"Hi, my name's Kevin, I called yesterday and made an appointment!!!" "Please come in and sit down, I'm Connie, and this is my best friend Amy!" Kevin took a seat in the dimly lit living room and waited for Connie to continue. "Well, Kevin," she began, "as you can see, both Amy and I are what you would call, uh, a little bit on the plump side, and the reason you're hear, is a little hard to explain, in fact you're the fourth person we have interviewed for the position, and none of the others were able to convince us that they could perform the duties required of them!!!" Kevin spoke up for the first time and asked, "And what would those duties be ma'am?" "Ahem," Connie cleared her throat and went on, "well, as I was saying, both of us are on the hefty side, and neither of us gets out much, so what we want, is to have a young man such as yourself, move into our home and live with us!!!" Kevin stared at the two overweight women for a second or two and asked, "That's it, you just want me to move in with you?!?" "Uh, not exactly," Amy chimed in, "we want you to share our bed with us!!!" So that's what it was, get in bed with these to heifers and let them have their way with him, "Holy smokes," he thought, "if they rolled together and he was between them he could get crushed!!!" Keeping his composure, he casually asked, "What sort of remuneration would this job entail?!?" "A very good question," Connie replied, "the job would pay one thousand dollars a week, and you would have Wednesday afternoon and all day Sunday off, are you interested!?!" Kevin thought about it a moment and shook his head "yes"!!! He was a little light headed at the prospect of sleeping with these to plumpers, but for a grand a week he'd sleep with a goat!!! His thoughts were interrupted when Connie said, "Just being willing isn't enough, you have to show us that you can fulfill your duties!!!" "Uh, how do we do that," Kevin asked slowly?!?" "Well," Amy replied, first of all we want you to strip naked, then Connie and I will do the same and we'll take it from there, okay?!?" If he was going to take the job he had to find out if he could take it, so now was as good a time as ever to get it over with!!! "Yeah," he replied, "that's good for me," as he stood up and began taking off his clothing!!! Both ladies watched intently as his he removed one article at a time until he was down to his boxers, Connie was actually licking her lips in anticipation of his unveiling!!! "Ready," he asked playfully?!? "Oh, yeah," Amy shot back, "show us what you've go hidden in there, honey!!!" "Oh, my," Connie gushed, "very nice, Kevin, you have a very nice build, and I mean that both ways!!!" "Now it's our turn," Amy said in a thick voice, "let's show him what we've got!!!" Both women were wearing oversized house dresses, the kind that slipped over the shoulders and hung loosely around the waist. Amy lifted her arms over her head while Connie pulled the floral pattern shift over her friend's head. "Kevin sucked in his breath when the huge expanse of flesh came into view!!! Her belly was one huge roll of fat that hung below two gigantic breasts that were encased in the biggest bra he had ever seen!!! What was even more incredible was the fact that she was wearing bikini panties, now it was true that there was probably enough material to make twenty five normal pairs, but by golly, she looked almost sexy in her oversized undies!!! Now it was Amy's turn to help Connie with her dress, and although she wasn't quite as hefty as Amy, she still had enormous breasts and rolls of jiggling fat!!!

"Would you like us to take off our bras," Connie asked quietly, while she stared at his pecker?!? "Y-yes, please," he stammered, "take them off for me!!!" As Connie unhooked the eight snaps holding Amy's massive brassiere, she groaned, "Look, Amy, he's getting and erection!!!" Kevin had never in life given a thought that fat girls could be sexy, but incredibly, his pecker was turning into a piece of hard steel!!! "Sweet, jesus," he moaned when Amy's full chest flopped onto the top roll of tummy fat, "they're unbelievable!!!" He started to reach down to jerk his erection but was stopped when Connie ordered, "Stop that, in this house you never jerk off, one of us will always be their to either suck or fuck you, agreed?!?" "Y-yes," he stammered, "I need it now, please, help me!!!" "Just wait a minute," Amy teased, "until we get all of our things off, then you'll get all the attention you need!!!" "Okay," he panted, "p-please hurry!!!" "I think he likes us, Connie," Amy said sweetly, "I guess we'd better get the rest of our things off!!!"

Just to drive him crazy, the two women undressed the rest of the way in slow motion, while making sure to give him a good view of their naked shaking tits!!! When they were finally nude, they called him over and began feeling him all over his body, that is except for his pecker, which by now was ready to blow from the slightest touch!!! "Y-you promised to suck me right away," he begged!!! "Did we promise him that," asked Amy doubtfully, "I don't remember making any promises, do you Connie!?!" "Nope, I don't remember a thing, but maybe, just maybe if we made a sandwich he could cum, what do ya think?!?" "A sandwich," he squeaked, w-what's that!?!" "Oh," Amy replied casually, " it's just like when we stand you up between us and then we…oh, you don't want to hear about that, do you?!?" "Jesus christ," he moaned through clenched teeth, "t-t-tell me what it is, I'm going fucking crazy!!!" "Well, if you must know," Connie jumped in, "it's when we stand you up between us and sort of squish together with you in the middle, like an Oreo cookie, your the filling between our fat bodies!!!" Oh yes," he panted, "let's do that, yes, that's exactly what we should do, let's do it now!!!" "I don't know," Connie said doubtfully, "do you really think he's ready, Amy!?!" "Y-you're both sadists," he moaned, "I have to jerk it, if you don't help me, I'm gonna jerk it!!!

"Oh, Kevin," Amy cooed while shoving her monster chest into his face, "is this what you want?!?" With his entire head buried in her bountiful chest and his pecker pinned against his belly by her rolls of tummy fat, he felt Connie press up against his back side!!! Mmmmmmm, he feels so hard," Amy sighed, "and he loves to suck tit!!!" Connie on the other hand, ground herself hard into his as an back, while whispering into his ear, "After you blow your load on Amy's tummy, can you fill my mouth with a sperm shooter?!?" That did it, his whole body was being fucked by these two tubby middle aged women who it would seem had zero sex appeal, but never in his life had he been so aroused!!! With his mouth on Amy's breast, the gently jiggling flesh that encased him caused his hard pecker to lurch and then relieve itself of a gusher full of cum!!!

When they finally released him from his avoirdupois prison, he stumbled over to the sofa and collapsed on his back, panting like a dog as he tried to catch his breath!!! Connie waddled over to the couch and plopped down hard to the floor and without asking for permission, took his member into her mouth and began sucking him off, while Amy stood by, as she rubbed the cum off of her fat belly and then licked it off her fingers!!! "This is a scene out of science fiction," Kevin thought, "but it's really happening," as he watched his pecker disappearing into the hot mouth of the fat fuck doll!!! "Suck him, Connie," Amy encouraged, "suck his prick off and swallow his jism, he has the sweetest tasting cum!!!" "Mmmmmm," Connie hummed, "he tastes so fucking good, there's nothing quite like fresh hard cock to make a girl hungry!!!" "Oh," Kevin sighed, "I can't believe how good this feels, you two are unbelievable!!!" Amy moved over to the couch and offered a nipple to the prostrate man, and hungrily, he took it into his mouth and suckled hard as the cum raced down the length of his cock and into Connie's waiting mouth!!!

After everyone had had a chance to relax for awhile, Kevin asked Connie hopefully, "Did I pass the test, do I get the job?!?" "Well," Connie replied slowly, "I don't know, what do you think, Amy?!?" "I think," Amy said seriously, "that we need to make another test, is that all right with you, Kevin!?!" The familiar feeling in his pecker told the whole story, and he replied, "I think that's a great idea, let's make a cookie!!!"


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