Perfect Wife Ch1

Perfect Wife Ch1

It's been a long difficult day at work and I'm riding the train home. I look around at the press of commuters around me and wonder how I ended up a middle level corporate drone. Back in college I had been someone. Star Nose Tackle. I was 6'4" and just shy of 280, and it was all muscle and bone and sinew. Quarterbacks were known to panic just when I got down in my stance. When I got to the NFL that all changed. Playing with the big boys meant big boy rules. During my third game I blew out a knee and was gone for the rest of the season. The next season I lasted until the playoffs. For all of my glory all I had left was a communications degree and a few stories. Now I was an ad-man for McMann and Tate. Go ahead laugh, I did.

One last trophy was my wife. She would be too much woman for most men. She was just about 6' even and lithe and supple. She could bend in ways that you can only imagine. She did gymnastics briefly in High School but with her height and DD breasts she could never be competitive. She was a cheerleader in college. That was how we met.

There was a party for the team after yet another victory. I had 3 sacks and forced a fumble so I was the star of the evening. I was sitting in a chair with a blonde on each knee. They were still in most of their uniform, bra's and panties were missing. I was gently massaging the breasts of the on my right knee while she was diddling herself with on hand and rubbing my cock through my pants with the other. The girl on the left I was teasing with my left hand. I had it up her skirt and was gently exploring her womanly folds. I started to massaged her clit when I felt something hard and out of place. It was a clit ring. I gently tugged and was rewarded for my efforts with a surge of wetness on my thigh.

I switched breasts on the girl on the right and felt her nipple wrinkle up and harden. I traced a lazy circle around the areola and she moaned in pleasure. Her hand started to undo my zipper in a desperate attempt to free my erection. Her skirt was up and she hand two fingers deep into her twat with her thumbing rubbing her clit like a woman possessed. The other players were enjoying wondering how I got all the luck.

Across the room I saw Karen, my future wife. She walked in wearing high heels, tight jeans and a flannel shirt that was buttoned halfway up giving an excellent view of her natural breasts. She had long black hair, halfway down her back. It was up in a loose pony tail. She also had the most incredible blue eyes. I knew I had to have her. I stood up, dumping the two girls on the floor. Thats what they were. They were girls. This was a woman.

Karen pounded down a shot of scotch and the looked at me. She handed me a shot of scotch and asked "What will your friend be having?" I looked down and there was my boner standing out in all 8" of glory the tip oozing pre-cum matching the girl cum covering my knees.

Knowing this was my one and only shot at her I let go with "You". She smiled then turned and started to walk away. When she was a foot away she did something I haven't even seen in porn movies. She bent over backwards and landed on one hand. She used the other to pull me into her waiting mouth. It was the warmest, softest, wettest thing imaginable. Then she sucked. The girl could pull the chrome off a trailer hitch. I almost lost it there. Everyone clapped. She popped back up and took her bow. My jaw dropped and I did the shot.

"Tell you what big boy, if you can keep up you can have me." She grabbed two bottles from the bar and we left arm in arm. We spent the night drinking and talking. I kept up, but just barely. In a year we graduated and then we married.

Remembering that night made the train ride bearable. I had the beginnings of a hard on as I looked around at the other travelers. Always the same people on the train. A mix of mid level executives who lived out on Long Island. Men and women in business suits. A family was sitting in the back relaxing after a day trip into the city. The same people or at least interchangeable people, a guy talking up Amway. A woman mentioning how soon she'll quit her secretarial job and sell MaryKay.

It was raining when I left the city but the storm hadn't made it out this far yet. A short 6 block walk from the train station and I was home. I walked in and opened the door and there was Karen as lovely as ever. She had on a simple gingham apron. I looked down and said, "I see you did your toenails." She smiled and lifted her leg up to eye level and said, "I guess I did." Now when I said she was wearing a simple gingham apron, I meant that that was all she was wearing. When she lifted her leg I got a marvelous show of her sweet pussy. She was letting it grow out as an experiment and I must say it looked just as tasty either way.

She then lowered her foot onto my shoulder and I kissed ankle. Her leg came down and she hugged and kissed me. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I grabbed her by her bare ass and lifted her up. She held me tight and wrapped her legs around me as I pressed my tongue into her mouth. She started working on getting off my shirt and tie as I was trying to get out of my shoes and pants.

I pulled the her apron from in front of her left breast and then started kissing it. Her large brown nipple stiffened immediately and I gently licked and suckled it.

"I missed you so much today." She said as she pulled the last of my clothes off and started to position my cock. She eased down on it, her thighs around my waist and me still standing in the foyer. As I penetrated her cunt it was like a hand in a soft velvety glove. She bounced a little bit and I felt myself hit bottom. I walked over an lowered myself onto the sofa as she bounced up and down on me. I stared into her deep blue eyes as she bounced. I felt her cunt sliding up and down around my cock. Gently squeezing in rhythm.

I grabbed her breasts and squeezed and she moaned. I could feel her coming as I shot load after into her. She stood up and started walking away. I could see a dribble of my cum dripping down the side of her thigh. She stopped and scooped it up and put it in her mouth with a smile aimed at me.

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