Roots Motel Ch 1

Roots Motel Ch 1

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You help fuck a friend's wife and cum all in her cunt and you end up buying their motel. As Ned Kelly said "Such is Life".

Hello I am Marcus Root. I own a small Motel in the Riverina and I spend a fair amount of my time in the bedroom. Well bedrooms to be precise. I have just bought a 20 room motel that I will be running with my wife Sharon. We have bought it from two friends of ours Bill and Sheryl. It is called Roots Motel because years ago it was owned by the Root family, not because of the shagging that went on.

We had dinner with Bill and Sheryl one night in the restaurant section of the motel. They were trying out a new apprentice chef (and not just his food mind you) and we were all pretty sloshed as the evening progressed. The wine flowed freely and all the other customers had long left when Sheryl put some music on and started a slow dance to good old Barry White. Sheryl is in her early 40's but is sheer spunk. She is a bit of a gym junkie and not having had any children she was still in tiptop shape. She has short brunette hair and is only about 5' 5". She also has a small tattoo of the Essendon Bombers Football club on her lower left abdomen. I know this because Sheryl and I used to be an item a few years back. We'd had a wild time back in the early 80's fucking our way through Uni. She used to pick up blokes in pubs and take them too a motel where she would fuck them ragged and then nick money from them. On a number of occasions we had threesomes with other friends and that's how I met Sharon.

Anyway, back to the present. Sheryl was dancing away by herself with
Sharon watching intently as Bill and I exchanged a few quick knowing glances. I rested my left hand on Sharon's knee and rubbed her inner thigh gently moving upwards. Bill also did the same and Sharon immediately lifted each leg over ours gently spreading her legs part.
I was about to slip a hand up onto her pussy when we heard the crashing of trays and silverware in the kitchen.

"What the fuck is that?" Bill exclaimed, "Do you want to go see what that is mate?"

"Yeah hang on" Sheryl replied and quickly dashed into the kitchen.

"Bugger" said Sharon, "I was enjoying the show"

"Well you could take her place?" I said

"Fuck that, you know I can't dance."

"Maybe some horizontal dancing is in order?" Bill said

"Now, now Bill. Keep yourself nice now." Sharon said, "You know I'm a

"You dance Bill" I said, "You can be the entertainment"

"OK then fuck ya's I will." laughed Bill, "Time for a slow striptease"

"Oh no, please spare us Lord, take us now." I laughed

"Carn," yelled Sharon "Get your gear off."

Bill and Sharon always took the piss out of each other but as far as I was aware they hadn't shagged ….yet. Bill changed the music to some slow blues number and started his take-the-piss dance. Bill is a bit of a hunk really. Tall with a good physique he obviously looks after himself.

"Hurry it up you wanker" chided Sharon "I'm about to nod off here"

Bill undid his shirt and trying to control his laughter pulled it off
quickly and slid it over the table to Sharon who also opened her legs a bit further. Taking the opportunity for a sly grope I moved my hand up and started rubbing her vulva through the material of her panties.

"Do I detect some moisture?" I whispered

"You certainly do" she answered me following with a kiss.

Bill was now working on his pants and was grabbing at his crotch as the strippers do.

"Can't you find it?" joked Sharon.

"Oh for fucks sake woman, leave it out." He said in a mock cockney accent. "You wan' some or not?"

Bang. Another crash of trays in the kitchen distracted us again. Sheryl was taking her time that's for sure.

Bill had his trousers down around his ankles when Sharon said, "You can't give chase with them around your ankles. Get em off."

Bill obliged and standing there in socks, shoes and undies he said, "I'd better go check on my fair maiden"

"Don't hurry." I said slipping a finger under the elastic of Sharon's pants striking pay dirt. Sharon grabbed at my cock through my pants and was rubbing away at it. We were madly kissing each other and I motioned for her to lift up her arse so I could whip her panties down. Sharon took the initiative and stood up and pulled them down herself and stuffed them in her handbag. She pushed the table out and swung her leg over me and sat down so that her skirt was over our laps. I slid one hand under the skirt and started rubbing away at her sopping pussy. We resumed our wild kissing and my cock was fit to split. I moved my right hand under her blouse and grabbed a tit and gave it a squeeze.

Bang. Yet another sound from the kitchen.

"What do you reckon" I said, "We'd better go look"

"Yep, come on" Sharon said reluctantly.

We hopped off the seat and I wiped my hand on my pants. We wandered over to the door of the kitchen and swung it open and lo and behold here was Sheryl completely naked, on her back, up on the kitchen island bench with Dave the chef ploughing his cock in and out of her pussy. Bill was standing beside her, still in his shoes, feeding his cock into her open mouth. Baking trays and saucepans littered the floor.

"Well, well, well" I said "Still up to your old tricks Sheryl"

"She can't answer at the moment" Sharon said, "Something is stuck in her mouth"

"Best not let her gag Sharon," I said as I released my belt buckle.

With a quick click and a tug she had her skirt and top off and I unclipped her bra revealing her nicely perky and very aroused breasts.

Dave obviously wasn't new to this scene and he grabbed each of Sheryl's ankles and spread her wide. Sharon let her long dark curly hair out and knelt next to Bill.

"Give it here Bill, I won't bite." She laughed as she pulled it gently out of Sheryl's mouth and quickly plunged it down her throat.

"Ohhhhh dear," said Bill "This is too good"

I went to the other side of the island bench and got Sheryl to slide across. She leant perfectly over and started sucking on my cock. The position was not altogether comfortable so we disbanded the activity and the five of us went back into the Dining Room. I sat down on the waiting lounge and Sheryl came over and turned her back to me and slid down onto my cock. I was pumping away when Sharon came over and knelt down between my legs and started to lick and suck at my balls and licking my cock as it slid in and out of Sheryl's sopping cunt.

Bill wandered over and spat a glob of spit into his hand and flipped it into Sharon's pussy. He grabbed his cock and laughed "If you ever say ‘Fuck you" again I will" and with that he plunged his cock, to the hilt, into her pussy. Sharon gave a squeal as he hit home. "Is it in yet?" She asked laughing. Even in the throes of a wild orgy these two still took the piss. Bill just shook his head and quickened the pace.

Dave came over and stood up on the lounge and began to wank his cock near Sheryl's face who took up the offer and sucked him in. Sharon would pull my cock out and simultaneously suck it whilst rubbing Sheryl's cunt. Dave was really enjoying the blowjob from Sheryl and was mouthing profanities as she sucked the living Christ out of it.

I could see that Bill had worked a couple of fingers up into Sharon's arse and was alternating the strokes with his cock. He then ran his other hand underneath and began rubbing at her clit.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck" was all she said before she pulled away from my cock and began shaking as a wave of orgasm swept her body. She couldn't stop Bill from rubbing her clit so the orgasm seemed to last forever. Bill just kept plugging away at her pussy and fingering her arse when he pushed her away and started to move his cock to her mouth when half way there he shot a load large enough to hit her fair across the nose. She moved forward and the final loads went in her mouth. Little bits of cum seeped out of her mouth and she blew bubbles in it as she looked at Bill who had nearly passed out.

Sheryl reached down and gave my balls a squeeze and I let loose a load fair up her cunt. Sharon got back to licking at my balls and sucking at the cum that was leaking out of her seriously wet quim. Dave finally shut up with his ‘suck me dirty cock' and ‘Lick my sweaty balls' nonsense and shot a good sized load all over Sheryl's face and tits.

Sharon, who is a bit of a cum gourmet, knelt up and began licking the spunk off Sheryl's tits. Bill and Dave also moved forward and Sharon leant back on her knees and sucked them both clean. Sheryl hopped of me and licked at my cock and sticky balls. When I said the fateful words.

"If you ever want to sell this place give me a call"


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