em in the living room. for the rest of the day he kept away from me. I was feeling bad and knew why. I tried to talk to him but he kept on finding reasons to leave me.

That night while he was watching tv I came down stairs in the bikini he bought me and witht he handcuffs in my hands. Kneeling before him I held the cuffs up for him and said "I want your nigger cock in my slut holes."

"I bet you do April. If you really want my cock go down to the basement and get my camera." He told me. Takeing a deep breath I got up and went to get the video camera.
Handing him the camera I went back to my knees. "Now when you see the red light come on tell me what you want."

Looking up at him I saw the light come on. "I want your nigger cock in my white slut holes." I said.

"Why is that April?" he asked me

"Because I am a little white girl who needs some black cock in her."

"Will you ask my friends to watch this movie of me fucking you slutty 13 year old pussy and mouth?"

"Yes I will ask them to watch the movie. Please can we fuck now DeJuan?" I started to beg him.

Smiling he had me strip and turn around. Putting my hands behind my back again he cuffed them. Kneeling before him he pulled down his jeans and put his cock in my mouth. Fliming me from up high he was able to catch every time I gagged and choked on his cock. With his free hand he was pushing the back of my head to have me swallow more of him.

With his cock wet from my mouth he had me bend over the coffee table.Lining up his cock with my pussy eh rammed it in with one hard thrust. Whimpering as he used and out he went. As he fucked me he called me his "white teen bitch" "his cumm buckut" "whore, slut, and tramp". Each time he called me one of those things I would thank him. Grunting he would fuck me harder with each thrust,

Pulling out of me he had me kneel facing him. "Now say I love nigger cock." he commanded me to.

Looking up I said "I love nigger cock." DeJuan had me say it over and over while he came all over my face and into my hair.He had me suck his cock clean and then took me to the bathroom to wash up.

That night he had me put his cock in my mouth and told me to keep it warm the whole night. Everytime I tried to take his cock out while he was asleep his hand would go to the back of my head and force my mouth back on him.

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