My Revenge_(1)

My Revenge_(1)

My Revenge

(Story and characters are a work of fiction. All emails are welcome.)

I work at a hotel desk. There is a guy named Mark that works there with
me. Mark and I are not a couple officially. I guess he's not really my
type but I am extremely attracted to him. He is just kind of this guy that
I hang out with at work. When it gets slow and the manager leaves during
the day, we sneak off into one of the rooms, and he puts his dick up my

We have been doing this for a few weeks. It started when his girlfriend
Kelly broke up with him. He came to work all broken hearted telling me
about it. I am single and am not interested in any kind of relationship. I
told him that I would be his whore until he got over her.

Yesterday Mark and I were up in one of the rooms. He fucked me up the
ass, and sucked his load out of my asshole. We walked out to our cars I
had a brand new Corvette that I saved for two years to get. We leaned on
my car and we made out with each other. We were swapping his cum back and
forth when we saw Kelly his old girlfriend pulling out of the parking lot.

It was lunchtime the next day, and I walked by myself out to the parking
lot. I always park far out where people won't park too close to my car
and open their doors against it. I admired my brand new blue corvette as
I walked up to it. I went around to the driver's side and was about to get
in when I saw a huge key mark all along the side of my car from the
headlight all the way back to the tail light. I stared at it in disbelief
and tears started boiling up in my eyes.

I went back inside and called the auto body shop and made an
appointment. I was so fucking pissed off and I sat at work the rest of the
day wondering who did it. When I got off work I took my car into the paint
shop. They told me it was going to take a few days to touch it up and
it would cost me 600 dollars.

For the next few days Mark gave me a ride to work. Monday morning Mark
and I drove to the paint shop to pick up my car. When my corvette rolled
out I felt so happy, like I was being reunited with a long lost friend.
I hopped in my baby and drove it to work, following Mark. When work
ended that day Mark walked me out to the parking lot.

As we got to my car I felt my heart nearly stop. The word SLUT had been
scratched into the paintwork of the hood, in big lettering by what could
have been a knife or a screwdriver. The left tire was also flat and I
walked over and saw a huge slash in it.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I paced around the parking lot like a crazy women for several minutes
trying to get my blood pressure to come down. I was finally able to cool
off for a minute and I walked over to Mark.

"Do you think it was your ex-girlfriend who did this?" I asked
"I was just thinking the same thing." He said.

We called the police and Mark left to go get some tools so he could
change the tire. I waited by my car. The officer finally arrived and I
walked with him around the car showing him what had happened.

"I think I have a pretty good idea who did this." I said, telling him
about Mark's ex.

The officer seemed flustered as he talked to me. I had on a pink shirt
that showed off my tits and a tight pair of jeans. I had left the top
three buttons of my shirt open. He was trying hard not to stare at my
cleavage. He was tall and muscular and kind of cute.

"There is nothing I can do for you unless you can find some proof." He

My face got red in anger. I took a deep breath, trying not to take my
frustration out on him.

"So that's it, she just gets away with it?" I said, managing to keep my
voice calm.

The officer paused. He looked at my cleavage again and then down at my
crotch. Despite my anger, my pussy began to get a bit wet.

"There are cameras that you can put in your car." He said. "They are
only used for government vehicles but you can buy them on the Internet.
Unfortunately they cost about five grand."
"Shit." I said. "I don't have five thousand dollars lying around so I
guess I'm just going to have to get a ride to work from now on."
"I'm really sorry, I wish there was something I could do for you." He

I walked over and sat on the hood of my car and put my head down. The
officer looked at me and then slowly walked back to his vehicle. He turned
around and looked at me again.

"You know I have some of those cameras at my house." He said
"You do?" I said as I got up and walked over to him.

The cop hesitated, looked up in the air and then glanced at my cleavage

"You seem like a real nice girl. I am not supposed to loan them to
anyone, but I'll come to your house and install them for you, if you give
me your word that you will get them back as soon as you're done with
them." He said

I promised I would and thanked him several times as I gave him my
address. He said that once he got off work he would run to his house and
grab them, and meet me at my house later in the evening. He drove off, and
a few moments later Mark pulled in next to me. I told Mark about the nice
cop and what he was going to do, as he changed my tire.

"That is really nice of him. He's probably doing it because he thinks
you're hot." He said
"I don't think that's what it is." I said, smiling modestly. "I wish I
could give him some money for doing it but I blew all of it getting that
other scratch fixed."
"Why don't you suck his cock when he's done?" He said

I started laughing and I looked down at Mark but he was impassive.

"Are you serious?" I said

Mark finished the tire and got up and kissed me.

"Just as long as you keep sucking my cock, you can do whatever you want"
He said

"That's a deal" I said shaking his hand.

I made out with Mark by my car for a long while. Then we said goodbye
and I headed home.

It was later that evening, as I was sitting on my couch watching the
celebrity gossip channel, when I heard a car pull up. I looked out the
window and saw the police car. I walked out and greeted him. I pulled up
a chair and watched him install the cameras on my corvette. I had changed
into a sexy pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He kept stealing a glance at my
legs as he worked on my car. I teased him by moving a little closer. He
told me how much he liked my car, and I sat and kept him company for a
little over an hour till he was done.

"Hey, I know it's really shitty but this is all the money I have left
after getting the other damage fixed." I said, handing him a hundred
dollar bill.
"No, don't worry about it. You're going to need that to get this damage
fixed, if you don't find out who did it." He said
"You are so nice; I have to repay you somehow." I said
"Don't worry about it." He said
"I am worried about it." I said, as I moved real close to him and
smiled. "Would you like to come inside, I'm pretty good at giving blow

The officer's face turned red.

"That's a very tempting offer, but I can't do it." He said holding up
his finger and showing me his wedding band.
"Ok then, thanks a million times for doing this for me and when it's
over I'll give you a call and get your cameras back to you." I said

He started getting into his car and I turned around and headed for the

"You know I'm going to be really mad at myself later on tonight if I
don't take you up on your offer." He said

I smiled and walked back over to him and grabbed his hand.

"Why don't you come inside with me then?" I said

We walked over to the door and I let him in. I held him by the hand and
directed him over to the couch. I gave him a sexy look, as I slowly took
my clothes off in front of him. His cock bulged out of his dark blue
pants. His well starched uniform, his badge, and the gun on his side gave
him a complete appearance of authority.

I told him I was thirsty and offered him something to drink. He stared
at my ass as I walked naked to the kitchen. I grabbed two bottles of water
out of the refrigerator and walked back into the living room, and got down
on my knees in front of him. I handed him one of the bottles.

"So you're not married, are you?" He asked as I started undoing his belt
"No, but I do have a boyfriend, kind of." I said
"He's not going to come home is he?" he asked
"No, actually he was the one who suggested that I do this, to pay you
for your kindness."
"Yeah, we have kind of a weird relationship." I said

I undid his belt and zipper and he lifted his butt as I helped him pull
down his pants. He had on a cute pair of boxers and I could see his hard
dick bulging in them. I reached in the hole of his boxers and grabbed his
big warm cock and pulled it out. I pulled the skin of his scrotum through
the hole and I looked at him as I started with his balls and licked all the
way up the length of his dick. He closed his eyes and put his head back on
the couch, as I took him into my mouth.

"My wife and I don't have such a weird relationship. She would kill me
if she knew I was doing this." He said

I smiled at him as I sucked him off.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked looking up at him with my tongue on
the tip of his dick.
"Yea, but I don't think I should do that." He said I took my mouth off
of his hard prick, and worked the gun out of the holster on his side. He
looked at me curiously, as I held the gun. I got to my feet and I started
dancing, with the gun in my hand. The officer started playing with
himself watching me. I put the barrel of the gun in my mouth and sucked
on it, and rubbed my pussy as I looked at him.

"You like that?" I asked

He moaned and nodded his head, as his hand moved up and down his dick. I
got up to my feet and his eyes were glued on my shaved pussy. I straddled
his legs and sat on his lap facing him. I put both my legs over each of
his shoulders, and lifted my crotch in his face. He stuck out his tongue
and I pulled away from him, not letting his tongue touch my vagina. At
first he smiled as I teased him, then I saw frustration growing in his
face. I moved my pussy up to his face, and this time I let his tongue touch
my slit. He ran his tongue in circles and I moved my hips up and down as
he tongued me.

I laid my back on his lap and spread my legs wide, giving him a view
between my legs. The gun laid on the couch beside him. I picked it up and
gave it to him. He held it in his hand, and I grabbed the barrel and
placed it on my cunt. I bit my lip and we stared at each other. I took my
hand off the barrel, and he continued rubbing it softly on my snatch.

The coldness of the barrel was getting me aroused. He worked on his
prick with his right hand and started working the cold hard barrel up my

"This is making me hot." I said
"Did you know this gun is loaded?" He asked

The officer looked in my eyes as he fucked my cunt with his gun barrel.
Chills shot through my body suddenly, as I felt the barrel vibrate as he
pulled back the hammer. The fear was turning me on. I knew if that gun
went off, a bullet would shoot through my ovaries, intestines, stomach,
heart, and through my brain.

"Put your finger on the trigger." I said to him.

I watched his finger move to the trigger. He squeezed it slightly,
still pumping his cock with the other hand. My warm pussy squeezed the
barrel, and it wasn't cold anymore. I moved my hips, and I moaned as I
felt pleasure building in my body.

"I need your cock in me now." I demanded.
"I really don't want to do that, my wife….."
"I really don't give a fuck about your wife right now." I said

I grabbed the gun and quickly pulled it out of me. I straddled his
legs facing him. I grabbed his throbbing cock and put it in me quickly.
He moaned and his eyes rolled as he entered my dripping wet pussy.

I started moving up and down on him slowly, as he grabbed my ass.
I fucked him slowly. I leaned back and bounced on him as hard as I
could. His dick twitched and I felt the pulses in his dick pounding
faster and faster. I screamed like a possessed women and my body just
seemed to lock as I felt an orgasm build in my legs, and work its way
through my body, until it felt like fire was blowing out my cunt. The
head of his dick pulsated and I felt the sperm that was brewing in his
balls work up the length of his cock, till it finally exploding in me.

I gave him a soft kiss as I felt his dick soften and pop out of me.

"I hope that repays you for your services." I said smiling
"That more then repays me." He said

I got off him and grabbed his hand helping him to his feet.

"I need to get home before my wife wonders where I am." He said

He put on his pants and I walked naked with him over to the door.

"Let me know when you're done with the cameras okay?" He said

I nodded and smiled at him as he walked out the door, and drove off.

I grabbed my cell phone and walked into my bedroom. I got my dildo out
of the drawer and lied down on the bed. I scrolled through the list of
names on my cell phone until I found Mark's.

"Hey Mark." I said
"Hey, did he come over?" He asked
"Yep." I said
"He put the cameras in for me, and I brought him inside and sucked his
dick, then he stuck his loaded pistol up my pussy, then I got on
top of him and fucked him. He's just left and I am sitting here naked on
my bed with my dildo, and his cum is leaking out of my pussy." I said
"He did what with his pistol?" he questioned.
"I was dancing for him and trying to tease him. His uniform and gun was
turning me on. I started masturbating with the end of the barrel. That
seemed to turn him on. He stuck the length of the barrel in me and fucked
me with his loaded gun. I think I learned something about myself. Fear
turns me on."

We both masturbated as we talked on the phone and I told him all the
details. I came all over my dildo and I talked dirty to him while he
jerked his cock until he came. We hung up the phone and I kept fucking
myself with the dildo when it suddenly stopped vibrating. I got up and
changed the batteries and it still didn't work.

The next day at work, Mark and I kept looking out the window checking on
my car. The end of the day came and I went out and inspected it and saw
nothing wrong. I started home and pulled up behind the adult bookstore
where I bought my sex toys.

I walked in and the place was empty. I browsed around for a while and
then the back door opened and the owner walked in. She was the same lady
that was here when I bought my old dildo.

"Hi Britney." she said "back for more, huh?"
"Yes, it's nice to see you." I said. "What is your name again?"
"It's Jan." she said. "What can I help you with today?"
"My dildo doesn't vibrate anymore." I said
"That sounds like an emergency." She said, laughing.

I grabbed the dildo I wanted, and I walked to the counter. She rang me
up, giving me a fifty percent discount.

"I am not supposed to do this but I'm going to throw something extra in
here." She said grabbing a small plastic container, with two red pills
"What are those?" I asked
"I was in Europe a few months ago at an adult toy convention. I met a
doctor who gave me these pills. They only work on females. Once you take
them they put you asleep and alter your hormones making you extremely
horny. While you are asleep you usually have dreams about your deepest
sexual fantasies. You are unconscious, so it's not like you are just
sleeping, and your dreams seem totally real." She said
"Are they safe to take?" I asked
"Oh yes, completely safe as long as you don't take them while you're
driving. Make sure you are at home and you are not going to do anything
for the rest of the day, because they will put you out for 2 to 3 hours.
They are not legal in the United States, but some of the doctors in Europe
prescribe them under supervision to their female patients who have trouble
with their sex drives." she said
"So have you given them to anyone else?" I asked
"No, you're the first one." She said
"Why me?" I asked
"Because I am really attracted to you, and I know you will like them and
come back for more, except next time you have to do me a sexual favor
before I will give you a refill." She said, smiling.
"I would have done that anyway, but it's a deal." I said as I walked out.

I went home and walked into the kitchen. I looked at the clock and it
said 7:00pm. I got a glass of water and pulled the bottle of pills out and
looked at it nervously. I opened the container and popped two pills in my
mouth and drank them down with a glass of water.

I began straightening up the house. Twenty minutes went by, and I was
vacuuming when I started feeling a buzz in my head. I walked over and sat
down on the couch. The buzz grew stronger, and I laid my head down and
felt completely relaxed and at peace with myself. I smiled and looked at
the ceiling thinking how nice I felt.

I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them I was lying on a
beach. There was a slight breeze and the temperature was perfect. I sat
up and looked at the reflection in the water and saw my face, only it was
ten times more beautiful. My eyes glowed like I have never seen before.
My light brown hair was long, down past my waist and shone just like the
sun coming up over a mountaintop. I looked down at my body and my skin was
soft and smooth with no flaws. I was wearing a beautiful silver bikini
that glowed as the sun reflected off it. My breasts were bigger and
firmer. I smiled and I couldn't take my eyes off my reflection. I was a
perfect image of what every girl dreams to look like. I got to my feet.
There was no one in sight. I looked out at the ocean and the sun saturated
its warmth on my skin. I felt completely happy and relaxed, with no
stress. I felt like I would never have to worry about anything again.

I looked down the beach and I saw a man walking towards me. As he got
closer our eyes met. He was a gorgeous man with long hair, and a strong
tight ripped body, with a devilishly handsome face. He walked up to me and
looked in my eyes and I felt complete love for him. It seemed like I knew
him a long time ago, before I was born. His hand touched my body and my
temperature rose as he softly kissed me.

He lifted me up in his arms and carried me down the beach. My head was
against his hard chest and he rocked me as he walked. We walked like this
for what seemed like hours, and then he laid me down on the warm sand, and
gently kissed my body. I lay there getting more and more aroused as his
strong hands moved up and down my body. He finally got on top of me and I
had a glorious feeling as his penis entered me. I immediately orgasmed but
it didn't stop there. I had another orgasm then another, and each time
instead of my body growing weak I wanted more and more. I lay there and
came continuously with each orgasm stronger then the last. This went on
for what seemed like several hours, until I felt him cum inside me. His
cum was much warmer then I have ever felt before, and it sent goose bumps
up my body as it went into me. He rolled off me and kissed me, then lifted
his face and I looked into his beautiful eyes. I smiled and closed my
eyes, and enjoyed every second of this wonderful experience.

Suddenly the world seemed to turn in a circle. I felt cold concrete on
my back. I opened my eyes and I was in a dim lit room that looked like an
old cellar. I lifted my head and looked around. The walls were made of
stone bricks, and it looked to be hundreds of years old. There was a huge
door at the far end of the room, and there was a rope that hung from the
ceiling and dragged on the floor. I looked down and I had my old body
back. I was naked and cold, my feet were tied together and my hands were
tied behind my back. There were no windows in the room and there were old
dim lights on the ceiling.

I lay there and I started trembling wondering how I got here. My heart
was pounding in my chest, and I broke out in a cold sweat. I tried to
think how I could get out of this awful place, when I heard the huge door
come open. I looked over and saw a women walk in. She was wearing a black
leather suit and she had an evil red mask on her face. The sight of her
sent huge waves of fear through my body. I started panicking and tried to
wrestle away from her as she walked closer to me. She stood over me and I
looked up at her. She grinned at me and her teeth were long and sharp like
a cat and her eyes were filled with blackness. I started whimpering and
tears flowed down my cheeks. She grabbed my legs and I winced in pain as
she dragged me across the rough stone concrete. She tied the rope to my
feet, and then she walked over to a crane and started turning it. The rope
pulled on my legs, and I tried to wrestle free, realizing that she was
going to hang me upside down.

"Please stop!! Why are you doing this?" I said in a terrified voice.

I winced in pain as the rope pulled my legs up until the weight of my
body was all on the rope tied around my ankles. She stopped turning the
crane when my head was about three feet from the floor. I heard the women
walking behind me and picking something up that made a metallic sound. She
walked in front of me and held a long sharp metal whip in my face. I
stared at the nasty whip in horror.

"No, please don't." I said as my eyes filled with tears, and I felt a
stress in my body like I have never felt before.

My body froze, and I lost control of my bladder. I continued crying as
I felt warm urine running from my vagina, down my stomach, until it dripped
off my face. The woman walked behind me, and there was a sudden silence. I
hung there and prayed that the evil woman would not hurt me…… Suddenly
I felt my skin tear open as the long nasty whip smacked off my back.

I screamed in pain, and I cried loudly. My body started going into
shock as the woman continued whipping my back over and over. She finally
stopped and let out an evil laugh as I felt the blood running out of the
open flesh down my back. I opened my mouth and tried to scream for mercy,
but nothing came out. She walked in front of me and started whipping my
breasts and stomach. I closed my eyes, and hoped that I would lose
consciousness, but I remained awake and felt my skin tear open with each
lash of the whip. I looked up and whimpered as I saw the ugly cuts across
my breasts and stomach.

"Please stop!!" I said in a weak voice

She walked slowly toward the table. My body shook so hard I could
barely make out what the women was doing. I was throbbing in pain, and my
blood was trickling down past my neck to my face and hair. She turned
around and walked back toward me, with a long sharp knife in her hand.

I screamed in dread as she came closer. She put the knife to my face,
and I felt the sharpness of the blade penetrate my cheek. My body shook
uncontrollably as she ran the knife from my neck between my breasts and up
my stomach to my pussy, slightly cutting the skin as it went. She worked
the knife gently between the lips of my slit. I cried and begged as loud
as I could for her to stop but her face showed no sympathy. She looked
down and showed me her evil grin. With the knife still pressed against my
pussy, she reached down with her other hand and grabbed my hair, and knelt
down by my face.

"Do you want me to fuck you with this knife?" She said in an evil female
"No, Please don't…." I whimpered.

She tore open the crotch of her black leather suit, till her vagina was

"You are going to eat my cunt, and your going to eat it good. If you
don't do a good job I am going to cut you a new pussy." She said

She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up between her legs. I stuck my
tongue out and she buried my face between her legs. I moved my tongue
between her folds and the taste of her pussy sent thrills through me. As I
licked her my throbbing pain left my body, and I grew incredibly horny. My
body seemed to tighten and tingle.

She pulled the knife away from my pussy and stepped back. As my tongue
lost contact on her cunt. I felt the excruciating pain of the whiplash
shoot through my body again. I screamed in pain and I looked at her pussy,
sticking my tongue out desperately wanting to lick it again.

"Please let me lick you some more." I begged

She walked around me, and I stuck my tongue out and tried to get it to
her pussy as she brushed passed me. She cut the rope at my wrists, freeing
my hands. Then she cut the rope at my feet that I was hanging from. I
fell hard on to the floor.

I sat up and looked at her as she paced around me. Pain was shooting
through me and I looked down at the nasty whip marks on my body. All I
wanted to do was taste her pussy again. She continued walking around me
and I worked up my courage and stuck my tongue out and crawled over to her,
but her arm curled back and I felt a strong whiplash across my back again.
I cried in pain and frustration as I crawled back away from her.

She came after me and I looked up at her terrified. She lifted her foot
and put it on my face and pressed my head against the concrete. She got on
her hands and knees on top of me and glared at me. Her eyes were not
human. They were completely black with a red pupil. She opened her mouth
and showed me her sharp teeth. A long snake like tongue came out of her
mouth. I tried to wrestle away from it but her strength was enormously
greater than mine, and she pinned my back hard against the floor. I turned
my cheek and closed my eyes tight as her long evil tongue ran up and down
my face.

"Please let me lick you again." I begged.

Her evil eyes stared at me and she said nothing. She picked me off the
floor with incredible strength and pinned me against the wall. She held me
about five feet up by my waist and she leaned her head closer staring at my
pussy. I looked down at her face, and saw her long tongue come out again.
The pain relieved again momentarily, and another huge feeling of arousal
went through me as her tongue brushed against my vagina, but she moved it
away again sending the pain back through me like a lighting bolt.

Without thinking I grabbed her head and tried to put her tongue back on
my pussy. She quickly glared into my eyes and showed me her teeth and she
hissed like a cat, sending a huge wave of fear through me. She brought her
head back down to my pussy and my pain and fear went away as I felt her
long tongue penetrate my cunt. Her tongue slithered inside me and I had an
orgasm instantly. I was screaming in pleasure as I looked down and watched
her tongue moving inside my vagina. Her mouth opened wider and I saw
another tongue come out of her mouth and it slithered between my legs and
moved up my asshole. Then she slowly turned me upside down and I moaned in
pleasure as my head was lowered towards her pussy. My orgasms became
constant again like it did on the beach by the taste of her cunt, and her
two tongues double penetrating my pussy and asshole.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my head deeper between her legs until my
tongue reached her asshole. I circled my tongue around it and my orgasm
grew stronger from the taste of her ass.

I felt blood entering my tongue and it started growing hard and erect
and took the form of a penis. I could still taste her asshole, but my
tongue was in the shape of a hard cock, and I could feel the pleasure of
what I imagined a man's penis felt like entering a woman's asshole. She
grabbed the back of my head and started fucking herself with my cock shaped
tongue, and I moved it around tasting the walls of her asshole.

My female orgasms were still constant. Then she reached down and
grabbed me by my hair and pulled me out of her asshole and rammed me up her
cunt. She let out an evil scream as her pussy grew wetter and her juices
squirted out on my face soaking my hair.

The pulses in my cock tongue started pounding and I could feel an
incredible feeling of semen building in my stomach as it worked its way up
my throat. My pussy was in a constant state of orgasm, and the pleasure
was exploding through my body with extreme intensity. Her grip tightened
on my head and she pumped my cock tongue up her cunt with incredible force.
I screamed, as my female orgasms grew stronger then ever. I felt the semen
running up my throat to the inside of my tongue and finally erupting loads
of cum up her pussy. She kept forcing me in her and loads after loads of
semen erupted out of my tongue till my stomach was empty.

I felt her two tongues slither out of my pussy and asshole. My tongue
popped out of her pussy and began to soften until it returned to the shape
of my normal tongue. She turned me around again and placed me on my feet.

She took a step back and looked at me. I looked down at my naked body
and all the whip marks and knife cuts were gone. I looked up at her and
she was grinning at me with her evil teeth again. I looked at them and
they started changing shape into normal teeth. Her black and red eyes
changed color and turned to brown. She moved closer to me and kissed me on
the lips gently. I opened my mouth slightly and felt her warm sweet
tongue. I broke the kiss and looked at her and reached behind her head and
slowly removed her mask. Her pretty light brown hair fell out, and she
brushed it off her face and looked at me. I moved closer and studied her
face and realized that it was my face.

"You look just like me." I said
"I am you……I'm the dark Britney."

I gasped hard and my eyes came open. I sat up quickly and looked
around, and realized I was laying on my couch in my living room. I looked
down at my lap and my pants were torn. My body was weak and my hands were
sore. I realized that while I was asleep I had been trying to get in my
pants to touch my pussy, and I had torn my pants and underwear apart doing
it. I looked at the couch and saw that I had peed all over it. My pussy
was sore from having rubbed it so hard. My upper legs and vagina was
sticky with cum from my orgasms.

"That was so fucking incredible." I said to myself

I sat on the couch and continued thinking about my dream. My body was
weak and I managed enough energy to get up. I walked over to the closet
and pulled my steam cleaner out. I turned it on and sprayed water on the
couch and sucked up all my urine and pussy juice off the couch. I walked
in the bathroom to get cleaned up before I went to bed. I took my clothes
off and did not have enough energy to get in the shower. I walked down my
hall naked and crashed on my bed without covering myself.

I slept hard all night without waking. My alarm clock went off and I
could barely move. I slowly rolled out of bed and got to my feet. The
muscles in my legs and stomach were aching and I felt like a whole army
fucked me last night.

I climbed in the shower, and the hot water felt good on my soar body.
The soap burned the rash on my pussy that I got from fingering myself as I
was dreaming. I got dressed and went outside and jumped in my corvette. I
looked at myself in the mirror as I drove to work. My hair looked awful,
and my eyes were blood shot. I wished I looked like I did at the beginning
of my dream when I was on the beach with that hot guy.

When I arrived at work I talked with Mark about my experience. I told
him about the pills she gave me. Mark was fascinated as he listened to me
explain my dream I had after I took the pills.

A man walked in and asked us if anyone has a blue corvette. I quickly
ran outside to the parking lot. I reached my car to find the windshield
was shattered. There was a rock sitting on the dash. I didn't get upset
this time and I opened my door and took out the memory card that was in the
cameras. I walked back inside and Mark had his laptop. We played the
video and it showed a women driving by in a white car. The video was
blurry and low quality, but Mark identified Kelly's face as she leaned out
her window and threw the rock at my windshield.

"That stupid jealous bitch, you don't fuck with someone's car." Mark
"At least now we have proof and we can take her ass to court and she
will have to pay for the damage." I said

I called my insurance company and they sent a person to fix my
windshield why I was at work. As a temporary solution I bought some cheap
paint from the auto parts store, and covered the word SLUT that was carved
in my hood.

A few days later I was sitting in court. Kelly glared at me as I
presented the judge with the video. I sat in the court room half the day,
until the judge finally had his verdict. He said that the video was not
clear enough to match the face with Kelly's. Court was over and the judge
walked up to me and apologized, saying there was nothing he could do.

I walked out to the parking lot, with my heart full of anger, and my
eyes full of tears. A white car pulled up to me and I looked inside and it
was Kelly.

"You were not as smart as you thought you were, with those camera were
you…..You dumb slut." She said as she quickly drove off.

I was furious as I drove to Mark's apartment. He let me in, and he
hugged me as I cried on his shoulder. We sat at the table and I drank a
beer with him to calm my nerves.

"I just wish there was something we could do to get back at her." Mark

I continued drinking my beer starting to feel a nice buzz in my head. I
was staring at the table still pouting, when a light went off in my head.
Mark had a magazine on the table and he was flipping through it as he
sipped his beer.

"Hey Mark, did you ever sleep with Kelly?" I asked
"No I felt her up a few times but she never let me fuck her."
"I hate to admit it but she was a hot little bitch." I said

Mark looked at me curiously.

"Do you still want to fuck her?" I asked.
"Not after what she did to your car." He said
"What if I got some more of those pills? We could sneak
in her house somehow and spice her drink with it then we could get our
revenge." I said

Mark and I spent the rest of the evening plotting our evil plan. It was
getting late and Mark fucked me on his kitchen floor before I went home.

The next day I clocked out for lunch and quickly drove to the adult book
store. Jan smiled at me as I walked in.

"Did you like the pills?" she asked
"Oh my god they were incredible." I said
"So I suppose you want some more." She said
"Yes I need a few more and I'm on my lunch break, so can we
go in the back room so I can pay you for them?" I said

Jan smiled at me as I walked behind the counter and grabbed Jan's hand
and walked in the room with her.

"I only have a few minutes to pay you for the pills." I said

I sat her down on a table and quickly started undoing her jeans. I
worked her jeans and panties off, and she put her legs on my shoulders and
I started rubbing her clit with two fingers as I stuck my tongue in her
pussy. I spread her legs more opening her butt cheeks and I ran my
tongue from her asshole up her slit. I was getting hot from the smell of
her cunt, as I tongued both of her holes. I worked my hand down my pants
and rubbed my fingers in my pussy. Jan's moan turned into a scream as I
moved my tongue in her.

"If you fuck me with a strap on, I will let you keep it, along with the
pills." she said

I walked over and grabbed one off the shelf. I took it out
of the package and took off my pants. I stepped into it and pulled
it up to my waist. I stroked it as I walked up to her. I leaned over
and kissed her as I rammed it up her pussy. I felt her muscles tighten
and I fucked her with all my force, until I felt her warm cum dripping down
my leg. I stood up and Jan's eyes were closed and she was breathing hard.

"I have to get going." I said
"Let me get you those pills." She said as she lied there catching her

I took the strap on off and put my pants back on. We walked back into
the store, and Jan reached under the counter and gave me a full bottle of
the pills. I gave her a long kiss as an old man watched from the adult
video section with his cock bulging in his pants. I rushed out of the
store and gave the man a smile as I walked by with the strap on in my

When I arrived back at work I showed Mark the pills. We watched the
clock the rest of the day until our shift was finally over. I got in
Mark's car and we drove to the department store where Kelly worked. We
drove around the parking lot until Mark identified her car. He handed me
a clothes hanger as I walked up to it and looked in the window. I saw a
bottle of soda sitting in the cup holder. I knelt down under the door and
grabbed the hanger to break in. I pulled the handle and to my surprise it
was not locked. I climbed in the car and grabbed the soda. The lid was
loose and it was half gone. I screwed off the lid and I reached in my
pocket and pulled the baggy out, and carefully poured the crushed pills in
the drink. I quickly screwed the cap back on and closed her door and
jumped in Mark's car.

We drove behind the building. I got out of the car and walked in front
of the store and I sat on a bench with a magazine in my hand and dark sun
glasses on so she wouldn't recognize me. I waited there a few minutes and
I saw her come out of the store and walk towards her car. I waited till
her back was turned to me, and I stood up quickly and rushed to the back of
the store where Mark was in his car waiting for me. I jumped in and we
followed Kelly's car keeping a good distance.

I knew that it took at least twenty minutes for the pills to start to
work. Still I worried as we followed. Kelly is probably the worst enemy I
have ever had, after all the things that she's done to my corvette that I
loved, but I didn't want to see her fall asleep in her car and get in a

She pulled into her apartment buildings, and Mark parked across the
street. We watched her get out of her car. She was holding the soda
bottle and we watched her put it up to her mouth and drink it as she walked
up the stairs to her apartment. We waited for about fifteen minutes and we
walked up to her door. I hid around the corner as Mark stood in front of
her door. He knocked loudly then ran quickly around the corner. A moment
passed by and there was no answer.

I walked up to her door with a credit card to pick the lock. I turned
the knob and the door was unlocked. Mark walked up to me, and I slowly
opened the door and looked inside. The living room and kitchen was empty
and my heart pounded in my chest as I walked in slowly. I looked around
and on the kitchen table I saw the empty soda bottle. I walked up to the
bedroom, and the door was cracked. I peeked in and saw Kelly lying on her
side on her bed. I looked at Mark and I slowly walked up to her. I put my
hand on her shoulder and gently shook her. Kelly's body felt limp and her
eyes remained closed.

Mark walked up to me, and we both stared at her pretty face. She had
long blonde curly hair, a pug nose and soft perky lips, her tits were small
and firm. She had pale milky white skin, with a small cute waist.

She was in her work clothes. She was wearing a green vest with a grey
cotton shirt, and tight jeans that showed her sexy ass off. Mark motioned
me to walk out of the room with him. We walked in the living room and
looked at each other.

"Mark I don't know if we should do this." I whispered
"Yea, let's leave." He said

As we walked out I looked down at the coffee table, and saw a long
knife. I picked it up and Mark and I stared at it. There were blue paint
chips from my Corvette on it. I closed my eyes and saw my car with the
word slut scratched on the hood. I heard the words "You were not as smart
as you thought you were with those camera were you…..You dumb slut."

I began getting angry as I thought about Kelly's words. Mark looked at
the knife and smiled at me. We walked back in the room and both looked at
her lying on the bed as she started talking in her sleep. We couldn't make
out the words as she mumbled. Her hands worked down and searched for the
zipper on her jeans.

"Let's get her naked." Mark said

We got on the bed and stood over her on our knees. I worked on her belt
and her jean zipper, and Mark lifted her limp sleeping body and worked her
shirt and vest off. I got off the bed and had to use a lot of force as I
pulled her tight jeans off with both hands. Mark and I looked at Kelly's
sexy body as she lied on the bed. She was now only wearing a bra and

Mark and I walked back to my car, and in my trunk I had my strap on
dildo. We walked back in the apartment and we both looked at Kelly's sexy
pale body.

I put my arms around Mark and kissed him.

"This is going to be so much fun." He said
"I guarantee she'll be out at least two hours, we can do whatever we want
with her." I said as I started working off Mark's clothes.
"First thing I want to do is fuck her." He said. "I have been dreaming
about doing that ever since I met her."
"Do you mind if I lick her pussy first." I said
"You love licking pussy don't you?" He said
"I have licked three girls pussy's now, and the more I do it the more I
like it. I love the way the smooth skin feels on my tongue, and I love
the taste and the way a pussy smells." I said

I knelt down and parted Kelly's soft legs. Kelly's panties had a
wet spot that was coming through her panties and she was moaning in
her sleep. Mark stood over me whacking off as I grabbed the side of her
pink panties and slowly pulled them aside until we could both see her
cute mound. It was perky and it had short blonde hairs.

"That is such a sexy little pussy." I said.

I slowly leaned my head closer till I could smell her sweet musky
vagina. I slowly licked around her inner leg, and her mouth opened and took
a huge breath. I blew softly on her pussy, and I felt my cunt swell up. I
continued teasing her vagina as I worked my panties off. I stood up and
pulled my hair back I grabbed my tits and started pinching my nipples and
then worked my hand down my stomach till my finger reached my clit. I
stuck my tongue out and I moved my head between Kelly's legs. My tongue
touched her pussy and I ran my tongue up her slit as slowly and softly as I
could. Kelly let out a loud moan as my tongue moved up her mound. I stuck
my tongue out as far as I could and I devoured the taste of her juices as
my tongue penetrated her cunt. Kelly's legs started shaking and I didn't
want to stop licking her delicious cunt.

"I want to fuck her now Britney." Mark said.

I pulled my head up and released her panties as they slapped against her
pussy and covered it again. Mark got on top of her and studied her face as
he aimed his dick at her crotch. I parted her panties again, and I watched
her folds open up and hug Mark's hard on as he slowly pushed into her.

He fucked her slowly and Kelly moaned loud as Mark kissed and licked her
lips. I stood up and fingered myself as I watched Mark finally get to fuck
his old love.

"Augh aughh aughhh." She continuously moaned.

Mark fucked her harder and harder and her eyes opened, and I could only
see the white of her eyes, as her eyeballs flickered in the back of her

"Mark, Don't cum in her, you don't want to get her pregnant." I said

Mark pulled out and got up frustrated.

"Dam I want to cum in her, she is so tight her pussy squeezed my cock as
I fucked her." He said "Why don't you fuck her up the ass you can cum in
there all you want." I said

Mark quickly walked up to her holding his cock. "No not yet we have to
get it ready first." I said "Want me to do it?" he asked "No I want to." I

Kelly was lying on her back still, and her face had a confused
expression as she mumbled words I could not make out. Mark stood next to
me with his prick pointed straight in the air. I grabbed her panty waist
line with both hands and pulled them down her legs and hung them on Mark's
dick like a towel holder.

"Here you hold on to those." I said laughing.
"Do you want to clean her before we do this?" Mark asked.

I parted her legs more and I put my head deep between her legs and
sniffed her asshole.

"It's not too bad." I said "What do you think?"

Mark knelt down and I spread her Butt cheeks as he sniffed her.

"Are you sure you don't want to wash her before you stick your tongue up
there." He said

I put my finger on her asshole, and Mark watched as I worked my finger
in. Her asshole was tight and it hugged my finger as I pushed it in to the
end of my finger nail. I loosened my hand and her asshole pushed my finger
out. I looked at Mark and I put my finger in my mouth.

"I like the way it is now." I said
"You are such a nasty girl." He said smiling.

I smiled back as I brought my head down and gently ran my tongue on her
anus. I circled her asshole several times. Kelly moaned in her sleep as
she kept speaking gibberish. I worked my finger up her cunt, pressing up
on her pubic wall as I ran my tongue around her asshole. I pulled my
finger out of her pussy and placed it on her asshole and I watched my wet
finger slide in.

"Can I fuck her now?" Mark asked.
"No, I'm not done yet. You are going to have to be patient." I said as I
pumped my finger up her ass.
"Suck my cock then, and get it nice and wet for her." He said
"I don't want to suck your cock, I'm busy, make her suck it." I said

Mark grinned as he moved over to her face. I still had my finger up her
ass and I licked her cunt while I watched Mark. He rested his hard dick on
her lips and her mouth parted. He slowly pushed his cock in her mouth, and
she began licking the head of his prick. Mark pushed his dick in more and
began fucking her mouth. I watched as he got more exited and started
ramming his cock deeper in her mouth. Her asshole tightened on my finger
with each thrust down her throat. Suddenly her face lifted up, and she
started chocking. Mark pulled out of her mouth and stepped back and looked
at me terrified. My heart was pounding in my chest as I looked at Kelly's
face. Her eyes opened slightly and I still could only see the white of her
eyes. Then she closed them and rested her head back on the bed. Mark and
I both took a huge sigh of relief.

"I think her asshole is ready for you now." I said

Mark and I sucked on her tits, before we rolled her over on her stomach.
Mark moved behind her and admired her soft beautiful butt cheeks. I
straddled her back and with both hands I spread her ass open and leaned
down and stuck my tongue up her asshole again. Mark looked down patiently
waiting with his throbbing cock. I felt her asshole open as his cock
replaced my tongue.

Kelly started moaning again as he moved his cock up her tight asshole. I
maneuvered over and spread my legs and scooted my butt to where my pussy
was inches away from the top of her head. I lifted her head, and held her
face on top of my privates. I closed my eyes and could feel her hot breath
against my pussy as she moaned. I lowered her head and placed her nose on
my pussy. Her nose moved in my folds and up to my clit over and over as
Mark pounded her. I pulled my legs back and her face landed on my pussy
and I pushed her nose down to where it was rubbing against my asshole.

"That's' what you get for fucking with my car," I said. "You get to
smell my asshole."

I rubbed my clit and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I felt the
pleasure in my body start to rise, and I started moaning as I rubbed my
clit furiously. I felt a tingling in my pussy, and I grabbed her head with
two hands and rubbed her face in my cunt. I screamed loud as I used
Kelly's face to pleasure my twat, during my orgasm. I looked up at Mark
and he started grunting as he milked his cock up her ass.

I lifted Kelly's face and she was breathing hard and had a frustrated
look on her face.

"Please, Please make me cum." She moaned in her sleep.

I rolled her over on her back. There was a huge wet stain where her pussy

"Looks like she's already came a few times." Mark said
"Please." She moaned

I got up and grabbed the strap on. I stepped into it and pulled it up
to my waist.

"I don't think you deserve this after all the shit you've done to me." I
said starring at her sleeping face.

Her body was limp and her legs shacked as I climbed on top of her. She moaned loud as I fucked her.

"Are you going to cum!" I said "Am I going to make you cum you dumb

Her eyes flickered in her head as her arms wrapped around my back as she
screamed. I rammed my fake cock in her as hard as I could. She screamed
loud, and I felt her nails claw into my back. I winced in pain as her
nails dug into my skin. I stopped moving and I felt her cum running down
my leg. I got up and straightened my back, and gritted my teeth waiting
for the pain to fade. I looked down at her and she seemed to have a smirk
on her face as she lied there breathing hard.

"Pick her up and bring her into the kitchen. We are going to fuck her
some more." I said in an angry voice.

Mark lifted her limp body over his right shoulder and I followed Mark
out of the room with my plastic cock swinging back and forth as I walked.
We got to the kitchen I looked at her ass hanging over Mark's shoulder. I
saw Mark's cum start to bubble out of Kelly's asshole. Mark watched as I
walked up to him and berried my face in her ass and sucked Mark's spunk out
of her hole. Mark laid her on her back on the tile floor, and I knelt down
by her head and forced her mouth open. I started kissing her, and I moved
my tongue in her mouth, as I swapped his sperm to her. She moved her hand
down her body and she started rubbing her cunt. I glared at her, as she
still had that smirk on her face. I gathered the rest of the cum that was
in my mouth, and mixed it with saliva. I spit it between her eyes, and
watched it run down her cheek.

"Oooohh I can't stand this bitch!" I said "Just the look on her face
pisses me off."

I pulled my strap on off and tied it around her head to where the
plastic dick was sticking straight in the air off her face. Mark watched
as I squatted over her face. I took the whole length of the hard plastic
cock up my cunt, as I sat on her face. I bounced up and down on her head
with the dildo penetrating me. Mark's cock grew hard again, and he rammed
it up her pussy as we faced each other.

"I'm having so much fun" He said smiling
"Me too." I said as I fucked Kelly's face and he continued fucking her
"She is like our blow up doll." He said
"She is very life like huh." I said laughing

Pleasure shot through my body again as I bounced up and down on Kelly's
face. I looked down and squeezed both of her tits, and screamed as I
watched my pussy squirt all over her face during my orgasm. I stood up
laughing as I continued rubbing my wet pussy. Mark pulled out of her
again, worried about cumming inside of her. I undid the strap on off her

"I'm in the mood to get fucked up the ass." I said

I worked the strap on up Kelly's legs until it was sticking straight up
in the air on her crotch. I squatted down and worked the cock up my
asshole as I faced her and looked at the shit eating grin on her face.
I rubbed my pussy and closed my eyes feeling the pleasure of the dick up
my ass as I bounced up and down on it.

"Mark, lift her face up." I said

Mark bent down and pulled her head up, and I looked at her pretty face.
The cock was still up my ass and I leaned back and pulled my pussy lips
apart. I felt the relief of my bladder empty as I watched my piss stream
shoot out and splash on her face. Mark opened her mouth and it sounded
like a toilet bowl as my pee shot in her mouth and ran out down her chin.
My flow stopped and Kelly coughed as my piss gushed out her mouth.

I sat her up and held her head still as Mark stood over us and jacked
off. He started grunting, and I watched his semen shoot out of his dick
hitting Kelly between the eyes and oozed down her face.

"We have to get her cleaned up now before she wakes." Mark said

I helped mark pick up her limp petite body. Mark carried her into the
bathroom and put her in the tub. I ran the water and put shampoo on her
hair. I rubbed soap on her pussy and asshole to destroy the evidence. We
pulled her out of the tub, and dried her. I used her hair drier on her
hair. We carried her still naked body back into the bedroom. I licked her
tasty cunt again before I put on her panties. We dressed her and lied her
on the bed like we left her. I cleaned the piss and cum off the kitchen
floor before we left.

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