Passions Breath

Passions Breath

I shuddered as her fingertip caressed my spine, reaching ever closer to the now warm, moist spot forever south.
“Erg….” I groaned as my eyes gradually opened themselves in curiosity.
My senses gathered it was early morning so I then stepped out onto the balcony as the gentle sunlight lapped up my naked breasts.

Hello, my name is Uwasuberi Fujoshi; my friends just call me Beri.
I’m 16 years old, with D cup breasts, I’m 6 foot 1 inch and have hazel eyes with long, brown hair down to my hips, which is a pain since it takes about an hour to wash and brush.
I live in a tree hut on the edge of a cliff, the view is amazing, you can see the land all the way back to the distant mountains, so I don’t see the point in wearing clothes around in the house.
Every day I drag my school uniform all the way to Sunset High, although it’s only about 5 minutes walk – as my friends keep reminding me – I hate still having to wear clothes for 6 hours.
Right now I’m standing out on my balcony letting my skin absorb more delightful sunlight to add the the small tan I already have (and trying to get the tan lines out from around my bikini line). So while I stand here, I would like to take you through my week.

Chapter 1

Still with tired eyes, I shuffled over to my uniform pile and gradually added one piece of clothing onto my soft skin at a time. Once I was finished I walked over to the bathroom and undressed for my daily shower. The warm water was quite nice against my skin, evenutally I began to get quite hot, and could feel my lower regions getting quite sweaty as well, my finger carresed my skin as it made its way down, the temptation became almost too much to handle. Quickly, I indulged in that quick passion, the pleasure overwhelming me. I could feel it tighten around my fingers, as I added another hand.
Crumpling down to the shower floor, the extacsy began to overwhelm me. The pleasure rippled up through my spine. A strong sense of sweet papaya flowed out from between my legs. Moaning loudly, I began to feel the onslaught of a coming orgasm. With one final stroke, I froze. The pleasure consumed my body. My eyes screwed up, my head flew back against the shower wall, my legs pushed together sliding my hands further in. Shuddering, I pulled my hand out, washed them under the flowing water, turned the water off and got dressed.

Once I was done, I walked downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a sandwich out of the fridge and shoved it into my lunch box. Slinging my backpack over one shoulder, I ran and jumped out of the hut and landed on my bicycle.
I was a clear day – once my eyes had opened up a bit – and I could smell the trees and dirt and I sped across it all. Still feeling a throb from under my skirt, I began to get quite tired just as the school came into view.
As I jumped off my bike I felt my legs give way, and my panties touched the concrete.
Embarresed, I jumped up quickly, but not before leaving a wet mark on the courtyard. I blushed and wedged my bike in between Korika’s bike and a new, fancy, blue 10-speed. That reminds me. I still haven’t told you about my school life yet! Well, I’ll sort that out soon enough!

I ran into class puffing – it seemed that my shower happenings took a little longer than I thought – I bowed to the teacher
“Gomen nasai, sumimasen” I mumbled as I wove through the students.
“Fujoshi san! Explain yourself!” belted the teacher.
“Shitsurei Shimasu, ano… I burst a tire on the way over here.” I lied miserablely.
“Aa, sou desu! Well, you might as well start your test.”
“Tesuto! When did you tell us this?”
“I told all of you last week. Now, sit down and work.” She backed me into my seat and slapped the test sheet on the desk, making the rusty hinges squeak.
“Now, began! Gannbatte kudasai!”
As per usual, I drifted off into a daze, and thought about this morning, it all came back in a rush. The gushing, steamy water; the sweet vapours; the feeling of climax. Before I knew it, my hand was under my skirt.
“Now is not the time to be drifting into embarasing dreams, Fujoshi san, Tesuto!” Her words broke the spell that was cast over my mind, and at once I realized my situation. Once again, I pulled my hand out of my skirt, but no having anything to wipe my hands on, I began to lick them off. The sweet solution gave me the buzz I needed to start on the test – an hour late, mind you – so I began to answer the questions, but not before I began to feel the throb once more. The more I ignored it, the worse it got, till I could feel it in my ears.
“Sumimasen! Sensei-san! Can I please go to the toilet?” I called out, innocently
“Hai…” Sensei sighed.
“Arigato gozaimasu!” I yelled out as I jumped over the desk and ran out the door.
Running down the coridor, I turned sharply, and magaged to bump into another student, sending us both sprawling.
“Gomen nasai! I’m so sorry! Ano…” the other student spoke as she got up
“Whats the matter?”
“Ano… That skirt is a little too short!”
“I’m tring to say, I can see under your skirt” she spoked quitely, with a bright red face.
“Aa!” I scrambled up, and joined her red face trait.
“Ano… My name is Kisoku, but my friends call me Mujitsu.
“Aa sou desu ka! My name is Fujoshi, but everyone calls me Beri. Douzo yoroshiku! And now if you would excuse me, I need to go to the toilet!”
“Chotto! I’ll come too!”
We both casually walked down to the end of the coridor as the red faded from our cheeks.
“Sumimasen.” I spoke and threw open the door and ran quickly into the nearest cubicle. I ripped off my skirt and thrust my hands deep inside me, ushing a gentle moan.
Suddenly Mujitsu knocked on the unlocked cubicle door, swinging it open to an unsuspected, blushing Beri.
“Ano….” we both mumbled as we stared at eachother with open mouths.
“Gomen nasai! I shouldn’t be….” I began, but I stopped as I felt Mujitsu’s finger across my lips.
“Shhh, let me help you.” She spoke tentaciously. I felt her fingertips stroke up my sides lifting my top off, and leaving my breasts cushioned in it’s deep red bra.
“Ohh, look what we have here!” Whispered those lushious, pink lips of Muji’s.
She pulled down the left side of my bra, letting the exposed breast, bounce slightly. I moaned as her tounge began to swirl around my free nipple.
Biting one lip, I begged her to go further down, but she just shook her head and began to take off her own blouse. Realising what she was doing, I help her unbutton it and hurriedly threw to the ground. Focusing on her breasts, I unclipped her bra and squeezed it with licked fingers. She gave her own quiet moan, and gave off a consuming odour, one that just made me want more.
“Please, Muji chan, I need you inside of me!”
Fine then, only once will I finsh you off this quickly, next time, it will be quite different.”
“Please!” I moaned out loud. She tugged on my skirt and threw it to the ground, along with my soaking wet panties.
“Please!” Her soft fingers entered me, I moaned louder than I have before. She pumped her hand in and out of my body, and with a moan from her mouth I saw her other hand was busy with her own regions. Staring into each other’s eyes, we both began to climax. We both shook as the orgasm overwhelmed us, adding to the pleasure. In unison, we screamed as it pulled us further under.

Sweaty, blushing, and breathing heavily, we stared into the other’s eyes, and smiled.
The bell broke the our passionate tension, urging us to go outside for lunch.
“Kuso! I forgot about the test!” I swore, yet still never breaking eye contact.
“Gomen nasai!” Muji spoke as she broke eye contact to stand up – naked – and bow in apology.
“Nani!? Don’t apoligise! I loved our encounter!” I exclaimed
“Ahhh” she sighed “then would you mind if I hanged around with you at lunch time? I still…. Don’t really know what to do.”
“Hai! Of course! Como-“ I said as I began to open the door. “Aaah!! I forgot!”
Hearing a giggle behind me, I dug through the pile of clothes for my own wear.
“Ano…” I said, holding out my soaking wet panties “These still haven’t dried out yet..”
“So?” questioned Muji. Glaring at her, I slipped them on and felt the liquid press up against my already soaking spot, and finished getting dressed. Again.

Sneaking out of the cubicle one at a time, we both walked down to the other side of the coridor and walked out onto the field. Feeling the warm sun against my skin, I began to come awhere of my senses once again, and recover from the bathroom incident.
Feeling like I’ve forgotten something, I explored my mind for what I had before I got into class and I realised.

No longer did my tender parts throb once more, instead they just awaited the next time Muji entered once again.

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