Polished Ebony

As his hands glided over her skin he marveled at the colors. A deep brown color with so many variations. The baby oil brought out darker shadows and golden hues so that she almost seemed to scintillate under his touch.

His hands slid down and cupped one of her breasts…squeezing it gently and allowing it to slowly slide out of his hands. Her breasts were naturally big so they pillowed out so sexy as he allowed it to fall back to rest. He grasped the other and smoothed oil over it and especially over the dark brown aureola. It's color deepened to almost a mahogany tint.

He leaned down and gently bit her nipple and she gasped, unable to move away because of the ties on her hands that bound her to the posts on the bed. She whimpered as he allowed it to slide between his teeth and go free. She was breathing heavy and smiling, enjoying the tease almost as much as he enjoyed doing it.

Allowing his hands to explore further down he coated her belly with the slippery oil. The sensation of his fingers sliding so easily over her made him grin. As he rubbed the oil over her sides she giggled and squirmed and he started to laugh. There was no where for her to go to…she was staying in place. He continued until she could barely breath and then allowed her to rest.

He loved the way his white hands looked on her skin, such a sexy contrast. He slid them further down and parted her thighs. She tried to rotate her hips so he could play with her pussy but he ignored it and began to tickle her inner thighs, teasing her to a frenzy.

Her lips were swollen and pouty, opened slightly in arousal. He could see their dark color giving way to a deep pink pussy inside. s he continued to rub her inner thighs, working his way ever close to her pussy, a drop of cum spilled out of her lips and ran down the crack of her ass. She wiggled and more followed. She was so wet…the cum was actually puddling up under her ass cheeks now.

He leaned forward and blew hot breath on her pouty lips, not touching but so close she could feel him. He waited and watched as she tried to push her hips forward to make contact. He smiled an evil grin and waited.

Finally she gave up with a groan and a whine and lay still. Just as she thought she was going to be teased forever and not given release, his tongue slid into her and he started sucking on her pussy.

She had not expected it and was in mid breath when he began to eat her. She sucked in hard and felt her head go slightly dizzy as he began to suck and lick her, shaking his head back and firth as he nibbled her inner folds like a rabid dog.

The noise…the noises he made as he licked and sucked her closer and closer to orgasm were incredible. Growls and moans and lots of wet sloppy sucking sounds. The sound of him enjoying her filled her ears and she moaned in unison with them. She felt herself beginning to shake all over.

She got closer and closer to cumming, she ground her pussy against his face, gritting her teeth and wanting nothing more then to shower his face with cum. Then his fingers slid into her. She hadn't expected that either and the feeling of them reaching deep into her and then sliding out was more then she could take.

She was cumming and he wouldn't even slow down, her entire body was on fire and still he finger fucked her and sucked her until all the sensations and noises merged. She felt the growls and the moans and heard the fingers spreading her open. She heard herself screaming as her orgasm intensified.

Still, he didn't stop. he kept on with more and more. She couldn't take any more. She was so hypersensitive that every touch was almost painful it felt so good. His tongue probed into her along with his fingers, she could feel him actually sucking her cum out of her pussy. She screamed…

She was laying in a pool of her own cum. Her ass wet and sticky, her body oily and slippery. His fingers slid over her skin and she moaned loud. Every touch was so powerful now. She shivered and an after quake went through her, a tiny climax. H was kissing her all over. Her body had not stopped burning, she was just going slowly numb it felt so good.

She tried to grab his hair and remembered that her hands were tied. She whimpered, couldn't remember how to speak and moaned for his attention. She heard him laugh and he nipped her left nipple. She squealed and wiggled at the sensation and then slumped back. he couldn't move any more.

He allowed her to rest then. Finally just the warmth of his body against her, the feel of his naked flesh pressed tight on her. She drifted at the edge of her thoughts, her body still shaking. He kissed her neck and she smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep.

He sat back and looked at her there. her skin oiled and glistening. Sweat making tiny droplets on her and trickling down her breasts and belly. She was smiling as she slept. He let his hand gently trace her body and sighed, he loved the look of polished ebony.

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