One Day After Practice II

One Day After Practice II

I suggest reading One Day After Practice before this sequel.

"Come on girls, there's plenty of Andy for everyone" I said

Megana lied down on the desk and I walked up to her and put my 7 inch dick between her indian tits. She squeezed them together as I thrusted between them. She moaned as I watched her nipples get hard. Nirali wasn't wasting anytime as she started to finger her pussy while watching me tittiefuck Megana. "Oh wow that looks so hot! Andy you have to do it to me" I had something more in mind for her. Megana starting taking the head of my dick in her mouth during each thrust. Nirali was rubbing faster now and pinching her nipple while moaning.

When I got up to go tittiefuck Nirali, Megana fell to her knees and immediately took my hard dick in her mouth. She was bobbing her head at a perfect pace. She was even moving her tongue around my head while she sucked! I thought this was great until Nirali stepped in and started to suck and lick my balls. Now I was in heaven! It was now I realized what Nirali meant when she said Megana was good with her tongue.

Nirali moved on top of me and put her shaven indian pussy a few inches from my face. She now took over the sucking while Megana licked my balls. I moved my tongue up and down Nirali's slit until she began to moan. I sucked on her clit when her moaning got louder. "Ooooooh Megana I think he may be better at this than you are! Just wait til you feel it." I began tonguefucking Nirali and she was moaning on my dick while sucking it. If I didn't cum 3 minutes ago I would have been done.

I moved Nirali off and Megana sat down in a chair. I knelt down and started to go to work on Megana's bald pussy. I licked her clit in every way possible. She began to moan but it was cut short by a kiss form Nirali. I decided to finger her while I licked her clit. Nirali took one of Megana's big firm C-cup titties in her mouth and began to suck. Nirali sucked on those nipples like she was trying to dry them out. Before long Megana couldn't take anymore and she squirting from all the sucking and licking. "Oh gosh guys that was amazing! He is good at that!"

I was just about to slide into Megana's pussy but Nirali pushed me backwards. She got on top of me and slid my dick into her pussy. She began to bounce up and down while her D-cup boobs jiggled. Megana obviously hadn't had enough because she came over and sat right on my face. My tongue went to work one more time licking her slit. I squeezed Megana's tits while I ate her. They were so firm and nice. I reached out and found Nirali's. He boobs were so juicy and big. She was bouncing faster and faster until she came all over my cock.

Next was Megana's turn. Megana bent over a table and I came up from behind. I gave her juicy butt a smack and slowly put my dick in her pussy. I fucked her doggy style while she rubbed her clit. Nirali came up and began sucking on my balls while I was fucking Megana. I love squeezing Megana's ass and tits while I pumped my dick in and out of her tight indian pussy. "oooooooh goodness Andy it feels sooooo good! Your dick is so big and hard in my tight shaven indian pussy!" Megana could take no more and squirted on my cock.

I pulled out and Nirali started sucking on my dick. She licked from my balls allll the way to the tip of the head. She placed the head on her tongue and moved her tongue from left to right. She hit the sweet spot right under the head. Megana came to give me a thank you makeout session while my cock was being sucked.

"Oh girls I'm coming to an end! I don't know how much more I can handle."
"How about we do something really hot and you can jack off and spray us with all that cum?" Megana said
"What do you girls have in mind?"
"Ohh I think I know something you would like." Nirali said. "Megana and I tried this a few times before and boy did it give me an amazing orgasm."

I couldn't wait to see what the girls had in store for me. Each one got onto the table and lied down. They both spread their legs open real wide. I got a good look at their tight hairless indian slits and clits. Soon they began to move closer to one another until their pussies were touching. They slowly began to move around rubbing their pussies against each other.
"What are you waiting for?" Megana said "Jack that cock off. I want my cum!"
"Yeah" Nirali said with a laugh "I want MORE of that cum"
I began to jack off while I watched the two girls rubbing their pussies together. Both had a look of extreme pleasure on their face. They both started to moan so loudly that if school was in session the entire building would have heard!

"OOOOH YES Nirali! I love your tight wet pussy rubbing against mine" Megana said while she was pinching her nipples.
"OOOH Megana! I love doing this. Especially when we talk dirty while we do it!" Nirali answered
I took turns sucking on each of their tits while I was jacking off. Eventually I had reached my limit.
"Girls I'm going to cum!" I shouted.
Both girls sprung up from lying down and took over. Nirali massaged my balls while Megana jerked my cock. I began to blow my load in both of their mouths and all over their face and tits.
When I was done cumming, they started to lick each others boobs and then kissed sharing and cleaning up.

"Wow girls! That was amazing! Next time I stay after school I'll be sure to let you both know!"
"Thanks Andy" Megana said" I love having a dick to play with now. Especially one as big and hard as yours"
"Yeah" said Nirali "We are going to have some fun here at school allllll alone at night"

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