This vacation was turning out to be a disaster, no, that wasn't quite right, more like a big disappointment, but however you described it, Melinda was wishing that she was back home in the states rather than being alone in even such an exotic location as Naples!!! The food was great, the sights were even better, but she was just so damned lonely she could hardly stand it, because after having lived with Josh for the past three years, their break up had almost crushed her spirit!!! Her best friend Lorie had recommended taking a long European vacation to take her mind off of her troubles, but while she should have been enjoying herself, all she could think about was how much she missed him and how she wished she was back in Chicago where she could at least plot to win him back!!! That night back in her hotel it was the same as the three nights before, dinner in the hotel restaurant, a drink at the bar, and up to bed to cry herself to sleep, which was not exactly what the travel brochures advertised, so after tomorrow morning's sight seeing expedition she would call the airline and make a reservation for an early return flight back home!!! The first thing she noticed about him was his dazzling white smile, the kind that lit up a room, and the next thing was his laugh, so easy and gentle, yet the kind that made you want to laugh along with him because it made you so happy!!! How she ended up down by the water front while the rest of the group was touring the city's main cathedral she'll never know, but the olive skinned young man with the beautiful smile was making a pass at her and while she tried to fight it, she couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of being pursued, after all, it had been a long time!!! "You are American, no," he asked softly while staring straight into her eyes as if he was trying to see deep inside of her!?! "Uh yes, I'm an American," she replied shyly, "are you a a native of Naples!?!" "But of course," he replied smoothly, "and how do you like our city!?!" "It's the most beautiful city I've ever seen," she replied slightly red faced, "with the volcano and all, it's very romantic!!!" "It is a city for lovers," he answered, "you know the saying, see Naples and die, but I might add not to quickly!!!" They both giggled at his little joke before he asked, "And what is your name!?!" "My name is Melinda, Melinda Knight," she replied, "and what's yours!?!" "My name is Antonio, but of course everyone calls me Tony," he replied, "would you do me the pleasure of boarding my boat!?!"

This was it, a very handsome Italian man with a forty foot power boat asking her to come aboard, if she did, who knows where it might lead, and really, was she ready for something like this, especially since she was in such a fragile state of mind!!! She looked at the boat and back at Tony who was standing there holding out his hand to help her on board, and after taking a deep breath she took his hand an climbed on!!! Still holding onto her hand he led her up the stairs to the helm, and after warming up the twin diesels for a few minutes, he put her into gear and headed out of the harbor into the bright blue Mediterranean for a ride!!! With the wind in her face and the waves crashing against the hull as they powered out to sea, she felt and exhilaration she hadn't felt in a long long time!!! "This is quite a boat," she commented to Tony, "is it really yours!?!" He gave her hand a little squeeze and again came that infectious laugh and re replied, "If I told you I stole it would you be afraid!?!" "Y-you didn't steal it, did you," she stammered while a stab of fear shot through her!?! "Maybe," he teased, "but only from my father, it is our family's craft, but I can assure you that he doesn't mind that I'm using it, especially with such a beautiful young woman, in fact he would be quite proud of me!!!"

Melinda blushed uncontrollably at that last remark, but whether she liked it or not, it felt more that good to have a man make flattering comments about her appearance, something that Josh hadn't done in months!!! When they were a good twenty miles off shore, Tony dropped the anchor and announced, "The water is warm, we will go for a swim, follow me!!!" A pang of panic struck her, but Melinda followed Tony to the rear of the boat where he casually stripped off all of his clothing and dived into the crystal clear water where he treaded water and yelled, "Come on in, I am waiting for you!!!" "What about a suit," she asked dumbly while staring at his wonderful body in the clear blue water!?! "You American's are so modest," he said with a laugh, "there is no suit, Melinda, just take off your dress and join me!!!" After giving it one last thought, Melinda looked to the heavens for help, and shucked her dress, panties, and bra, and after a moments hesitation, she dove into the warm water and swam over to Tony!!!

"You have a beautiful body," he whispered after taking her into his arms and holding her close to him, "making love to you will be like making love to a goddess!!!" Even though the water was very warm, she shivered at the way he spoke of making love to her, and when his hand roamed casually between her legs and onto her bulging mons, she offered no resistance at all!!! His kiss while passionate, was delicate and sweet, the kind that melted a woman's heart and made her glad that she was a female, so when he gently shoved her towards the boat, she was more than ready to go!!! It had been almost a month since she had felt the body of a man close to her, and her pent up passion over flowed as their bodies pressed together in an embrace and kiss that made her drench with anticipation of his organ!!! "My my," he chuckled at her exuberance, "we have all day, Melinda Knight, take your time, savor the moment!!!" He was right, of course, but her raw sexual energy had bubbled to the surface and nothing her could do or say could hold her back now, and like a lioness in heat, she found his manhood and slid it easily inside of her, while she mounted and rode him like a bitch in heat, which is exactly what she was!!!

To be filled with a man again, exquisite, the feeling of being a woman, it was more than wonderful, riding a man until you couldn't stand it anymore, grinding your vagina onto his spike until his sperm erupted inside of you, that was how she felt as she rode him to an all consuming orgasm that left them both breathless and shattered on the deck of the gently rolling boat!!! When he was finally able to speak, he whispered softly, "That was more than making love, it was as though you were possessed by a force out of your control!!!" She kissed his smooth chest and replied softly, "I'm sorry, but it had been so long for me, I-I just lost my head, please forgive me, I promise I'll make it up to you!!!" "And how would you do that," he asked good naturedly!?! After kissing him softly of the mouth, she looked him in the eye and replied, "Like this," while sliding down to his groin and taking him gently into her mouth!!!" He gasped at her initial contact with his cock, but soon he was holding her head in his hands an urging her to suck him even harder!!! He had been with many women from all over the world, and while the French had the reputation, no one gave head like the Americans, because with them it was a passion not a duty, and Melinda Knight was American through and through!!!

For the rest of the day they swam, made love, and ate on the beautiful boat that lay anchored in the blue waters just off the western Italian coast!!! Tony's bronze body was in complete contrast to Melinda's pale Nordic perfection, and it seemed, at least for that day, they were indeed consumed with each other!!! That night they as they lay in each other's arms, Tony kissed her cheek and asked, "How long will you be staying in Naples!?!" For the past three hours she had been thinking about that herself, and after a moments thought she asked, "When would you want me to go back, Tony!?!" He cocked his eye and asked, "Are you asking if it were up to me!?!" She kissed his cheek and replied softly, "You don't have to answer that if you don't want to, I didn't mean to put you on the spot, I'm sorry, in answer to your question, my reservations are for this Saturday!!!" His had was running up and down her bare back, each time caressing her full bottom, and after pausing to feel her roundness he whispered, "I-I don't want you to go!!!" With his hand on her ass and the way he was talking, she immediately felt her vagina softly convulse and her breathing become shallow as she stammered, "Y-you want me to stay where!?!" "Why, with me of course," he whispered back to her, "are you afraid!?!" "No," she gasped as he rolled her over onto her back and mounted and entered her roughly, "oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh, my!!!" Never in her life had she had so many orgasms as she had that day with Tony, and for once she was with a man who shared her passion and was ready to give it back to her in kind!!! As he rammed his thickness in and out of her eager vagina, she wrapped her legs around his tight ass, locking him in place, the place she desired he'd be for the rest of her life!!!

In their post coital haze, Melinda traced little hearts on Tony's chest and asked softly, "I know that you were under the spell of excitement, but did you mean it, I mean what you said earlier about me staying with you!?!" Even though it had only been ten minutes or so since they had made love, she could feel his manhood pressing again, insistently against her flat belly, and as they both looked down at it, she knew she had her answer!!!


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