My Summer Without Men

Are you fucking more now and enjoying it less?  This should have been my mantra after my first year of college.  I had become a favorite at fraternities, but was finding less and less satisfaction with the men I was sleeping with.  I struggled to find the reason I was not having those wonderful orgasms I had been reading about.  Oh, I had one or two really good ones, but the majority of my sexual escapades left me feeling frustrated.
My first thought: Maybe something was wrong with me physically.  Nope…I could satisfy myself with no problem.  My nimble little fingers could make me cum every time so it wasn't that.

My next thought: "All these guys are lousy lovers."  A convenient rationalization, but I'd been with too many men for all of them to be bad.

My conclusion: "Maybe I'm a lesbian" I had always been curious about making love to another woman, perhaps it was more than mere curiosity.  Perhaps this was my true sexual preference and that's why men were not satisfying me.

I wasn't sure of the reason.  The only thing I was sure of was that I was not going to fuck any man for the entire summer.  The only problem that remained was how to put myself in an environment that would make that an attainable goal.  The solution to this dilemma turned out to be easier than expected.

I had a lot of gay male friends; in fact my two best friends at the time were gay and always took me with them to the clubs in Philadelphia, so when they invited me to spend the summer with them in Atlantic City I jumped at the chance.  At the time, New York Ave. was the "gay strip" and was the wildest, most fun place to be.  We took one room at the Hotel Carroll, which we used mostly just, for showers and changing clothes.  We would spend all night in the bars dancing and watching the female impersonators while getting drunk and stoned and high on amyl nitrate.  The days were spent sleeping on the beach.  I was young and free and it was a very enjoyable time.

My two best friends, both named Michael, had told everyone that we were related.  One said I was his cousin, the other his stepsister.  This way if any one of us was being annoyed by someone we didn't want to be with, we would just find each other and had an excuse to get away.  It was a perfect setup.  The boys were always looking out for and protecting me.  One morning they really surprised me.  I had left the bar at about 9am and had gone back to the hotel room to shower and change.  Well, I got undressed, laid down on the bed and promptly fell asleep.  My guardians, along with about 5 of their friends came looking for me.  Deciding that it was too beautiful a day for me to be sleeping in a musty old hotel room, they felt they should wake me up.  I wouldn't have minded being woken up, but a bottle of amyl stuck under my nose is not the way I would have chosen.  I jumped up, totally nude, only to find 7 great looking guys in my room.  None of which had any interest in me whatsoever.  It was at that moment my thoughts began to change.

Through the months of June and July I had been having so much fun that I didn't even miss having sex, but after the morning of the rude awakening, I was beginning to feel the old urge return.  Knowing that I didn't want to break my vow of "no men" both Michaels suggested that I check out the "Chez Paris."  The only woman's bar on the strip.

"You'll have to come with me."  I said.  "I can't walk in there all by myself."

"Why would I want to go into a bar full of women?"  Said Michael.  "They probably won't even let us in."

"I'll go with you."  My "stepbrother" Michael said.  "Just till you get in and feel comfortable."

"Thanks."  I said and gave him a hug and a kiss.  That evening I put on a pair of tight jeans and a white low-cut halter-top and embarked upon my adventure.  Michael and I walked into the club; I paid my cover and started up the stairs.  Stopping to wait for him, I found myself alone.  The son-of-a-bitch sneaked out while I was getting my hand stamped.  There was nothing left for me to do, but take a deep breath and continue on.

I sat down at the bar, ordered my Singapore Sling, and checked out my surroundings.  It was your typical 70's disco with a raised dance floor and flashing lights.  The only difference was there were no men in the place.  Watching the women dancing close and making out was getting me more aroused than I expected.  Before long another drink appeared before me.  My heart started pounding, I was scared shitless.  I looked across the bar and saw an attractive woman with short dark hair smiling at me.  I sort of half smiled back.  Two minutes later, she was by my side.

"You don't owe me anything for the drink baby."  She said putting her arm around me.  "But you've got the shyest smile I've ever seen."

"Well, this is my first time here."  I finally managed to get out.

She laughed.  "Baby, this is your first time ever!" and she sat down next to me.  Her name was Dale and she was 32.  I was 18.  We talked for a while and then she asked me to dance.  It was a most unusual sensation.  Her body felt so soft, and she held me very gently.  Being as short as I am, my head reached just to her chest.  I'd always been used to dancing with men this way, but to lean my head on a pair of breasts…very exciting.  We danced for a while and she asked if she could kiss me.  By that point, she did not have to ask I was ready.

What a different feeling.  Her lips were so much softer than any man's I had ever kissed.  As she slowly eased my mouth open with her tongue, I found myself involuntarily pressing up against her and that old familiar tingling between my legs started.  She suggested we go back to the hotel room and who was I to argue?

When we got to the room we started kissing again, much more passionately this time.  She untied my halter and my breasts freed themselves into her hands.  She kneaded them gently with her hands and my body melted at her touch.  She took of my jeans then her own clothes and guided me onto the bed.  She sensed that I was still pretty unsure of what to do and whispered to me "Just relax, I'm gonna take care of you."

And take care of me is just what she did.  As she sat me down on the bed and began kissing me, our breasts met.  What a delicious feeling.  I had to touch her breasts.  They were not as large as mine, but very nice with large nipples.  Now I know why you guys like to play with them so much.  She took my left breast into her mouth and began sucking it while rolling my nipple around on her tongue.  It felt so good that I had to find out if I could cause that same reaction in her (strictly for curiosity sake, you understand) I ran my tongue across her nipple and it instantly hardened and she moaned loudly and sucked on mine even harder.  This in turn elicited a similar moan from my lips.

She laid me down on the bed and began kissing her way down my stomach, flicking her tongue as she went.  By the time she reached my mound of auburn curls, I was more than ready.  She spread my wet lips and slowly ran her tongue up and down my dripping pussy.  This was heaven.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  (And why not?  She had the same equipment and knew where everything was,) Her tongue formed circles around my clit, teasing it, making it ache for more.  My breathing got harder, my moaning louder, but she whispered to me "Not yet."  She wanted to prolong my ecstasy.  When I felt I could no longer stand it and thought I would die of pleasure if this went on much longer, she put her lips over my throbbing clit and began to suck, while her tongue licked and danced on it.  My hips pushed hard into her face and I let out a scream of delight.  My body tensed as the waves of orgasm overtook me.  With every tremor, every shudder, she pulled my hips even closer to her mouth.  When my pussy became so sensitive that I couldn't bear it, I begged her to stop.

She lifted her head and kissed her way back up to my mouth.  I kissed her deeply and tasted myself.  I just had to try this out for myself.  I leaned her back on the bed and wasted no time with preliminaries.  I spread her pussy open and slowly licked at her clit.  She gasped as I felt her harden under my tongue.  Since I had never done this before, I was curious to see if I could do to her, what I thought felt good to me.  I flattened my tongue and starting at her asshole, licked all the way up.  She sighed loudly, so I knew I was doing something right.  I teased her like that a few more times then tongue-fucked her deeply.  Moaning, she lifted her hips against my face.  I spread her lips as wide as I could to give me complete access to her engorged clit and began to flick and suck it.  Her hips started bucking wildly.  I guess she was afraid I would stop, because she grabbed my head and held it there tight.  I felt every muscle in her body tighten as her juices filled my mouth.  I was surprised at the sensation, but I kept going, drinking up every bit of her until she was drained.

She lifted me up to her and kissed me gently.  Rocking me in her arms, we fell asleep.
We kept things up like that till the summer drew to a close.  I realized that my questions of my sexuality were answered.  I definitely enjoyed being with a woman, but I knew I was not a lesbian.  The answer to my original question had to be the men I was with.  Not that they were all lousy lover so much as they were young and either didn't know how to please a woman or were too selfish to take the time to learn.  All I knew was when I got back to school I was not going to settle for anything less that satisfaction, if I had to teach them myself to get it.

She didn't want me to leave, but I had to get back to school and to some men.  I hated to break her heart, but I had to tell her that I was not ready to give up men completely.  (Not this little lady, I love cock way too much for that.)  So we left it at just a summer romance.

That was my first experience with another woman, but certainly not my last.  I later discovered all sorts of interesting combinations of people to get involved with.  Which gives me all the more to write and tell you about.

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