"All right class," Miss Eddy admonished her all girl's senior high home economics class, "the bell rang over a minute ago, please take your seats so we can get started!!!" After everyone was in her seat and quiet, Miss Eddy began, "Now this is an important chapter we're beginning today, so I want to make sure that you all pay very close attention to what we discuss and do, because this is information you'll be using for the rest of your adult lives, is that clear!?!" With twenty heads nodding in agreement, Miss Eddy opened her text and began the class!!! "Please open your books to chapter eleven, it's the one titled "Personal Feminine Hygiene", does everyone have it!?!" "Now, why is this so important," Miss Eddy ask, "can anyone tell me!?!" When no one raised their hand, Miss Eddy pointed to a dark haired girl in the front row and asked, "Donna, do you have any idea!?!" "Uh, because it would be unhealthy not to keep your self clean down there!!!" "Of course that's true," Miss Eddy replied, "but that's not the answer I'm looking for, and by the way, I don't have a "down there", I have a vagina just like all of you have, so let's please use proper the terminology!!!" "Anyone else have an idea," she opined!?! Just when she was about to give up on anyone coming up with the correct answer, Becky raised her hand and offered, "Is it to keep a man happy, Miss Eddy!?!" With a wide smile covering her face Miss Eddy replied, "Very good, Becky, and how did you arrive at that conclusion!?!" "From my mom, ma'am," the girl replied quickly, "she always says to make sure that my vagina is always ready in case a man would happen to see or touch it!!!" Nodding her head in agreement, Miss Eddy went on, "Of course your mother is correct, I'm pleased that she is taking an interest in your vaginal development, is anyone else's mother doing the same thing!?!" Over half of the girls raised their hands prompting Miss Eddy to comment, "I'm really not surprised that so many of your mother's are tending to your personal needs, as I've had most of them in my home ec class over the years, so tell me, what exactly are they telling you!?!"

Vicki raised her hand and replied, "Well my mom makes sure that I douche at least twice a day and keep my pubic hair neatly trimmed!!!" "Anyone else," Miss Eddy asked, "that was very good, Vicki!?!" Becky again raised her hand and added, "Well this isn't exactly about hygiene, but mom makes sure that I masturbate once a day and have at least one hard orgasm because she says that when the time comes to be with a man my vagina will already be attuned to what it needs!!!" "Now that is one of the best things that a mother could do for her daughter," Miss Eddy said while nodding her head, "keeping your pussy in tune is like keeping a car's engine tuned, if you don't maintain it, it won't operate correctly!!!" "Can someone think of something else," she asked, "I'm sure that some of you have more ideas to share with the class!?!" From the back row, a hand slowly went up and Miss Eddy asked, "Yes, Darla, what do you have for us!?!" "Well, uh," Darla stammered, "my mom shaves my vaginal lips twice a week to keep my labia smooth and ready for oral stimulation!!!" "Very good, Darla," Miss Eddy beamed, "next to daily masturbation I feel that keeping your lips smooth is the next most important thing a girl can do!!!" Darla raised he hand one more time and added, "I think I should also add that my mom orally brings me to orgasm after each shaving session, she says that it will keep my clitoris primed and ready to go!!!" "That's another good point, class," Miss Eddy opined, "having your mother or father bring to orgasm orally is even better that masturbation, as it definitely heightens your sexual awareness, and if I may Darla, would you be so kind as to come to the front of the class and hop up on the edge of my desk, I think a demonstration is much in order!!!"

Darla shyly slid down her white cotton panties before hopping up on the edge of the desk with her skirt hiked up above her waist and her legs spread wide apart!!! "Now, class, this is a perfect example of what a young girl's vagina should look like," Miss Eddy said while gently caressing Darla's labia, "just look at the smoothness of her lips and of course the plumpness of her labia, it's just beautiful!!!" Everyone craned their necks to get a better look until Miss Eddy ordered, "Okay now, girls, everyone move to the front of the room to get a better look, but don't crowd in to closely, leave the poor girl some room to breathe!!!" When everyone was finally in place Miss Eddy asked softly, "Now, who would like to be the one to orally satisfy Darla's clitoris, as you can plainly see its little head is protruding past her lips, obviously in a state of extreme sexual arousal!?!" The sounds of shallow breathing began to permeate the air as the vaginas of all twenty girls began to drench with Bartholin's fluid, a definite precursor to orgasm!!! When no one spoke up, Miss Eddy said softly, "Well, I guess I'll just have to take care of her myself," as she dropped to her knees while taking her place between the trembling girl's thighs, "if we don't do her quickly the poor thing will go out of her mind!!!"

While moving her face just inches from Darla's steaming pussy, Miss Eddy said softly, "Now pay attention class, "this is important!!!" As twenty pairs of eyes looked on in rapt attention, Miss Eddy's tongue slithered out and caressed the puffy labia as if it were fine china, while a gasp erupted from Darla's throat when the hot tongue finally rested upon her distended clitoris!!! "M-my god," one of the girls stammered, "just look at how puffed up her lips are, I-I can't help myself, I've just gotta do my clit!!!" Upon hearing that, Miss Eddy whispered hoarsely, "That's a good idea class, everyone should do her own clit and have her own orgasm!!!" The aura of hot sexuality was so thick in the air that you could have cut it with a knife, and the sight and sound of twenty cute eighteen year olds with their panties down around their knees furiously masturbating while watching their home ec teacher eating the pussy of a class mate was more than most of them could take, while Darla, of course was on a one way trip to suck off city as Miss Eddy slurped and licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow!!!

Darla began moaning loudly as the tension in her clit mounted with each lick of Miss Eddy's very practiced tongue, while several of the girls were now openly displaying their pussies for everyone to see!!! One of the girls wantonly stood next to Miss Eddy and gasped, "M-Miss Eddy, w-would it be all right if I sucked your pussy, please let me do it, you've gotta be on fire!?!" "Miss Eddy was now so turned on she merely nodded her head while continuing to suck the fresh young vagina buried in her hot mouth!!! She could feel several pairs of hands lifting her dress and tugging down her panties, but it was when one of the girls ran her tongue up and down the length of her crack that she nearly came right then and there!!! In the back ground she heard Becky urge, "Eat her cunt, Jenny, suck her off, make her cum like the slut she is!!!" Her head was now reeling with desire as the cute little Jenny took her with her mouth while she herself continued nursing on Darla's huge lipped cunt!!! Several of the girls were alread in the midst of extremely hard orgasms, but it was when Becky moaned, "L-look at them, they're all just a bunch of cunt lapping bitches, just l-look at them, ooooooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I'm fucking cumming!!!" It was at that point that both Darla and Miss Eddy's pussies convulsed hard as mind numbing orgasms shredded their crotches into so much confetti while the rest of the girls frigged themselves to cums that found many of them slipping to the floor out of pure exhaustion!!!

From the middle of the collection of strewn bodies someone whispered, "All I can say is wow!!!" Everyone chuckled, but Miss Eddy, while struggling to her feet and pulling up her panties offered, "Yes, class, wow, that is exactly how it is supposed to be, so let's all try to practice what we preach and take extra special care of our vaginas, all right!?!" And as satisfied sighs wafted through the class room twenty very satisfied home ec students replied in unison, "Yes we will, Miss Eddy!!!"


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