Red Convertible

Jim Davis drove down the lonely stretch of highway. It was his daily commute and one he never enjoyed. Not until that late summer day, two weeks before. He allowed his mind to recapture the events of that day.

The traffic had been nonexistent, as it usually was, when out of nowhere, a sporty red convertible with two women inside raced by him.

Hot car,” Jim muttered as he puttered along in his old run down Buick.

Two miles up, the same red convertible sat at the side of the road. The two women stood leisurely at its side. Thinking they may be having car troubles, Jim pulled over. It didn’t hurt that the two women involved were both young and sexy. Each looked in their early twenties, one with long blonde hair, the other with dark curly locks.

“Is something wrong?” Jim asked, walking up to them.

The blonde was first to answer.

“Nothing that I’m sure you can’t fix.” She giggled slightly at her own remark, leaving Jim somewhat confused.

“You see,” the brunette spoke, “we were just thinking of all the possibilities that a deserted highway offered. And when we saw you, we knew we had to act.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” Jim stuttered.

The blonde approached and stood directly in front of him. She leaned in so her breath was hot in his ear.

“Surely you can think of something to do with two ladies stranded on an abandoned road?” Her lips grazed his ear before she pulled back to look at him with shining blue eyes.

Were they after what he hoped they were? This happened in fantasies, not during his drive home from work. Not wanting to look foolish if he was wrong, he said, “Perhaps you could be a little more specific in what you want.”

The young brunette strode to Jim and, without warning, planted a kiss on him that caused his cock to swell.

“We want you to fuck us, what else?” She grinned and pulled him over to their car. “Unless of course, you don’t want to?”

“Oh, I want to,” Jim answered, still shocked at the situation that he had found himself in.

“Good.” said the blonde and jumped into the back seat of the convertible. She quickly sat on the back top and peeled off the skimpy tank top she wore.

Jim’s eyes riveted on her breasts. They were round and full and she had the pinkest nipples he had ever seen. He immediately followed her into the car to get closer to them. She pulled on her nipples as he watched.

The brunette, not wanting to be left out, joined her friend on the ledge. Just as quick, she also removed her shirt exposing a large pair of tits. Jim’s cock jerked at the sight.

His hands reached out and took hold of the large breasts of the brunette. He squeezed them softly at first, and then intensified his grip to her soft moans. His fingers twisted on her protruding nipples.

“What about mine?” the blonde pouted with a sly grin. Jim reached over with one hand and grabbed her firm tit. He squeezed it hard while his mouth covered the brunette’s large nipple. He nibbled on it slowly before releasing it.

God. He was going to blow already. This whole encounter was just too unreal; and hot! He leaned back to take a look at the two beauties before him.

“What’s the matter, stranger,” the blonde purred.

“Nothing. Not a thing. I’m just enjoying the view.”

“Maybe you’d like to see a little more,” the brunette interjected. “How about this?” She stood and started to slide the navy shorts she wore down her legs. Jim grinned widely as he saw she had nothing beneath them. Her dark curls glistened in the sunlight.

“How about this one,” said the blonde and proceeded to slip out of the short skirt she wore. Again, no panties; and another surprise. She was completely shaved and smooth. Jim drooled at the sight. Before him were two of the sexiest women he had ever seen. And to top that off, both were naked and masturbating for his pleasure.

Jim could stand the sight no more. While he watched their hands play with their pussies, he unzipped his pants and removed them. He stroked his hard cock while they fondled and pulled at their clits.

The blonde was the first to notice his large cock. “Maybe you want to share that with us?”

“Definitely, ladies, turn around.”

Without any hesitation, both turned and soon two fine asses were in Jim’s sight. He couldn’t believe his luck and was not going to let anything stop him now. He positioned himself behind the brunette and plunged his cock deep into her wet pussy. She moaned softly and turned slightly to face her friend.

Jim fucked her with deep thrusts while he watched the women fall into kisses of passion. This just kept getting better. Not wanting the blonde to feel left out, he withdrew his rigid pole from the brunette and sidled up behind her. He ran it through her pink lips and then up the crack of her ass. Her hot flesh inflamed his cock more. Soon he was fucking her tight cunt with vicious force.

Jim reached his hand over to play with the brunette’s pussy and found her fingers already there. He inserted two fingers deep into her honey pot while she frantically rubbed her clit. His other hand held tightly to the blonde’s chest as he continued to pound her.

Then, seemingly at once, both women began to climax. Their loud groans filled the summer air. The contractions of the blonde’s pussy on Jim’s cock were all he could take. His oncoming orgasm was near. He ordered both women to turn and sit down quickly. Both did as told and opened their mouths wide for his offering. Their tongues darted out to catch his spray as he unleashed his offering into their mouths.

All three now sated, they exited the car and began to dress. Jim was just doing up his pants when he turned to see both girls already back in their car. With a wave from each, the red convertible zoomed off out of sight.

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