Playtime – Chap. III – The New Toy

Playtime – Chap. III – The New Toy

PLAYTIME – Chap. III – The New Toy

Kelly woke up horny on Sunday morning, wearing her night attire — skimpy white panties and a sheer teddy tied in the front. Her fingers idled below her waist as she contemplated a fantasy.
The work-party she’d hosted last month had gone well. She laughed at the joke she’d sprung on her friend Mary, talking the guys into setting up that quiet prig James. They’d pushed the two into a closet and held the door for a minute, fully expecting James to take advantage of the situation in the dark. Mary later told Kelly nothing happened, and Kelly was surprised but believed her. Mary was so straight, so proper. John, Mary’s husband, hadn’t come with her to the party. And the prank flopped.
Kelly knew Mary had spoken a couple of times about the routine nature of her marriage, had talked several times at lunch about the same-o, same-o of marriage, and Kelly felt her friend was disappointed now. Still single, Kelly wondered if all marriages went through this stage, or if it was just John and Mary. Maybe they were getting ready to divorce, oh my gosh!
Anyway, it was a fun prank. James is a nice guy, needs to be assertive, and gosh, Mary has a hot bod, especially for someone in her fifties. She always gets looks after she walks by. Even from James.
Kelly licked a finger and slid it into her panties, imagining James nude and what he would be like in bed. A fireball? A dominating master taking over the shy young thing, like in the bodice-rippers? A submissive plaything for a wild freak? Her fingers rubbed rhythmically as she got slippery. Kelly slid a finger inside, then two, and she imagined Mary’s handsome husband John banging her, but then it was James, and as the pictures formed in her head of first one, then another taking her, she felt the orgasm coming and arched her back and plunged deep, gasping as the heatwave of sensation shook her. When it was over, she withdrew her fingers and tasted them, imagining she was licking the semen spurted into her by her imaginary conquests. I should be on film.

It was Thursday at lunch when Mary asked her. No plans for Saturday night, she said, why don’t you come over and we’ll play cards or watch a movie? It sounded to Kelly as if there was a big teasing smile behind that offer, but then, that was just Mary. You never could tell with her. She “bubbled” when she talked, and her infectious chatter drew you in and made you an intimate almost at once. John’s a lucky guy. I wonder if he knows it.

She chose her best-fitting Wrangler jeans, the ones that clung tight and made her one hot mama. An evening with friends would be fun, and might even perk up their stale marriage. Let’s see, a t-shirt? No, too casual and it makes my boobs stand out. A light sweater? No, too warm. Um, the blue chambray shirt with the tail untucked might be the right touch, comfortable and classy, and a little on the sexy side. Wouldn’t hurt a bit to “tease” John. Watching herself in the mirror, she slid into skimpy black panties, the ones with the lace – not that anyone will see them but me, it’s just that I know I’m one sexy thing with these on, and that counts.

The Get-Together

“Hi,” said John at the door.
“Hi yourself!” said Kelly, sweeping inside with a flourish and smelling John’s English Leather as she brushed by. Now that’s nice.
“Hi Kelly,” gushed Mary. “You look great, so nice you had the night free! You are so cute, girl!” They hugged like girls, happy to see each other, air-kissed.
While John went to the kitchen to get drinks, they plopped on the couch and caught up on the week’s work-gossip. Kelly noticed Mary seemed to “sparkle” more than usual, if that was possible, and looked at her with wide eyes, questioning. “Oh, just another week as usual,” Mary replied, but that devilish glint in her eyes hinted at something.

She noticed Mary’s blue chambray shirt, and they laughed at the similarity. What a coincidence!

A little Molson’s, a start at Hearts at the table. Mary seemed antsy – not uncommon for her. She kept glancing at her husband. After the first hand, Mary’s eyes opened wider and flashed at John meaningfully, and he said to Kelly, “Wanna watch a movie?”
Kelly was aware of something going on between the marrieds, and wondered if it was this. “Sure, why not? What is it?”
“Well,” said Mary, “we ordered a couple in the mail recently from a company called Elegant Angel and haven’t watched them yet. We could watch the one with Ginger Lynn in it, or the one with Hyapatia Lee.”
Kelly had heard of the first one and knew Mary was talking about a XXX movie. She opened her mouth in mock surprise and smiled – “Are you guys watching sexy movies now?”
“Yeah, guess so – are you interested? We could just play cards,” said Mary. I hope she isn’t getting freaked out.
“I like movies,” said Kelly. This could prove to be a very interesting evening, she thought. “Let’s watch the Hyapatia movie, I don’t know who she is.”
John put the DVD in, while Mary and Kelly moved to the couch opposite the TV, with their drinks. John sat nearby in his chair. An air of expectancy hung in the room. Mary spoke. “Kelly, do you remember last month at the party when I got pushed into the closet with James?”
Uh oh. “I heard about that,” said Kelly cautiously. Is this what’s going on – am in for it? She wondered if Mary had told her husband. Well duh, it’s Mary, she must have.
The movie showed a lovely young girl, dressed in kimono and the typical white make-up of a geisha, lying down on a mat and being tended to by another geisha, preparing her for a massage, a soft lute playing in the background. She removed the clothing, put lotion on her hands and began oiling the backside of the other girl. Her hands slid over the shoulders, down the back, and began kneading the smooth buttocks. Kelly looked straight ahead at the TV, not daring to look over at Mary, or catch John’s eye.
The trio watched the show as Mary said, “Well, in all truth, Kelly, me and John have been thinking for awhile that we need something to spice up our marriage. Something exciting and maybe a little on the devilish side.” Mary didn’t look at Kelly while she said this, looked straight at the movie.
What am I getting into tonight? thought Kelly. I must be the “added spice” to watch X-rated movies with them.
“We invited James over last weekend,” said John. Oh no, is this some kind of set-up with that bore? She didn’t know what to say, so she kept quiet and glued her eyes to the TV.
The screen showed a surprising turnabout, as the massaged naked geisha had turned and began kissing the other, then laid her down and began undressing her. Soon both were naked, and Hyapatia the geisha was very actively making love to the nude body below her. John said, “They’re both so pretty.” Kelly squirmed and readjusted her seating, remembering the way she felt that morning, and starting to feel uncomfortable with her married friends and this lesbian scene, let alone whatever it was Mary was talking about. She took a quick swig of Miller’s. Maybe it’s not James they’re working to set me up with, maybe it’s MARY! Ohmigod.
Mary felt it was time to bite the bullet. “Actually, Kelly, John and I thought you might like to help us out with something. We asked another guy here last week because, well, to be plain about it, I wanted to use him in bed as my sex Toy.” Kelly’s eyes widened and her mouth gaped. MARY!
“John and I agreed I could do this, if he’d get the same chance with a cute girl that he liked.” She looked the girl fully in the eye now. “Kelly, I had a great time and John watched. It was the first time I’ve ever done anything like that since John and I got married. He loved watching me, too. Now I need to let him have the same opportunity I did, and we were hoping you’d be the one — I’d just watch. What do you think?” The younger girl’s jaw dropped – this was her friend from work, the straight and narrow, hard-working older woman she admired and looked up to!
The girls on the screen were now in a sixty-nine position. The kimonos were laid aside. The plain Chinese music continued softly, but the action was hot and heavy and oh, so close-up! Kelly, shocked but thrilled at the thought of having sex in the safety of Mary’s watchful eyes, looked at John, then at her. By this time, John had his hand down on his pants, simply sitting there, and smiling at Mary. Mary rose from the couch, sat lightly on John’s lap with her arm around him, and pulled his head to her breasts. “You and John can do whatever you want in bed, as long as I get to watch,” said Mary. John boldly unbuttoned her shirt and buried his face in her bra. Kelly thought back to her stunt at the Christmas party, getting Mary and James shoved into the closet together. Did I cause this? She watched, shocked that the two would “have sex” like this right in front of her.
“You wouldn’t by any chance have on black panties, would you?” smiled Mary.
“Ohmigod, how’d you know?” said Kelly in surprise.
“Ha, just a lucky guess – it’s John’s favorite, by the way.”
Kelly thought furiously, and watched the screen as the girls had sex, and John continued to nuzzle at Mary’s breasts. She was getting wet again, she knew, and watching the two near her competed with the screen. This is too wild. “This is too wild,” she said to them.
“God! I’ve never even thought of anything like this!” said Kelly, as she watched John’s hands cup Mary’s bra, squeezing lightly. Kelly felt like an intruder to their intimacy.
Mary pulled John’s face tight against her chest. “Oh honey, you wouldn’t believe what I did with James, and John watched it all. It was the most fun I’d had with sex in a long time. I promised my baby here he’d get his turn, so if it’s okay with you, it’s really alright with me, too – as long as I get to watch.” To further encourage the younger girl, Mary slipped off her shirt and reached back to undo the bra. Kelly watched, entranced at this real-life sex scene right before her eyes, as her older friend Mary bared her top and pushed John’s head into her. He promptly squeezed her breasts together and began licking all over. She’d never seen Mary naked, let alone real people have sex right in her presence before! John took both pert breasts in his hands and sucked on first one nipple, then the other. On the screen, Hyapatia the geisha was now lying beside the other girl, fingering her, their tongues exchanging deep kisses. Kelly imagined she could never do that to another woman. She didn’t know where to look – sex on the screen, sex across the room live and in person!
Too much! My friends are having sex right in front of me, and we’re all watching an X-rated lesbian movie!
“I guess we’re probably shocking the hell out of you right now, Kelly, but I don’t know any other way to go about this. I’m new at this, too. Do you want to come over here and be part of this?” said Mary. “Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen, hon.”
“Uh, um,” Kelly was still shocked, looked at John, who now had his hand between Mary’s legs, and his head between her breasts. Her friend’s nipples were popped out hard. She’d never seen Mary nude, and here she was half-naked on her husband’s lap while he’s feeling her up.
On the screen, the scene had changed. Hyapatia the nurse was now standing beside a lovely young woman in the chair, who was going to be examined by the doctor. The doc requested the patient to lift her skirt for the examination. The patient spread her legs and began stroking herself, the area between her legs in full view. The doctor pulled down his pants and sat in the chair facing her, stroking himself. Mary said, “You could do that to John if you want.”
Kelly felt herself glowing and made up her mind. She moved over to the chair arm beside John.
“Go ahead and kiss him, Kelly, if you want to. It’s alright with me,” urged Mary.
John moved his head away from her nipples as Kelly leaned over and pursed her lips primly. John put his left arm around her back, slid it down to her butt and squeezed as he put his lips to hers. He opened his mouth slightly, his tongue touching her lips. Kelly startled, but then opened her mouth to him, and his tongue went deep inside Kelly’s mouth, exploring. The kiss lasted a minute or two as they each grew hot. Kelly felt the heat in her loins. She was surprised at her willingness to do this with her friend’s husband, and with Mary sitting right there!
Mary moved her hand down to John’s crotch, stroking and rubbing, making him hard. She knew he was ready for anything, and the prospect of having sex with a cute, young girl – and maybe two together – had him excited. She lightly took the girl’s hand and moved it to Kelly’s shirt buttons, encouraging her to undo them. Kelly took the hint, felt bold from seeing Mary’s bared breasts, opened the top buttons as she continued to kiss John. Mary slid her face in between them to break them up, licking John’s lips, and pushed his head down to Kelly’s chest. He eagerly lapped at her chest.
“Do you want to move to the bedroom?” inquired Mary. On the screen, the patient in the chair was now sucking Hyapatia’s tits, while the doctor was on his knees in front of his patient, “examining” her with his tongue.
“I think maybe we could be doing some of that,” said Kelly, nodding at the screen and secretly glancing at John’s poked-out pants. She’d made her decision.

Big Bad John

Mary took Kelly’s hand as the two girls led the way upstairs to the bedroom. Her naked breasts swayed as they walked, and Kelly had difficulty not glancing sideways at her friend’s nudity. Mary sat John down on the bed, cupped her breasts and put them to his mouth. He nursed eagerly. Mary looked over at Kelly and said, “He’s pretty good at this, hon, I’ve given him lots of practice. Why don’t you come do this, too?”
“I think I can be imaginative,” she said. Kelly was turned on by the movie and Mary’s suddenly-whorish behavior in front of her, swiftly came up behind Mary, boldly cupped Mary’s tits in her hands and slid a finger or two into John’s mouth. She moved her fingers in and out of his mouth, using the moisture to circle Mary’s hard tips. “How’s that for starters?” she said to Mary. Kelly was as surprised at herself as her friend was.
Shocked to her toes at the firm touch of another woman’s hands on her naked body, Mary twitched, and a thrill ran through her as Kelly pressed into her and clutched her breasts, ran wet fingers from her husband’s mouth over the taut nipples. I can’t believe I’m letting her do this!
John noticed her suddenly-stiff body and worried expression, said, “Mary – it’s my turn with the new Toy.”
Of course the straight couple had never done anything homosexual or lesbian before, had not even imagined doing that.
Mary disengaged with some relief, moved to the chair beside the bed, and they watched as the wife slid out of her white shorts, and then the black panties. Naked now, to encourage both John and Kelly, she playfully threw them at her husband. He put them to his face and breathed in, licking them. “What a pretty whore you are.” The movie and her actions downstairs had gotten to him, too.
“How about yours?” he said to Kelly.
“Too bad we don’t have that TV in here,” said Mary, as she settled back naked in her chair, her hand busy between her legs, once again shocking Kelly. Emboldened now by her astonishingly-naked friend’s actions, Kelly watched her for a moment – her close friend, disrobed and masturbating right in front of her! This was a night of “firsts” for sure! Authorized by this, and thoroughly turned on now, Kelly stepped up to the plate.
“Well if you want sexy, Big Boy, it’s right here in front of you,” cooed Kelly. John is cute. “Watch this!” Her shirt undone in the front, tantalizing him with her bra still on, she undid her jeans, moved them ever-so-slowly over her hips, revealing the lacy ebony panties. She stepped out of the jeans and lifted one leg on the bed beside John.
“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” she asked again of Mary. “C’mon, look at me – what do you think?!” said her friend. “Be a good slut, honey, get what you want.”
Kelly turned again to John. “Are you hungry?” she teased with her sexiest leer. Kelly decided at that moment that, with her friend stroking herself so openly and apparently so pleased, she’d act the most experienced tart in town. “I’ll be your whore. Do you like your Toys dressed in panties and bra like this?” she grinned.
John, with his face only inches away from the hips and panties of this new wanton, said, “I’m all yours, and yes, you’re just too beautiful like this.” He looked over at Mary, still rubbing herself, and winked, and she air-kissed back at him.
“Lay back, Big Boy, and I’ll show you a good time,” she said in her best Mae West accent. She glanced over at Mary, who circled two fingers and pushed another through them. John laid back on the bed. Kelly could see the bulge in his pants, and she was eager to claim it.
Kelly was 27 and knew that guys liked to watch the sex unfold. Why else would there be so many X-rated films, and fellows taking pictures of their nude girlfriends? She remembered a previous boyfriend who liked to pose her like pictures from a deck of cards of nude women. They had chosen one particular picture, and modeled a photo like it of Kelly. Turning her back to John, she bent over and slowly removed her panties, but kept her legs together. “See anything you like?” she giggled, as her hands came around and caressed her flesh. John gaped, the young girl’s flesh inches in front of him. He looked over at his wife, who took her finger from inside her and licked it.
Kelly turned around, naked below the waist, and climbed on the bed, on John, and forced her crotch down on his face. He nibbled and sucked frantically, this wonderful new girl-taste. He smelled butterscotch, was shocked and pleased. Kelly leaned down hard on his mouth, feeling his tongue sliding all around and inside her. “Ooh yeah,” she moaned, “we should be making a movie,” she told Mary. “You are the movie, darling,” replied her friend, her own hand busy with this Oscar performance before her.
Kelly moved off John, off the bed, stood in front of Mary and faced John. “Strip me,” she ordered John.
He stood beside the bed in front of Kelly, removed her shirt, and then her bra, nestling his mouth in her neck as he reached around her. Mary was hot to trot, could not resist the cute little butt in front of her, moved her hands to it as if in a dream and cupped them, hoping Kelly wouldn’t freak out – after all, the girl had actually cupped her boobs and rubbed her nips! The girl spread her legs a little. Mary took it as a hint, and as John disrobed her above and rimmed her pert tits, Mary’s hand moved inside her thighs and touched Kelly’s dampness there — a new sensation she had never even thought of doing – and then a finger slid inside on its own.
“Don’t stop!”
Mary was too excited to stop and didn’t know if the girl was telling John or her, but didn’t care either. She pushed Kelly’s back downward to get her to bend, which caused John to sit down on the bed in front of Kelly. He brought her mouth to his and ran his fingers through her hair. Behind her, Mary had full access to Kelly’s rear, and switched her hand for her mouth, impulsively kissing Kelly’s cute butt, realizing she didn’t want to resist the lovely skin right at her fingertips. An “oof!” from Kelly was smothered by John, who continued to caress her swaying breasts and kiss her deeply, while Mary kissed from one side to the other, hands on the girl’s bare hips.
What am I doing?! This is just too crazy, thought Mary. I never in my life would be a lesbian…but this is just too hot, and John is happy, too.
Kelly was lost in the new sex, not caring who was in front or behind. Adrenaline flowed like a hallucination, John’s hands and his tongue in her was an aphrodisiac, and she wanted whatever came with it.
Mary knew she was going to come if this kept up. She stopped herself, slapped Kelly hard on her butt and said, “John, I want you to do what you want to do. Is that okay with you, Kelly?”
“Ummm, whatever you want is okay with me.”
By now, Kelly and Mary were both naked and delighted, sex aroma filled the room, and they were ready for anything. The two girls locked eyes. “Maybe it’s time for John to show me what he’s got,” grinned Kelly, while Mary blew him a kiss.
“Why don’t you take off my clothes,” he responded.
“With pleasure, sir,” answered Kelly. Mary joined in – “Make it sexy, Kelly, sex him up.”
Kelly was turned on completely, not only by the sexy man before her but by the sudden intimate actions of her beautiful friend behind her. Never before had another woman done that. She had a sudden thought. “John, stand up in front of us and take off your clothes while you watch Mary and me,” said Kelly. With that, she moved over to Mary, bent down, and kissed her on the mouth, shocking both of them, and John, too. Mary was too surprised to resist. Her nudity and bold masturbation to urge Kelly on with John now conspired to force her into a mutual alliance with her friend-turned-slut, just like me!
John didn’t think he could get any harder, and his prick strained at his pants. He stood beside the bed as the two girls kissed, their mouths now open and sharing tongues. “You girls are making me so fucking hot,” he gasped. As he watched them, his shirt came off, and the nude girls quit kissing and watched him, Kelly reaching over to tweak his nipples. John unsnapped his trousers, slid the zipper and pulled his pants down, his big treasure clearly outlined in his Fruit of the Looms. Both naked girls reached out to touch him, and he accepted their massage. Kneeling, grabbing the sides of his underwear, Kelly pulled it down and his penis popped out, standing the full hard seven inches. Mary pushed Kelly’s head to it and she instantly engulfed him, sliding it in and out of her mouth while Mary stroked her hair and looked up at her husband with satisfaction. “Suck him, baby, give him a good blowjob.”
I’ve sucked it so many times, thought Mary, this is the first time I’ve seen anyone else do this to my husband. Just like a movie. And her new, precious, tasty, stripped-down girlfriend did it well. She held the shaft, sucked and inhaled on the tip and made John gasp with her suction. She held his balls, slid her mouth down onto the shaft and moved his manhood deep inside her mouth. Work you, she thought.
Kelly enjoyed the moment even more because she knew her close friend Mary, right behind her, was watching. I’m sucking off Mary’s husband! This was exotic, this was erotic! Having sex while others watched. John rubbed her breasts as she took him, and he rocked his hips, fucking her face. Mary and John shared another secret smile as Kelly worked on him, and Mary knew she was fulfilling her part of the bargain they had made just last week when she had taken James in every way she could imagine, while John had sat in this same chair and watched… and then participated. It shocked them both to realize their “movie” was indeed bringing them closer together. Everyone needs a Toy.
This game had turned into something more, with Kelly so delightful and “adventurous”. A new chapter in their married life – Mary thought back to last week with James, the Other Toy, and how much fun their married sex life had suddenly become.
As Kelly gave him head, he slowly pulled away. She looked up at him, wondering. “Come, lay on the bed, I want to taste all of you,” he said to her.
Kelly moved onto the bed, laid on her back. He wants to fuck me.
“No, turn over, on your knees, and raise your butt in the air,” he said.
“Oh, this is gonna be fun,” said Kelly. He wants the doggy position.
“Spread your legs, darlin’”.
Kelly did as he said and knew she was going to get plunged, and was ready for it. Fingers, tongue or that long pole, it didn’t matter. “Just fuck me, go ahead, I want it deep,” she pleaded, her senses on overload from Mary’s lips and John’s treasure, let alone being naked with her best friend and the husband! Oh god I want it! I want a mouthful! She loved the taste
Mary said, “Oh John, such a beautiful sight…Doesn’t she have the cutest little ass? I think you should taste it, too.” Mary knew she could excite him by talking dirty. “Put your tongue in her, darling, I want to watch that.”
A great idea, thought John, and immediately complied. Kelly felt the softness push inside her, and pushed back against it in rhythm. “Oh yeah, keep it up, John, yeah, oh!” she moaned, taking up Mary’s cue of talking dirty. “Lick me, come on me, fuck me!” John sucked on her outer lips, moved his tongue up her ass, pushed as deep as he could, loving the taste of New Toy. He slid fingers deep into her wet vagina, withdrew them and gave them to his wife to suck on.
“Do me, John, do me!” said Kelly. “I want that beautiful giant cock of yours deep in me, fuck the hell out of me!” John kneeled behind her spread legs, upright and hardened. He took hold with his left hand, guided the missile and slid it out of sight into her with a strong thrust. Kelly grunted, sighed, thrusting back with a deeply-satisfied “Ahhhhh…..” Mary had moved over beside them on the bed to watch him slide into her, grinning as her husband’s seven inches of meat disappeared inside the girl. She manipulated her clitoris to time her orgasm with theirs.
John looked over at her, saw her legs spread and her hand working, her eyes looking upward lost in her rhythm, and then they locked eyes, both lost in the sex and hard at it. It was a moment in time, as if they were screwing each other. Kelly said, “John, do my clit!” and he reached around and rubbed her clitoris while he stroked her hard and long from behind. This was the way Kelly liked it. Kelly had often enjoyed her lover in the office this way, late in the evening at work, and loved it when they came together and then she could pull out and suck the come off his still-throbbing cock. John pumped into Kelly, hard and fast, and when he reached his limit, he ejaculated while Mary timed it perfectly and came, too. Kelly writhed and gasped, her breath spasming in her own hard orgasm.

“Come here,” John said to his wife. Mary moved beside him, while John pulled out and gave it to her. She licked up the slickness, pulling hard on her husband to get it all.
John lay back on the bed beside Kelly, sweaty, very naked and very well-fucked. Mary leaned over them, kissing first John, and then leaning over her husband’s new toy to press lips lightly to her, too. She laid down beside Kelly, and with their naked and happy Toy in between them, John and Mary reached over her to kiss. Kelly pulled their heads down to her pert nipples.
The girl giggled like a giddy schoolgirl as she held their mouths to her tits and felt them sucking her. “I can’t believe I did all that!” she said.
“I can’t believe you’re such a terrific toy,” said John.
“Both of you – I can’t believe what I’ve done, either!” said Mary, shocking herself once again.
“It’s hard to resist this cute little thing,” said her husband.

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