Playtime – Chap. II – Insatiable

Playtime – Chap. II – Insatiable

PLAYTIME – CHAP. II – Insatiable

I was well and truly done in. Thrilled to death. And hoping for even more – John and I had said it was a one-time deal.

James was exhausted and, I think, thrilled, too. My first orgasm with someone besides my husband of thirty years really knocked me out, but I already showed him I was ready for more. I made this guy come, and I know I’m at least twenty-five or thirty years older than him!
I sat on James’ chest in my blue chambray shirt. “John, go in the kitchen and get one of those cucumbers I bought yesterday.”
I watched him go, his lovely boner leading the way.
I told James to raise his knees and I leaned back comfortably, hand between my legs. “Are we having fun yet?” I asked him with a big grin as I boldly played with myself. I bounced a little as he chuckled, his face still damp and glowing with the semen I’d scrubbed over it. John came back with a long thing, about two inches wide, and he handed it to me. I rubbed my clit with it. James watched as I spread my outer lips below, so daring with this man I’d never been naked with, and slid the cucumber inside. I wanted to shock both of them, give them a good show. Out it came, then in a little farther, each time putting more inside until most of the object was buried in me and feeling great. “I know how to get my rocks off best. You guys can just watch and enjoy the encore.” There’s no other way to say it — I masturbated with the cuke. Closed my eyes, breathing a short labored rhythm as I plunged me again and again.
Suddenly it hit me. My butt raised, legs tightened and jaw clenched as my orgasm washed over me, the cucumber and my fingers still busy below. After four or five hard spasms and almost blacking out, I dropped again against his knees, spent.
. “Whew, that was the best, especially with you two studs watching. Here, James, a taste for you,” I said, putting the cucumber to his mouth. James obediently nibbled, tasting me again.
I licked my lips toward John. “Now it’s your turn, too. Remember what I said I wanted to do? I want two guys inside of me.” The last thing I wanted to do now was quit. Probably my first and only time, and I wanted as much as I could get.

I felt James’ erection against my back. He’s hard again, good. I slid downward and ordered, “John, put James’ cock inside me.” I knew he’d be shocked, but I wanted my husband physically involved with all this. He was just going to have to get over it.
I was straddled over my new playtoy and spread my legs wide so John would get a great view of my backside as he followed my orders. I looked under me and back, watched him gingerly hold James’ stiff rod upright, aim it … and then I dropped down and took it all, just like that. I sighed, “Ummm, I love it. You’re a good Toy, James, and thank you, John.”
After a couple strokes up and down, I said, “John, I know what you want, you’ve hinted, so now you get your wish. But first, I want to feel your fingers inside me with James’ cock in there, too. Fuck me with your fingers while my Toy is in me, too.”
What a devil I am! I think I could be a real hot slut! I know he was getting a front-row seat back there. I felt two fingers slowly work inside. Surprisingly, there was room. I really did wonder what he was thinking as he was doing this, and I almost asked him to describe what he was doing and how he felt about it… but I was getting lost in the sensations and had no time for words. I panted out that I could feel both of them and it was wonderful, they were doing just what I wanted. God, I must have been dripping all over them! I never imagined John would actually do this.

“Now, John, take me in my ass. I know you want to,” and I leaned fully down on James, kissing him, raising my butt. Inviting my husband to just stick my ass. How many times can I say it – I wanted it all! God, was I horny!

We’d done this a couple of times before in our thirty years of marriage, and seen many triple-X movies when the girls appeared to get off this way, but I simply preferred face-to-face, the regular way.

I could feel a slick finger going into me back there and I tried my best to make it loose for him. Oh yeah, it sank in easily, and then two fingers and I felt the opening widen. Wow, James’ penis stroking away inside me as my husband is playing with my backdoor! “Ooh, that’s it, John baby, put it in me now. Give it to me, baby.” I stopped rocking on James momentarily, still kissing him like no tomorrow. I felt it behind me and pushed backwards, forcefully, took a deep breath — “Go ahead, baby, I want it all.”
Bam! Right in past my loose sphincter! I gasped, stopped my slobbering all over James’ face –“Ahhhh ….. all the way, John. I want your big cock deep inside me.” I pushed again, and he did too. In moments, his slippery penis was all the way inside me, I could feel his pubic hair against my rear. Wow, was I full! Jesus! Both guys deep in me and just stroking away!
To put it bluntly, fucked in my ass by my husband, while my playtoy was screwing my pussy! I hoped John was half as turned on as I was. I wanted to come again so bad. “Do it, John, come in me…”
“Oh, oh, that’s just what I wanted,” I said. “I can feel both your pricks deep inside me. Now take me hard, both of you. Make me your slut.” Ha ha, as if they needed me to hype them up right now!

I was sandwiched between both of them and loving it, all of it, inside and out. Both my men pressed against my skin everywhere, what a turn-on. I set a rhythm we matched, and it was hard not to come too soon. I’d never imagined this, and even more exciting was that I was in charge and making this happen. We worked together, a team of three. They stroked inside me and all of a sudden James’ breathing changed and I felt his penis start to expand and knew he was going to shoot a load into me. “Do it, James,” I begged. And John redoubled his efforts, grasped my hips, pushed hard and faster, and then they both came, fucking and jerking me, dumping their sperm in hard, hot spurts deep inside me. BLISS!

I collapsed onto James, and John onto me, three naked bodies joined at the hip — mine — loaded with come., and two pricks inside me for the first time ever in my life!
“Oh John, that was spectacular,” I sighed, “and I didn’t think I could get you to come again, James….but you did! You are a great toy!”
“I’ll remember this party for a long time,” The guys said of course they would, too.

“My show next time,” John whispered in my ear as he continued stroking inside my slick rear. “Certainly. I’m looking forward to it,” I replied, still glowing and still feeling the absolute thrill of two rock-hard penises working away inside me – first time ever in my fifty-some years of life! God! I never want them to pull out of me!

And then before they could get soft and fade away, I disentangled myself and made John slide his creamy, still-throbbing stiff pole near James’. I reached down and took both of them in my hands, sucking them together — “Ummm, so delicious, I told you this is what I wanted, didn’t I?”

What more could a girl want?

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