Reunion Union

Reunion Union

Hey everyone, my name is Jack. My roommate, Rob, had started dating a girl about two months ago. He first met Danielle when he went to Best Buy to pick out a new camera (she was working there at the time). On their first date, she brought a friend with her…you know…the whole “power in numbers” thing. He found out that she was single and it made sense that the four of us get together for a double-date. When I first met the two girls, I was stunned. Danielle’s friend, Ashley, was about 5’7” with long brown hair. She also had the longest, sexiest legs I’d ever seen. She told me she’d played tennis in college…that would explain that. The thought of this girl in a tennis skirt and grunting like Maria Sharapova made my heart jump into my throat. Danielle was another stunner. Shoulder-length blonde hair framed her face. Her petite 5’4” frame had me imagining what she must have looked like in those khaki pants and blue polo the day she and Rob had met.

Since the four of us were so close in age (Rob and I were both 28…the girls were 26), we got along great. We probably spent more time as a foursome than on singular dates with our respective partners.

Fast forward… Rob and I had gone to high school together, and our 10-year reunion was approaching fast. Needless to say, we were both pretty happy to have these beautiful girls accompanying us. We walked into a downtown club in our hometown, and all eyes were on the four of us…probably because no one could believe these two amazing women were there with us. But I really didn’t care. We drank and danced the night away. A slow song came on and Ashley dragged me to the floor. We swayed to the music as we held each other close. The next song was another slow one, and the girls wanted to swap partners. Neither Rob nor I minded, so we went ahead with it. Danielle held me a little closer than I was expecting, but with the amount of booze I had in me, I really didn’t care. Danielle whispered in my ear “Jack, I’m so glad we’re all here together. Ash and I are having so much fun…and there’s a lot of party left in us.” When that song ended, some obnoxious hip hop song came on, so Rob and I sat back down. The girls, however, wanted to put on a little show of their own. Ashley and Danielle danced provocatively together. Their bodies grinding against each other were surely turning on every guy in the room…Rob and I included.

We called a cab and went back to our hotel, the all the cheap booze we’d had was making it hard to stand…let alone drive. We had separate rooms, but we decided to have a couple more drinks in Rob and Danielle’s room and continue the party. After a few more drinks, the girls went into the bathroom to change. After the door had shut, I extended my fist to Rob and exchanged a silent fist bump. We’d had terrible luck with women lately, so a quiet celebration was in order. When the door opened and the girls emerged from the bathroom, you could practically hear our jaws hitting the floor.

Ashley wore a frilly white nightie…reminding me of the tennis skirts that she knew turned me on so much. I stood in awe of her long, toned legs and her hair done up in pigtails. Danielle was dressed in light blue lingerie, complete with stockings, her blonde hair spilling over her shoulders. There was nothing that could have wiped my smile off my face.

“We just wanted to tell you two that we had a lot of fun tonight.” Ashley smiled.

“And we decided that tonight would be the perfect night for a first for everyone.” Dani responded.

Ashley and I hadn’t had sex together yet, so I tried to hold back my smile as the girls talked. I assumed Dani and Rob hadn’t had sex yet either.

Dani continued, “Since this is a special night, we think we should do something really special. We’ve decided that, just for tonight…..we want to switch guys.”

My eyes grew as big as saucers. Before Rob or I could say anything, Ashley walked toward Rob and took his hand…leading him to the bed. Danielle held my hand as we watched Ash lie Rob down in bed and start to pull his jeans off. Dani sat me down on the other bed and sat next to me…the two of us watching what was unfolding in the next bed. Ash pulled Rob’s shirt off and started kissing and licking his stomach. My own stomach was in knots as I watched my girlfriend and my best friend. Ash began to lower his boxers, and his cock sprang free. Not shockingly, he was ridiculously hard. Rob moaned and closed his eyes as Ashley finally wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started stroking him slowly.

Danielle leaned over and whispered in my ear “Are you getting jealous?”

All I could do is nod as Ashley bent over and started softly kissing Rob’s wet tip.

“You know” Danielle continued “we could take care of that. Make that feeling go away…together.”

I couldn’t answer. All I could do is sit dumbfounded as Ashley slid her lips over the head of Rob’s cock. She continued to pump him….doubling the stimulation.

“Jack…think about it. It’d be the perfect end to a perfect evening. Even though we’re not really alone, it’d be just the two of us. We’d be totally oblivious to everything else around us. Experiencing more pleasure than we would have ever thought possible. Our bodies pressed together as one…passion…lust taking over.”

Danielle licked my earlobe as she kept whispering her erotic fantasy to me. “Taking each other to the brink of ecstasy. Getting closer and closer and then backing off and starting over again. Not caring about anything else besides each other’s carnal needs”

Even with how upset I was watching my girlfriend give my best friend a blowjob, Dani was really turning me on. She darted her tongue into my ear and continued teasing me.

“Nothing could pry us off of each other once we start. Finally, when we reach the peak of arousal, our simultaneous orgasm would start our slow trip back to reality; knowing forever that we had used our bodies to milk the juices of love from each other.”

Well that did it. I finally pried my eyes away from the other bed and looked at Danielle. When our eyes locked, she leaned in and kissed me softly. She got down on her knees and started undoing my belt and unbuttoning my pants. I stood up to help her a little and they dropped to the floor. It was pretty obvious to everyone in the universe that I was rock hard and tenting in my boxers. She pulled them down and pushed me backwards so I was sitting on the bed again. Finally, Danielle slid her mouth down my shaft. I closed my eyes and moaned at the feeling. When my eyes opened, I saw that Ashley had pulled her mouth off of Rob’s now glistening shaft. His eyes were still closed and I assumed they had been the whole time. She looked over at me and smiled as she crawled up Rob’s body…her hips hovering over his throbbing shaft. She took it in her hands and pointed it up at her now bare pussy (wonder when those panties came off), which was dripping with anticipation. As she slowly lowered herself onto Rob, they both groaned. I was really starting to enjoy what Dani was doing to me, so the jealousy of watching my little Ash rocking back and forth on my buddy’s cock was starting to slip away.

As I ran my fingers through Danielle’s blonde hair, she looked up at me and noticed where my eyes were pointing. She slowly pulled her mouth off of me and came back up to my ear. “Remember what I said about ignoring our surroundings?” Then she leaned in and kissed me again; this time sliding her tongue across my lips…lost in the moment, I opened my mouth to accept it. We started to make out, it seemed like she was trying to swallow my tongue as it danced with hers. I moved my hands from her back down to her tight ass, happy that she was wearing a thong as I squeezed her cheeks. Danielle started to take off her lingerie…and it was like watching someone unwrap the best Christmas present ever. I pulled off my shirt, making us both naked.

We laid down side by side, Danielle lifting her leg over my hips, leaving her on top of me. Still hungrily making out, we started to grind against each other. I cupped her ass as I pulled her against me and she teased me by rubbing her hard nipples over my chest. That’s when she took things to the next step. Pulling her mouth away from mine, she did the same thing Ashley had done to Rob only a few minutes earlier: she lifted herself up right above my hard cock and lowered herself onto me. I held her hips as she fully sat down on me. I groaned as I felt her start to rock her hips. Then she lay back down on top of me and kissed me again….slowly moving her hips as she did. I wrapped my arms around her as I started to match her rhythm with my slow thrusts.

We both sat back up so she could ride me in another position. Our movement left me facing…you guessed it…the other bed. As focused as I was on what Danielle and I were doing, I couldn’t help but look to see what was going on over there. I was shocked to see Rob on top of Ashley thrusting faster than anyone I’d ever seen in any internet porn out there. Ash had her long sexy legs wrapped around Rob’s waist, pulling him into her even harder. I could faintly hear Ashley whispering “Oh baby….you have the biggest cock I’ve ever had. I love what you’re doing to me. I’m so happy I thought of this. If I hadn’t, I’d have never experienced your hot tool.”

So this thing was her idea? If that was the case, I decided I should do my best to enjoy myself…and my partner…as she was. I licked Danielle’s earlobe and whispered “I can’t believe how hard you have me. You’re so tight….I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on.”

Danielle whispered back “Mmmmm…and we’re just getting warmed up.” She got up and turned around, looked over her shoulder at me, and sat back down on me shaft. That left us both facing the other bed. I reached around and squeezed her tits as we both took in the show. “Watch them…just for a minute” I said as I rubbed my thumbs over her nipples.

Rob and Ashley were totally lost in the moment. They had rolled back over with Ash riding Rob again. Still holding each other close, Rob moaned as Ashley encouraged him. “Ohhhh baby…you’re filling me up so good with your big cock. I love having you inside of me. Your hot pole is almost too much for me…but I want more! I want to feel you getting harder as you bury yourself inside of me!”

“Dani….get on your knees….” I told her as she bounced. She obliged and got on her knees…placing her hands on the headboard to steady herself. She looked over her shoulder at me and arched her back, showing off her sexy ass. “Take me. Take me now” she moaned.

I was so excited. Danielle’s ass certainly rivaled Ashley’s. They were both round and firm. I ran my tongue from the small of her back all the way up her spine, eliciting a moan. Then I started rubbing my tip along her slit and started sliding inside. Danielle moaned at the new angle I was taking her from. I started rocking my hips and she matched my movements, wanting to take as much of me as she could. Dani let go of the headboard and got on her knees, pressing her back against my chest. She groaned “I’m getting close, Jack…” She laid down on her back, and I got on top of her. I slid back inside and started taking her harder and harder.

“Remember what I said about not paying attention to our surroundings?” Dani moaned. “Well listening to those two has me so wet, and I can tell you’re hard from it too. Either way, you’re amazing. Hopefully Ash will find out about that herself as soon as she can.”

“Oh God, Dani…I wasn’t sure that I was up to this when it all started, but now I’m glad it happened.” I responded. “You’re amazing.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Rob was now in a sitting position with Ashley riding him…their arms wrapped tightly around each other. Their whispers had grown louder as they talked dirty to each other in between hungry kisses.

Fuck…Ashley…I’ve never felt anything like this before. You’re too much.” Rob grunted as he swallowed Ash’s wet tongue again.

“Mmmm…Rob….your big cock fits perfectly inside me.” Ashley responded as she pulled her mouth away from his. “It’s like the key to my pussy…and you’re so fucking close to unlocking it. Keep going…just a little more and the doors will open…then everything will cut loose.” Then she went back to devouring his mouth.

“Danielle…” I said. “let’s do that too…ride me just like Ashley’s riding Rob.”

“Okay…” she breathlessly moaned. We rolled over one final time and kissed as we rocked back and forth. Building up speed as we got closer and closer. Over on the other bed, things were even closer.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck!” Rob howled. “I’m almost there, Ashley!”

“Yessssss!” Ashley responded. “Give me everything! I want to feel every drop of your cum spraying inside of me as I explode around your cock! That’s it…that hard key has unlocked your gift…”

Even though my girlfriend and my best friend were cumming together 5 feet away, I couldn’t care less. I was too busy getting ready for my own orgasm with the beautiful blonde in my lap. We excitedly kissed knowing the end was near.

“Are you ready, Danielle?” I asked.

“God yes….” she strained to whisper. “I’m so turned on. Just like I said…we’ve used our bodies to bring each other to the brink of ecstasy. Now I want to go over the edge. Please…share your hot love juices with me…”

I really didn’t need any more of an invitation. I grabbed Danielle’s tight sexy ass and pulled her against me as hard as I could. With my cock buried deep inside of her, we came at the same time…just like she’d teased me about when this insane night started.

We laid back in bed, completely spent. Rob and Ashley had fallen asleep long ago. Ashley whispered in my ear “here’s hoping that wasn’t the last time you and I do that” before she drifted off to sleep.

To be continued?

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