One night at the Club

One night at the Club

It was Charles’ and Ann’s first time at the swingers club and both were a little nervous and at the same time excited.

After filling out some paperwork for the membership, one of the “hosts” took them on a tour of the establishment. There they were shown the different types of rooms and areas of the club. Charles was a little set back by the amount of rooms they had.

One room was the Domination Room. The room was designed to look like a medieval dungeon, where the was a leather table with a four point restraining straps straight across from the door and directly to the left of the table was a wooded “X” that also had straps for both the ankles and wrists. Charles found this to be a little exciting and hoped to possible be in there one day.

Besides the Domination Room, there were a dozen rooms that a couple or couples could shut and lock the doors for a more private encounter. But the two other rooms that caught the attention of Charles was the “Grope” room where many people could go in and have a mass orgy if they liked and these two beds that had a white shear mess screen over them. Directly over theses beds were neon lights that made it so when you are on the beds you can’t see out but people from outside can see what you are doing. This also excited Charles quite a bit.

Throughout the tour Charles wondered what, if anything would happen that night. He continually looked over at Ann to see what her expressions were and tried to get a feel from her. But he could pick anything up from her.

After the tour, Charles and Ann, were lead into the social are and were told to have a good time and don’t be afraid to mingle with other couples there. Which by Charles quick survey, realized that there weren’t many couple there that night and to add insult to injury, there weren’t many couples that he didn’t find all that attractive. This made his heart drop a wee bit because his hopes for any “hook” up with another couple severely dropped.

But Charles said to himself he really didn’t expect anything that night and this night’s adventure was more exploratory thing to see what the club was about and what this lifestyle was about. With that in mind he seemed to relax and enjoy the company of Ann.

The night went on and both Charles and Ann danced and mingled with a few other people. Asking these other couples questions about the club and what led them to live the swinger’s lifestyle. The answers were many and diverse.

About the time Charles was feeling like Ann was getting tired and slightly bored, he was about to ask Ann if she wanted to leave. At that time a couple, about the same age as Charles and Ann, came up to the small table they were sitting at and asked if they could join them.

Linda and Joe were their names. Linda was a petite blond with stunning blue eyes. Her black dress fit her so tightly that it showed every curve her sexy body had to offer, to include her small but perky breasts.
Joe was a medium sized man with dark hair and mustache with a simple soft smile. Charles was kind of surprised to see such two conflicting individuals in the club together. Linda with sex pouring off of ever square inch of her body and Joe that looked more at home behind the counter of the public library. But then again he thought to himself, Ann and him are also a bit of an odd couple.

Linda and Joe sat down at the table and ask a lot of questions of Charles and Ann and, in return, so did Charles and Ann. The questions ranged from how long have the two been swingers and what it was like the first time for them and so on.

After a long time of talking Charles notice that Joe was rubbing Ann’s thigh under her dress. This was an odd feeling for Charles. He didn’t feel jealous or angry but rather slightly turned on by this. And it didn’t help Charles any because Ann seemed to liked being touched by Joe. At the same time he noticed that Linda’s hand had found its way to his inner thigh just below his now growing cock.

“Shall we dance?” Linda said without warning, which startled Charles a bit. All four of them looked out to the empty dance floor and agreed that it would be fun. Once on the floor Linda had paired up with Charles and wrapped her arms around his neck. At the same time he had placed one arm around the small of her back and other hand onto her right hip. The music was very sensual and had a very slow deliberate beat causing Linda and Charles to grind against each other rather than dance.

The grinding caused Charles cock to grow hard and he, in his mind, swore some precum was begin to leak out. Linda felt him and pressed even harder against him. Charles was slightly embarrassed and even laughed to himself because he hadn’t had something like this happen to him since he was in high school. But what really drove him over the edge is when he saw Ann and Joe kissing. Watching the two make out mad his manhood extremely hard and no matter how much he tried to hide his excitement, he couldn’t.

The song had ended and Linda suggested that all four of them would go to the back room area and see if anyone was playing. Joe, with Ann and Charles with Linda went towards the back rooms.

When they got to the beds with the mesh screen over them, there was two couple going at it. The four watch as a strong looking man had his head buried between the legs of an old but sexy lady. His tongue had found its mark as the sexy lady thrashed about from a strong orgasm. While that was going on the other couple were having their own fun. An older looking man had a pretty young ladies leg up on his shoulders while he thrust his large, thick cock deep inside of her wet pussy. By what Charles could see she had already cummed and had that side of the bed soaked from her juices.

The four watched for a while then walked around some more. There weren’t many couples playing in the open that night but the four chatted about everything from the price of gas to what each room Linda and Joe had played in. At that time Charles had to excuse himself to go use the restroom. When he got there he had to wait for his erection to go down before he could aim properly. As he waited he saw large amounts of clear precum leaking from the opening of his cock. He was surprised and somewhat shocked by the amount that came out.

After several minutes of Charles thinking about anything but sex he finally finished going and left the restroom. When he found Joe, Linda and Ann the three were in a small group hug and he slide between Ann and Linda.

Ann finally said to Charles “Well….?” “Well what?” He responded. “Are we going to do this or what?” Those words from Ann’s mouth cause Charles to slide off into a different world. Then he stampeded out the word yes.

Linda quickly took Charles by the hand a lead him to the room know as the grope room with Joe and Ann close behind. Once the four got there Charles and Linda began to kiss. While they kissed they slowly moved to a bed in the large room. Linda fall back and her tight dress rolled up her legs revealing a pair of laced black pair of panties. Linda smiled at him and slides her hands under the waist band. Charles could see that she was playing with herself, teasing him and giving him the “come and get it look”.

Charles crawled onto the bed and between her legs and felt of her panties. They were wet and her pussy was very hot. Charles leaned his face towards Linda’s pussy and began to taste of her juices through her panties. Linda moaned loudly as he did this.

After teasing Linda for a while Charles slide Linda’s panties to the side allow him full access to her wet cunt. Slowly Charles slide one finger inside of her, he could had sworn that her slit started to milk his finger and he pushed deeper inside of her.

Linda looked down at Charles with wide eyes and an open mouth. She began to rock her hips against Charles’ finger and begged him to bury his face into her. Charles quickly did what he was told. Charles mouth opened then began to devour Linda’s wet cunt. His tongue slide the entire length of Linda. More and more juice flooded out from Linda, and then Charles tongue had found her clit. He licked and nibbled on it while using his fingers to fuck Linda until she came so hard that Charles face and the bed they were on became soaked from her.

By this time Linda had pushed Charles away and demanded the he remove his cloths. After getting naked Linda could see Charles full thick cock. The tip was a deep red and felt very heavy in Linda’s hand. “My my!” Linda said to Charles. “I think this might be a wee too big to fit inside of me!” Then Linda’s mouth engulfed Charles’ hot cock.

Charles almost lost it right then and there. Her mouth was wet and hot. He could feel her go deeper and deeper onto him until the tip had pressed firmly against the back of her throat. Linda had also began to stroke Charles’ balls and slide her mouth back over the shaft of his cock back to the sensitive tip and repeated this motion for, from what Charles could tell, a long time. Slurping nosies escaped from Linda’s mouth with each thrust of her head against Charles groin. Charles had to push Linda away in order to control himself.

Linda then came close to Charles and the two kissed deeply. Each could taste each other’s sex. Linda then rolled Charles onto his back and began to grind her cunt against his throbbing member but not allowing him to enter her.

Both Linda and Charles were slightly startled by a loud moan that had come from Ann. Joe had also placed his head between Ann’s legs where he was eating Ann’s pussy. This excited Charles even more!

“Oh! I felt that!” Linda said to Charles “Does watching turn you on?” Charles, without turning away from Joe and Ann simply said “Yes, yes it does!” Linda laid on top of Charles and continued to rock up and down on Charles cock, keeping him outside of her pussy the entire time. They both watched Joe and Ann for a while. After Joe had given Ann her second orgasm, she pulled his face to hers and kissed deeply. Then without words she rolled Joe onto his back and kissed her way down to his harden cock.

All grabbed Joe’s cock with both hands then licked to entire length of his shaft then allowed the tip to pierce her red lips. Linda and Charles watched Joe’s member disappear into Ann’s mouth then reappear as Ann pulled her head up from Joe’s crotch.

Joe had to excuse himself to go use the restroom and quickly left the room. Ann then slide over to Charles and Linda. “Can I help?” Ann asked. “Sure!” said Linda then she and Ann kissed deeply. This drove Charles mad with lust and he began to suck on Ann’s nipples. The three made moaning sounds and tried to touch every square inch of each others bodies.

By this time Joe returned and kissed both Linda and Ann deeply while Charles, still laying under Linda, watched.

Charles then felt the urge to use the restroom as well and excused himself. When he had returned he saw Ann, with her dress still on, with Linda going down on her and Joe’s cock filled her mouth again. He watched the three play and found that large amounts of the clear precum oozed from the tip of his cock.

“Oh you are back.” Linda said with a smile. Charles hadn’t realized that she was looking at him. “Yes I am” Charles replied. “Good because I want that cock!” Linda quickly reached into her purse and retrieved a condom and had placed it on Charles cock.

Ann and Joe and already had been fucking and by the sounds of it both were having a great time of it. Linda had lain back onto the bed and looked up to Charles with her blue eyes. Charles didn’t need any words; he knew exactly what she wanted.

Charles slide onto the bed and between Linda’s legs and eased he large cock into her tight pussy. Linda gasped as the tip parted her cunt and began its quest to fill her up.

He pushed himself deep into Linda, so deep that his balls had pressed against Linda’s ass. Linda grabbed Charles ass and screamed out “Harder!” He then raised his hips to a point he was almost out of her then slammed down into her as hard as he could.

“Harder!” Linda yelled out. Charles used his arms to pin Linda’s legs over her head and he slammed harder and faster than before. “OH FUCK!!!” Linda screamed “That’s it! Fuck me hard!!”

Charles drove hard into Linda and the slapping sounds their bodies made filled the room. “OOOOOHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKKK!!! I’M CUMMING!” Linda said more like an animal than a human. Then Linda’s pussy squirted. Her juices covered Charles cock and ran down her ass and belly, cover both of them. Charles began to feel his balls tighten and the tip of his cock become more sensitive.

His breath became more raged and his thrust deeper, his voice became a low growl with each deeper thrust. Then he had reached the point of no return. His cock began its rhythmic twitching as loads of hot cum filled the condom that was buried deep inside of Linda. With one last push he buried himself as deep as he could into Linda’s squirting pussy and then he fell off her breathing hard covered in sweat and Linda’s pussy.

When he realized that he was done he saw Joe and Ann watching the two. They apparently had been done and were enjoying the two perform. “We weren’t sure if you two were fighting.” Joe said with a smile on his face. All four began to laugh at that comment but Linda said “Charles and I can fight like that any time” Then she smiled.

The four said their goodbyes and the drive home for Charles and Ann was very talkative. Ann asked if Charles like what had happen and he responded “My cock is still hard! Does that answer The question?” Ann reached over and felt of Charles cock and, to her surprised it was still very hard. “What about you?” Charles asked. Ann said it was “ok.” But when they got home at four in the morning instead of going to bed Ann attacked Charles in bed and rode his cock for several more orgasms.

The end

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