nawty lil kelly

nawty lil kelly

Her name is Kelly, 13 years old, blonde hair, 5'2", 113 lbs. She has big boobs for her age and she has always known it. Ever since she noticed the attention her boobs got from the guys both her age and older, Kelly made it a point to wear clothes that showed off her figure-both her boobs and big ass. At 13 years old Kelly was very curious about sex, it was constantly on her mind. She was a virgin, but Kelly had had boyfriends, some her age and some a little older. She had been fooling around with boys since she was a bit younger. She was almost 13 the first time she saw a guys dick. His name was Tim, he was 16 years old, they were alone at his house the first time he pulled his dick out for her to see. Kelly was hooked, she loved touching his hard dick. She loved touching it and she jacked him off three times that day alone. She couldn't keep her hands off of it ever since that day. She always got her boyfriends off by jacking them off until they would cum into her hand. She let the boys touch her boobs, but that was the furthest she would let them get.

It was a Saturday morning, Kelly woke up about 8 am from a very hot dream that she was having about her and a teacher she had a crush on at school. The dream left Kelly really horny and right away she wondered what boys dick she would be touching later that day. It didn't really matter whose it would be, she just knew she wanted to go farther than she had ever been before. Maybe even let the boy finger her young, tight pussy. Or maybe even suck a guys dick for the first time. She couldn't wait to get her day started! She promised herself that she would act like a little slut for the first boy who contacted her. While Kelly was walking around her room, she noticed she had an instant message on her computer. When Kelly clicked on the message, it read "You looked really hot in those booty shorts you were wearing yesterday". Then Kelly noticed that the message was sent from the family computer in their den. She couldn't believe that her brother would send that to her, she blushed and thought about him. His name was Scott, he was 17 years old. She had never really noticed him paying any attention to her, so she wondered why he was checking her out. Kelly decided that she wanted to find out today, so she dressed only in a short t-shirt and a pair of small bikini panties. She skipped out of her room to the kitched for breakfast. When she arrived in the kitchen, she saw her mom cooking, her dad reading the paper, and her brother eating cereal. They looked at her then her mom and dad looked at each other, her mother than told Kelly she was getting too old to be walking around the house in just her panties and t-shirt. Her mother told her to start putting more clothes on if she was going to be walking around the house. She noticed her brother look up at her, but not wanting to get caught staring, he looked down to his cereal right away. All through breakfast Kelly tried to get his attention, but he wouldn't make eye contact with her. The meal conversation was the usual, they talked about what they had planned for the day. Kelly's mother was going to be gone shopping all day, her dad was going to be working in the yard, and her brother, Scott, had a baseball game later. After she finished eating, Kelly went back to her room and she needed to shower and find something sexy to wear for the day. She wanted to get her day started, she wanted to find someone to play with.

When Kelly got back to her room, she started to pick up a little bit. She had been working on her room for a half hour when she noticed she had another instant message, when she clicked on it, she was excited to notice it was from the family computer again. It read "Your ass looked really hot in those panties, and I could see you weren't wearing a bra. I didn't want to stand up after breakfast because you made my dick so hard". Kelly smiled to herself, he was looking at me after all. What was he doing sending those kind of messages to her. She decided to play along, it got her horny thinking about how much fun it would be teasing her brother. She instant messaged him back saying "I wore the panties just for you, I'm glad you liked them. I'm about to take a shower, I will leave my panties in the bathroom for you since you liked them so much. Lol". She waited for awhile but there was no response. So Kelly got up and headed for the shower, she couldn't get her brother out of her mind. She thought about his big arms, muscular chest, flat stomach with his 6-pack. It got her pussy wett wondering how big his dick was, what it would be like to have her brother finger her wett young pussy. He was really cute and she decided she wanted to find out. She imagined him in the shower with her, she imagined her hands were his hands as she squeezed her big tits. As she moved her hands over her body she closed her eyes and imagined her older brother playing with his younger sisters tight pussy. When Kelly was done showering, she slipped on her robe; when she opened the door, Scott was standing there, she shyly smiled at him and he smiled back. Then he said "Move big butt", and squeezed by her. His hard body rubbing up close to hers. Then he gave her a little push and closed the bathroom door. Kelly thought to herself, who is teasing who? Why didn't he try to touch her or something?

When Kelly got back to the room she said to herself, "I'll put on an outfit that will drive him crazy. if that's the way he wants to play! We will see who can play better", as she laughed. Kelly put on white sneakers, white knee socks (that she pulled up past her knees), a loose fitting pleated short skirt (that barely came down to cover her young round ass cheeks), and she wore a white button down blouse (that she tied in a knot at her belly). You couldn't see her the thong that she wore because it was pulled tight against her ass crack and pussy. Kelly was glad her mom was gone all day, she knew her mother would flip out if she saw what Kelly was wearing. Her dad was outside in the yard and he was little more laid back. Her dad never really noticed or complained about what Kelly wore; Kelly was his little girl, his angel that he spoiled. He would never Say anything about the way she was dressed.

Kelly stayed in her room to finish cleaning it and listened to music, she started dancing by her window. One time she caught Mr. Nelson watching her from his window across the way. She acted like she didn't notice, it was late about 11 pm that night. She then decided to tease the 40 year old married man. She moved her body slowly to the music, moving her hands softly over her body, running her fingers through her hair. When she saw she had his full attention, she took off her t-shirt and danced around in her bra. Then she slowly started unbuttoning her jeans and hooking her thumbs inside the waistband. She started moving her hips while looking directly into his window. Then she slowly pushed her jeans down over her hips, revealing her panties. She took her jeans off and danced in just her panties and bra just for him to see. Then she reached around and unhooked her bra and was about to pull it off when she reached over and turned off the lights. She thought it was so funny, that older man probably couldn't believe his luck getting to watch a young, barely teen girl strip for him. She imagined his dick so hard and the way he must of fucked his wife that night; while thinking about the 13 year old girl next door. Kelly danced with her eyes closed remembering about Mr Nelson, she touched her hands over her body while she danced, thinking how sexy she must have looked to the older man. When Kelly opened her eyes, she saw her dad near the window…..

Kelly was so embarassed she stopped dancing, she wondered if her dad saw her dancing in the window. If he did, she would for sure be in trouble. Then she thought to herself, he must not have seen me because he kept on working in the yard. Then she noticed another instant message on the screen, she ran to the computer to check her message. It read "I found your panties in the bathroom, thanks. I jacked off and cum on them, when do you want them back? Lol." Kelly thought to herself, this has gone on for long enough, she was going to end the teasing. She wrote back "You can bring them to room tonight after everyone goes to sleep. I will be layin in my bed in just another pair of panties. But if you want that pair you have to take them off yourself. If you dare come, don't turn on the light or say anything, I don't want to get caught. So just get undressed and just get into bed with me. Lol You got my pussy really wett now, so don't disappoint me". Kelly stayed in her room a little while waiting for another instant message, but nothing came. When Kelly left her room, the house was empty, Scott must of left for his baseball game. Kelly wondered if he got her instant message before leaving. She stayed around the house waiting for Scott to get home, then the phone rang and her dad came inside to answer it. It was Scott saying him and friends were going for pizza after the game, he said he would be late and had a key so they did not need to wait up for him.

It was 11:30 pm when she heard the car in the drive way, soon after Kelly heard the front door close. She was excited and very wett, the little girl's pussy had been wett all day from thinking about what she going to do with her older brother. She planned to suck his dick nice and slow, so they both really enjoyed it. She had heard how to do if from friends and was looking forward to trying it for the first time. She also looked forward to having someone else finger her young pussy, her nipples were hard thinking about her brother suckin on them. She really hoped her brother would know what he was doing; she laid in bed and waiting in the dark. It wasn't until an hour later when she heard the door knob to her room start to turn, Kelly smiled and thought "Wow he's really coming". She turned to face the wall, then turned to lay on her side waited in the dark. She heard soft footsteps and felt the blanket being lifted and his body sliding on to the bed. Kelly felt his naked body move in close to hers, his hand on her hip. She felt his dick pressing against her ass, that's when Kelly spoke "I didn't think you were gonna come". In reply she heard him say "I had to wait for your mother to fall asleep", Kelly turned to find her dad laying next to her, he was completely naked. Kelly didn't know what to say or do, so she just laid there, eyes open in the dark looking toward the wall.

Then she felt her dads hand slowly move from her hip up the side of her body and around to grip her boob. His fingers went to pinching and pullin on her already erect nipple, she could feel her father kissing her shoulder an back of her neck softly. His dick was very hard, her father was pushing the buldge against her ass. She had to admit her dad knew what he was doing with his hand, his soft kisses were making her horny, but she thought "Wait I have to stop this". But how would she explain she thought it was her brother that wanted to fuck her, not him, not her dad. She really didn't know what to do, then Kelly looked over her shoulder and whispered "Daddy how long have you wanted this?" He answered "Since the first time I saw you dancing by your window", Kelly was shocked. She never knew her father saw her dancing like a little slut in her window. He said the neighbor lady complained to him one day and that night he stood outside to watch. He told her how sexy she looked, how beautiful she was, how hard his dick would get every time he watched. Kelly had been waiting for her brother all day, now her father was there. Kelly had been so horny all day. She made up her mind, it would be only this one time. She said to herself "Scott or her daddy, there wasn't really a difference". So she whispered to her dad "Daddy if you want me to, just this once, I'll be a naughty little girl for you. I'll let you touch me however you want, but you can't ever bring it up against me, ever! And if it's good I'll act like a little slut for you whenever there's nobody else around. It will be our secret ok?" Her father leaned in and kissed Kelly's soft lips, he was a very good kisser.

Slowly he rolled her over onto her back. They broke the kiss and he quietly asker her "Are you a virgin? Tell me the truth, I won't get mad." She was very quiet for a minute, then she said "Yes I'm a virgin daddy". Then she told her dad about how she had been getting guys dicks hard and making them cum with her hand for amost a year. She told him she loved the way a guys hard dick feels in her hand and she reached over and took her dad hard cock into her little hand. She started to move her hand up and down the length of his 8 inch dick. It was the biggest she ever felt, it was long and really thick. She told her dad in an innocent whisper she had never touched one as big as it before. He asked the little girl if she ever sucked a dick before and the little girl whispered "No daddy". He told Kelly "I want you to kiss daddys dick", she hesitated and he said "Come on baby, be a good girl for daddy". For some reason that made her feel like acting like a little slut. She thought about what a little slut she was being there alone in the dark with her daddy laying naked next to her. She thought to herself I'm here , I might as well be a good slut. She then moved the covers back and kissed the tip of her daddys cock, her dads hand went to the back of the little girls head and gently pushed down a little. Kellys lips went down around her father's hard dick, his dick could hardly fit in the little girls mouth, he told her to suck on his dick while pulling it out of her mouth. To then go down and do it over and over. Kelly did what her daddy told her.

Her father laid there with his eyes closed while his 13 year old daughter sucked his dick for the first time. Kelly liked sucking his dick, she wanted her dad to teach her how to be a good dick sucker. Every once in awhile she would hold his dick tight in her hand and drag her lips up until his dick popped out of her mouth and she would ask him "Is that ok daddy? Am I doing it right?" Her dad wouldn't say a word, he would only put his hand on the back of her head and push the little slut down to his cock again. She liked the way it felt like her daddy was making her suck his dick. Kelly was now on her knees bending over sucking her dad's dick. Like she really knew what she was doing. Her fathers hand would slide off the little girls head, down her back and over her ass. Once there he would squeeze and pat her ass, then move it back up to her head. After 10 minutes, 15 minutes of the little girl sucking his dick he moaned softly if she didn't stop he was going to cum. When Kelly heard that she pulled her mouth off for a second but kept right on jacking his dick off. She said "I've never tasted cum before daddy, I want you to cum in my mouth". Her dad sat up and gently pushed her onto her back again. He said "Don't worry I promise to do that later honey". He eyes were better adjusted to the dark now, he could barely see the little girl looking up at thim. She was licking her lips, he bent down and took the little girls breast into his mouth;something he wanted to do for so long.

His tounge rolled around the young girls nipple. Her nipple was very hard, when he put hit lips tight around the nipple and sucked the little girl moaned louly. He pulled his lips away from her breast and said "Shhhh. I gave your mom a sleeping pill but we don't want your brother to hear us. She said "OK daddy I'll try to be quiet, but it feels so godd. Especially when you drag you teeth over my nipples". He went back to suckin on the little girls tits. While he did this she ran her fingers through her dads hair with her eyes closed. Her dads hand slowly moved down Kellys tummy until it was at the waistband of her panties. He stopped and pulled away from her tit, looked her in the eyes and asked "Are you gonna keep these on?" She smiled, her eyes only half way open and said "I told you silly if you want these panties, you have to take them off me yourself daddy". She pulled him down to her and gave him a hot slutty kiss. Then breaking the kiss she moved her lips up the side of his face until her lips were just awayfrom his ear and she whispered "Come on daddy, take your little girls panties off". He moved to the foot of the bed facing her, Kelly bent her knees and opened her legs. He moved between the little girls legs, and with his thumb and pointer finger he pinched both sides of her panites on her hips. She was lookin at him still licking her lips. When he started to pull the panties down the little girl gave a naughty smile and lifted her hips and ass off the bed. He stopped half way down on her hips and waiting, Kelly said "Please daddy, don't tease me." That's when he knew the little girl was ready.

He started tugging the little girls panties down her hips again, she smiled. Her daddy whispered "Has a guy touched your pussy before?" Kellys response wasnt't more than a breathless whisper, she said "No daddy, I want you to be the first guy to touch my tight wett pussy. Please daddy feel how wett it is." WHile they talked, Kelly's panties were at her knees, her father stopped at looked at her. He couldn't believe his 13 year old little girl was laying naked in front of him talking about acting like a total slut. He thought to himself, if this is how she wants to act then I'll treat her like a little slut. And he tore the little girls panties off, ripping them; this scared Kelly for a second. But for some reason she liked it, it excited her. Then her dad said "Kelly are you daddys little slut?" She didn't know what to say, so she stayed quiet, her father said "Tell me your my little slut Kelly." With this Kelly whispered "I'm your little slut daddy." He said say it again but tell me you want to be daddys little slut. He put a finger into her pussy and started fingering the little girl hard. Kelly closed her eyes and moaned loudly, not caring who would hear. While her daddy continued to finger fuck her, she said "Yes daddy, I want to be your little slut! Treat me like a little slut daddy. Play with my 13 year old pussy. Do what you want to my pussy I'll do what you say daddy. Just don't stop. Put your big dick in me daddy Please! Please do it..make me your little slut daddy, I won't tell me mommy!"

Kelly was so horny and wett she was saying this with tears in her eyes. She was begging her father to put his dick into her. Her father said "Will y u suck my dick whenever I want you to?" Kellys said "Yes as long as mommy won't catch me." Her father moved in closer between her legs, his hard dick just inches from the young girls pussy. Her dad asked "Do you want to feel my dick in you slut?" Kelly said "Yes daddy fuck me like I'm a slut." She felt her dads hard dick touch her pussy, she tensed up. She was so ready for this. Her father asked her "Will you pose for me? Let me take picture sof you so I can always remember my young little slut?" "Yes daddy, please put it in." She felt the head of her fathers thick cock focing its way into her young pussy with no mercy. She shut her eyes and clenched her teeth together tightly to ease the pain. Once he popped her cherry, the pain subsided a little and she started to enjoy it. Her father was fucking her hard now, everytime he shoved it in she would raise her hip up to meet his thrust, enjoying the feeling of his thick member slamming into her. He was up on his knees with his dick buried in her, now he held the little girls thin ankles in the air, forcing them up extended over her chest. He was giving her the full 8 inches with every thrust, all she could do was grip the sheets tightly. She whispered to her daddy "Harder, I'm a little young virgin daddy, make this pussy yours." Then she felt an orgasm like she never had before. Her whole body shook violently, her legs went weak. She put the pillow over hre mouth and screamed into it. Then her body went limp, her father didn't seem to notice; he kept driving into his little girl all his might until he felt it rising in him.

He pulled out, still on his knees, he moved up the bed near where Kellys head was. He grabbed her by the hair and turned Kellys face to his dick. He pulled her hair gently and whispered "Now baby, suck daddys dick and make him cum, like a good little girl." Kelly smiled and said goody and started sucking his dick like a pro. Not only sucking, but jacking him off at the same time until she heard her father say "Yes that's it, make daddy cum like a good little slut." He exploded into Kellys mouth, she tried to swallow all of it, but there was so much it began to come out of her mouth and drip down her chin. She couldn't get enough of it, when he was done cumming, the little girl kept sucking her fathers now limp dick. Until she pulled away from it and innocently looked up at her father asked in a shy little voice "Did I do it right daddy? Am I good girl?" She smiled, her dad said "Yes baby, your a good little girl" and kissed her. Then he put on his PJ bottoms and asked "REmember all the things you said you would do?" And she said "Yes daddy, I promise to keep my word. All of it." And her dad said "Wll talk tomorrow baby, good night. I love you." And he left.

When her father left her room, Kelly laid in her bed trying to believe what just happened between her father and her. It all felt so good, she couldn't wait for the following day, for the first chance she would get to be alone with her dad. Just so she could act like a little slut for him. It was all so exciting, she knew she couldn't keep it all to herself. She knew she was gonna end up telling her best friend Jessie about it. It was only fair because Jessie told her the secret about when she played strip poker with her grandpa. They told each other everything and never judged each other.

The next morning when Kelly woke up, she noticed hse had an instant message, she couldn't wait to read what her daddy had to say. When she clicked on it, it read "I heard you and dad last night. Come to my room after everybody goes to sleep tonight. We need to talk little slut, and just wear a t-shirt-no panties. I'll be waiting. Scott"…….

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