Next Door

Next Door

For me living next door to Judy and Dave was like having a younger brother and sister. Ok, technically we didn’t live next door but across the street from one another. Well, actually we lived diagonally from each other but that doesn’t really matter. But since we live on farms in the country we have been best friends forever. Or for as long as my 15 years can remember. Judy and Dave are twins just a year younger than me and the three of us have done everything together. We have participated in 4-H, waited in the snow for the school bus, ridden the bus home to do late afternoon chores and in the summer camped out by Swenson’s Creek. We have always been good friends. I love living on a farm because there is such freedom. At times I miss the town things… going to the movies… hanging out with friends… or just walking the mall. But Judy and Dave make up for that most of the time.
Our families like many farm families help each other without even asking. When it is time for haying… we help bale; when it is time for calving we all pitch in. On a farm birth, death and even procreation are all part of the activity. Whether it is Mom or Dad or Mr. John or Ms. Carol (as I call Dave and Judy’s parents) asking us to do something, we just do it. “Fix the gate to the barnyard… Go down to the creek and get the heifers… Help stack the hay in the barn… the three of us just do it. No questions asked. And whenever we can we try and have fun doing it. That is what friends do.
Dave is a lot like me, tall and thin. He has dark hair and dark eyes with long dark lashes that look almost feminine. The girls at school tease him about them all the time. He also blushes easily as the girls have found out. But he is a farm boy so he is strong and wiry and in good shape. Judy is just like Dave. She is tall and thin with short dark hair. She has not yet begun to develop, or maybe she has. I am not sure if she has bumps in her tee shirt or not. Most of her friends call her a tom-boy but to Dave and me she is just “Jude”. I am a bit taller than Dave but just as thin with longer dark hair. The three of us could be related but we are not…
Almost every summer Saturday starts the same for us. After morning chores we meet at our barn to plan the day’s activities. Today we are going to go swimming in the creek. Nothing as formal as bathing suits, just cut-off shorts for Dave and me and an additional tee shirt for Jude. We have been doing this all summer so are tans are rich and dark. The water in the creek runs deep and cool but the sun is bright and the temperature is hot.
The water looks inviting as we kick off our shoes and shed unneeded socks… I have been to the creek a thousand times with Dave and Jude and never paid any attention to what Jude was wearing. But today I noticed! Well actually I didn’t realize I noticed until Dave hit me on the shoulder and asked,
“Hey, what are you staring at?”
I realized I was watching Jude bending over and untying her shoes. In fact I couldn’t really understand what I was looking at or thinking at that moment. I just felt a strange sensation in my groin and a fascination with Jude’s butt. What the hell was this?
“Uh, nothing,” I stammered as I shook my head. “I must have been daydreaming.”
“Well come on in,” Judy shouted as she ran and jumped into the water.
Dave and I quickly followed and the three of us splashed and swam for the rest of the morning. But I couldn’t get the image of Judy’s butt out of my mind. I am sure I was not as enthusiastic as normal but we still had a good time. I just knew something was going on that I wasn’t sure about. It seemed as if my body and my mind were on different frequencies… and my body was in control.
After dinner that evening I was getting ready for bed. I noticed a few hairs starting to darken on my body. I actually had some chest hairs and the peach fuzz around my groin was getting thicker. I was looking at myself and thinking of Jude’s butt when I felt my penis starting to grow. I had heard the “guys” talking about a hard-on and jacking-off or whacking-off or wet-dreams or whatever but was not real sure what all of that meant. I mean I know how a bull breeds a cow… or a dog breeds a bitch, I mean I live on a farm. But I had not transferred that knowledge to humans. At least I hadn’t yet. But for some reason without thought my hand found my penis and I began to stroke it. Now that felt good! And it continued to grow and harden, wow. I looked at it with fascination… I mean my usually small penis was now big and thick and hard. I mean I am not an idiot I had awakened with a pee hard-on before but it was gone as soon as I went to the bathroom. Now my hard-on seemed to have a mind of its own. My brain or my penis or something willed my hand to continue stroking. My mind immediately went to Jude’s tan legs and round butt as my hand speed increased. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I knew I liked the feeling. My breath quickened my body began to tingle my muscles tightened and I began to shake. All of a sudden I felt a warm glow hit my body. I quivered all over and a ton of white liquid shot out of my penis onto my stomach, my chest and some onto my face and hair. I was in shock and in awe of this. It felt wonderful. Wow, I loved that feeling. This was going to be an every night activity!
A couple of weeks later Dave and I were helping his mom move some stuff in their barn. I was now fascinated by Ms. Carols figure. She wore tight jeans and a man’s denim shirt tied at the waist. The shirt highlighted her breasts and showed off her flat stomach. And after some intense staring I noticed her exposed belly button.
“You know kid,” she said to me, “your eyes will fall out of your head if you stare too long.” I blushed and began throwing feed sacks onto the wagon. “Sorry Ms. Carol I must have been day dreaming,” I mumbled as I turned to hide my growing penis. My jeans were becoming uncomfortable as my hard-on stretched the fabric.
“Dave, would you go over to the alfalfa field and tell you dad not to forget about the Vet coming at 11am”, Ms Carol told her son. And Dave took off like a rocket. Just like him to get out of loading the wagon. And now I would have to do the bulk of the work while he got to drive the tractor to the field.
“Now, where were we just a minute ago?” Ms Carol asked as she bent over showing me her cleavage. I wasn’t sure if she was wearing a bra but I was sure she had really nice breasts. And either my imagination or reality formed nipples in each of her breast pockets. I must be going crazy I thought. I mean this is a mom! And now I am staring at her tits. What in the hell is going on?
“I think we were loading the horse feed”, I stammered. Now I was nervous wreck. I wanted her to just load the wagon but my penis wanted her to keep teasing me. I felt my groin stirring and saw a bulge beginning to grow in my jeans.
“You know what puberty is, don’t you?” Ms Carol asked. “You are at that age where you start to notice differences between men and women. And I can see you are not in total control of your reactions,” she said as she looked at my growing bulge. “Now I am not going to do anything that will make you uncomfortable but I think I can help with your maturity. Come over here and sit next to me on the wagon.”
I sat down beside her and waited for what seemed like an eternity until Ms.Carol placed her hand on my thigh. “Now put your hand on my thigh just like I did to you. OK, now move your hand like I am moving mine,” she said as she moved her hand towards my crotch. I felt my penis begin to grow. It was trying to get straight but my jeans were too tight for it to unfold. The bulge was getting bigger and more uncomfortable as I moved my hand nearer her crotch.
“Take your other hand and touch my stomach,” she said as she leaned back on some feed sacks. I touched her stomach and felt a slight wetness and saw a small trickle of sweat disappear into her waistband. Every nerve in my body was on edge. I felt my heart beating and felt Ms. Carol’s heart beat as well. Without instruction my hand found her belt buckle and zipper. With a dexterity I didn’t know I possessed both were undone in a flash. I was on a mission. There was nothing more important than getting my hand down her pants. I felt the top of her pubic hair and a dampness that sent me over the top. I could smell a scent that was as intriguing as anything I had ever smelled. As I tried to rearrange my crotch my hand touched Ms. Carol’s hand and an electric shock raced through my body. I adjusted my penis up my body and the head peeked out of my waistband. My other hand slipped beneath her panties and found the top of her slit. At the same time her hand found the head of my penis and such a light touch sent a shock throughout my body. I could not control myself any longer. My body shook, my eyes closed, my balls danced, my breath raced and I felt a load shoot out of my penis. White liquid shot up my stomach soaking my tee shirt. I was covered with a cream that immediately embarrassed me.
“Oh my god Ms. Carol I am so sorry,” I pleaded as I removed my hands from her jeans. “I don’t know what came over me, I am so sorry!”
“Relax relax, now take a deep breath and lean back,” she said as she put my penis back inside my waistband and readjusted her clothing. “Now that was your first lesson in becoming a man. You will have to have more lessons before you can control all of your reactions but believe me you did terrific. Now let’s finish loading the feed. You know Dave will be back in a little while.”
For the rest of the week all I could think about was the 10 minutes I spent on the wagon. My penis was now my cock… and it was always getting hard. I mean at any time my mind flashed on that experience my cock would react. Whether I was at dinner, watching TV or getting ready for bed I became instantly hard. And I loved it! Wow, I love having a hard-on. In bed I replayed the “wagon” and pumped my cock. I was fascinated by its size. I would let it go soft then pump it up again. I got a tape measure and measured it, 6 ½ inches. I watched as my balls moved in their sack as I neared ejaculation. I masturbated every night to the memory of the “wagon”. I was mesmerized by my body’s reaction to the stimulation.
The following Saturday morning Dave, Judy and I went to the creek for a short swim. It was really hot with the temperature in the 90s by 10 am. The three of us were lying under a tree after swimming when I noticed a bulge in Dave’s shorts. I knew exactly what was going on in his pants and turned to see if Jude had noticed. She was leaning against the tree trunk with her eyes closed and her legs crossed at the ankles. Dave was rearranging his shorts when I spoke.
“What have you got there?” I asked pointing to his crotch. Dave was always like my little brother and completely open with me.
“I am not sure,” he said as he moved his penis up his stomach. “I have been getting this reaction lately when I think about sex. It is really quite embarrassing at times. I am not sure why but I keep thinking about naked bodies. And when I do my penis grows and I want to touch it.”
“Believe me I know what you are talking about,” I said as my mind flashed to the wagon. “Come on,” I said as I jumped up and ran to the water’s edge. We both dove into the cool water and stood chest deep in the cooling pool. We were standing there looking at Judy sleeping under the tree when she uncrossed her legs. I was sure I could see the outline of her privates through her wet shorts. My penis sprang to life and searched for a release from its tight fold. I ran my hand down my shorts and moved it up my stomach. I knew the head was above my waistband but it was still below the water line. We stood that way for a while just looking at Jude. Eventually Dave dove under the water and circled around me twice before coming up in front of me.
“Wow, I see what you mean about understanding my predicament,” he said as he looked down through the clear water towards my waistband. “How long have you been experiencing that?” he asked as he motioned towards my protruding penis. I continued to look between Jude’s legs and started to massage my cock. I was transfixed by the semi-wet V between her legs. I responded to Dave without even thinking.
“It just started a little while ago,” I said as I ran my finger around the head of my penis. “What about you,” I asked not really caring about the answer. I was too focused on Jude’s body and my own cock to be really interested in Dave’s response.
“Well, I am not sure but it seems to have begun this summer. I think in just the last couple of weeks.”
I continued to play with myself while staring at Jude and thinking about the “wagon”. I was unaware of Dave moving beside me until I felt his hand on mine, the one under the water. He moved my hand aside and touched my cock head. I was stunned. My cock immediately started to go soft. But his firm touch, Jude’s open V and the wagon experience moved me beyond shock and my cock responded with tenacity. I was as hard as a rock. We stood there in the water facing the bank, me staring at Jude and Dave working on my member. He managed to undo my shorts and reach down to my balls. He began massaging them and stroking my cock. I felt the predictable shudder and growing urgency to shoot. I rotated my hips and moved with the same rhythm as Dave’s. After some minutes with a soft moan I shot cream in to the pool.
“That was fantastic,” Dave said as he moved behind me and pulled up my shorts. “Can we do that again sometime?” he asked with excitement. “I mean I don’t know what that was all about but I really liked it. I want us to do that again. Can we?” he pleaded. I continued to stare at Jude and replied. “Any time you want I’m game.”
The following Thursday we bailed hay all day. Dad drove the bailer, Mr. John worked the loft, Judy drove the tractor and Dave and I loaded and unloaded the wagon. By 6 pm the three of us were hot, tired, and sweaty and covered with chaff. We slipped on our shorts and headed for the creek. We jumped in without hesitation. We swam around for a while before collapsing on the bank. I was asleep in two minutes. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or I was awake but I sensed someone moving above me. I didn’t move as I heard Dave and Judy whispering.
“No really, I did touch him,” Dave said. “Last weekend here in the water while you were sleeping. He was staring at you and his penis got all hard and long. I just reached down and started stroking it. He went absolutely catatonic, he didn’t move while I massaged him. And just like I told you after a while he started to shake then shot something like cream into the water. It was great!”
“How big is it when it’s hard?” Jude asked. She positioned herself at my waist and was looking at my crotch. “I mean does it look like yours? Does yours get hard? She took her hand and touched the zipper on my shorts. I moaned a little and rolled over onto my side away from them. I then quickly repositioned my cock so it pointed up my stomach. I didn’t move as they continued to talk.
“It is thicker than mine I think,” Dave whispered. “And yes mine does get hard, especially when I think about touching his penis. You know that was the first time I have ever touched another person’s privates. Have you ever touched anyone before?”
“Are you kidding me!” she replied. “I have never even seen a guy’s penis, OK except for yours. But that doesn’t count, you are my brother and besides I have never seen you hard! And anyway you are a dork!” she chuckled. “But I would like to see one and touch it like you did. What did it feel like? Was it rigid?
Still faking sleep I rolled onto my back as they continued to whisper above me. I could feel my cock beginning to grow as Dave answered.
“It is kinda hard and kinda soft at the same time. I mean the skin is soft, the head is smooth and the shaft is rigid. But you can move it around some. I mean it is not like it is in concrete.”
“Well I would like to find out for myself,” Judy pouted as she slid closer to me. I was now totally awake but faking sleep as I moved my legs and encouraged my cock to grow. It a matter of seconds my penis began to peek out of my shorts.
“See, there it is,” whispered Dave as my cock continued to grow. “Don’t be a coward, go ahead and touch it.”
“I can’t,” Judy hissed. “He will wake up and I will be totally embarrassed. And besides it is only the very tip and you can’t tell anything from that. I want to touch the whole thing.”
Dave didn’t wait to explain he just reached over and touched the head of my protruding cock. There was a small drop of clear liquid forming at the tip and he spread it around with the tip of his finger. Judy watched in fascination as my cock began to throb and bounce a little. Without much effort Dave unbuttoned my shorts and very delicately pulled down my zipper. My boxers were gapped open and they had a clear view of my balls. Dave reached inside my boxers and gently started to stroke my penis. I involuntarily moaned and raised my hips to encourage the activity. Judy was mesmerized.
“Come on Sis, you won’t get a better chance than this to explore,” Dave crooned as he continued to massage my cock. I moaned and said, “It’s alright Jude go ahead and touch me. I won’t mind. In fact I’ll enjoy it.” I raised my hips and slid down my shorts and boxers leaving me naked on the grass. I felt Judy’s hand touch my shaft and a shock flew through my body. Down boy I said to myself. You will lose it before you get started. I reached over with my right hand and felt Judy’s legs. I moved up to her thigh then up to the damp V of her crotch. She moved her hips a little to the left and my hand found the outside of her privates. She moaned and pressed her body into my hand. I was nearing an explosion as I felt her rotating her hips against my hand. My fingers were trying to find a way under her shorts. I was totally focused on her and did not see Dave unzip his shorts. He took my left hand and placed it on his now hardening penis. I immediately lost focus on Judy and my hard-on began to soften.
“Dave, what are you doing?” I asked as I started to sit up.
“Relax big guy,” he responded. “Turn about is fair play. And besides you are a natural at this.” I could feel his penis throbbing in my hand and watched as he closed his eyes and moved his hips. I began to stroke his member with my left hand and turned to see Jude watching her brother with awe. She moved her hips in unison with his and my right hand found her V again. She reached over and took Dave’s hand and together they began to stroke my cock. I was so focused on them that I lost track of reality. We were there for some time before I felt Dave begin to shake. He grabbed my penis harder, moaned out loud, quickened his hips and shot out a load of cream that flew across my body and landed on Jude’s dark brown tee shirt. The next load flew out of his cock and landed right in my belly button. The next squirt hit my pubic area and their hands making my cock a slick pole. Jude let out a moan and began to pump my shaft harder and harder.
“Oh my God, that was so hot,” she cried as she moved her hips and pumped my shaft. My fingers found an opening alongside her shorts and slipped inside of them. She began to move her hips aggressively. Now this was the first time for me to touch a woman’s panties and I was immediately gone.
“Oh, Oh, Oh, I moaned. “Here it comes, Oh wow, Oh wow!” And I shot a load of juice up in the air. It came down on my chest. The next flew up and landed on my stomach and then Jude began to milk me like a cow’s tit. The last of my cream came out of me and dropped onto my peach fuzz. I was spent. Jude took my hand and pressed it harder into her crotch. My fingers moved like dancers searching for the perfect rhythm. Judy continued to move her hips, pressing her panties against my hand until a little cry escaped her lips; a small shudder moved her body and an increased wetness washed her panties.
“That was the best swim I have ever had,” I said as I pulled on my shorts and tied my shoes. “I can’t wait until we go swimming again,” Dave responded as he pulled on his clothes. “Well boys,” Jude pouted, “you had better take more interest in me next time if you want me to continue to participate. I mean I didn’t even get out of my clothes. Not that that it seemed to matter to you two. Next time we will have to do it differently.”

The following week I was in our barn restacking some hay bales when Ms. Carol came over to visit. Mom and Dad were in town so I was alone just finishing my chores.
“Are you folks here?” she asked as she sat on the side of the wagon. “I am all alone; John and the kids went over to Jackson’s to look at some cattle for 4H and won’t be back until late tonight. So I thought your mom and I could catch up on things. But it looks like she is gone.”
“Mom and Dad just left for town and won’t be back until late this afternoon,” I replied thinking totally about the wagon. My mind raced in circles going from the current wagon to the past wagon. Ms. Carol was wearing a yellow flowered sun dress that just touched the top of her knees. She had her hair tied back with a yellow ribbon and yellow sandals covered her feet. She sat with her legs crossed and leaned back on her arms. The dress was low cut enough that I could see the swell of her breasts and short enough that my imagination could see up to her panties even if I couldn’t.
“What do you think about our last wagon experience?” she asked with a sly grin. “You do remember it don’t you?”
“Oh yes Ms “C” I remember it. In fact I think about it often, especially at bed time.”
“Well, how would you like to have your second lesson?” she said as she uncrossed her legs and slowly spread them apart. “Pull up that bale of hay right in front of me and take a seat.” Without hesitation I did what she asked. I was low enough now to be staring right between her legs. I could clearly see her yellow panties. If I was seeing correctly there was a small patch of wetness right in the middle of that bright yellow. “Now unzip you jeans and take out your penis but do not stroke it. Just let it stand at attention. I followed her instructions and my penis (ok now my cock) stood straight out. She leaned over and slipped the straps off her shoulders and her dress fell slowly to her waist. In front of me were the most beautiful breasts ever created. With one hand I reached for her while my other went straight for my crotch.
“Slow down now,” she cooed. “And don’t touch that pole of yours. Save it for a while.” I leaned forward and touched her breasts. I felt the soft firmness of the flesh and the semi-hard rubber of her pointed nipples. I don’t know why but I had an intense desire to suck on those nipples. I stood up and put my mouth on her left breast and played my tongue over it. I nibbled and sucked and licked, all without instruction. Ms. “C” just wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me tight to her breasts.
“That’s my boy,” she said as she raise her hips and slid out of her panties. “Now sit back down and relax a little. I took my seat and was now looking directly between her widening legs. “Do you know what you are looking at?” I nodded. “What do you call it,” she asked. I was too embarrassed to answer. “It’s OK to call it a pussy,” she purred. “And I can see by your reaction you like looking at it.” By now my cock was standing straight up and bouncing around like a Russian gymnast. She scooted forward on the wagon and put a leg on each side of me resting her feet on the hay bale. “Now lean forward a little.” Again I did what I was told. I could smell her and see the moisture surrounding her opening. She took my head in her hands and pulled me into her. I kissed her opening and smelled her juices. I lick the opening and slide my tongue into her. By now my cock was bouncing around like a pogo stick and my balls were aching to explode. I buried my face between her legs and licked and sucked and kissed like a hungry bear. “Easy there boy”, she whispered as she pressed her hips to my face. “Take your time and enjoy the experience.” I continued to lick and suck until I felt the same shudder take over my body. I knew I was about to shoot and I had no control to stop. I reached down to my cock and after a few strokes let loose with a torrent of cream. It shot up to my chin dripped down to my pubic area and stained my jeans. It was like a small river in volume and was white as milk. I was immediately embarrassed again.

“Oh Ms “C”, I am sorry for this,” I said motioning to the cream all over my jeans and her dress. I know my face was red and I could feel the heat rising up my neck.
“Baby, not to worry,” she cooed as she pulled up her dress and slipped on her panties. She held my face in her hands and kissed me lightly on the lips. “You did real good. And that was quite a load you emptied. I would say your second lesson went real well.”
Near the end of summer Dave, Jude and I were in their barn playing in the hay mow. We had not done anything like our swimming escapade since that bailing day. But we often talked or joked about it but were too embarrassed to take the initiative to do something. But this day things just seemed to fall into place. Jude was in a tank top and short shorts while Dave and I just had on jeans with no shirts. We were all bare footed. Playing, actually wrestling in the barn we were all becoming hot and sweaty. I had Dave on his back straddling his waist and Jude was trying to get me off of him. I grabbed at her wrist and pulled her down on top of him. Her legs straddled his head and she sat right on his face.
“Ugh, get off of me!” he yelled as he pushed and bounced to dislodge us both. “No way,” Jude teased and pressed her bottom down even harder on his face. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her towards me and we both rolled over on to the floor. I felt what I thought were small breasts press against my chest as she squeezed my butt and pulled me tighter. Dave grabbed Jude by the shoulders and began to pry us apart. My hand slid up her body and rested on her breast. I squeezed and felt the nipple harden. “Whoa, that’s nice,” she said as she pressed her body to mine. She put her hand between us and took hold of my crotch and smiled. Dave took the opportunity to slide his hand on top of Jude’s and squeezed even harder. I reacted by putting my other hand on Dave’s crotch and began to massage him. He immediately began to get hard and I dropped my other hand to Jude’s “V”. I wiggled my fingers under her shorts but on top of her panties. She pressed against my hand as Dave moved to the same rhythm as my massage. I felt Dave find my zipper while Jude unbuckled my belt. I slipped out of my jeans. My boxers were still on as I found Jude’s waistband. I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs. She had on red panties with a white heart right in the front. Dave didn’t wait for us to help him he just stood up and lowered his jeans and boxers. His penis sprang out like a jack- in- the- box and Jude and I both gasped. Although I had touched him once before I had no idea how long he was.
“Wow Dave, you are huge,” I stammered as I gawked at his bouncing member.
“I’ll say,” whispered Jude as she squeezed my penis. “I thought you said you were not that big.” What are you a horse?” She said with dancing eyes. “How big are you?”
I continued to stare at Dave but my fingers were searching for a way under those red panties. My other hand reached out and grabbed Dave’s penis. It wasn’t that thick maybe that was why I didn’t realize how long it was. I began to slide my hand along the shaft while Jude squeezed and released me.
“I am just over 8 inches,” Dave said with some embarrassment. “But I haven’t measured it lately. And it is not as big around as yours. And the head is not as big as yours. But I do like the way it bounces as it gets hard,” he bragged as he made it dance in front of him.
I continued to stroke him and play with his balls as he knelt down. I brought my hand up to the head and milked out some of that clear liquid. I took my fingers and spread it over his shaft. I applied and released pressure as I pumped him slowly. Dave closed his eyes and moved his hips in rhythm. Now that is a nice cock I thought as I milked his pole.
Jude continued to stare at Dave’s groin. I could tell she was mesmerized by the length of his cock. Her eyes never strayed as I continued to pump him. She was completely focused on her brother’s 8 inches. She began to match my hand speed with her own on my penis. I rolled towards her and slid off her panties. She moved towards me and took me into her mouth. I gasped in satisfaction as she began to suck me. I could see her eyes shine as she continued to watch me pump Dave’s cock. Every movement I made on Dave was matched by Jude on me. If I slowed down she slowed down. If I went faster she immediately quickened her pace.
I leaned back and felt Dave move towards me. His head was right beside Jude’s and soon they were both buried in my pubis. My hips moved with increasing speed as I pulled Jude around and had her straddle my head. She lowered her body and my tongue struck pay dirt as I licked her fuzz covered slit. Dave was taking all of me into his mouth while I concentrated on satisfying Jude. Jude was stretching to the right to reach Dave’s bouncing dong. I slipped off her tank top as she stretched. Her small breasts and tight nipples were covered with red splotches as she shuddered though small orgasms. She finally captured Dave’s cock in her hand. She did not stroke it she just held it and admired it while I continued to lick and suck her. I reached up and put my hand on top of hers. We both began to pump his full erection until we felt him stiffen. I increased the speed and look up in time to see him shoot a gallon of cream all over my stomach and chest. At almost the same time Jude pressed down on my face and my tongue went deep into her. I found the little knob at the top on her slit and began to gently suck it until she shuddered, stiffened and pressed down harder on my face. With a quiet moan she covered me with a sweet wetness that dripped off my chin. By then Dave had sucked me to such a height that I could see tomorrow. I arched my back pressed my hips to the air. I pulled back his head just as I released. A flood of cream poured out of me and flowed down my shaft. We were all spent. Wrestling can sure be fun I thought.

School was going to start in a week and I was taking one of the last summer evening walks down by the creek. It was almost dark as I sat under a tree near the swimming hole. I was sort of daydreaming about the great time I had had this summer when Ms Carol call my name.
“Over here by the tree,” I replied as I sat up. My mind was already racing ahead of me and I hoped this would be lesson number three in my maturing process.
“Well there you are,” she said as she sat down beside me. She was wearing a denim blouse and a pair of jeans. She had white sandals on her feet with toenails painted a bright red. “I was hoping to find you before it got too late, if you know what I mean.”
“Yes mam, I know what you mean,” I replied hoping I knew what she meant. “I was just thinking about the end of summer and the beginning of school. I am not sure I want this summer to end. I have had such a great time but I guess it is time to get back to my lessons”
“My dear boy, you don’t need school to have a lesson,” she cooed as she placed her hand on my crotch. “I am here to make sure you graduate this evening. So school is now in session.”
She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, pulled off my tee shirt, and took off my shoes and socks and made me stand up. She then pulled down my jeans and boxers. I stepped out of them and stood before her completely naked. I looked down to see my cock surrounded by fuzz turning to dark hair and a pair of balls dangling in a fuzz covered sack. I was proud to see my cock stood at attention while being given this close inspection. She leaned forward and took me into her mouth and began to suck me. I stood there enjoying the sensation and moved my hips to her rhythm. After a few minutes she stood up and had me sit in front of her. She took off her blouse exposing a pretty white bra with a pink ribbon in the middle. She then kicked off her sandals and stepped out of her jeans revealing a pair of white panties with a small pink bow on the front band. I watched as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Her breasts were now free and swayed magically as she bent over to remove her panties. Now she stood in front of me completely naked. I am not sure how you measure breasts but I was sure she had the biggest and best tits ever! They were perfectly round with darker circles around each nipple. I gazed down her body stopping at the blondish hair shaved into a V above her pussy. I was fascinated by her shape, her smell, her being that I almost shot my load right there.
“Wow, you are beautiful,” I murmured as I continued to stare at her.
“I’m glad you like what you see,” she responded as she knelt down beside me. She leaned into me pressing her glorious tits against my chest and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Now lie on your back and close your eyes.” I quickly obeyed. I felt her straddle my waist and grab my penis in her hand. I could feel her directing me as she lowered her body onto my cock. I easily slid into her. She was moist, tight and hot! My hips started to instinctively move up and down. “Ssshh, easy there,” she whispered as she stopped me from moving. “Don’t move, I’ll do the work you just enjoy,” She placed her hands on my chest and began to ride me. At first she was slow and easy. Then with a quickening breath she increased her speed. Soon she was pounding my cock with her pussy. I could feel my body building to an explosion. I tried to think of other things but could not. My mind’s eye could see nothing but the coming explosion. I opened my eyes and saw two beautiful breasts bouncing in front of me. I looked down to see my penis disappearing and then reappearing from her glorious pussy. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to think, think of something else. But the feeling from my groin told me “NO” you are going to have to let it go. And let it go NOW!
I rose to meet her in mid slide. Our bodies collided but were we held together, connected by a hard pole buried in a wet cave. We collided again. She rose to the end of my shaft then slammed down, once, twice, three times. I could feel the end coming. She slammed down again!
“Oh my, I can hardly breathe,” I gasped as I threw my hips in the air. “Wow, this is wonderf…” and I shot everything I had. I continued to pump as I felt the last of my liquid leave me. Ms “C” slowed her rhythm and I could feel her muscles milk the remaining white fluid from me. We stayed completely still for a minute as we gathered our breath. Then with a slow purpose Ms ”C” still straddling me stood up. She stood absolutely still as she looked me in the eye.
“Don’t move,” she said as my fluid began to leak out of her pussy and onto my stomach. We stayed still for some time as I watched my juice drop, drip and plop and then run into my belly button and pubic hair. Her eyes were smiling at me as she said, “Well it looks like you have passed all the requirements to move to manhood.”
I wanted to thank her and tell her I would be a good “student teacher” to her two kids but just said,
“Thank you Ms Carol!”

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