Professional Hazard

Professional Hazard

Emma sighed as she flipped through the channels at the Jenkins’ house. They didn't have any of the good stations, something she should have remembered. If she had she would have brought a book or movie. Mrs. Jenkins was out of town for her sister's wedding and Mr. Jenkins had gone out with some friends for a "guy's night." She was about to start looking through their DVDs when Mr. Jenkins opened the front door and walked in, along with one of his friends. Emma jumped, startled. He was home three hours early!

Mr. Jenkins smiled when he saw her and started to walk in her general direction. He and his friend were obviously drunk; both smelled of beer and neither seemed to be able to walk in a straight line.

"Hey Emma," Bob Jenkins slurred when he stopped in front of her. "Sorry we're early…wanted you to meet my friend David."

"Hello sir, nice to meet you," Emma said, striving for politeness as she held out her hand.

David hesitated before accepting it, studying the vision in front of him. Drunk or not, he could hardly fail to recognize the girl’s young age – she was in tenth grade according to his friend. That tight blouse did little to conceal the developing mounds beneath, and only a priest-in-training might fail to notice the girl’s finely shaped hips, denim-covered crotch and politically correct little ass.

The face had its own unique appeal. Bright blue eyes that shone with the promise and tease of youth. Just the smallest hint of eye-shadow, blush and lip gloss. Pretty hair whose color could not be called red or brunette but appeared almost a dark chestnut. It fell in well-groomed curls to her shoulders. The girl’s high cheeks and flawless complexion combined further to intoxicate almost every male she came into contact with.

David took her delicate hand in a bear-like grip and started to shake enthusiastically. He was chortling and snorting, he obviously found something extremely amusing. Emma wasn't amused. Her hand had started to hurt and she had a sick sensation in the pit of her stomach. She didn't want to leave the children when their father was in this state, but she sure as hell didn't want to stay either. She tried to pull her hand free, but David tightened his grip. She wrenched harder, desperate now to get away from the large man. Far from coming free, David's grip tightened even harder and he pulled her into his chest. His other hand grabbed her hair and he wrenched her face up to his.

"We're all gonna have some fun tonight little slut," he growled lustily. Emma’s eyes widened and filled with tears at the dawning realization of her situation. She was in a house with two men, two drunken men who were much stronger than her. There was no one to help her; her parents didn’t expect her home for another three to four hours. They could do what they wanted to her and no one would know until it was too late.

In desperation she began to plead with Bob, knowing that of the two he was more likely to have compassion. “Please Mr. Jenkins; you don’t want to do this. Think of your wife, your children…if you let me go now I won’t tell anyone what happened. Please sir, I’m begging you to let me go.”

Bob looked momentarily unsure; maybe a small flicker of sobriety was shining through the inebriated fog. Emma never knew for certain however because David slapped her hard. Emma stumbled back in shock and would have fallen if not for David’s hand still gripping her arm. Her face stung and she felt her cheek flushing a bright red. “Shut up! I don’t wanna hear your whining! Fucking slut…”

Emma wanted to tell him she wasn’t a slut, that she had never even let her boyfriend fondle her. She knew now though that any defiance on her part would only lead to more pain from David. Bob wasn’t going to stop this. He was either too drunk or maybe even afraid of David’s retaliation if he said anything. Emma suspected it was a little of both.

She made an effort to stifle her sobs and stand silent before them. Tears still leaked from the corners of her eyes but they were the only indication of her horror. She couldn’t fight them, couldn’t stop them but she could try to walk away from this with her dignity intact.

“That’s better little Emma,” David crooned, stroking her hair in a gross imitation of affection. “You may even like this baby. Now tell me, are you a virgin?”

Emma nodded slowly, wary of the way the two men’s eyes lit up. “Did you hear that Bob? We got ourselves a genuine first timer.” They led the girl over to the couch and David pushed her down. He plopped heavily beside her and Bob settled on her other side. David began to feel her breasts through her top and it took all her willpower not to scream. Bob turned her head towards his and leaned down for a kiss. Despite his inebriation it was a decent attempt, and Emma reciprocated in spite of herself.

Her blouse had been unbuttoned and was now tugged off her shoulders, revealing her young breasts in their white lace bra. David fell to his knees in front of her and began to kiss one breast through the material while he played with the other. The kisses were slobbering attempts and the front of Emma’s bra was soon wet to the point of transparency. The men noticed that the girl’s nipples were hardening up delightfully, though whether it was from their ministrations or the cold air in the room one can only conjecture. Bob broke free of the kiss and reached to unhook the garment, pulling it down her arms and tossing it to the floor.

Emma was now naked from the waist up and she crossed her arms over her chest in embarrassment. David wasted no time in wrenching her arms down however and soon the two men had a breast each. They sucked her tender flesh into their mouths, biting lightly and swabbing her nipples with their warm tongues. Emma wanted to be disgusted, wanted to deny the arousal now coursing through her body. This is wrong! This is wrong! Her mind screamed it, her body disagreed. Warmth was spreading through her and her pussy was tingling pleasantly. She could feel wetness down there, more than had ever been produced during her frequent masturbation sessions.

Bob was now rubbing the front of her jeans, causing a sweet friction there that had her arching into his palm, moaning quietly. “She really is enjoying this,” he muttered, rubbing her crotch even faster.

“I told you she’s a little slut,” David replied. He unzipped her jeans and tugged them off while Bob held up her hips. Emma was now clad only in her panties: sexy little cotton briefs with polka dots speckled all over. David wasted no time in slipping a hand underneath their waistband and groping her most intimate area. He brushed down over her mons to her swollen pussy lips and parted them. His finger slipped into her passage and he groaned in delight. “Fuck she’s tight! So fucking tight and wet…”

“Are you a virgin Emma?” Bob asked, still stroking her breasts as he watched his friend play with her nether region. They had already asked that but apparently Bob forgot the answer. Emma nodded slowly, her fear returning. She was the only one who had ever touched that intimate place, and now two men were going to use it for their enjoyment. She was aroused, she couldn’t deny it, but she knew she didn’t want them to do this to her. She didn’t want to lose her virginity this way.

With a burst of renewed determination Emma jumped off the couch. David’s finger came out of her pussy with a wet sucking sound that may have been almost comical in some other situation. Emma didn’t notice, she was running down the hall to the front door as fast as she could. She was close enough to touch the handle when strong arms lifted her into the air and spun her around. She was slammed against the wall and momentarily winded.

“Little bitch,” David breathed, furious. “I think I need to teach you a lesson.”

Bob had caught up and was looking at David uneasily. “Hey man, I think we should stop. What if she…?”

“Shut up!” David shouted into his friend’s face, “This was your idea so just shut up! It’s too late to stop now.”

Still holding Emma against the wall David ripped at his fly, pulling the material of his jeans down to pool around his ankles. His boxers followed and he slid Emma higher up the wall. She was sobbing quietly; this was it…the end of her innocence. David pushed aside the fabric of her panties and positioned his erection at her entrance. Emma whimpered as he lowered her down on his length, stretching the walls of her vagina. Her hymen had been destroyed during horseback riding lessons when she was a child, but there was still some pain as he unceremoniously stuffed her.

David was moaning in sheer ecstasy as Emma’s pussy adjusted to accommodate his member. For Emma the pain was fading and now she just felt…full. It was an odd sensation, one she feared she could get used to, could learn to love in fact. David began to thrust, hitting her panty-clad ass against the wall with every inward movement. The tingling was starting again, generating in her pussy and pulsing through her body in ever widening circles. She moaned involuntarily and started reverse thrust. She was so ashamed of herself, so angry at her body’s betrayal. Still she thrust, unable to resist the pleasure flowing through her.

David was picking up speed; hammering into her, slamming her against the wall over and over again. It was just too much stimulation for one young girl to handle and Emma came hard, moaning and whimpering as her pussy contracted around David’s cock. Less than thirty seconds later he followed suit, unloading spurts of semen into her wet pussy. “Fuck she’s so hot!” David groaned, his face scrunched up in pleasure. At some point Bob had removed his throbbing erection from its confines and was stroking it slowly. His eyes were glazed with lust.

“Your turn pal,” David said after he had recovered. He slipped his flaccid organ from Emma’s drenched pussy and made a come-on gesture, but Bob shook his head.

“Not like that.” He took Emma’s hand and led the dazed girl back to the couch in the living room. She laid down on it without protest, still shaken from her orgasm. She couldn’t believe she had gotten off while being raped; had in fact had the biggest orgasm of her young life.

What is wrong with me? She thought, frantically trying to re-establish control of herself.

She failed miserably when Bob began kissing her again, running his hand up over her stomach to gently cup a breast. Emma returned the kiss with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. It was almost against her will, as if her mind had temporarily lost control of her body. Bob and David reminded her of the bad cop/good cop routine. David had just interrogated her, now Bob was soothing her and assuring her that he was on her side. His other hand slipped her panties off and he stroked her pussy, middle finger resting on her engorged clit. He began to rub it slowly and Emma moaned into his mouth, arching toward him. She could feel his erection against her and knew what he was going to do with it. She found with some surprise that she didn’t care anymore. She was no longer pure, no longer innocent…what was one more cock tonight?

Currently the owner of that cock was positioning himself at her entrance. He slid in with ease, she was well lubricated from her and David’s cum. “Emma, oh Emma,” he murmured against her lips. His breath was sweeter than David’s and Emma thought he may not be as smashed as his friend. Then all thoughts were lost as he started to move inside her. His rhythm was slow and even, his strokes going deeper into Emma than David’s quick thrusts had. She writhed beneath him, wrapping her legs around his back and trying to pull him in even deeper. He obliged and his cock head rubbed against her g-spot.

Emma nearly fainted from pleasure. Dizzying waves crashed through her as she came for the second time that night. “Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!” It was all she could say and it was the most sincere prayer she had ever recited.

Bob was still thrusting, never changing pace as he neared his climax. Emma lay sedately and let him finish, too exhausted to do more than that. At last he stiffened and his seed flew in to mix with David’s, all fighting for the right to fertilize an egg. His now soft penis slipped out of Emma and she could feel what seemed like a gallon of cum expel from her pussy. It trickled down her thighs and pooled in the crack of her buttocks as Bob panted above her.

As the semen seeped out, common sense flooded back in to Emma’s head. She was lying naked on the living room couch in the Jenkins’ house, two men had just raped her, and she wasn’t even on the Pill. She could be pregnant, though a quick mental tally told her she was too close to her period for that to be likely.

Bob had rolled off her and was sitting on the couch still trying to catch his breath and looking a little dazed. Maybe he too was regaining a bit of common sense.

Emma sat up slowly and re-crossed her arms over her sore breasts. “Can I leave now?” she asked hollowly.

Bob stirred himself and looked at her almost blankly. “What?”

Emma sat up straighter and tried her best to sound firm. “I said can I leave now?”

“Oh,” Bob nodded slowly. “Yeah.”

“No,” came a voice to Emma’s left.

She looked over to where David sat in a recliner. He had been stroking himself as he watched Bob rape his kid’s babysitter. Emma had almost forgotten he was still there.

“No, actually,” David repeated, “I’ve decided I want a blow job little Emma. The wife doesn’t like to do it and those pretty lips of yours look like they’d be perfect for the job. What do you say?”

“No!” The word burst from Emma’s mouth as she began to cry again. “You’ve already raped me, please just let me go home now.”

“No?” David asked, his bloodshot eyes glittering dangerously, “Well I’ll give you a choice my dear. You can either crawl over here and suck me nicely like a good little girl would, or I can rape that pert little ass of yours. Then you’d have something to cry about.”

"You wouldn’t dare!” Emma shrieked. It was the wrong thing to say.

Before she even knew what was happening she found herself lifted from the couch and carried to the easy chair. David sat down, settling the screaming teenager on his lap so that she faced him. Her knees rested on either side of his thighs and she noted with horror that the opening of her pussy was precariously close to the tip of his swollen cock.

Keeping one hand pressed firmly on her shoulder, David’s other hand delved up between the girl’s legs, scooping up the mixture of juices that resided there. He reached around her and started smearing the mess on her bottom, parting her cheeks one-handedly to rub it on her small anus. Sobbing now, all Emma could do was shake as David positioned himself against that tiny opening.

A low groan escaped her lips as he pushed her downwards, managing to force the head of his cock into her tight bottom. The discomfort was intense to say the least as her muscles contracted around the intruder, trying to push it back out. David wasn’t to be denied though, and gritting his teeth he forced himself halfway into the terrified teenager.

Emma’s face blanched from the shock and pain and she fell into a light faint. Her muscles relaxed and David slipped all the way into her snug channel. Taking advantage of her compliance he set up a sort of rhythm, though it was impossible to move quickly. He satisfied himself with watching Emma’s small breasts jiggle with every thrust, and he bent his head to capture a tiny pink nipple in his mouth.

Emma regained awareness of her surroundings just as David grunted and came deep in her rectum. She heard a strangled cry behind her and looked over her shoulder just in time to see Bob ejaculate over his hand. Silence reigned in the living room for a few minutes.

Finally Emma pushed off David’s lap and he seemed willing enough to let her. Standing too he pulled up his pants and asked the young girl teasingly, “Now that wasn’t so bad now was it little Emma?” He patted her cheek condescendingly. Emma eyed his hand; did he know how close his fingers were to her teeth? The thought was tempting but she didn’t want to renew his explosive anger so she stayed silent.

Apparently this was pleasing enough for David because he nodded and lurched away. “It’s been fun Bob but I’ve got to get home. Sue will be wondering where I am.” He tipped a wink at Emma and headed for the front door. A minute later she heard a car start up and the screech of tires. She hoped the bastard crashed into the nearest body of water.

Bob stood up slowly and pulled up his pants. Emma sat on the edge of the couch and watched him, too emotionally drained to do anything else. He began to gather her clothes and dropped them almost apologetically on the cushion next to her, then stood by her side, shifting from foot to foot and stealing uneasy glances in her direction.

Emma ignored him and slipped into her panties and bra. She pulled on her pants and shirt, fingers trembling as she tried to hook the buttons. Bob reached to help her but she turned away from him, silently demanding that he not touch her. She grabbed her bag and headed for the door, stopping at the foot of the stairs to listen. Miraculously the children had slept through the noise and wouldn’t have any questions for Daddy about what he had been doing to the babysitter. She opened the front door.

"Wait!” Bob called and Emma turned back wearily. “I’m sorry Emma, I’m just so sorry…” Bob trailed off and looked at her pleadingly; Emma saw he was almost in tears. She let the silence spin out between them, then finally gave a small shrug.

“Professional hazard Mr. Jenkins,” she said dully. “Tell your wife I’ll see her on Tuesday.”

(c) Pasego 2008

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