Our Summer Beach House

Two of my co workers, Jason and Al, had rented a beach house to use on the weekends all summer long and I heard they were looking for a third roomie to share expenses I jumped at the chance. They weren’t planning on have a woman move in with them, but I assured them I wouldn’t cramp their style and the deal was set.

We met there the following Saturday and opened a bottle of wine to celebrate our summer weekend adventures. We made a bet as to who would be the first to get laid. The winner got to spend the last day of the summer partying, while the other two had to clean the place. The wine flowed freely and the conversation started heating up. Before I knew it I was feeling very horny. “You know guys,” I said with a smile. “I know a way we can all win the bet.” They looked a little confused, so I hopped up on the table, pulled my tube top down, and spread my legs, pulling the crotch of my shorts over to one side. I looked at them. “Interested?”

It took about 2 seconds before the shock wore off and they were all over me. This was great. I’ve always fantasized about 2 men at once and I was making it happen. I reached for both of their cocks and had one in each hand while I was being kissed and felt by both of them. My body was on fire. I sucked Jason’s hard dick while Al was filling my pussy with his. Then I switched so I could compare the feel of both of them.

I suggested we go outside to the patio and we moved the party. Once outside I again took both their dicks, this time licking both at the same time. I pulled the two of them close together and tried to get them both in my mouth at the same time. I felt like such a slut. I was having a great time. It was now time to get down to some serious fucking. We threw off our clothes and got comfortable on a large beanbag chair. Having my mouth and pussy full of cock at the same time was pure heaven. They kept taking turns and I didn’t even know who was who, nor did I care. I just kept having orgasm after orgasm. Each time I came, I would suck whatever cock I had in my mouth deeper and harder.

I wanted to do something totally crazy, so I laid Jason across the beanbag and straddled my pussy over his cock. Slowly, I slid my wet hole down on his hardness, moaning as I felt him fill me. I leaned forward so my hands were near his shoulders and my ass was in perfect view of Al.

“Damn, Steph,” he said. I can see your asshole open every time you cum.”

Fuck my ass, Al.” I moaned. “ I want to feel my pussy and ass fucked together.”

“Get it nice and wet for me first.” He said and brought his big cock around to my face. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. When it was all wet and slippery, he came around behind me and slowly eased it in. I had to stop bouncing on Jason until Al was in deep. I stayed still until my body got used to feeling so full.

“Holy shit!” Jason said. “I can feel Al’s cock against the wall of your pussy. Al, can you feel mine?”

Al said he could and I said “You guys should feel it from my end. This is unfuckingbelievable.”

Al started fucking my ass hard and as he pounded I slid up and down Jason’s cock. I almost wished there was another guy around so I could have a cock in my mouth to complete this fuck-fest.

I finally heard Jason moan. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum on me…both of you, cum on me.” I panted and quickly rolled off of them, just in time for them to both shoot their loads all over my face and tits. I rubbed their jizz all over my tits and then licked my fingers.

“Shit, that was great.” Said Al.

“It sure was.” I agreed, “but now we have to come up with another bet.”

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