Several weeks had gone by since the last get-together. John and Mary, their toys James and Kelly had not met lately. Additionally, Kelly’s roommate Terri was now scheduled for her final gender-change operation, which she eagerly awaited.
A trip to Branson, Missouri, by the married couple halted the “regular” Saturday night meetings. Taking advantage of a “celebrity auction”, they had bought a bargain weekend stay at a Branson resort.

On the first night in the country cabaret town, the couple toured the main street, catching the lay of the land. The Whore-Queen, newly-designated and proud of her title, boasted, “In high school, we used to call the ‘easy’ girls ‘The Community Chest’.” Her husband smiled and said, “I think we have a community, so you can be my Community Chest – and James’, and Kelly’s, too.” She grinned widely, thrust out her boobs and cupped them – “These girls have satisfied a LOT of folks lately.” He replied, “And they will again…”

With at least sixty shows available on any one night in this show business town, it seemed impossible to expect sex-capades could take precedence. Yet, you could not discount the amenities of the motel — a hot tub in the room; another in the general population area; four rooms in the motel suite, with a king-size bed. Their first night startled several late-night teens as John lounged naked in the outdoor hot tub with Mary. A blonde teenage cutie and a boy came upon them suddenly in the cool evening. “Hi, can we come in?” Quickly scrambling to find his bathing suit, John struggled to get it on – “Wait a minute!!!” And then much later on the second day, John and Mary filled the hot tub in their suite and relaxed, of course with no clothing. His only regret was that after their fun-filled day in town, he was too tired to do anything more than relax in the tub with his naked nympho.
But, he remembered the final night with her. They lay in the king-size bed, stripped, watching the plasma TV, and in the commercials, he would thrill her with his choice of “activity”, then in the next commercial it was her turn. What an enjoyable hour THAT turned out to be! Mary was as inventive as Kelly ever was, and so was he. Yes, this Branson trip ought to be repeated some day….

They returned on Monday, even more excited when they learned Terri was to be operated on the following Monday. That meant the group needed to have a final party Saturday night. Calls were made, ideas were exchanged. Terri and Kelly jumped at the opportunity to join them, asked if James would be coming, too, and said they had a thought for a party. John rolled his eyes at this; Mary simply smiled. James cancelled something and said he was in.


One of them thought the living room seemed crowded. James sat in the chair near the TV screen. Terri and Kelly on the couch. John stood near the fireplace, poking it up. Mary brought more food from the kitchen.
“My dear Kelly says she has a great idea for our FINAL night together with Terri, who has a lovely penis that will NOT be here next week. In honor of her sacrifice – she calls it her Liberation — we are gathered here together to do homage to this piece of history in our midst. Does anyone want to say a few words in commemoration, misery, or exhaltation before we begin this celebration?”
One by one, each spoke eloquently of Kelly’s pretty lady-friend, who was really a transsexual on the verge of the operation to change him to a female. John said, “Before Mary and I began our recent excapades, I never would have thought I’d be taking part in some things I’ve done. But when you get down to it, one dick is just another piece of meat that can give you pleasure, and none of us here are vegetarians! Close your eyes, and who knows the difference?”
Kelly looked at the beautiful roommate beside her and said, “She was kind to me from the start, and we bonded like roommates do. When I learned about the real Terri, I felt so sorry for her life and wanted to do whatever I could for her. You guys might call it a Pity Fuck, but it was more than that. We just kinda cuddled one night and then it turned into something a little hotter – that I wanted. I honestly liked her and wanted to do whatever I could to help her be who she really is. Yeah, I may be bisexual now, but then when you think about it, who isn’t? Skin is skin, a tongue is a tongue, right? Like John said, close your eyes and what’s the difference? And folks, even when we were right in the middle of it, she said she wished I was a guy.”
James spoke up next. “You guys have been so wonderful to me. I’m glad and proud to be part of your group – what do you have planned for tonight?”
The Queen took the floor. “Since Terri is making a major change on Monday, we thought that doing honor to her old worn- out dick might help, maybe even just melt it away, or, like, erode it off. So, we’re gonna have at her for one final time.”

“Any objections to this plan, anybody?” said the Queen. She selected a carrot stick from the tray, dipped it in the curry dip and slowly licked it off….and then sharply bit a chunk off. “One last chance – any objections?” she said, looking at John, then James, and finally at the two on the couch. Once again, she licked the full length of the carrot, and then pressed it to her husband’s lips. “Carrots and cucumbers and delicious dips await you,” she taunted them. “Following Kelly’s suggestion, we will now turn out the lights and be guided only by the glow of the banked fire and the music. Furthermore, we’ll all be blindfolded, and then we will all take off someone else’s clothes. Let’s call it the Blind Strip. I have blankets and pillows over there. When you’re blindfolded and your clothes are off, we’ll see what happens next. Remember, though, that our goal is to wear out Terri’s dick. Any objections?”

Mary and John blindfolded each in turn. The flurry of blankets, pillows, and clothes followed, to the rhythm of soft jazz and the last crackling of the fire.
In short order, naked bodies rolled on the floor. Unless a quick breath or a gasp arose from someone, nobody could tell who a breast, or cock, a butt, an arm or a mouth belonged to. Three of them recognized James’ shorter penis when it was grasped, or tasted; three of them caught on to the butterscotch girl’s scent; it was impossible to ascribe particular breasts to any one of three women; but remarkably similar were two cocks, hard and straight and long, so it was a toss-up when hands, mouths, or other parts melded with them.
Despite his experiences with the m?ge a trois with Kelly and his wife not long ago, and then with Mary and James, John had no particular bent for sucking another man’s dick, even though his statements to the group implied he was indifferent. Thus, he didn’t seek out male bodies in the midst of the groping and rolling around. Breasts, pussies, and sweet-smelling mouths that went with them were his objectives, and there was no lack.
Mary found herself amid bodies. Someone tried to enter her doggie-style. She reached back and recognized James’ little prick, guided him in with a soft “Aaahhhh.” Her mouth was busy at a cock in front she had just pulled from someone’s pussy – had to be Kelly’s – and so she alternated sucking the hard-on and the butterscotch girl, while James pounded into her. How sensual is this?! she thought. What neat friends. Sliding her tongue in and out of Kelly’s canal, and stroking the prick in her hand, she let the girl roll over onto the penis and helped push it inside her; Mary’s mouth hovered over the thrusting rear and kissed whatever she could. Suddenly she felt James slide out of her and quickly another, bigger cock drove hard and deeper into her and the breath whooshed out of her. She pushed back against it with pleasure and felt a body lay atop her back. Hands came around to clasp her breasts at the same time tits squashed onto her back. Ah, Terri, she thought. Well, she’ll get one last good fuck outta me. Mary felt James moving around beside her and standing next to her head, so she pulled on his leg and took his penis in her mouth. Tasted herself. It was half limp, but quickly rose again to give her the firmness she ached for. She realized once again that getting sex from two men at the same time really was better. God I love this!
A quick thought sped through her mind as her pussy throbbed with the fullness of the penis inside her and her mouth sucked vigorously on the dick before her: it was only several weeks ago I was begging John for some action…now I’ve got all I want! My god!

She wished John could be part of this same act on her now. But he was right in front of her, she knew, being ridden by darling Kelly. She managed to move her right hand to Kelly’s ass, skewered with her husband’s rigid tool; held it at the base while Kelly pumped up and down. Oh god, I’m gonna come if this keeps up, she thought – sucking off James, fucking Terri’s huge cock, and helping my husband get a great piece of ass. Is this heaven or what?! Mary roamed her wet fingers over Kelly’s butt, sliding one finger into the void. She heard Kelly moan and squeeze down on her finger which was now all the way inside. She finger-fucked her ass while John pumped inside the girl.

All had their pesty blindfolds off by now, but the darkness in the room still held the mystery.

The music changed suddenly from the slow, jazzy tempo of the alto sax to a jump rhythm, which seemed to ignite a higher energy in the group. Uncouplings started, bodies moved around, recouplings groped for. It became obvious to several that Terri was now laying flat on her back, since there was no mistaking the combo of tits and cock on the same body. Mary fell first onto the free dick, sucking loudly with a vengeance that made Terri gasp. Mary realized suddenly that she absolutely loved the taste of a dick after it had been in her cunt. It hit her that she had masturbated so many times as a young teen and then avidly sucked her fingers. So if I love the taste of a pussy so much, does this mean I’m a lesbo? I guess I did love it when I sucked Kelly….and I sure love it when we’re naked together. She felt another body plop down on the girl’s chest and could tell by the motion and feeling the ass in front of her that James was face-fucking Terri. She recognized James’ ass since it was smaller and less muscular than John’s.
The two others sought space available. Kelly was the first to find Mary’s backside unoccupied. She spread the Queen’s cheeks, plastered her face in and went to work with her tongue. Once again Mary felt the joy of being worked at both ends simultaneously. And then John found the only body left over, Kelly’s, on her hands and knees, leaving her rear up for grabs. And he grabbed. Kissed down her back, over her butt, dipped in between and slid over her anally. He felt a hard push and a relaxing of the sphincter, so he rose, wet his cock, and put it to the puckered entrance. Again Kelly pushed back hard, driving him inside her. John stroked, Kelly tightened her sphincter to grab him.
James gave his tool to Terri and squeezed her breasts. Suddenly Terri pushed James’ hips back and expertly turned him around and on top of him in a soixant neuf. Now once again with his dick in Terri’s mouth, James found his own mouth next to Mary’s. She pulled the cock out of her mouth, recognized James’ face right next to hers, opened her mouth and smeared saliva all over his lips. She pushed the cock to his mouth, licked the length, and wasn’t surprised when James eagerly sucked the penis in. Well, he must believe what John said, she thought. It’s just meat. Well hell, I like it, so why wouldn’t someone else, man or woman?!
While still being taken from behind by Kelly, she continued to stroke Terri’s cock as James sucked and bobbed; she forced her tongue into James’ full mouth, too, and felt the strength of his cock-sucking. Terri brought James hips down flat, spread his cheeks, and forced her tongue into James’ ass; James gasped and the cock came out of his mouth, Mary quickly retaking the hard length of it back; “oh god,” came a quiet moan from somebody.
Now Mary and James shared the penis, as they had done once before with John. She realized again that James really did enjoy this, it wasn’t a forced act. And then they both heard a soft, feminine voice say, “Fuck me, James. Ride me.”
And as if he had been waiting to get something up his ass besides Terri’s wiggling little tongue, James rose up, pushed Mary out of the way, turned around and sat down on Terri’s hips, stroking his penis and Terri’s, too! He wet his hand and the girl’s cock, lifted up, and came down it, his ass already lubricated by Terri. A few strokes and Terri’s cock was firmly and deeply in James’ ass, while Terri stroked James’ four-inch erection. Noises started coming out of James that Mary had never heard before, and she slowly recognized them as happy noises.
Of course this changed the rest of the group’s m?ge, since the Queen now had nothing to do for her mouth….and that wasn’t going to last for long.
She realized the scenario instantly. Pulling away from what was obviously Kelly eating her out from behind, she took the girl’s hand and pulled her up beside Terri. John of course came along, since his action had been interrupted, too. The girls pushed him down beside Terri; Mary climbed on her husband’s face and Kelly sat on his cock, fucking him. The girls faced each other. The darkness and their eyes worked together as partners, all of them, and it was easy to see each other in the dimness, who was who and where everyone was. John’s mouth was avidly sucking his wife’s clit and playing inside her, while she was leaning forward to caress Kelly’s breasts. She reached beside herself to stroke Terri’s tits. James sat upright beside Kelly, both fucking the cocks inside them, moaning with pleasure and panting hard. Terri continued stroking James’ dick, and Kelly put her hand around Terri’s, helping. Mary filled her mouth with saliva, leaned forward and gathered Kelly’s mouth in, and shared it. Kelly leaned over to James, tongueing him, then leaning forward sucking and biting Mary’s tits.
The sweat, the heat, the closeness of all the bodies, the heavy beat of the music, and the dim darkness now filled with panting and moaning, and suction noises, that familiar slap-slap of body parts joined and pumping together.

James’ hand was now on his own penis, that Kelly was stroking too. “Make yourself come, James, come on me.” James masturbated, still with Terri’s big cock deep inside him. Kelly’s hand was on James, helping him beat off, riding along.
Terri reached around Mary’s butt, urged her over to him. She switched positions, now sat over Terri’s mouth, which quickly went into action. In the void left by Mary, Kelly lay down flat on John, kissed him deeply, smashed her breasts on his chest, and said, “Now you’re mine, big boy.”
She lifted her ass, pulling John’s cock out as far as she could, then plunged down on it for the terrific sensation of instant fullness that felt like it hit her womb. ”Oh my god, John” she groaned, and did it again. And Terri found Mary’s clit and sucked with rhythm and vigor, enjoying this woman-cock. Terri was ready to come. Mary was ready to come. John was ready to come. Kelly was fucking like a wild animal and rubbing her breasts against his chest and up to his mouth, then plunging her pussy and her tongue onto him again in hard abandon.
They hit a synergy. Kelly the wild fucking machine started it with a tremendous groan of pleasure and a scream as her orgasm volcano’d inside and out. This touched off Mary, whose clit could take no more, and then simultaneously Terri’s body arched upwards as he shot off inside James’ tight ass. Kelly’s hand squeezed so hard with James that it burst out his white come over the length of Terri’s chest and onto Mary’s belly.

Bodies fell aside in exhaustion. And then Terri realized she hadn’t heard John shoot off yet. She leaned over to John’s hips, took the stiff penis in her hand, looked down at him and said, “I owe you one. Do you mind?”
“Holy cripes, somebody needs to do it ! Go ahead.”
John closed his eyes and felt smooth skin, a delicate but firm hand, and soft full lips kiss the tip of his penis, then the lips slid easily over and around the head, and the sucking began. He realized again, like once before with James and Mary, that when your eyes are closed, it really doesn’t make any difference what gender is down there, doing that.
Mary and Kelly, both satisfied now, were comfortable just watching this beautiful chick with a dick beat off John, her breasts swaying. A real girl knows how to give head. Mary relaxed as Kelly lay with her hand on Mary’s bush, idly running her finger over Mary’s belly too and finding the wet come from James. They watched Terri and John as Kelly’s fingers went to her mouth.
Terri mouthed John’s balls, sucked gently, slid her tongue farther down while she stroked John vigorously. John reached down and pulled Terri’s mouth back up to his dick, pushed her head down on him firmly. Terri took the hint, did his best to deep-throat John. The other girls looked on in awe. Terri began a stronger rhythm of sucking and stroking, and Kelly moved her hand from Mary’s crotch to John’s mouth and nose, to smell his wife’s sex. That did it – John took Kelly’s finger in his mouth, sucked hard, gasped and strained, and blasted his load of hot semen into Terri’s open mouth. Two hard shots, and a third, and then even a fourth as he grunted and strained at his ejaculation. Terri’s mouth came down again on the penis, wallowing in the pleasure and decadence of this wonderful blowjob.
John collapsed, done in.

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