Remote Control

"How was that, baby," Vern asked his wife, Pam as he rolled of her rolled off of her after an almost one hour fuck-a-thon!?! "Oh, honey," she cooed softly while stretching her sleek body, "it was really wonderful, I came at least a hundred times!!!" "Good," he said with a laugh while leaning over and kissing her on the cheek, "cuz if you need anymore you're outta luck, I'm one dead puppy!!!" A few minutes later the only sound you could hear was Vern's soft even snoring as he drifted off to dream land leaving Pam lying there awake with her pussy ticking away like a time bomb!!! "How's it going, Pam," Barb asked while she climbed into the car for her daily ride to work, "you look beat!?!" "I am," Pam replied while pulling smoothly away from the curb, "I was awake half the night!!!" "Don't tell me he left you hanging again," Barb asked incredulously!?! "Well, it's really my own fault," Pam replied, "we make love for a solid hour and I still didn't feel fulfilled, you can't blame Vern for that!!!" The two of them rode along in silence until Barb offered, "I probably should have said something earlier, but I think I may have a solution to your problem!!!" Pam straightened up a little and replied a little sarcastically, "What are you gonna do, suck my pussy for me, oh come on, Barb, there's nothing anyone can do for me!!!" "Don't be too sure about that," Barb quickly, "there's more than one way to skin a cat ya know!!!" "Okay," Pam replied impatiently, "if you're so smart, stop beating around the bush and give me the answer to all of my problems!!!" "A little touchy, aren't we," Barb answered a little sullenly!?! Pam slumped her shoulders a bit and commented softly, "I'm sorry, Barb, it's just that this is driving me nuts, and believe me, if you have can solve my problem I'll be eternally grateful!!!"

Pam wheeled her car into a Loop parking garage and wound her way halfway up the concrete Goliath until she found a space in the far corner of the third level where she parked and shut off the engine!!! "Want to meet for lunch," Pam asked as she got ready to get out of the car and head off to work!?! "Don't you want me to tellya my secret," Barb asked softly while putting her hand on her friend's arm!?! "Right here and now," Pam asked, "I don't want to be late for work, can't it wait until lunch!?!" "Can you last that long," Barb asked, "this will only take a couple of minutes!?!" Pam relaxed back into her seat and said softly, "Okay, tell me!!!" Barb took a deep breath, and much to Pam's shock, her friend pulled up her dress and quickly lifted her butt off of the seat and shoved her panties and panty hose down her thighs exposing her very hairy muffy to Pam's wide eyes!!! "Judas priest," Pam exclaimed, "are you nuts, what if someone sees you, you might get arrested!!!" "Who's gonna see me back here," Barb shot back, "and I don't see a cop around, do you!?!" "Okay, okay," Pam said quickly, "I'm sorry, go ahead!!!"

"All right, now pay attention" Barb said barely above a whisper while incredible she stuck two fingers inside of her pussy and extracted a small white plastic cylinder!!! "W-what's that," Pam mumbled as her pussy involuntarily flooded itself with Bartholin's fluid!?! "It's a mini vibrator," Pam said softly, "and believe me, good things come in small packages!!!" "But how do you turn it on and off," Pam asked while taking it in her hand and carefully checking it out, "I don't see any switches, and besides, it would be too inconvenient if you had to pull it out every time you wanted to use it!?!" Pam was still eyeing the little hummer, when all at once it began buzzing madly in her hand causing her to gasp and then asked, "What'd I do, how did you make it go on!?!" "Just like this," Barb replied while brandishing a small black box that resembled an auto alarm remote control!!! "Is that what I think it is," Pam asked!?! "It depends on what you're thinking," Barb said with giggle!?! "Is that a remote," Pam asked excitedly as the gravity of what she was thinking dawned on her!?!" "Yep," Barb replied proudly, "that's exactly what it is!!!

"H-how does it work," Pam asked in a thick voice, "hurry up and tell me!?!" "Slip off your panties and I'll show you," Barb ordered!!! While a few minutes ago she was worried about Barb exposing herself, now Pam was throwing caution to the winds as she practically tore off her undies leaving her smooth dripping vagina open and ready for action!!! "My, my," Barb whispered, "I do believe we're just a bit excited, don't you think!?!" "Just shut up and show me," Pam demanded while the fury began growing in her drenched pussy, "are you trying to drive me crazy or what!?!" "Okay, okay, now let me show you how it operates," Barb apologized while reaching inside her purse and producing an identical miniature vibe!!!" "Why two of them," Pam asked!?! "Well if you must know," Barb giggled, "I got the second one with you in mind, now all you've gotta do is slip it deep into you pussy and go about you business as normal, this little remote takes care of the rest, it's got and on and off switch plus three speeds, slow, medium, and high, you just turn it on when ya need it, no muss, no fuss!!!" Taking the second hummer from Barb's hand, Pam gave it a long once over, and then with a deep sigh slipped it way up inside of her pussy!!! "How does it feel," Barb asked!?! "I can barely tell that it's in there," Pam replied!!! "Good," Barb answered quickly, "that's exactly the way you want it, when it's not on you don't wanna even know that it's there!!!" "Okay," Pam replied, "but what about when it's turned on, can you feel it then!!?!" Barb didn't bother answering directly, instead she hit the remote's tiny on button, which caused Pam to gasp and convulse in a brutally satisfying orgasm that left her shaking in a heap in the front seat of her car!!!

"W-wow," Pam said weakly, "that's incredible, and it's so small, I never would have believed it unless I felt it, is it always that powerful!?!" Barb chuckled a bit while shoving her own little hummer back into her pussy and replied, "Of course not, silly, if you set it on low you can sit in your chair and just cook for hours right on the edge, and believe me, sometimes that's the best, until it finally overtakes you like a tidal wave!!!" The two women hiked up their hose and panties and hopped out of the car and headed off to the respective offices!!! When she was about a block away, Pam pulled out her remote, and after giving a quick glance to see if anyone was watching, she set the power level for low and hit the on switch!!! She gave a small gasp as the low frequency vibration began rumbling gently from deep inside of her vagina, but after taking a moment or two to get used to it, she found that she could easily make the rest of the way to her office with absolutely no problem whatsoever!!!

For once there was an elevator available when she reached the lobby of her building, and she was greeted by the happy face of the elevator starter who asked brightly, "Nice day today, huh, Mrs. Grant!?!" "The best, Bobby," she replied while striding into the waiting car and giving the tenth floor button a poke and waiting for the ride up to her floor!!! She leaned against the wall as the car rocked back an forth, reveling in the sensation that was spreading throughout her genitals, but still a long ways away from and orgasm!!! Finally in her office, she sat down in her chair, pulled out the little remote, and upped the power to the medium level, which immediately caused her to moan softly as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her incredibly aroused organ!!! She sat there for a good ten minutes with her eyes closed while concentrating on rapdily approaching orgasm, when she was shaken back to reality when a deep voice questioned her, "Didn't get enough shut eye last night, Pam!?!" "Uh oh, hi Mr. Fenton," she stammered, "no uh, I mean I was just resting my eyes for a moment, is there something I can do for you!?!" "I just wanted to see how you were coming on the Stanton report, you know it's due by Friday," he asked while casually picking up her little remote from her desk!?! "Oh jesus," Pam thought to herself as she watch her boss begin playing around with the hummer control, "i-it's almost ready now, sir, I only have to put the finishing touches on it and it will be ready in plenty of time!!!" "Good, good," he said absentmindedly, "ya know I've got one of these for my car, but it doesn't have this many controls, what does this one do!?!" Pam was about to respond to his question, but all she could do was gasp softly after her boss had hit the high button, causing her pussy to convulse in another orgasm that she was trying desperately to hide from her unsuspecting boss!!! Now dropping the remote back on her desk, he gave her a quizzical look and asked, "Are you sure that you're all right, you look a little pale!?!" "I'm okay," she managed to whisper weakly, "I-I just feel a little light headed that's all, I just need a drink of water!!!" "Well, take care of yourself," he said as he left the room, "see you at the meeting on Friday!!!" She waited until he was out of the room before grabbing the remote and quickly turning the little buzzer off while she leaned back in her chair gasping for breath!!!

"So, how'd it go," Barb asked as she pulled up a chair, "did you order yet!?!" "No, I waited for you," Pam replied, "and how it went was almost disaster, I was riding this wave of pleasure when out of the blue Fenton drops into my office, picks up my remote, and you aren't gonna believe this, he turns it up all the way and I have a huge one right in front of him!!!" "Oh my god, Pam," Barb said urgently, "what did he say!?!" "Well I sat there with my cunt shaking like a leaf," Pam replied while shaking her head from side to side, "but he didn't suspect a thing, but it was all I could do to keep from screaming out at the top of my lungs!!!" "Rule number one," Barb said giggling, "never leave the remote out where someone might grab it, it may be hazardous to your health!!!" "Thanks a lot," Pam replied, "I'll try and remember that!!!" After placing their orders, Barb said softly, "I have an idea, let's race to see if we can orgasm before our food gets here, what do ya say!?!" "You're dangerous," Pam said with a chuckle, "but I'm game if you are!!!" "Good," Barb replied while pulling out her remote, "are you ready, go!!!"

Almost instantly both of their vaginas were hit by a lightning bolts of energy as they stiffened under the initial shock of the incessant buzzing!!! "S-sweet jesus in heaven," Pam stammered as her cunt was being whipped into and absolute frenzy, "I'm almost ready to shoot right now, how about you!?!" Barb was gripping the edge of the table with all of her might, but still managed to reply thickly, "I'm so fucking close, I just love the way this feels, ohhhhhhhh my is this fucking nice!!!" The waitress appeared out of nowhere and placed their orders in front of them and asked, "Can I get you ladies anything else!?!" "N-no," Pam croaked, "w-were just fine, thanks!!!" The waitress looked at both of them quizzically before leaning over and saying softly, "If I didn't know better I'd bet you two were having orgasms, am I right!?!" Sweat was now breaking out on Pam's forehead, and while wiping it off with a napkin she replied softly, "Both of us are right on the fucking edge!!!" Looking around to see if anyone needed any service, the waitress took each of them by the arm and led them to the rear of the restaurant where she opened a store room door and pushed both of them inside and ordered quickly, "Up with your skirts and down with your panties, and hurry, we don't have much time!!!" Both Pam and Barb were flying on automatic pilot, so as if in a daze, they did as they were told, and soon they were standing naked from the waist down in front of a perfect stranger!!! "W-what are you gonna do to us," Barb stammered as hot juice ran do the inside of her thigh!?! "Just this," the waitress exclaimed while dropping to her knees and tonguing Barb to a quick and brutal orgasm that left her slumped over in a heap on the floor!!!" "What about me," Pam asked excitedly, "please, do me too!!!" "Of course I will, dear," the waitress replied softly, "I just love a shaved cunt, such nice full lips, now come here you hot pussied little bitch!!!" "The persistent humming from deep inside of her pussy and the warm wet mouth of this female cunt lapper was providing the most incredible sensation that Pam had ever felt, but all to quickly her pussy spasmed hard six or seven times in rapid succession and a blinding orgasm hurtled unabated through her pussy driving her straight to the floor alongside Barb!!!

The waitress hopped to her feet and was gone in a flash, back to take care of her customers, leaving the two women on the floor spent and exhausted!!! "So," Barb managed to ask, "how do you like your new toy!?!" "Well," Pam replied softly, "I hope the batteries never run out!!!"


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