Overlooking the Harbour

Overlooking the Harbour

I quietly closed the door.

As I turned around I could see her gazing out over the harbour. Her long skirt clung ever so slightly to her body. The faintest outline of panties was visible. My heartbeat jumped as I thought about the delights hidden away under there.

I walked over softly and slid my arms around her waist from behind. She leaned into me and glanced back over her shoulder. In her lovely blue eyes I could see that she was feeling the passion starting to rise as well. Finally we had a chance to be alone.

I leaned down and kissed the top of her ear ever so gently. “mmm…” she murmured. I did it again, just a little more firmly. “mmmmm…”, longer this time.

She placed her hands over mine. I pulled her body against mine a little more. The aroma or her perfume washed gently over me, arousing my senses. I leaned down and kissed the back of her neck. Her breath caught just a little, I could feel her body tense slightly as she reacted to me. I slid my hands slowly down a little parting them as I went so they rested on her hips, almost framing the treasure I knew awaited me. Her hands were still on mine and she moved to push my hands where she wanted them. Instead I turned her around, gradually, to heighten the tension still further. As she faced me she slid her arms around my neck.

She gazed into my eyes, the spark became a flame. Her arms tightened around my neck drawing me down. Our lips met. The faintest of touches at first. Again, the flame was hotter. Our lips parted and met, tongues entwined. I pulled her to me, her body flowed against mine, touching from head to toe.

My heart was racing, her breath was coming faster now. She pulled away slightly and smiled wickedly at me. “I’m going to love this!” I thought. She took one hand from around my neck and slid it down my body, the feeling was electric. The anticipation was… sharp, almost palpable. Just as she reached my aching hardness she stopped… cupped in her had and rubbed hard just once. “That’s for later.” she whispered. “For now…” she put both hands on my shoulders and pushed down. I went with the pressure, letting my face slide down her body as I went. Now I was on fire with longing. Longing to taste her.

As I got down to where I could see her black skirt I reached around to unzip it. She grabbed my hands, “not like that” she purred, and pushed me down further. As she pushed me down she lifted her skirt a little, hinting at what she wanted. I glanced up to see her gorgeous blue eyes afire with passion.

Understanding what she wanted I lifted her skirt and slid under it. I rose underneath it till I was faced with a little patch of heaven. In the dim light that filtered through the black silk I could see white lace. I felt her hands over her skirt, pulling my head into her. My face pressed into the lace, the aroma of sex was intoxicating… incredibly erotic and sensual. I kissed her, just above her panties. Again a bit harder, a little lower. Then lower still. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled her panties aside and plunged my face into her pussy. The dark thatch of her public hair invited me deeper. Lowering my head I dove in with my tongue and licked from bottom to top. “Yes!” she cried as she thrust her hips into my face. As my tongue travelled upwards her lips parted and I got my first taste of her treasure. I was in heaven!

I went down again and licked all the way once more, this time slowly probing deeply with my tongue. Seeking out her inner secrets. She was crushing my face into her pussy by now. I found her clitoris and ever so lightly took it into my mouth and sucked gently “Ooh yes, yes” she groaned.

Suddenly I could taste her even more as she came in my mouth. With my hands on her cheeks I pulled her pussy to my face while she climaxed. Licking and sucking. Not letting a single drop escape. As she came down form her peak I backed off a little and ever so lightly licked the outside of her swollen labia, stroking them with my tongue.

I could hear her panting, getting her breath back, her hands stroking the back of my head in time with my stroking her lips with my tongue. As she was almost recovered I suddenly thrust my tongue as deeply as I could into her pussy and sucked her lips at the same time. She shuddered “ O my God!” she screamed! I could feels her knees go weak as she came again, much harder. With my hands on her cheeks and my tongue buried deeply in her pussy I lowered myself to the floor bringing her with me.

As we reached the floor with her pussy covering my face, me buried under her skirt, she was starting to come down again. She relaxed her pussy pressing into my face. I was immersed in a world of sex and sensuality.

She sat for a couple of minutes, enjoying the afterglow. All the while my tongue buried in her pussy. Gently probing.

She leaned forward on her hands and knees. She raised her pussy from my face. I sucked her labia as she lifted and they popped out of my mouth. I lifted my head up and kissed her pussy once more, briefly.

She rolled over and looked into my eyes, lost for words. I grinned at her! “Now that was amazing!” I said. I just love that. As she was laying there with her skirt up, her knees apart. I got my first good look at her pussy. Her lips swollen with passion, her clitoris exposed. Everything framed by a thatch of dark hair. I looked and thought to myself “I have got to have more of that” I just love to see a pussy with the hair framing it. It adds a hint of mystery. It’s not all exposed. It’s secrets have to be searched for, discovered.

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