Prisoner of War

Prisoner of War

aonThe last week in July was here, and it was time to go to Don’s house! Don had long since been a friend of my fathers. They’d met in Vietnam and been buddies ever since. When my dad died when I was six, Don had more then been there for me and my mom. Not in a sleazy way or anything, in fact, he really helped the two of us put our lives back together.

I used to see him frequently, but ever since he had to move two hours away for his job, those visits had become far less frequent. My mom had decided that since I was 15, I could go and spend a week with him. I think she wanted to make sure I still had that male presence in my life, and get some time to herself. I’d been driving her a bit crazy all summer.

We pulled into Don’s driveway after two and a half hours on the road. His house was a small ranched tucked in between pockets of woods in rural New York. To a kid that had grown up in the city, it was already pretty awesome for me. He came out the door just as we turned the car off. He must have been waiting.

Don wasn’t one of those huge, built army guys you see in the movies. He was about 45 years old, and average build. Probably around 5’10, 175 pounds I guessed. He had short cropped dark brown hair, and a smiled that dispelled myths of the stoicism of army soldiers.

My mom stayed and talked to Don for a few minutes while I put my things in the guest bedroom. When I came downstairs, she was starting to cry. “You take care of him,” she told Don. Now the prospect of having some time to herself wasn’t looking too good I supposed. Don assured her that he would, and that I’d be fine. Finally, she gave me a hug and drove away.

So what do you want to do sport?” Don asked me when she left. “How do you like the house?”

“It’s alright I guess, I like the yard better.”

He grinned, “Yeah, living in the city, you’re not used to all that green. What’s say we enjoy it? Paintball?”

I readily agreed. Paintball was one of my favorite sports, but living in the city, I’d never really gotten to play. I was excited to finally have a real battlefield.

“I think there’s some stuff in the guest room closet you can change into, I wasn’t much bigger than you when I was in the service,” he told me, “I’ll go get things ready.”

I wandered back into what was to be my room for the next nine days, and looked in the closet. There was a full set of camoflouge combat fatigues, and some heavy duty boots. They were a little loose on my 5’10’’, 145 pound frame, but the boots fit perfectly.

I went out to the living room and knew I was in for the fight of my life. Don was all dressed up in camouflage. In addition to that, he wore camo gloves, and had his face painted a dark green. He handed me one of two guns and we went outside.

“Why don’t you head off that way into the woods,” he pointed, “I’ll give you a bit of a head start and set in after you. I own all the land between the four roads around here, so you can’t get lost too bad. Just head in one direction to you meet a road and find your way back that way.”

I made my way quickly into the woods, trying to put as much distance in between him and me as possible. When I thought I’d gone far enough, I slowed to a stop, and holed up in a thick bush. I waited for a while, only to be met with dead silence. I thought of going on the offensive, but that was probably a bad idea. All of a sudden, I heard a twig crack to my left. My head swiveled in that direction, but I saw nothing. Dropping to my stomach, I tried to quietly and slowly crawl on my hands and knees towards the sound.

I’d only made it a few feet when one foot kicked my gun out of my hands, and the other stepped on my back, pinning me to the ground. I moved both hands around to his foot, trying to get out from under him. That’s when he slapped a pair of cuffs to my wrists and pulled me to my feet.

“What are you doing?” I asked Don.

“I’ve caught myself a nice little prisoner of war.” There was a grin in his voice. He poked me with the barrel of the gun. “March back to the house.”

We walked in silence most of the way, with him poking me in the back or ass with his gun, nudging me forwards. The longer we walked, and the more he poked me, I felt myself getting turned on. By the time the house came into view, I was sporting a nice 6’’ erection that was fairly well hidden by my fatigues.

He walked me over to a post in the center of his yard, and clipped the chain of the cuffs to something, holding me in place. “Time to execute you,” he said, grinning. He walked back about twenty feet. I winced as he took aim, and flinched as he fired. Three red spots appeared on my chest, stinging a little.

He let me go, and gave me my gun back. “Ready for another try?”

“yeah, this time things’ll go a little differently.”

“Oho, big talker,” he said. “Care to put something on that?”

I hesitated for a moment, knowing I was surely going to lose. Ah what the hell, maybe I’d get lucky.

“Sure, I get to execute you.”

“And what if I win again?” He asked.

I thought of my arousal earlier. “I’ll be your Prisoner again,” I told him. He grinned broadly at that.

“Once we shake, there’s no turning back,” he said. I nodded, not quite sure what he meant, and shook his hand.

I headed off into the woods once more, trying to find a better hiding spot. There was a fallen tree whose ‘v’ shape made an alcove to hide in. It looked like it’d be pretty hard for him to sneak in there. Once again, I sat and waited. It seemed like hours, and I thought my hiding spot had been too good, that he wasn’t going to find me.

“Drop it,” a voice said behind me. My gun fell into the brush. He picked it up and spun me around. Before I knew what was happening, he’d unzipped the one piece jumpsuit and pulled it down. It dropped to my ankles, and I stepped out of it, giving it to him, and leaving me in my boxers and paintball mask only. He snapped the cuffs on once more, and my dick stood at attention.

“Having fun there?” Don asked, noticing it. I turned red and nodded. He put the gun in my back again. “March.” I walked back towards the house. About halfway there, my cock popped out the slit in my boxers, poking into the humid july air. After a little while, he reached around. I thought he was going to fix things for me, but instead he slid it and my balls all the way out. I gasped in shock at my now exposed manhood, and the feelings I had being helpless to do anything about it. “March,” he commanded once more, and I continued towards the house.

Once we got there, he fastened me to the pole once more. He stepped back and took a look at my body before moving forward and pulling my boxers to my ankles. Before I knew what I was doing, I stepped out so he could take them. He left and went inside for a few moments, leaving me there. Even though his house was out in the boonies, I felt so exposed completely naked, bound and facing the road. I hoped no cars would come by, buy at the same time, kind of hoped some would.

He returned with the bag I’d brought my clothes in, added the ones I’d been wearing, and tied it shut. Tying a rope to the end, he grabbed them and climbed a ladder he’d set against a nearby tree. He tied the bag about twenty feet up and came down again, removing the ladder. There were no branches on the tree any lower than ten feet.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“You agreed to be prisoner, didn’t you?” I nodded. “And judging by the look of things, you’re very much enjoying yourself, aren’t you?” I turned red and nodded again. “I promise you’ll enjoy being my prisoner this week. The only question is, are you going to be bad or good?”

“Good,” I answered after a moments hesitation.

“Are you going to do what I tell you to?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes…sir?” I ventured.

“Sir isn’t bad, I would prefer if you would call me Master.”

“Yes Master,” I said. The feeling I got when the words passed my lips was one of unbelievable arousal. I shifted in my bound position, longing to do something about my throbbing cock.

“You are horny, aren’t you?” Don asked. “Do you masturbate?” Red in the face, I nodded. “Talk to me,” he commanded.

“Yes master, I masturbate.”

“How many times a day?” he pulled up a lawnchair and sat in front of me, eyes leering at my naked body.

“Two to three Master,” I told him.

“Were you planning on doing it while here?”

“I…uh, I don’t know Master.”

“Tell the truth.”

“Yes, probably, yes Master.”

“You like pleasuring yourself, don’t you?” I nodded. “What about pleasuring others?”

“I never have, Master.”

“Would you like to be taught to?”

“Yes Master.”

“Would you like me to stroke you right now?”

The question caught me off guard at first, but rapidly brought my attention back to my raging hardon. “Yes Master, please.” I thrusted out my hips to give him easier access. He didn’t take the prize.

“What’s in it for me?”

“I don’t know Master,” I said truthfully, imagining, but not knowing what he would want.

“Awful selfish of you to want pleasure for yourself, and not think of what I want, isn’t it?”

I hung my head in shame. “Yes Master. How do I pleasure you Master?” I asked.

“Well, that’s something you’ve got to learn, isn’t it? I can spend this week training you if you like…”

I nodded eagerly. “Yes Master.”

“It will take some hard work on your part, and the whole week. Are you willing?”

“Yes Master.”

He stood up and let me free of the cuffs. I rubbed my wrists, they had been a bit tight, and stood there not knowing what to do.

“You already learned your first lesson. You won’t be wearing any clothes this week.” He ran a hand lightly down my chest to my stomach, sending shudders through my body. “You have a very nice figure, and this way, I get to enjoy it whenever I want.”

He led me inside once more. “I’m going to change and wash up in the master bath. You should do the same in your bathroom. There are a few things for you that I put in there. With that he sauntered off to the bedroom. I headed off into mine, grabbing my cock as I did so. I started to stroke it, then remembered what he’d said a few moments earlier, and stopped.

On my bed there was a collar, leash and padlock. I slid the collar around my neck and grabbed the small padlock. The key wasn’t anywhere in sight. When I slid the lock in, I’d be stuck that way until someone decided to let me out. I slid it in and clicked it shut. I put the leash on, letting it hang down in front. I looked at myself in the mirror with the bondage equipment on me. I was both humiliated at my situation and aroused at my servitude. I showered quickly, then returned to the living room.

Don wasn’t out yet, so I sat down on the couch and waited. A few minutes later he entered, clad in athletic shorts and a T-shirt. He walked over to the couch and grabbed my leash, pulling me up.

“When I enter a room, you are to drop to your knees and await my instructions, is that clear?”

“Yes Master.” I dropped to the appropriate position.

He sat down and turned the TV on. “Come up here and sit on my lap.” I complied, leaning off to his left side against the side of the couch. He looped his feet around my ankles, and pulled my legs apart with his. He reached around and stroked my cock, eliciting a moan from my lips.

“I like that you didn’t immediately run off and jerk it once I left. That’s a good start.”

“Thank you Master,” I breathed, his hand doing an excellent job on my cock. To my disappointment, he gave a few more strokes and stopped.

“You have a very nice cock,” he told me, running a hand over it again. I shuddered.

“You too Master,” I could feel it growing steadily in his shorts, straining against my right ass cheek.

“Did you enjoy being cuffed to that post?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, cuffs are nice, but I much prefer rope. And you better believe I can tie you snugly. Why don’t I show you.” He stood me up, and left the room for a moment. I stood there, cock still sticking up with my wrists together behind my back.

A few seconds later he returned and stood behind me. He pulled my wrists together snugly, causing me to have to take a half step backwards and began wending rope around them. A few short minutes later he stepped back. “There, try and get out.”

I squirmed, but only just barely, because I could barely move. “Are you comfortable like this?” he asked me.

“Yes Master.”

“It’s not too tight, is it?”

“No Master.”

“Good, you better get used to it. And this,” he tugged on my leash, “gives me full control now.” He tugged on it for emphasis, leading me around the couch a few times, before bringing me back in front of it. “You look pretty damn good tied like that,” he told me, grasping my cock again.”

“Were you excited about coming here?” he asked me.

“Yeah…yes Master.”

“What about now, still excited?” I nodded. “Even more?” I nodded again. “Why is that?” he asked me.

I thought about it for several seconds. Certainly my cock was excited, but my mind also raced with the possibilities. “I don’t know, the training thing I guess.”

“You didn’t refer to me as Master.”

“Sorry Master,” I said genuinely.

“It’s ok,” he told me. “Turn around and bend over.” I did so, making my upper body nearly parallel to the floor. Even though I knew what was coming, I still jumped when his hand firmly smacked my ass. The first two didn’t hurt, but by the time the fifth rolled around, I was mighty glad he’d stopped.

“I think it’s about time for dinner,” he said. I looked at the clock. Somehow the time had managed to creep towards six PM. Don untied me and sat me at his computer. “I’ll work on making the food, while you can learn a bit more about bondage.

I didn’t know where to begin at first, so I just searched for bondage. Dozens of images of nude and bound girls came up, which didn’t much apply to me. So I typed “men in bondage.” That worked a bit better as I thumbed through various images of males being tied up. I learned some of the basics, what hogties and strappado ties were, what kinds of gags there were and a little about types of equipment.

Eventually I found a gallery of a bound man, about 20. He was on his knees with his wrists cuffed behind him to a post not unlike the one in the yard. He was leaning forward, and taking the cock of another man in his mouth. Don came over right then.

“Find some good stuff?” he asked me.

I only managed a nod. He looked towards the screen. “Nice, is that something you want to do?”

“Yes Master.” The words were out of my mouth before I had a chance to pull them back. The truth was, I didn’t know, but the thought intrigued me. WE sat at his small table and ate dinner, baked chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Afterwards, I helped him do the dishes. “You should be thanking me for the meal,” he told me.

“Thank you Master,” I replied quickly.

“Good boy,” he told me. The submission I felt in those two little words washed over me. I smiled at him, and resumed washing my plate. After the dishes were done and dried, he led me back into the living room by my leash.

He had me kneel in front of him, between the couch and coffee table. The edge of the table touched my back about four inches below the shoulders. He cuffed my wrists behind my back, and slapped a pair on my ankles as well. Then he ran a length of rope from my wrists around the other side of the table and below it to my ankles. This had me leaning back slightly, sort of offering my cock out to him.

He sat in front of me and grabbed it lightly, stroking me. I moaned, my young cock was absolutely aching at this point, wanting desperately to be satisfied. Wordlessly, he began to strip in front of me. I couldn’t help but stare, mesmerized as the patches of exposed flesh became more and more numerous. I gasped out loud when he slid his boxers to his ankles and revealed his 7’’ hard cock.

He stood and held it in front of me. “Do you want this?”

I stared for a few moments, then finally slowly began to nod. “yes Master.”

“Do you think you can please it?”

“I don’t know Master, I never have before.” I looked up at him with a look of longing and arousal.

“That’s ok, that will be part of your training for the week. You will practice, again and again and again until you are very, very good at it. Your responsibility will be learning to suck me exactly the way I want. You will do it whenever I want for as long as I want, under penalty of torture. Is this clear?”

I nodded solemnly. “Yes Master.”

“The POW’s in Nam didn’t have it near as good as you do, but make no mistake, you are my prisoner.”

“Yes Master.”

“Open your mouth wide, tongue out.” My lips parted and I stuck my tongue as far down my chin as I could get it. I watched him slowly approach me, cock in hand. He held it an inch in front of me and rubbed in on my tongue. The warmth was a bit surprising, as was the combination of its hard and softness. It was like a bar with padding around it.

I kept my mouth open as he slowly slid it in. I thought he was going to keep going into my throat and choke me, but he stopped just short. He softly stroked my cheek. “Wrap your lips around me,” he commanded. I complied, closing them tightly on his cock, taking care to keep my teeth far away. I wondered what I must have looked like then, on my knees, bound with his cock halfway into my mouth. My tongue lay flat against the bottom of his cock, ready to spring into action.

“All that matters tonight is effort. How hard are you willing to try to make me cum? We’ll worry about your skills later. You’re not to swallow tonight, you’re to hold it in your mouth and drool it down your chin. You need to get used to the taste. Is that clear?”

I nodded. “You may begin,” he told me. I looked up at him for a few seconds, not sure what to do, then slowly started bobbing up and down. I would pull out until just the tip was in my mouth, then go down as far as I could. I could get 3-4 inches of him in my mouth until he hit my throat and started to gag me. I thought of how I’d like to be blown. I moved my tongue back and forth over the sensitive spot below his head.

He seemed to like it best when I used a sort of a spiraling motion with my tongue around his cock. I looked up at him the whole time, like I’d seen girls do in porn. He stared straight back at me, smiling, occasionally rolling his eyes back in his head when I’d found something that worked.

Every once in a while, I’d pull off him completely and lick up and down his shaft. Sometimes I’d find my way all the way down to his balls and suck on them. I loved the way they rolled around and filled my mouth. I slid my tongue back up to his tip before taking him in my mouth again.

He looked down at me,. “your jaw must be a little tired, do you want to stop?” I shook my head no while continuing to move up and down. I knew he had to have been getting close, so in spite of my fatigue, I picked up the pace. “Mmm,” he moaned appreciatively. My tongue was moving rapidly around the head of his cock. I could feel it starting to swell in my mouth, knowing that cum wasn’t far away.

I was nervous, but excited, anticipating taking his load, pleasing him. He seemed to get harder and harder, impossibly hard, before his dick finally contracted and the first load of cum shot into my mouth. It hit me in the back of the throat making me gag, but I was determined not to let him down. Stream after stream came, each with less speed than the first until finally he was dribbling all over my tongue.

Both the warmth and taste shocked me. It was saltier than I expected. I didn’t like it too much, but the thought of what I’d just done for Don made me horny as hell, and easily made up for it. He slowly slid himself out of my mouth, and I tightened my lips as he did so, squeezing every last drop out of him.

I looked up at him with my mouth full for a few seconds, before parting my lips slightly and letting his massive load dribble down my chin and onto my chest. He smiled appreciatively at that. By the time I was finished, cum covered my lower jaw and most of my chest, running down to my stomach and some even made it onto my dick.

“How did I do Master?” I asked him with a face full of cum.

“I think the load speaks for itself,” he told me grinning. “Don’t worry, we’ll work on your technique more tomorrow.”

“Are you going to untie me Master?”

“Lord no,” he told me, “I’m going to enjoy that sight for a little while. In fact…” He left the room for a few minutes, and returned with a camera. “I think I’ll enjoy it whenever I want. I was helpless to do anything as he snapped picture after picture of me covered in his cum.

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