my mom's boyfriend 5

my mom's boyfriend 5

The next day DeJuan woke me up very early. Rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass. "April honey lets have some fun before we have to get your mom from the airport." He told me. Rolling over to face him I kissed him passonatly on the lips. His hands went to the bottom of my night shirt and puled it up so he could play with my titties.

As his hands played with my nipple my hand went down to his cock. When I touched it he stopped playing with me and stopped kissing me. "April what did I say about you touching a black man's cock? " He asked me.

"I am sorry. I forgot to ask." I replied to him. With that he had me stand up and strip for him. Once naked I bent over his lap. Rubbing his hands all over my ass and down to my pussy felt so good. When let out a lustfull moan he spanked my ass a couple times. Whimpering a bit I settled down and he went back to rubbing my ass again. Each time I would start to moan or purr he would spank me. This went on for a good ten minutes before he pushed me to my knees. As he stood up I opened my mouth and placed my hands behind my back.

Using his big black hands he guided my head towards his cock. Swirling my tounge around his big black cock as he entered my mouth made him moan. In and out his cock went. With each thrust he went in deeper. As he used my mouth he was saying and asking me alot of stuff. Like if I like being his white teen slut or swallow his nigger cock. A couple times he would have me deep throat him and hold my head there till I thought I was gonna pass out. Right before I did the three times he did that he would pull back out and let me breath.

The third time he pulled out of my mouth he told me to bend over the bed. Doing as I was told I also spread my legs wide for him. Forcing his cock deep into me he was calling me his little whore or his little white slut. As for me I was begging him to fuck me harder. Griding back onto him. A couple times he would slap my ass and to my surprise I thanked him for it. Pulling out of my pussy he had me get back onto my knees. Stroking his cock he came all over my face and tits.

When he was done giving me my morning facial he took me to the master bathroom. Kneeling in the bathtub I started to wash his cock and balls as the warm water went over the both of us. After his lower half was clean I stood up and washed his chest and arms. I was about to wash the cumm off my face and tits but DeJuan told me to rub it into my skin. He also told me that I should do that with any cumm I get onto my face.

After getting washed and dried off he took me back to the spare room and picked out an outfit for me. It was a pair of knee high whte boots, a white leather skirt and a whit tank top with matching vest. This time he did let me wear a white thong but no bra. After I was dressed I went down stair to wait for him and he showed up ina dashing outfit.

Driving to the airport took longer then I thought it would. He was paying more attention to me and my legs then he was to the road. A couple times we almost ran into someone at a red light. Each time it would happen I would get a giggle fit. At the airport he asked me if I wanted to have some fun. When I said yes He told me to hike up my skirt and tease some of the guys there. So while we waited for my mom's plane to arrive I went around bending over infront of guys to show off my thong.

A couple times one of them would slap my ass or grab it. A few f the older women called me a slut under thier breaths but loud enough for me to hear them. All that made me do was to go and blatenly tease the men with them. One who really started to piss me off I got even with. When I saw her hubby leave for the bathroom I followed him. DeJuan not far behind. When he came out I asked him"Mister I am hungry do you have something to feed me with?" After saying that I reached down and rubbed his cock threw his pants knowing that his wife could see me. He looked over and saw his wife and made some bullshit excuse to leave but not before i got him hard.

When he left DeJuan came over and slapped my ass telling me I was a bad girl. Looking up at him I just smiled and laughed. When My mom finially arrived form her flight I ran over to her and hugged her. My mom asked deJuan if I was good for him and he told her I did everything I was told to do. With that he slapped both of our asses. After getting her luggage we headed back to town. On the way we stopped at one of his friends house's and he told him to come over for a pool party.

Once home I went upstairs to get changed into my bikini. When my mom saw how skimpy it was, she had a cow saying to showed too much. DeJuan heard what she was saying and came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Talking softly into her ears he made her understand it was ok for me to wear it. As he talked to her I saw he was grinding on her ass. Seeing that made me very jealouse.

I was out on a raft in the pool when the guest arrived. Two of them I remember from the time we played catch in the pool and the other one I did not know. They hurried up and climbed into the pool. "Could one of you put some lotion on me so I dont get sunburnt?" I asked them.

They all said yes and before I knew it they were rubbing lotion on me. One was concentrating on my tit and the other two were both on my inner thighs. It felt so good haveing three grown black men rub sun tan lotion on me. After they were done putting lotion all over me they asked if I wanted to play catch or keep away again.

"You guys just wanna see my tits and feel me up again don't you?" I aked them.

"Well yeah. Is that so bad April." One of them told me.

"Well ok but only one at a time." With that I slid off the raft and untied my top. Wading over to the closest one i reached my arms up and wrapped them around his neck. One of his hands went to my tit while the other untied my bottoms. His mouth found mine and we started to kiss. About five minutes into the kiss I broke it off and went to the next guy. I was about to go to the first guy again after making out with each one atleast twice when my mom came out. She yelled at me to get some clothes on and stopped acting like a little slut. DeJuan came up behind her and told her to calm down. Then he told me to take my friends to my room to play and that he and my mom had some thing to discuss.

As I passesd by my mom and DeJuan he stopped me and kissed me as he groped me. Once in my room they had me get on my knees in the middle of it. The new guy saw my fuzzy handcuffs and had me put my hands behind my back so he could use them on me. They all pulled down thier trunks to show off thir black meat to me. Each took a turn pumping it in my mouth three or four times before the next guy had a turn. After a few times of that they picked me up and layed my on my back onto my bed. My head was hanging off the side.

They told me to keep the other two hard as one fucked me. As my pussy was being pounded the other two took turns using my mouth. A couple times they tried to force both cocks into my 13 year old mouth. Every five or so minutes they would switch postion. One told me that they wanted to play with me all day. Smiling between mouth full of cock I told them I would love that. I was in haven as they fucked me hard for over an half hour. In and out thier cocks went into my mouth and pussy.

I heard something by the door and loking over i saw my mom and DeJuan. My mom looked like she had been crying and had an angry red mark across her face."April when they cumm I want them to cumm in your mouth but dont swallow. Keep it in your mouth and then when they are done come over here and spit it into your mom's mouth understand me?" DeJuan asked me. Nodding that I did they took turns cumming in my mouth.

They helped me up and I stood by my mom. Guiding my face to hers she kissed me and used her tounge to scoop out the cum. When my mouth was empty of cumm she had me kneel and open my mouth. When I did she let it fall from her mouth into mine. The four men in the room cheered when they saw that and told me to swallow. I was left in my room bymeslf when the others left. I heard the front door open and close then nothing.
Going down stairs still handcuffed I found out I was all alone.

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