Ruby Special

Ruby's hair was in my hands as I rode her hard. My cock pounding in and out of her pussy with incredible wet sloppy sounds. The slap of our bodies seemed to echo along with her moans and wails as I rode her faster and faster.

I pulled hard on her hair and she reared up and arched her back. I held her face forward with her reigns so that she couldn't drop down to the bed. She was panting and screaming now as my cock slammed deep into her, my balls slapping across her clit with each thrust. I took all of her hair in one hand and spanked her ass hard just to hear her squeal.

The other girl waited, playing with her pussy as she watched. She loved watching us fuck. As her fingers slid into her shaved pussy, she spread her lips so I could see her cum dripping down. She smiled as I watched her and slid two fingers into herself and fucked her pussy hard for me. I pulled on Ruby's hair harder and slammed my cock in as fast as I could, making her scream.

Finally Ruby was moaning and groaning and I knew she was about to cum. I motioned for the other girl that this was the time. She slid her ass across the sheet and was in front of Ruby, pussy raised slightly. Ruby was whimpering and my pulling of the hair became a grabbing of her mass of long hair and pushing her face into the other girls wet pussy.

"Eat her!" I told Ruby and slapped her ass, still fucking her as hard as I could.

Ruby licked and sucked on the girl, burying her face into the pussy as her own body began to shake. She was going to cum and she couldn't stop, couldn't hold back. I fucked her harder and fingered her asshole and that set her over the edge, she froze and started to groan and her pussy clenched around my cock.

Ruby was wailing and trying to thrash around, the girl grabbed her hair too and began to grind her pussy against Ruby's face, rubbing herself off on her. Ruby was loving it, so excited that she couldn't breath as she was cumming. She just shook and made tiny whimpering noises.

Then she exhaled a huge breath and started to moan so loud I knew the neighbors could hear her cumming. The other girl joined her and started to cum too, trying to keep up the grinding on Ruby's face.

I kept fucking Ruby who recovered from her orgasm and was sucking on the girls pussy again, licking and fingering her with a hunger that was amazing to watch. She was still shaking and her pussy was dripping cum down her legs as my cock squished out more and more with each thrust.

The girl screamed and shook her head like a wild animal and collapsed in front of Ruby, quivering on the bed and trying to curl into a fetal position. I felt my orgasm grab me, I was shocked how fast it appeared. I was fucking Ruby's sweet pussy one-second and the next I was growling and groaning and filling her with blast after blast of hot sticky cum. I kept fucking and feeling it squish and splatter out of her.

I collapsed on Ruby and she collapsed on the other girl. We were just a tangle of flesh and sweat and cum. We lay there panting, touching each other, feeling each others bodies shuddering. I kissed Ruby and tasted the other girl on her lips. She smiled and licked her lips and laughed. It was a good night.

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