Night Crawling

Night Crawling

Suddenly, there was a gloved hand pressed to her mouth. Donna was awaken rudely, aggressively. She opened her eyes but could not see anything. Her first instinct was to scream in terror but there was a strong, hard male hand preventing her from opening her mouth at all. Only mumbles escaped.

She struggled, her arms and legs thrashing as she fought to break free of the sheets and the unknown assailant. Strong arms on her mouth and chest pressed her down to the bed. Then: the sound of metal sliding out of the case.

“Be still, I’ll cut your fucking throat.”

The blade was pressed against her throat. It went in deep. The skin held but barely. Donna forced herself to be still. Not easy. Her whole body trembled. The sound of her own heartbeat in her ears was deafening. Her pulse was going through the ceiling and her breathing was irregular, hysterical. Forced to breathe through her nose only, when every atom of her body screamed for air, Donna felt as if she was going to pass out. Only the fear, mortal fear, blind panic wouldn’t let her.

She couldn’t see. The man was kneeling on her bed, leaning close to her as he was making sure she doesn’t scream or fight, but the room was dark. She couldn’t see his face, he was just a dark silhouette, breathing hard.

“That’s better, bitch. Be smart the rest of the evening and you might live through this.”

Donna was trembling uncontrollably. This could not be happening. This had to be a dream. She had those before, she knew that. This had to be a dream.

The man adjusted the blade still firmly pressed against Donna’s throat.

“I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth now. You’ll be able to breathe easier. Do you understand? Do you want me to do that?”

Donna couldn’t breathe and couldn’t speak. She nodded, trying not to get herself cut but still make him see her signalling agreement in the darkness.

“Good.” The stranger chuckled. “I don’t need to remind you there’s a knife at your throat, do I?”

Donna shook her head energetically.

“Oh, you seem to understand well. Just in case, let me point out that I am very much ready to stick that blade into you as soon as you get any bright ideas about screaming. Is that clear? I’m going to fucking kill you the moment you try to pull a stunt on me. Are we clear?”

Donna’s blood was freezing in her veins. The fact that she still couldn’t force her eyes to make out any of his features had to do with the blood pressure and panic that was all over her. She nodded again, feeling him press the blade deeper into her skin, as a way of emphasising his point.

“Besides”, he continued, “your husband being out tonight leaves only your sons to come to your aid providing you can get the scream out. Now, you may be a stupid old broad for all I know but even you can’t be stupid enough to think any good would come out of that. You don’t want your sons hurt or worse, do you?”

Who was he? What? How? How did he?

There were many questions struggling for attention in Donna’s head. But priorities came in natural order. She shook her head left to right and again and again and again. She could hear him chuckle again. Suddenly his hand was not on her mouth any more. The smell of leather and sweat was gone.

“Let me hear that”, he said.

Donna struggled to gain control of her lower jaw. It took some seconds.

“please… please… don’t hurt my children… please…”

She whispered in desperation, in panic, in fear. There was no time to think, to plan, to analyse the situation. There was someone in her bedroom, on her bed, someone strange, violent and dangerous, someone ready to hurt her and her family.

“please… i… please… take whatever you want… just don’t hurt me… please…”

She pleaded in her broken whisper, trying to reason with him, trying to bargain with him. He could have it all. Her possessions, her money, her property – everything. All these things lose value the very second you are reminded your life is finite. Donna was reminded this in the worst possible way. Moreover, the threat to her sons struck her at an even deeper level. Anything, she’d give him anything just to see him leave.

“Now, be quiet, whore and look at me.”

Donna winced and tried to penetrate the darkness but there was nothing there. What did he want? The pressure of the blade on her throat increased. She started shaking uncontrollably.

“no… no… please… no… please…”

He laughed.

“You recognise me, Donna? Do you? Do you know who I am?”

She couldn’t see. The voice… The voice meant nothing to her. But he knew her name. He knew her husband was out tonight. He knew of her sons. He…

“no… no, please, I don’t…”

“Don’t lie to me, bitch!! Don’t you fucking try to play smart with me here!!!”

His free hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Her throat was now even more vulnerable as he slowly started sliding the blade across it.

“Let me hear it, Donna. Who am I? No fucking smart ideas here! Tell me my name, whore!!! I’ll kill you, bitch, do you hear that?”

She didn’t dare move or scream. She couldn’t think of anything to do or say. Who was he? What was his name? Why why why why?

“please… please…”, she whispered, trying to buy time. No ideas, no words. “please… no, please, don’t hurt me…”

“I asked you a question!!!! Who am I?”

“I don’t know!!! I don’t know!! I swear I don’t know, I can’t see your face, please, please!!!”

Her whisper almost turned into a scream as she expected the blade to enter her throat.

However, he let go of her hair, let her head rest against the pillow.

So you don’t, eh?” He chuckled again. “You don’t recognise me. Now there’s a disappointment.”

He adjusted his weight on the bed.

“I guess playing slut has became a second nature to you so it is not to be expected for you to remember every single occasion when you were cock-teasing and being a whore for the hell of it, only to retreat safely back to your family nest once your got enough egofucking.”

Donna didn’t know what to say. Donna didn’t know what to say. His words… His words were hurting her. They were harsh, obscene, unfair. Donna didn’t know what to say.

“no… God… no… who… who are you?”

“That’s what I asked you, Donna. That’s what I expected you to tell me. You fucking SLUT!!!!”

The last word was punctuated with a slap to her face. Sharp, savage, unexpected.

Donna’s head snapped to the right, her cheek starting to burn. Tears gushed forth from her eyes, like someone turned the tap on. The man grabbed her throat and started squeezing.

“You fucking bitch!!! I am not playing fucking games here!!!! This is not a fucking game!!!”

Donna tried pushing him away but he was too strong. She tried scratching his face with her fingernails but he was too close. She tried screaming but only a choked croak would come out. He was strangling her, savagely, brutally, in her own home, in the bed she was sharing with her husband for so long. He was strangling her, panting, breathing his hot breath into her face.

Not like this… Not like this, dear God, please.

As panic exploded inside of her, thoughts ran through Donna’s head, dealing with the ultimate lack of sense of this situation. She was about to die. She was about to be murdered in her own bed by a total stranger. A total stranger angry at her for reasons she was not, even at this moment, ready to analyse. A few more seconds and it would all be over. Her husband, her sons, so far away now, never knowing of what their mother’s/ wife’s final thoughts were. Never knowing she was contemplating her slut personality in her last moments, personality buried so deep in her soul, buried so deep and yet… And yet this… this man, he… he knew. He knew. Like many men knew. Like many men she gave enough hints to let them know. But never to be sure, never. She never did it, never. She only played… games. Only games… Dear Lord, those were just games, never…

The darkness in the room grew deeper as Donna started losing it. And then his hands let go of her throat.

“You fucking move a finger and I’ll stab you through your tits, all the way to your dishonest, whoring heart.”

The threat in his voice sounded real. But it was controlled again, not full of wild rage he radiated mere seconds ago. Donna breathed, audibly, deeply. She didn’t dare move anything but her lungs. The man had her completely under control. After all, he was mere seconds away from ending her life. Donna didn’t move, speak or even think. She breathed and shivered. What, what else was he to do to her? What horror had he in stock for her?

The stranger reached into his jacket.

“Get your fucking arms up.”

She obeyed, slowly. But he was not a patient man. He grabbed her wrist and forced her left arm above her head. There was a short gleam in the darkness then the cold on her wrist, then the clicking sound. Then he grabbed her other wrist. Up. And the touch of metal again.

“Now then. This is better.”

In shock, Donna realised her hands were now cuffed to the bedpost above her head. This… this was strange. He… he obviously planned this. This was not an act on impulse. He planned this.

Donna suddenly felt even more helpless. If there was even a theoretical possibility that she could fight her assailant before, now she was immobilised, completely at his mercy. A large, fully clothed man erupting with rage and ferocious determination and a startled, horrified woman in her nightgown, helplessly cuffed to the bed. One of them held the answers to questions the other dared not even ask.

Donna instinctively tried pulling her arms out of her shackles. It wouldn’t work. She was his for the taking, completely and utterly.

“Oh, God, God, please, no… no… no, please…”

Her voice was cracking, faltering. Her fear was tearing her apart.

“Shut the fuck up!!!”

His order had her even more frightened. She struggled to regain control of her breathing. He was looking at her.

“So you don’t know who I am, Donna, eh? You don’t?”

She peered through darkness once again.

“no… I told you… please… this… this is a mistake…”

“Oh, no, no, no, not a mistake, whore, this is most definitely NOT a mistake. And you not knowing who I am is a welcome bonus then.”

He reached into his jacket once again.

“Let’s keep it that way. I’ll need some light here, you know. If you’re gonna show me that body of yours.”

With these words he brought forth the piece of black cloth he got outside of his pocket. He knelt beside her. He was not a tender men and blindfolding Donna was not a tender act. She froze with fear. She froze with fear and dared not resist. His strong, big hands worked on her face and in mere seconds she was blind. Her shivering intensified. At least the darkness of the room was varied. Now she was cuffed to the bed and blindfolded, her eyes hurting from the pressure. Now she was blind, helpless and completely under his control.

Donna started crying again. Her tears soaked the blindfold. Loud sobs ripped through her. She tried to keep them down but she was barely in control of her own lungs and throat. She was pleading.

“please… God… please… please… just take what you want, please, just take what you want and go, please, please, please, please… just don’t hurt anyone, please…”

There was a flick of the switch as the man turned the lights on. Only a miniscule change from black to the darkest shade of grey before Donna’s eyes.

“You keep your fucking voice down, woman, or you might have to start learning to use another mouth – on your throat this time.

She sobbed and cried on but tried to keep it down. She could hear him ruffle and move around the room. Was he going through her stuff? Looking for money? In her bedroom?

But then, his weight was upon her, all over again. She let out a small, startled scream.

“I thought I told you to keep your voice down, whore!!! Are you trying to piss me off or are you just that stupid?”

There was a sudden explosion of white light in front of her eyes. He slapped her again, but this time around the slap was followed by another. And another, each one harder than the previous. She could not fight back, she could not avoid them, she could not even see. She was completely and utterly helpless and panic started taking over.

There was fire in her cheeks and a warm trickle down from her nose.

“Bleedin’ so early in the night, eh? None of it would have happened if you kept your fucking voice down like I told you.”

“please.. please… don’t… don’t hit me… i’ll keep it down… please…”

Donna was barely able to speak but she had to. She had to. She had to do anything just to prevent him from hitting her again, from hurting her for real. She could not escape, she could not fight, all she could do was obey and hope he’d be pleased.

“Oh, I am sure you will. After all, it will be rather hard for you to speak with this thing in your mouth.”

This… thing? What was he…

Donna first felt him shift weight on the bed. She felt him above her and on her. She felt him near her. Nearer than any moment before. Nearer than she ever thought anyone would get. Then she heard the sound. There was no mistake. She knew this sound. It was the sound she heard so many times before. The sound of a zipper opening.

A moment later something hot and slippery touched her face.

“Open your fucking mouth, bitch!! Open wide!!!”

She felt his penis on her skin, she felt it burn her like hot coals as she pressed her jaws together tight, as she instinctively backed off, trying to turn her head away from him.

No, she thought. No, she thought, because saying it would require her to do exactly what he wanted her to do – open her mouth. No. No. No. No.

She pushed back into the pillow in the vain attempt to get away from him.

Then he grabbed her hair again. Then he pulled her head towards his crotch.

“Ohh, I see, you’re suddenly a decent lady. A model wife and mother, are you? Suddenly, you remember the concept of shame, eh?”

His fingers started parting her lips. Her teeth were still tightly pressed together.

“Too bad everyone in the audience knows this is just a playact, bitch. You might as well drop it. Open your fucking mouth NOW!!!”

She couldn’t… She couldn’t. She struggled with everything she had there. Donna struggled in silence as tears kept soaking the cloth.

Then he hit her again. This time this was not just a mere slap. This time it really hurt. This time Donna could taste blood in her mouth.

“Open up fucking NOW, whore!!!!!”

He pulled her head towards himself. Donna resisted with all her strength.

No, Lord, please, just not that, please, no, I don’t deserve this.

“I see I have to remind you just who’s calling the shots here, whore!!!”

Suddenly a sharp pain in her left temple, just above the blindfold.

He pressed the blade into her skin. Donna felt a thin cut appear. Then blood followed.

“You want to walk around the world with only one eye from now on? You want that? Answer me!!!”

Donna sobbed. She tried to control her breathing.

“nnnno… no.. please… no…”

“I thought so. Then open your fucking mouth before I poke that fucking eye out.”

Donna was defeated. She knew she was. It didn’t make her feel any better to know there was no choice. She relaxed her jaw muscles.

Dear Lord, why why why why…

“That’s it, whore, that’s it.” The man’s voice radiated pleasure. “Open wide. No need to tell you that, should you happen to bite me or do something similarly stupid, you’re not going to live to see your kids again, is there?”

Donna shook her head. No. She was defeated.

The man grabbed her head with both hands and inserted his penis into her mouth.

“Let’s see what this cock-hungry momma can do for me here after all the tease and promises.”

Donna opened her mouth as wide as possible, to accommodate his hard, throbbing penis. Her husband was very fond of her oral skills and she loved giving him pleasure this way, but this… this was different. The man wasn’t interested in her giving him a blowjob. The man was not interested in her technique, let alone pleasure or emotions. The man was only interested in using her. The man simply held her head in place with his strong hands and fucked her face. He fucked her deep and hard, breathing heavily along the way.

“You like that cock, bitch, eh? You like it? You ever had it in your throat, eh?”

His hips worked harder, as his swollen, hot cockhead worked its way down her mouth cavity and into her throat. Donna pushed her head back and into the pillow as much as she could but his hands wouldn’t let her back away more than few millimetres. She wasn’t going anywhere. She was his to be used. To be used, humiliated and fucked.

The man pulled way back before slamming inside once again. His cock penetrated her throat. Donna gagged. He backed away again, only to stick it down her throat again, deeper than before, more savagely, more brutally.

Donna was choking all over again. But this time it wasn’t his hands on her neck. This time it was his penis penetrating her throat, making her gag and choke and struggle helplessly.

The man would pull it out completely and rub it against her face. Donna could feel her own spit and his precum getting smeared across her skin. Then he’d just stick it back in again, moaning from pleasure and calling her rude, horrible names.

“You love this shit, whore, eh? I bet your hubby never got this special brand of deep treatment, eh? Imagine his joy when you demonstrate to him your freshly honed deepthroating skills. In that little moment of family joy, please remember the guy who taught you all you needed to know about pleasuring the man.”

He pushed in savagely, again. His cock penetrated her throat deeply, as his balls slammed into her chin. Donna cried a horrible, muffled scream of pain, fear and shame. Her nose was buried into his pubic hair and all of her air was cut. Instead of pulling out, the man left his cock inside, keeping Donna’s head firmly in place. She struggled, she tried pulling away from him, she tried everything short of biting into his penis. She was fighting for air, fighting for her life, fighting against the red mist in front of her eyes, but with no success.

Only mere moments before she fainted, the man pulled out. Donna coughed and inhaled greedily, spitting mucus and saliva down her chin.

“Nasty shit, eh? I love it, Donna, I love seeing just how fucking helpless you are. You are a whore that deserves every kind of sick and depraved treatment one can think of. And I know you deserve every fucking bit of it. In fact, I am pretty sure you like it, hell, you should be paying me for this shit.”

With these words he pushed his penis in again. And this time around he kept her nostrils pressed together tight. Donna’s whole body thrashed in helpless struggle for life and air. The bed made noises but other than that, it was a silent proceeding. The woman moaned deep moans of mortal fear and pain. The man moaned deep moans of pleasure.

“You fucking bitch”, he said as he pulled out again, rubbing his penis against her forehead and hair. “I love when you wiggle like that. I love when you fight like that, Donna. You are better than I hoped for.”

Then suddenly there was a shift in the weight. He was not sitting on her chest any longer. She could hear him move.

Then… Then the cold blade was at her throat again.

“What do you say we take this show further down the road, eh? I like foreplay, foreplay’s good for the general mood, but let’s remember the appetizers are there just to get us ready, not feed us. Let’s move on to the main dish, shall we?”

Donna was still trying to get control of her breathing. She panted, hard. She could think just of the same two words over and over again.

“please…. please… no…”

“You’re slowly starting to get on my nerves with that rejection fetish you have there.” The man grabbed the fabric of her nightgown. “By now you have surely realised you are going to be raped here and now. And there’s nothing you can say that’ll make me change my mind about it. I know you’re married. I know you have kids. I know you claim you never cheated on your husband. That’s pretty hard to believe but honestly I don’t give a shit. I wanted to fuck you ever since I talked to you first and you never wanted anything more than a game of teasing. Fine. You had your fun, now let me have mine. Cooperate and I will let you live. I won’t even damage you… much.”

With these words, he pulled up the fabric of her nightgown and inserted the knife. Donna gasped as metal touched her skin. The knife went through the fabric with a sharp, loud sound. Donna never heard anything so threatening in her life. Her nightgown was split in two, torn from her squirming body. She was now completely naked in front of her rapist. Her helplessness and humiliation just reached another level.

“Do you know, Donna, what is sexier than a married woman and a mother in her early fifties dressing and acting like a slut – like you did the other day when we met?”

The other day? Who? Just who? Who was this?

Was it… The… dance? But who, who which one? God? God? Who?

Donna’s mind raced. Names and faces ran before her blindfolded eyes and yet, and yet… Yet she didn’t know who… He was one of her dance partners of the night several days ago, wasn’t he? But who? Which one?

“You give up? Huh? Let me tell you, you made me very aroused with your act back then. Very, very much aroused. But you know what’s even sexier than an old slut acting like she’d eat my cock right there and then? It’s having that old slut totally helpless and at my disposal. It’s having her handcuffed beneath me, helpless and pleading. It’s having her completely under my control, with her sons sleeping just a few doors away, it’s raping her like a two dollar whore and knowing she will never ever be able to do anything about it.”

Donna’s heart was trying to break free. Through her throat.

“No… please… please… I’m begging you, no, I can’t, please…”

“Oh, I love it when you beg. I absolutely LOVE IT!!”

With these words, his hands, now free of gloves parted her thighs. A moment later she felt his fingers slide into her vagina. This was… This… She was never violated in such a way. Never.

“Oh, I’d say we’re a little dry here, Donna. Let’s get some self-help.”

The rapist pulled his fingers out of her and pushed them into her mouth.

“Make ‘em as wet as you can, bitch ‘cause something tells me this is the only lubrication you’re getting.” He chuckled. “Sure I could use one of those condoms, but I want nothing to stand between the two of us and our pleasure. We worked so hard to get to this point, we might as well consume our passion as God intended us to.” He pushed his fingers deeper into her mouth. “How’s that pussy taste anyway? You down with it? I’d take a sip myself, but I have a principle not to orally pleasure old whores. You never know just what they might be sticking in there when on their own. Better safe than sorry, no?”

Donna cried like a child whose whole world was brought down in one swift, brutal gesture. This was so much beyond anything that ever happened to her that she couldn’t even think any more. The mere feel, the smell, the taste were occupying all of her consciousness for the time being.

Her rapist placed his fingers into her vagina again. He pushed them deep inside this time, twisting his hand around, working to prepare her the best he could. It hurt. It hurt to have four fingers in her, four fingers that fucked her with brutal, joyful carelessness. Donna cried and squirmed and did what she could to alleviate the pain, to get away from those fingers that explored her most intimate region with joyful lack of mercy or compassion. He had her where he wanted her. He had her the way he wanted her. He did what he wanted to her.

“OK, that’s about as ready as I think you’re getting there, Donna. Let’s see now.”

Another shift of weight. Then her legs got spread apart wide. He pushed them up and towards her shoulders.

“I love to fuck a slut in this position. Very intimate.”

She shook her head violently. She could not, she could not allow him do this to her.

“please… please, no, I’m begging you, for the love of God, please…”

She felt the tip of his penis touch her belly. Then he adjusted his position. And then he penetrated her, brutally. Donna screamed.

This was unlike anything she ever felt. He just impaled her with his hard, hot penis, just stuck it all the way down. And then just continued fucking her with as much force as he could muster. Donna screamed. And screamed and screamed.

“Ooooh, darling, does that hurt? You don’t say? I thought a slut like you would be used to cocks of all sizes by now. Don’t make me blush here, Donna. Not to mention your kids might wonder just what’s going on here.”

She knew. She knew she had to keep it under control. She bit her lip down hard. He would be finished. He would be finished soon enough. She had to keep it under control.

He slammed his penis into her repeatedly. He breathed hard and mocked Donna’s moans of pain and humiliation with horrible, ugly insults.

“You fucking bitch!! I just love ripping you apart like this. This is what you deserved for being a slut, a cocktease and a whore that won’t admit she’s a whore. Well now you have it, whore!!!”

Every time his throbbing cockhead penetrated her vulva, his swollen, heavy testicles would hit her anus, producing a sharp, shallow, slapping sound. He fucked her hard and fast, the bed croaking under them. He pushed her knees onto her shoulders as he was putting all his weight into the thrusts of his pelvis.

“You like that? You like to be fucked properly now and then, I am sure. Be sure to tell your hubby he will have to try harder from now on, bitch!!!”

Donna couldn’t keep it under control. She wasn’t screaming but every time he slammed into her a small yelp would escape her lips. She was crying under the blindfold and praying in her mind that he finishes quickly.

Meanwhile, he was managing to get deeper and deeper with every thrust, parting her tender tissue, tearing her, violating her. His cockhead would hit her cervix as his balls hit her anus.

“Yeah, yeah, just like that, baby, just like that you fucking dirty whore!!! All the way down that old, stinking cunt!! All the way down. I bet you forgot when was the last time you were fucked like this, you bitch!!!”

Suddenly, he pulled out of her.

And Donna felt the glimpse of hope. The moment of blissful relief.

He… He was done. This was it. He was done, sweet Lord, thank you, he was done. Donna was relieved to know he didn’t ejaculate into her. She was afraid, she was so very much afraid, but he didn’t. He…

The next moment she felt him press his cockhead against the tight entrance of her anus.

“Oh God… No!!! No!!! Please!!! NO!!! JUST NOT THERE, PLEASE!!!! I have never…. Oh God, please, NO!! I have never done it before!!!!”

The man pushed, hard. It hurt. Donna shrieked in pain as her sphincter started giving way. There was no chance, there was no chance. She never… She never had anything so large in her anus, no, never, no… The man pushed with all his force, hurting her, tearing her in half.

“Aw, man, this is even better than I hoped for!!! Awwww, whore, so tight… So tight!!! I wasn’t expecting you to be a virgin there!!! This is even better!!!!”

Donna screamed. Loud. Donna thrashed beneath him, but her hands were cuffed, his weight effectively keeping her just where he wanted her, her legs bent all the way down to her shoulders, her thighs spread out obscenely for him to have her the way he wanted. Donna screamed. Loud. She knew there was a chance her sons would wake up and hear. She tried to keep it down. She did. Lord, she did. But, Lord, it hurt.

The man pulled back slightly and then, with a final, violent thrust buried his rock-hard penis deep into her bowels. Donna screamed a hoarse shriek of pain, little points of light appearing in front of her blinded eyes. It felt as if she was torn apart by some vicious medieval torture device.

“Awwwww, man!!!! Awwww FUCK!!!”

“no… nooo… nooo pleaseee!!”

The man raped her with such violent force it felt like he was trying to tear her in two with his penis. Donna’s asshole was violated so savagely, so brutally that she will find a small bloodstain on the bedsheet at one point in near future. He fucked her so carelessly, so viciously she was once again concerned for her life.

His hands grabbed her large, heavy breasts. He started squeezing them hard. He started twisting her nipples, pulling them up and to the sides. He slapped her tits and squeezed them again. He was trying to make her scream and wiggle any way he could, because it obviously brought him more pleasure. Raping her virgin ass was not enough, he wanted her to suffer any way possible.

But all things, good and bad come to an end. And with a final, savage thrust, the man took himself over the edge.

He was out the next second, he was out and up on her chest again. Donna could hear him cry a savage cry of disgusting pleasure. Donna felt as if her bowels were pulled out of her with his withdrawal. It hurt and pulsed and felt warm and wet. And then hot drops started landing onto her face.

“Take THAT, bitch. Take it all, you dirty slut!!!!”

She felt his cum fall on her lips, on her cheeks, her forehead. She felt it land on her hair and the final drops landed on her neck and breasts. Her humiliation was so complete she could not imagine how she could possibly sink any deeper. She was raped in her own bed, she was tied and taken by force and sodomized by a stranger and this stranger finally ejaculated his semen all over her face, degrading her beyond any point she could imagine.

And yet… She was alive. She was still not hurt that hard. She… She should have been thankful.

The man was silent for a couple of minutes. Then she could hear him get up and get dressed. Then there was the sound of… the sound of a photo camera?

“Yeah, that’s right baby. I’m taking some photos here. Just want to make sure I wake up in the morning and remember this was reality and not just a dream, you know? Seeing a whore like you lying there fucked, raped and humiliated with all that cum on your face is going to keep me warm for many nights to come.

Then his voice came from a greater distance as Donna realised he was standing on the door.

“I hope we can get together to do this again some time, Donna.”

Then he was gone.

He was gone.

He was gone… No… no… sweet Lord… NO!!!

And her pleading, her soft whisper, her soft whisper that was trying not to wake her sons up but still summon her rapist back, her pleading was useless. He was gone.

Donna was on her bed, drowning in tears. The morning was several hours away yet. Her vagina and anus hurt very hard. The cum was drying on her face and hair. The morning was several hours away yet but she would not see it when it comes due to the blindfold. Donna was crying, drowning in her tears, unable to move, unable to free herself, get her torn clothes on and cover her nude body, or even wipe the semen and blood off her face.

Her sons sometimes get up early. Her husband should be back before they do. In any case, Donna was not going anywhere. One of them will find her there. One of them will find her.

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